Tom Sunic banned by Twitter

I was purged from the twitter the same day, yesterday, as Kevin MacDonald and James Edwards – I suspect along countless other “deplorables” in the USA who were shut down probably the same day. No explanation was given, no nothing. I must confess I did not write laudatory tweets about antifa multiracial diversity; nor did I comment favorably about Papal ecumenical interracial foot-kissing homilies about non-European migrants, but never ever did I post hostile remarks about any particular individual, or any group of non-European people.

The Twitter decision doesn’t surprise me at all; I’ve been writing over the last 30 years  — also in TOO —that the censorship in the USA is continuing where the Soviet Union left off. I know what I am talking about. My family and I were all proscribed in communist ex-Yugoslavia for several decades. My father, an ex-lawyer, even served prison time for “hostile anti-communist literature.” Now we are witnessing the same intellectual purges, albeit adorned with fancy/demonic euphemisms such “hate speech” and “ethnic sensitivity training” in the  USA/EU — akin to the ex-Soviet People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, i.e., the NKVD.

Historically, this is the case when the System is bound to implode. Check out the civil wars of Marius vs Sulla in the first century BC, and, later on, the “damnatio memoriae”  in which the memories of many Roman emperors were erased. Many of these emperors lasted no more than a few months each. Chaos on the doorstep.

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    • Sorel McRae
      Sorel McRae says:

      Please, Gerry, spare us the clickbait. If you cannot in a sentence explain *why* anyone needs to read something “ASAP!!!,” one can safely assume it’s BS.

  1. Ben Bache
    Ben Bache says:

    Werner von Braun, the Nazi Nasa actwhore, wrote a novel called Project Mars, in which “the Elon” leads the 10-man Mars government. All planned and scripts decades or more in advance. We live in a scripted reality run by evil creatures. Elon plays his role, just as other ActWhores like Gates and Zuckerberg play theirs. The audience, aka the lesser people, argue and hate each other because of their differing views of the play.

  2. Joanna Pope
    Joanna Pope says:

    Are you welcome among academic freedom organizations – esp. now woke is increasingly less kosher?

      • Joanna Pope
        Joanna Pope says:

        @ KMac
        Sorry to hear that, though hardly surprised. The UK Academics for Academic Freedom lists a few “racists”, and also David Miller, though I have seen his rejection of your personal standpoint (Jewdas, online).

        You have a lot on your plate, but time permitting you may be interested in these somewhat tangential items from enemy campers: (i) Shawn Kelley, “Racializing Jesus” [esp. vs Heidegger & Renan], 2002; (ii) Stephen Frosh, “The Politics of Psychoanalysis”, 1990 ed.; (iii) David Aaronovitch, “Voodoo Histories”, 2010; (iv) Niall Ferguson, “The Square & The Tower” 2017; (v) Nancy Harrowitz (Ed), “Tainted Greatness” [vs Wagner, Kittel, Eliade, Lombroso, Heidegger, Pound, &c] 1994; (vi) Batya Ungar-Sargon [sic], “When Wokeness comes for Israel,” Newsweek, May 13, 2021.

        • Walter Bridgen
          Walter Bridgen says:

          Pelion upon Ossa, but the new KMac CoC could perhaps also take in Avraham Berg & Carlo Mattogno on The Holocaust, David Nirenberg and David Baddiel on Antisemitism, Andre Gerrits and Sebag Montefiore on Stalinism, Hilary Aked and Karl Sabbagh on Zionists, Hans Jonas and Richard Weikart on Evolution.

  3. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Keep in mind Musk depends on the Jewish banking establishment and hedge fund investors. The same applies to the sponsors ,bankers and investors at Fox re: Carlson.
    TOO seems to be a target now.

  4. jimmie
    jimmie says:

    “… wherefrom we can assume that Twitter’s recent transfer of ownership, from the chosen to the (seemingly) un-chosen, was much ado about nothing. Today Salanio, a deplorable before deplorables were cool, would be excommunicated for having said “Let me say ‘amen’ betimes, lest the devil cross my prayer, for here he comes in the likeness of a Jew.”
    And extant pictures of the current Pope bent in two, kissing the hands of sundry rabbis and of 90-year olds plus, in excellent health but still victims of the Holocaust, may prompt some to say, “O my breast, thy hope ends here.”
    We could say that unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles and that these are not natural events, they strengthen from strange to stranger.
    But even if “the spring, the summer, the chiding autumn, angry winter, changed their wonted liveries; and the amazed world, by their increase knew not which is which”, the enemy would and could still drive the thoughts and desires of the blunt monster with uncounted heads, the still-discordant wavering multitude.” For the blunt multitudes that choose by show are also feathers of each wind that blows.
    As for interpreting Marius and Sulla, the same issue applies, for example, to emperor Caligula. Some say he was mad, others that he was so disgusted with the Roman senate that he felt that even a horse would be a remarkable improvement. A proposition worthy of consideration both in old and current Rome.

  5. Atreides
    Atreides says:

    Mr. Sunic: I offer a hearty congratulations!! for being banned by Twatter. It has become a badge of honor to be purged by these social media commisars

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    I find it interesting that the canceling comes in sudden waves as if a pre-planned concerted effort. I believe shock-right character Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) was also banned on Twitter and the controversial Handsome Truth from the Goyim Defense League was banned from Odysee. We also have the Charlottesville marchers, including Nathan Domingo, being charged with felonies for carrying torches six years ago. And of course on a grand scale you had Tucker Carlson fired from FOX. Thanks to you and Kevin for your bravery and for hanging on and keeping a candlelight of Western civilization lit.

  7. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Sorry to hear that Tom but as I said to Kevin, not surprised.

    You know, Tucker, many times on his show, expressed anger, and frustration with the degeneration of our country. Wherever he winds up, I think that there’s a chance, slim I know, but a chance that he just might step over the line fully, into the Jewish problem. Either you, or Kevin, should reach out to him and request to be on his show. You both have the chops. That would be so great!

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      That “last speech” by Tucker Carlson at Heritage Foundation was downright goofy. He sounded as if he was on something. It’s too bad. He could have had more influence if he was a bit more sedate, both on his ex-show and elsewhere.

  8. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Capricorn “Whisky-Horst” has now gone full-on “crash prophet”, his new book is “Catastrophe Cycles: How Space Affects Our Lives.”

    Translation description:

    Our lives are governed by eternal cycles that we experience daily: Day and night, ebb and flow and the seasons. But what most of us don’t know is that behind these cycles lurks a multitude of cosmic influences that have governed our lives since the formation of the earth.

    Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar storms and ice ages do not occur by chance, but have devastating physical causes that scientists have been researching for centuries. The book I am presenting to you today reveals a wealth of alarming cycles that not only affect our lives but also pose a deadly threat to humanity.

    The past has taught us that these cycles can pose a serious threat to us. Homo sapiens has been on the brink of extinction several times in its history. Scientists have studied the cycles for centuries and this book is the first to present the startling results in summary form.

    This book contains 250 scientific sources that show that the catastrophes we face are existential and could wipe out billions of us in a very short time. 120 of these sources are from peer-reviewed journals, publications from renowned universities and research institutions such as NASA, ESA, Max Planck and Helmholtz Societies. The data is available to everyone and makes it clear that we are in an extremely dangerous situation.

    Recognition of researchers and their work should come faster than ever before. It took the Catholic Church over 350 years to rehabilitate Galileo Galilei for his sentence “And yet it spins”. We must not wait that long, because the signs indicate that we are facing a global catastrophe.

    The book also gives practical advice on how individuals can prepare themselves mentally and physically for the coming events. But we must be aware that it may be too late to protect ourselves from these apocalyptic events. Policymakers should act to save humanity from this fate.

    About the author: Horst Lüning is a graduate engineer in aerospace engineering and studied at the renowned Technical University of Munich. As the child of a family of scientists, he spent many nights with the telescope, exploring nearby stars and distant galaxies. With it grew the desire to become part of the exploration of space. But instead, his then rare computer skills led him into the rapidly growing field of information technology. Today, he is an entrepreneur in a family-owned internet mail order business.

    Evil “progressive” demons suspect that Horst is in fact urophile, and that the alleged “whisky” in the nose glass at his tastings is just fresh morning urine from his ugly wife. Moreover, his hair loss was in fact only a result of his wife’s constant stream of urine. Lüning’s beloved “maoist” enemies

    Lüning’s son “parodies” his dad.

  9. Peter
    Peter says:

    I would like to ask the question of a certain people that used to ask that same question themselves of others. I wonder what Merrick Garland’s relatives that stayed back in Russia did during the war? His grandparents immigrated to the US in the early 20th century. In America, they often refer to “Gestapo tactics,” a fictitious term that became part of American propaganda, but they say nothing about the murderous Soviet NKVD that the Jews ran. Merrick Garland would have fit very well in the Soviet Union’s secret service, the NKVD.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Worse ” than propaganda in the US ” , GESTAPO methods are now commonplace in the US, Canada and Israel.

      02 3 am arrests by an unnecessarily large number of US ” Secret Federal State Police “, [ GESTAPO ] are becoming more and more frequent. As they are in Canada, even of the clergy.

      03 The off-Broadway production of Jan.6, in Congress being merely one of several.

      04 During the Reichstag Fire trials, the innocent were set free. In Israel and the US they are kept in ” DETENTION ” INDEFINITELY without formal indictments.

      05 Netanjahu’s parliamentary’s majority coalition subordination of their hitherto comparably sane Supreme Court will soon come to a theatre near you.

      06 If you don’t understand, take solace. In 2026, President Kamala Harris will explain it to you under her speech entitled : ” The significance of the passage of time “; ass-sisted by her First Gentleman husband Imhoff.

  10. Monsieur X
    Monsieur X says:

    Well, let’s the liberals talk among themselves, they will get tired of it one day and Twitter will loose all attractiveness.
    By the way, a good search engine for TOO is the Russian Yandex:

    … Since Google and the like also censor as much as Twitter.

  11. Hans Weber
    Hans Weber says:

    Very dear Tom, the news comes as a surprise, following Elon Musk’s full-throated announcement of the liberation of the language. However, I initially agree with the opinion of @Daniel Friberg and recommend waiting and clarifying the process. Should it be confirmed, however, that your blocking remains, I am already curious on which platform we meet again. Maybe a new option will be opened soon by Tucker Carlson.
    Going Woke doesn’t seem to be worth it in America: After Tucker’s departure, Fox has lost about $956M in stock value to date, BudLight is down about $1Billion. Should America really not be ready to go totally WOKE yet? Best regards, Hans

    Translated with (free version)

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