Jim Goad: The Film

Editor’s note: I think you’ll agree that this video combines excellent insight (e.g., “There never were any goalposts”) with an entertaining presentation.



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  1. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    So glad to see Jim Goad’s video – his Sunday Takimag contribution is much missed; there is no replacement of comparable talent. The Editor’s note her is also much appreciated.

  2. Dr M
    Dr M says:

    Great and very accurate/entertaining video but his profanity (F—k and others) detract from his legitimacy. Call me old fashioned but I think we still need to take the high road on these things.

  3. Dan
    Dan says:

    Very well made video. I don’t know if this is Mr. Goad’s first attempt at film but I would encourage him to produce more. I quite enjoyed it.

  4. Space Cowoy
    Space Cowoy says:

    We can kiss goodbye and bury the dream that we would ever get back – even in rudimentary form – the state that we have let ourselves be robbed of piece by piece, e.g. an ethno-state that belongs only to us (where exactly is that supposed to be).

    The faster this process of realization begins, the more realistic our view of life becomes. Unfortunately, man with his manic fixation on everyday socio-political events is not able to understand how infinitesimally small his time is in relation to world events.

    If we would only know, what this world in inconceivable changes is in front of, we would fall out of the bed with fright, just like our “lifestyle” would exceed and blow up the imagination of our ancestors. All imagination is not enough for this.

    With a certain envy I look at all the spirits that seem naive to us, who have settled down in their esoteric simplicity and remain faithful to their dream of “closeness to nature”. There is something to the statement that only in nature man forgets himself. Suddenly space and time become insignificant and the moment becomes a small eternity.


  5. Space Cowoy
    Space Cowoy says:

    This world with its immense normative pressure to consensus with the most deviant human mental outpourings makes sick. In this world only the (allegedly) “crazy ones” are the only healthy ones. Whoever is not an outsider now definitely belongs in the loony bin. The German language provides us with the term “verrückt” (“crazy”) an important clue.


    So, in the best sense, you have to bring disorder, even chaos, into their sophisticated system that they have set up, seemingly past our attention. When they expect you to keep still, you move; when they expect you to move, you remain stubborn as a pillar of salt. This is how you regain control, you are not reaction but action, and autonomously determine the rhythm of your life.

  6. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Love it, just wonderful: three German boys aged 11-12 in the East devastated three floors of a school, damage: 50,000 euros. (Only permissible diagnosis: the child’s soul, maltreated for years by tyrannical Jewish indoctrination, rebelled in a healthy way by causing “creative chaos”.) This ridiculous trifle is worth a report in the newspapers. https://www.bild.de/regional/sachsen-anhalt/sachsen-anhalt-news/sachsen-anhalt-drei-kinder-randalieren-in-grundschule-83577076.bild.html

  7. Brian Rockford
    Brian Rockford says:

    @ Monoculture
    What a contrast with those courageous HJ lads on bicycles who attacked the Soviet tanks!

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