I’ve Gone to Twitter Heaven

On Monday morning, I ascended to Twitter heaven.

I had been on Twitter since 2016 and never once received a prior warning or reprimand. This wasn’t my second or third strike. This was an online assassination that went straight to a permanent ban. No reason was given. I conduct myself professionally and have always been sure to responsibly present our arguments. I don’t quarrel with individuals on social media and have never even used profanity or crude rhetoric. Simply put, by no reasonable standard of measurement could it be argued that I violated even the most ambiguous Terms of Service. This was just another case of naked censorship.

It also wasn’t my first rodeo. I was banned by Facebook and PayPal in the mid-2000s, long before it became altogether commonplace for dissidents to be banned from everything. At this point, I very nearly have been banned from everything, including YouTube, Amazon, and every known credit card payment processor in the universe. Frankly, I have never known any other reality.

Because of this, I was relatively late to join the Twitter party, not arriving until the fall of 2016. Within weeks, Hillary Clinton was featuring my Twitter account in a campaign ad against Donald Trump. Though my work had been covered/targeted by countless print and broadcast media outlets long before my tenure on Twitter, there was no doubt that Twitter boosted my audience and led to greater exposure. By the time the end came this week, my Tweets were routinely gathering tens of thousands of views, sometimes hundreds of thousands. One recent Tweet generated in excess of one million views, which, in truth, is probably the reason I have been taken out.

I suppose the only real surprise was that I was able to last there for as many years as I did. When it comes to arbitrary censorship, the interesting thing is that you just never know when or why you’ll be taken out. As I said, I certainly didn’t do anything to bring this upon myself; the timing of these things is always random. You just wake up one day and you’re gone. In the meantime, there are a limitless number of minority racists whose accounts are littered with profane, hate-filled rants that call for the actual murder of White people. Of course, those accounts are safe.

I was hardly the only one to be shipped off to the Twitter Gulag this week. At the exact same time that I was banned, Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Tomislav Sunic, among others, were also shuttered. MacDonald and Sunic, especially, are gentlemen and legitimate scholars whose voices deserve any and all platforms. Still, if the party has to end, it’s always better to leave with friends. It was not lost upon us that we all survived the previous regime only to be banned by Elon Musk’s operation.

One commenter wrote that we could take our bans as a high compliment, as well as “an independent verification that you all stand on the moral high ground of truth and courage.” Sure, at least there’s that, but MacDonald alone had a following numbering five Roman legions that have now been dispatched into the ether.

It would be disingenuous for me to tell you that it isn’t somewhat maddening to build up a large, organic following only to have it evaporated on a whim. Like most people, I don’t like being violated. But what I like even less is to hear men whine about things not being fair. I have long possessed an admiration for the Machiavellian nature of our enemies. They have done to me exactly what I would do to them. I respect that. They have set the rules and we should remember them.

I do not now, nor have I ever believed in the equality of individuals or ideas. We are right and they are wrong. If I were in control, I would be eager to do everything within my power to extract the anti-White, “woke” agenda from our society. Root and stem. I give my enemy credit for being more ruthless than our people, who are still too noble for their own good. While we ought not to lose the moral compass that separates us from our adversaries, we must see things clearly.

Still, the one message above all others that I want people to remember during this teachable moment is that we cannot apologize for our positions or behave during times of difficulty in a way that brings dishonor to our cause. It is an animating thing to engage in the struggle of one’s time. In the best of us, it will stir the Faustian spirit that exists within our hearts and minds. Without trials of principle, you will never know whether or not you are honest. Making the hard decision during times of challenge brings honor to our ancestors and solidifies our standing as a man.

As a friend of mine recently put it, great men are never made except through great trials. Adversities aren’t obstacles, but rather our greatest opportunities — to get better, forge our character, work harder, become smarter, and prove our worth. You won’t know what you’re made of until your time comes and you face a decision. We should welcome these opportunities, whether it be something as trivial as a social media ban or during other situations when the stakes are much higher.

At the end of the day, I remain thankful for the opportunity to serve and hope that whatever example I set can be done for the greater good of our collective. In the meantime, the show must go on and it’s time to get back to work.

James Edwards hosts The Political Cesspool Radio Program. When not interviewing newsmakers, Edwards is no stranger to making news himself, having appeared as a commentator many times on national television. Over the course of the past two decades, his ground-breaking work has also been the subject of articles in hundreds of print publications and media broadcasts around the world.

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  1. Gneisenau
    Gneisenau says:

    All of the Twitter-banned need to set up accounts on Gab, the last bastion of free speech in the social media universe.

      • J.M.
        J.M. says:

        Yes, it is preaching to the choir but there are new gab members too who want to know for real what’s so.

      • Anne C
        Anne C says:

        I agree that Gabbing is “preaching to the choir.” But there is a value in that – it’s like honing a Special Ops group as opposed to recruiting an unwieldy army of conscripts.

        The former can steel themselves in difficult situations, the latter will probably piss their pants as soon as the going gets tough.

        James Delingpole wrote an interesting piece on his love of echo chambers earlier this year:

        An excerpt from James’ article:
        “That is why I’m such a fan of ‘echo chambers’: they are the exact opposite of what our dark overlords need and want in order to achieve their nefarious aims. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the originator of the cliche ‘We don’t want to live in an echo chamber’ was, in fact, working for the Cabal. A bit like the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘antivaxxer’ it is calculated to stigmatise something that is actually healthy and good.

        “It is the most natural thing in the world to wish to be among like-minded folk. When you have common interests and values you can talk more freely than you would if you had continually to second-guess your every remark less you ended up giving someone offence. Sure you can still have spirited debate and disagreements – but the points you are debating are more nuanced, unlike like the polar opposite, ne’er the twain shall meet, kind of arguments you encounter in the MSM’s confected, dishonest and manipulative adversarial format.”

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        “Preaching to the choir” is the same as preaching to the congregation in a church. The basic ideas of each sermon are always the same, but they strengthen the sense of identity and unity. In religion this works, in politics it works too.

      • SimpleMale
        SimpleMale says:

        But at least the choir can perhaps find contentment in the fact that they will not die in ignorance. Regarding every other ethnic European, I presume that most of them have heard of the name “David Duke.” I presume they have heard of the term “National Socialism.” And I presume they have heard of the term “White Nationalism,” especially with all the Ashkenazi media coverage of it, albeit in a negative light. Thus, any European with any innate inclination for Group Selection could easily search various search engines and relatively quickly come across relevant pro-European websites. But, most are just not interested anymore. As I see it, there is a limit to how much culpability one can objectively place on the Ashkenazim.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Regarding your last sentence: what could that young woman have done who died by some sicko hurling a rock through her windshield ?

      • T is for Tom
        T is for Tom says:

        That’s a pretty big choir. Something in the neighborhood of 5 million registered users, and that might be an underestimate.

      • Liosnagcat
        Liosnagcat says:

        A relative of mine, in AA for decades, attended a meeting at least once a week. When I asked him why, after all of his years of sobriety, he still attended with such regularity, he pointed out the obvious: “It’s the regularity that gave me all the years of sobriety.”

        He then observed: “The Church knows what they’re doing by requiring weekly attendance. It works to keep people on track.”

        When I was a kid, the nuns referred to it as “the edification of the faithful.”

        Keep preaching to the choir, KMac. Retention is just as important as recruitment.

    • John White
      John White says:

      One young man is dead and another in prison for a nonsense gun crime because Andrew Torba sold out the identities of a couple guys who had had completely unrelated chats with the chap who engaged in direct action at the Pittsburgh Synagogue to the FBI. Without even asking for a subpoena, like Twitter would have. Torba is a snake.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        I have learned not to trust people who wear their religion on their sleeve, they will put a knife in your back. I also have no desire to live under any theocracy and the gab guy clearly wants a theocracy. You hear those types calling for politicians who have a biblical world view to be elected. That’s something our White race does not need.

        • Michael Santomauro
          Michael Santomauro says:

          A common phrase FIRE staffers hear when discussing our work is, “I support free speech, but …” Then the individual proceeds to list a situation in which they believe it’s acceptable to shut down speech. “Hate speech isn’t free speech,” is a classic, but it’s by no means the only argument we come across.

          True free speech defenders, on the other hand, understand the importance of standing up for the rights of even those whose views we find abhorrent. African-American Keshia Thomas took this belief to the next level when she courageously protected a man with a membership with the KKK whose views were diametrically opposed to her own.

          The full video is a must-watch:


        • James Clayton
          James Clayton says:

          Nice Christian name John. Her mother and I named my daughter Laura for my favorite of the season in Appalachia the Mountain Laurel bloom https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/kalmia-latifolia/.
          Soon, my daughter’s permanently distracted mother, at the behest of her own quack and wannabe pastor father in a mother-headed household kidnapped my daughter as an infant ostensibly to save her soul from unbeliever in their feminism cult me. That, after it wrecked their own eldest daughter by making her the substitute mommy who would have been glad to be daddy’s girl but wasn’t (Mancini).
          Their mother-headed-household cult theology, I’ve learned ascribes merit to the kidnapper managing to alienate the kidnappee’s soul for life. And apparently the literal son-of-a-bitch got a new lease on life by resetting, reinventing by conspiring to kidnap our daughter.
          And so, I cringe every time I have a seemingly otherwise intelligent conversation with someone beginning to end with a handshake but finally with some version of God Bless. There are so many lost out there with holes in their souls because of such abuse. Weak men cults, cultures, families nurturing the nature out of, creating as it were wannabe-men women.

        • the jank willie
          the jank willie says:

          well said. this torba nut is a hispanic (((trad catholic))) and there’s quite a conspiratorial gaggle of them from mel gibson and rob monster to david duke, all secretly working with malta/jesuits higher ups to collapse us and then fill the vacuum with a dark age theocracy (hence the invasion of the latino foot soldiers). They’re working in tandem with jew intelligentsia to create the social/political conditions to cause a religious uprising (hence the wall to wall transvestites in media). This is real.

  2. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    “I was hardly the only one to be shipped off to the Twitter Gulag this week. At the exact same time that I was banned, Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Tomislav Sunic, among others, were also shuttered.”

    Also Tucker Carlson…

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

    All big social media platforms compromised.



  3. Luke
    Luke says:

    Ir never ceases to both amaze me and disgust me to see almost a never ending list of examples that prove just how embarrassingly stupid and clueless most of our supposed ‘White elite advocates’ can be.

    Take Donald Trump as a first example. Throughout his entire 4 years in the White House, and continuing from the day he got cheated out a 2nd term up to the present – jews have been at the forefront of persecuting the guy without any mercy or restraint. They are pathologically consumed with the most vicious hatred for the guy and for his MAGA supporters, who are overwhelmingly White. Yet does this Orange moron recognize who his enemies are? Nope. Instead, he doubles down on kissing the backside of the State of Israel and keeps surrounding himself with jews. Adding jews to his campaign staff for 2024, hiring jewish advisors, hiring jews to handle his media events.

    And, my second example is Tucker Carlson. As the dust begins to settle after his firing, at first, the jewish media were peddling the theory that the loathsome Paul Ryan was primarily responsible. Next, they began to peddle stories that gave
    credit to the equally loathsome AOC – clearly an effort to plant the idea in people’s heads that this nauseating, White race hating former Puerto Rican bartender has now amassed a level of enormous power that she can order Faux News Network to fire their most popular news host. As time passed, now we are seeing the alt right media reporting that the
    jewish witch Amy Grossberg was inserted as an agent provocateur into Carlson’s staff with the assigned mission to set up a pretext that would be used to justify firing Carlson. Henry Makow, who is jewish, has posited this theory and I tend to give it credence.

    So, what does Tucker ‘I hate being White’ Carlson proceed to do? This morning I read that he has hired a lawyer who I strongly suspect is jewish – Bryan Freedman – to represent him in his looming legal battles with Faux News Network. The same ‘celebrity’ lawyer who Don Lemon has hired. So, I decided to check Freedman’s wikipedia.org page to get some background on the guy. Everyone needs to read that page for themselves. It will blow your mind. Zero in on the gang rape allegation against Freedman – that he apparently beat, and also on his client list. Kevin Spacey appears on that list.

    So, here we have two examples of high profile, wealthy, and well liked White men who are admired and respected by millions of White Americans – and both were victims of jewish anti-White, anti-truth telling hate and vindictiveness. So, what did both of these morons do when the jews ‘canceled’ them? They both were too freaking blind to recognize that jews are their enemies and promptly continued to surround themselves with jews in the vain hope that those jews will help them get out of their current predicaments.

    This degree of blind stupidity is going to spell the death of the White race.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      Yes, you cannot “fight Jews with Jews”, because they are always loyal to their own tribe. In this fight there are no “good Jews”.

  4. Deb
    Deb says:

    It’s now clear which way the wind is blowing on Twitter. The unrelenting anti-White hate on that platform provides incentive to keep making whatever mischief I can until I tire of ‘treading in the Twitter-dung’ as another commenter named the experience.

  5. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    I still believe we need to print our own magazines and newspapers to distribute. I think many groups made a mistake when they gave up print in favor of internet only.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Musk likely depends on Jewish financing in some way.The same applies to Fox network.
    All of this is unfolding as Biden announces for 24.
    Free speech on the right is being suppressed in preparation for the election.
    We can be certain Zukerberg, Soros et al are making plans again to manipulate voting per “2000 Mules.” It is possible one billion will be spent by the Left on the “plan” for 24-not including campaign donations.

    BRICKS is a push back on the Jewish controlled finance and government of the USA .

  7. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    I like having access to y’all including current events, research, your thoughts, and fellowship but “You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. Think globally, act locally. Make the enemy obey its own rules (I know). But these techniques worked much of the time for me.
    However, I ran an ad in a local shopper to start a militia quickly post-WACO to observe and report such behavior by those we support with our productivity rather than rent-seeking. And a public meeting room filled with quality men to standing room with those I invited after they responded to my ad and my explaining that they needed at least an SKS or AK and a thousand rounds of ammunition and understood why.
    Learn to use POSTAL MONEY ORDERS (PMOs). Like libraries and physical bulletin boards, a postal service is one of the basic requirements of civilization. One can see that PMSs have been cashed online ostensibly by the person (entity) to whom you choose to make them payable. The US POSTAL SERVICE is a good outfit and their POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE, in my experience, are a good bunch, too. I like that they’ll investigate toward prosecution for MAIL FRAUD (I know). But my experience is their inclination is to do right probably because at some level at least those I’ve met don’t like being a tool and appreciate our positive contribution including morality to the system. They also facilitate mail covers. Don’t you be discouraged or surprised. I appreciate both education and warfare up close and personal to remote learning, ZOOM meetings, and all manner of missiles operated remotely by what the public (government) military-inclined volunteers will do. Its already here.

  8. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    I want to see the Republican Party, Fox News, Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble. ZOG’s controlled opposition must be destroyed before a genuine opposition can gain footing. Red State secession now!

  9. Gregory Walgreen
    Gregory Walgreen says:

    “…Obstacles are placed across or path in life,
    not to be boggled at, but to be surmounted.
    And I was determined to surmount these obstacles…”

    Volume One, chapter II, paragraph 6

  10. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    A Twitter banning is hardly trivial when manipulating the media is one of the “Jevil’s” (my new word) main weapons. No longer is the fight simply intellectual hoping to “wake” people up. We are in a War Without Bullets.

    To win we must create our own unbreachable media and monetary systems. If awake Boomers and Millennials could unite their resources of money and networks, (Boomers’ main assets), computer savy and knowledge (Millennials’ main assets), a shared vision would unfold making us unstoppable.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      “a shared vision would unfold making us unstoppable.”

      Such a vision already exists, it is called Red State secession. The only thing that prevents certain alleged luminaries from wholeheartedly advocating for it is just garden variety chickenshit cowardice.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Love your contraction ” Jevil “.
      02 ” Bolsheyid ” was mine.
      03 ” Loxism ” [ not mine ] is yet another, new useful term, reducing/eliminating the necessity for a lot of peripheral wordage.

  11. anonym
    anonym says:

    You can’t have a “free marketplace of ideas” with Jews around. Thanks to their control over the monetary system and the financial system they can make or break anything. What’s left of the “alt right” on the mainstream web? Instead we got the “alt light” – Ben Shapiros Daily Wire, Dennis Prager, Dave Rubin, Breitbart… Daily Wire offered Steven Crowder a 50 million (!) contract. They’re swimming in Jew money, and all they do is discuss mostly pointless social issues that keeps the Jesus dupes in a permanent state of paralyzed susperstitious paranoia. (And all of those controversial issues, of course, stems from the Frankfurt school of insanity.)

    They don’t even have to own the companies to get people fired, all that’s needed is a threat of advertisement boycott and a hatestorm from an army of Jewish activists (and their goyim schmucks).

    But as always, it won’t work forever. All they’re doing is damming it up; the truth is getting heavier and heavier, and at some point the dam will break.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      What would be a clever way to rope the “Jesus dupes” in to a revolutionary mass movement bent on achieving political autonomy from ZOG? Promote Red State secession.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        Yes to secession ! Florida’s republican governor has been leaving his lip 💋 prints all over Israel. Our people need to realize republicans are not on our side, they bamboozle us by blowing the dog whistle and kick us after getting our votes.

  12. Thaddeus Noble
    Thaddeus Noble says:

    I was not surprised at all when Tucker was fired from Fox because I kept wondering how long the leash on his collar really was.

    The ADL ordered Rupert to fire him and he did what he was ordered to do. The very same with the JEW musk.

    When Musk took over Twitter I knew that the total JEW censorship axe was coming soon. The total jackass Dorsey was being ousted and Musk, totally contrary to his “Free Speech” BS story, was going to pull the trigger on the REAL Free Speech crowd.

    Anybody see the latest spew from the NFA President Randi JEW Weingarten ? She is aligning the NFA with the CRT people in opposition to concerned parents who want to block CRT subversive material on public schools. She also has a new advertising spot supporting New Zealand style gun control.

    The Bolshevik Communist JEWS have their Elves infesting all the local issues.

    Keep up the good work James Edwards !! You have obviously been notices by the opposition,


  13. Hexxus
    Hexxus says:

    I caught a ban at the same time on the same day with not explanation as well. my account was a nobody with a couple hundred followers.

    My guess was I found myself on the ADL shitlist for retweeting and mocking their posts. And that list was executed in the middle of the 75th anniversary of israel. just like tuckers fox spot. Just like that desantis hate speech law was signed.

    Big purim style sacrifice

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