Soros-Funded Prosecutor Pushes Dubious Tiki Torch Prosecutions for Political Reasons

Following the Unite the Right rally in August 2017, Albemarle County’s chief prosecutor Robert Tracci declined to bring charges under Virginia Code Section 18.2-423.01-B against nationalist protestors who marched with Tiki Torches at the University of Virginia, arguing that such cases would be difficult to prove in light of the First Amendment issues involved.

The Virginia law, a class 6 felony, prohibits the burning of objects in a public place with the intent of intimidating a person or group of persons. Few criminal charges have been brought under this statute, and when they have been applied, prosecutors have had mixed success. In Virginia v. Black, a 2003 Supreme Court case dealing with the constitutionality of a closely-related cross-burning statute, the Court upheld the statute in part, holding that given cross-burnings’ “long and pernicious history as a signal of impending violence,” they could amount to “true threats” not protected by the First Amendment. But the Court also struck down part of the statute, holding that cross-burning by itself, without additional evidence of intent to intimidate, could not support a conviction.

This is the formidable Constitutional obstacle Tracci cited in his decision not to pursue the Charlottesville marchers. But his prudent decision was attacked by his opponent, Jim Hingeley, during the 2019 Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney race. Hingeley, who according to the Virginia Public Access Project received donations from George Soros ($5,000) and local activist billionaire Sonjia S. Smith ($114,000), was able to ride the avalanche of money to a commanding 56% to 43.5% victory over Tracci.

Four years later, Hingeley has overseen an overhaul in Albemarle County’s criminal justice system but the results have been problematic. In his first year in office, the murder rate in Charlottesville increased 30% year over year, according to data compiled by the Daily Progress. According to FBI crime data, there were no murders in Charlottesville in 2021. In the last seven months, however, the same city has suffered a surge of violence, already counting 14 homicides. The public safety situation for UVA students in Charlottesville has become so dire that university administrators are now supporting a task force of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials seeking to drastically increase police patrols around the campus and more stringently deploy no-trespass orders against mostly Black people from areas around the school, according to a report last month in the school’s paper, UVA Today.

Hingeley now finds himself on the defense against public discontent. But rather than taking firmer steps to protect UVA students and Charlottesville residents from violent crime, it seems he seeks to distract from his experiment’s failure by pivoting to the tiki torch prosecutions.

In recent months, Hingeley’s office began expending scarce resources during a crime wave by hunting down multiple Unite the Right protesters across the country under the “burning objects” statute. Three men, Tyler Dykes, Dallas Medina and Wil Zachary Smith, were surprised when five years after the Charlottesville march, they were arrested on out-of-state charges and transported to Virginia.

The men, all charged with the same crime, have so far been treated differently depending on the judges they have drawn. In the case of Medina, the judge allowed him to return to his home in Ohio until his next hearing in June. Smith, from Texas, has been held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional jail without bond since January for a 2018 charge of pepper spraying a member of Antifa during the tiki torch march. Last February, a grand jury indicted him for the burning objects charge as well.

The most astonishing development has been Dykes’ experience. Dykes, of South Carolina, is only 25 years old, but has become a successful small business owner. During his bond hearing last week, the Assistant County prosecutor argued for Dykes to be held without bail by presenting a blog post from a group called “Atlanta Antifa” that purports to show evidence that he is still involved in nationalist political activity unrelated to the tiki torch case. Atlanta Antifa members are currently facing domestic terrorism charges for their violent actions seeking to prevent the construction of a police training facility in Dekalb County, Georgia, but this did not dissuade the prosecutor from entering their highly editorialized and largely irrelevant profile of Dykes as official evidence.

The judge, who is African-American, agreed with Dykes’ attorney that he was not a flight risk, yet granted the prosecutor’s request to hold him in custody until trial based on the opinion of an anonymous Antifa group on the internet.

The race, political views, or media diet of a judge, prosecutor, or defendant should not be allowed to play a role in the American criminal justice system, yet both in Albemarle County and the nation at large, these previously sacred rules that underpin the integrity of our justice system have been casually brushed aside. For those who cross the ideologies of wealthy campaign donors, freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate are no longer civil liberties that can be taken for granted.

Reprinted with permission from the American Free Press.
Glen Allen is an attorney and founder of the FREE EXPRESSION FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation dedicated to the defense of citizens denied their Constitutional right to free expression See more at Free Expression Foundation,org,  or write FEF, PO Box 65242, Baltimore, MD 21209-9998

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  1. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Brand new, but so far only in German:

    George Soros’ war: How the Open Society Foundations brought the world to the brink of World War III

    The Billionaire, the Ukraine War and the German Media

    Since 1990, George Soros has invested over $32 billion in building a worldwide network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, media and think tanks that influence the press, judiciary and politics.

    As of 2000, he had amassed so much power through this network that he even managed to overthrow governments through so-called “color revolutions.”

    The Billion-Dollar Business with the Ukraine Conflict

    Together with the Obama administration, Soros-affiliated activists and NGOs contributed to an overthrow in Ukraine in 2014. Since then, war has raged in eastern Ukraine.

    Yet the conflict bears many signs of a dispute between two oligarchs: George Soros and Vladimir Putin. The enmity between the two men dates back to George Soros’ involvement in Russia in the 1990s, when he referred to the former Soviet empire as the “Soros Empire.”

    In 2020, the same Soros-affiliated forces that were responsible for the Maidan overthrow back in 2014 returned to the White House in the person of Joe Biden: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

    Since then, the conflict over Ukraine has escalated to the largest military confrontation in Europe since World War II. From the beginning, Soros-linked German media and German politicians have not been neutral observers of this conflict.

    Bought mainstream: the “propaganda avalanche”

    Collin McMahon uses the example of the German mainstream media to show impressively how strong the influence of George Soros is. With $131 million at last count, he sponsored 253 media companies worldwide. His media network includes ARD, Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung. McMahon illustrates not least how strongly the “public broadcasters” are interspersed with Soros confidants. Countless prominent journalists and entertainers are directly connected to Soros NGOs. And so it is no wonder that ARD and ZDF constantly feature “experts” who belong to Soros organizations.

    Collin McMahon shows how it could come so far, who is behind it and who profits from it. He substantiates his extensive research with 678 sources.

    • Karl haemers
      Karl haemers says:

      I read Scott Howard’s book the open societies playbook. Details the Soros network. Real name Georgie Schwartz

      • Monoculture
        Monoculture says:

        Greetings, it must be “forbidden literature” if Jewtube does not list a single upload about it.

        It looks very much like the stupid white man – in order to be able to continue to exist at all – must finally learn to lie “creatively”, just as the supposedly omnipotent Jew did since his emergence in history as the personified antithesis of the cosmic order and therefore eternal world destroyer. So “surrender your soul and let the dice roll”.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          “Kant can’t dance”, such an assertion lacks any basis. Perhaps he does not dance enough in the brain of Mr. Held. Nowadays the whole supposedly “scientific” world dances (with contradictory grotesque contortions) to the atonal mental noise orgies of degenerate Jew fruit cake Einstein.

          Herr Held explains: “I have always been fascinated by the mathematical and philosophical aspects of coincidence. For me, The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart is an all-time favourite book. It tells the story of a psychiatrist who begins making life decisions based on the casting of dice, and I was lucky enough to find a recording of Rhinehart himself reading from it. These are soundtracks for imaginary, usually abstract scenes – film, theatre or performance – all of which involve philosophers, thinkers and writers who dealt with issues of chance and coincidence.”

          “Recorded chiefly in Japan and Germany, Logic of Coincidence is an experimental yet highly melodic album. Luke Rhinehart provides the spoken narrative on two tracks, The Glass Bead Dice Man and Surrender Your Soul. The 66 minute album closes with pulsing bonus remix Kant Can Dance by Dream Control, the duo formed by Zeus with former Tangerine Dream member Steve Schroyder.”

          Aha, “Steve Schroyder”. This gentleman’s parents, by this naming, have subjected their son to a lifetime of imposition of thinking him an American.

          “In 1993, in collaboration with Hans Cousto, Christian Rätsch and Jens Zygar, a horoscope setting of the astronomical point in time when Albert Hofmann discovered LSD was published on the CD Acid Test – Hommage a Albert.”

          What this Mr. Hoffmann must have been thinking when he discovered it, he presents in the same year, activate English subs (useful also for Germans who think Swiss speak a foreign language).

          Albert’s first “trip”

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            Even wooden doors with glass windows, e.g., can be an incomprehensibly unpleasant “coincidence” (at least if they were installed in the wrong “world-historical places”). A truly unexpected “thwarting of the calculation” of the self-appointed sole owners of the truth.

            There is only one thing that helps: never thematize, instead distract, distract, distract! Just imagine you blow up a gas pipe (did I say “gas”?) – but the whole world thinks you are the culprit! That is indeed one of these “inexterminable” coincidences, which are more than worth explaining.

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            Imagine the chairman of the WJC
            publicly declaring, “Herewith Je-
            wish world domination is over!”

            The man would be put in loony bin
            despite being Jewish. There he would
            be assassinated by the Mossad, but his
            death would be declared a “suicide.”

            The Jews are in truth the only and
            real disease, whose “healer” they
            pretend to be at the same time.

            To trick real psychopaths, you need the
            creative audacity of a genius psychopath
            like Gerd “Impostel” or the artistic talent
            of a master forger like Wolf “Beltracchi”.

            When “Satan” dares to sit on the throne
            of “God” (and claims that he IS God), we
            put on a yarmulke and claim that we are
            the Messiah sent by Yahweh personally!

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            The most ideal solution is usually also the simplest (or something like this), Prof. MacDonald replied somewhere recently in his comments section. Perhaps he has since removed his comment, because it can no longer be found.

            But he was saying something fundamentally true. In truth, the truth is so close and yet seems so unattainably far away from us. The truth is the glasses on one’s own nose, which in one’s goofiness one believes one has to look for.


            The Jews, as typical obfuscators and complicators, throw sand into our eyes: “That 1 + 1 are 2 could be convenient for you Nazis, or e.g. that there are only two genders instead of millions! You are systematic simplifiers of a world which can be understood in its entire complexity only by us!”

    • Stella Byrnes
      Stella Byrnes says:

      This account of Soros is the sort of detailed research and serious argument TOO desperately needs instead of swastika wagging and paranoid ranting, or empty personal abuse reiterated from an obsessively Judeophobic bigot hiding behind a pompous French pseudonym.

  2. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    A few weeks ago, a small Canadian producer of animated films, 3D Epix Inc., released an animated short film on Youtube that reached more than 1.5 million views worldwide in a very short time. It’s about our fictional, not-too-distant future, assumed to be dystopian.

    The production company’s self-description of this film states:

    “It speculates on the possible consequences of the infamous Great Reset, Medical Tyranny, Wake Culture and the Green Agenda. Everything the World Economic Forum (WEF) has planned for us.”

    3D Epix Inc. previously appeared with purely commercial productions for advertising, television and cinema. The YouTube channel of the small company, housed in a single-family home in Calgary, previously featured only animated films about the early evolution of life on Earth, which did not appear to carry a political or religious message.

  3. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Has one ever experienced such a repulsive thing? Asians, who are still totally uneducated by our (only real and true!) “history”, finally need our hypermoral Jewish supervision (which itself does not take it with morals, however, quite so exactly) like Oz.

    The greatest difficulty that arises here consists of two questions: 1. how do we, as non-Asians, sneak in among Asians? 2. how do we explain to the Asians that they are also to blame for our destruction?

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      Charlottesville is a college town filled with psuedo intellectuals, dilitantes and virtue signalers, nestled in poultry processing country. They can easily walk over anyone who isn’t in their praxis club.

  4. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    We sure could use lawyers on our side. Perhaps some activists would consider going to law school and keeping a low profile until graduating and passing the bar exam.

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    I mean, seriously, what do these Jews want to persuade us permanently: that “Majeed” (who lives next door) is “closer to us” than an American (who calls us from Burma)? How stupid do these wretched and deceitful creatures think nature, of which we are the representatives, is!

  6. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    The entire ethnically European world population can still decide to unite tonight and say with one voice that they will no longer live to serve Ashkenazi ethnic interests and thus will completely resign from the Ashkenazi world economy, thus collapsing the entire Ashkenazi empire. In other words, the world European population can immediately cease all economic activity starting tonight and just live like the Amish. But, the truth is that living for a greater ethno-spiritual purpose is not that important for them, or even a consideration at all. If Europeans still had any innate sense of subjective collective ethno-spiritual honor, then dying would be considered more desirable than living exclusively to serve Ashkenazi ethnic interests. All those years listening to Tucker Carlson, and the behaviors of ethnic Europeans didn’t change. Europeans are sufficiently contented with the recreational activities the Ashkenazi economy provides for them, so they will just go along with the system until it all comes crashing down (Dr. Woodley of Menie’s model).

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      So rather than wasting time,energy and money trying to save or reform a system that is so corrupt that it must and will crash and burn ,we should focus on what we want to replace the old rotten system with. Politicians who blather on about saving America or making America great again are either lying or are incredibly naive, the old america is gone and the ingredients for what they prattle on about are lacking. Does anybody think that NYC can be salvaged? Well, neither can the whole country be salvaged. Secession offers a glimmer of hope.

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