Putin in his own words

Putin, a “communist”? Please! Read his speeches!

Editor’s note: This article was recently posted here in a Portuguese translation by Chauke Stephan Filho. Here it is posted in English, translation by Chauke Filho. SourceEl Manifiesto; Author: Sertorio; Original title in Spanish: “Putin, el verbo y la idea”; Publication date: May 6, 2023

The publishing house Ediciones Fides has just published Putin: escritos y discursos [Putin: Writings and Speeches], an interesting selection of the most important texts of the Russian president, dated from February 2000 to December 2022, that is, practically the entire period of government of the Kremlin leader. The book brings as introduction a study by Juan António Aguilar — one of our best experts in Russia and founder of the Spanish Institute of Geopolitics — that deserves to be read, especially for the author’s deep knowledge of Russian politics, a country he has visited many times and with which he maintains intense contact. In these pages, the real Putin is portrayed — quite different from the image of the cancerous, crazy and fanatical man that the Western mainstream media delightfully paint him.

Nevertheless, it is directly from what the Russian president says and does that we can draw the most significant conclusions about his personality and his politics. In February 2000, shortly after his accession to power, he wrote an open letter to his voters foreshadowing how he would act: “Continuing to evade is much more dangerous than accepting the challenge.” The letter contained a message often reiterated during the past two decades, saying that only a strong state could deliver Russia from the dismantling it is subjected to by the liberal experiments of Yeltsin and his oligarchs. Hence its appeal to the citizenry:

Probably each of you has your own idea as to what might be at the root of our setbacks and miscalculations. However, it is high time that the citizens of Russia come to terms with what to expect from the state and how to support it. Now I am talking about our national priorities. Without this, we will again waste time in vain, and irresponsible demagogues will decide our fate.

The restoration of the Russian state and the defense of its interests against external impositions is the main orientation of Putin’s policy. He also draws red lines on the ground in the face of Western meddling in Moscow’s area of influence:

Russia is no longer the truncated map of the Soviet Union […]. A great country cherishes its freedom and respects that of others. It is unreasonable to be afraid of a strong Russia, but the enemy who provokes us must know that he plays with fire.

Regarding Russia’s relations with the misnamed “European” Union, it is sad to read this text from 2006, so full of lost illusions:

Russia, both in its spirit and in its historical traditions, is part of the “European family.” We do not seek to join the European Union. Nevertheless, looking at the issue from a longer-term perspective, I see no adverse areas for an equitable strategic association, an association based on common aspirations and values.

At that time, Putin still believed in a mutually beneficial confluence of interests between Russia and the misnamed “European” Union. It would be a pact between equals that would free Russia from a subordinate condition in its relationship with the overbearing Anglo-Saxons. Today, only ashes remain of that rapprochement. And of the dream of an integrated Eurasian space from the Azores archipelago to Vladivostok, it seems that the ashes themselves have been burned.

Converted into the backyard of the Yankee empire, Europe is now just the name of a corpse.

In another speech, this one on September 30, 2022, on the occasion of the admission of the republics of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzia and Kherson into the Russian Federation, Putin emphasized that the elites in the United States were engaged not only in shooting down Russia, but also in “destroying national states.” He continued, “This applies to Europe, this threatens the identity of France, Italy, Spain, this is an attack on other countries with long historical tradition.”

And, still in that same message, he added: 

Washington demands more and more sanctions against Russia. Most obedient European politicians agree with this aggression. They clearly know that the United States, by forcing the EU not to buy energy and other resources from Russian suppliers, causes the deindustrialization of Europe […]. The European elites are fully aware of what is going on, but they prefer to serve the unacknowledged interests of foreigners. More than subservience, there is direct treasonous action against their peoples.

Putin’s opinion of the West has changed radically in recent years, not only because of considerations of a strategic nature. He states:

We note with surprise the processes taking place in countries that for centuries enjoyed the self-concept that placed them at the forefront of progress. Evidently, however, the socio-cultural upheavals in the United States and Western Europe are not our business, we don’t meddle in it.

Despite the caveat, the Russian president did not fail to express his astonishment at the insistence with which Westerners indulge in insane theories and practices, of which he gives examples:

The aggressive cancellation of entire pages of their own history, the ‘reverse discrimination’ of majorities in favor of minorities, the abandonment of the traditional understanding of the family and the pretended cancellation of the very obvious differences between Dad and Mom.

From his own historical perspective, Putin links this social engineering of European liberalism with the experience of Russia’s past. On this issue, he says the following:

All this has already occurred in Russia, we have already been through it. After the Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also announced that they would change all life, not only political and economic aspects, but even the idea of human morality, the foundations of the existence of a healthy society. The destruction of secular values reached faith, relationships between people, culminating in the complete rejection of the family — this was what induced and stimulated ideological denunciations between loved ones in the core of the families thus disintegrated — and all this was declared a step towards progress and […] had a lot of support all over the world, it was fashionable. Nowadays that fashion is back. In addition, of course, the Bolsheviks also showed absolute intolerance for any opinion other than their own.

Reading these pages, in which he expresses his admiration for Alexander II and Alexander III[1], for [General Anton Ivanovich] Denikin [2], as well as for [General Alexei Alexeievich] Brusílov,[3] I doubt that anyone feels anything but contempt for the lying story that talks about a communist Putin. This lie can be exposed by the following passage from the Message of February 21, 2022, much criticized by real communists:

From the point of view of the historical destiny of Russia and its peoples, Leninist state-building principles proved to be more than just a mistake, it was something worse. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, this became very evident.

And, of course, there is more than enough material in the collection for the study of the crises in Ukraine and Syria. Reading Putin’s speeches and articles, the reader will realize that efforts for a negotiated solution with Ukraine were only abandoned shortly before the Special Military Operation began.

In his speech commemorating the 1,160th anniversary of the Russian statehood, Putin made very clear his idea of Russia and the policy needed for it. He said the following:

For more than a thousand years, history has taught Russia that relaxing its sovereignty or giving up its interests, even for a short time, poses mortal danger to itself. When that happened, even briefly, Russia’s existence was threatened.

Let no one expect us to repeat those mistakes [of the 1990s]. We will not succumb to any blackmail, we will not give in to any intimidation, we will not disloyalize and we will not lose our sovereignty. On the contrary, by strengthening it, we will be developing our country.

Sovereignty is the guarantee of freedom for all. According to our traditions, no one will be free if his people, his homeland, if Russia is not free.

Having thus assimilated the lessons that history has taught Russia, Putin put them into practice once again on February 22, 2022. The Russian leader testifies that he tries to live as he thinks. Putin has not betrayed the words and ideas of his writings and speeches.

From the above-linked Wikipedia page on Alexander III:

  1. Alexander was hostile to Jews; his reign witnessed a sharp deterioration in the Jews’ economic, social, and political condition. His policy was eagerly implemented by tsarist officials in the “May Laws” of 1882. These laws encouraged open anti-Jewish sentiment and dozens of pogroms across the western part of the empire. As a result, many Jews emigrated to Western Europe and the United States. They banned Jews from inhabiting rural areas and shtetls (even within the Pale of Settlement) and restricted the occupations in which they could engage.
  2. From the above-lined Wikipedia page on Denikin:

Antisemitism and anti-Masonry

White Russian anti-Bolshevik propaganda poster, c. 1919. Senior Bolsheviks (SverdlovZinovievLeninTrotskyKamenev, and Radek) sacrifice an allegorical character representing Russia to a statue of Karl Marx.

During the Russian Civil War, an estimated 50,000 Jews were killed in pogroms. Ukrainian forces, nominally under the control of Symon Petliura, perpetrated approximately 40 percent of the recorded pogroms, although Petliura never ordered his forces to engage in such activity and eventually exhorted his troops to refrain from the violence. The White Army is associated with 17 percent of the attacks, and was generally responsible for the most active propaganda campaign against Jews, whom they openly associated with communism.The Red Army is blamed for 9 percent of the pogroms.

In the territories it occupied, Denikin’s army carried out mass executions and plunder, in what was later known as the White Terror. In the town of Maykop in Circassia during September 1918, more than 4,000 people were massacred by General Pokrovsky’s forces.[ In the small town of Fastov alone, Denikin’s Volunteer Army murdered over 1,500 Jews, mostly elderly, women, and children.

The press of the Denikin regime regularly incited violence against communist Jews and Jews seen as communists in the context of treason committed by Red agents. For example, a proclamation by one of Denikin’s generals incited people to “arm themselves” in order to extirpate “the evil force which lives in the hearts of Jew-communists.”

Religious and faithful to the Russian Orthodox Church, Denikin did not criticise the pogroms against the Jewish population until the end of 1919. Denikin believed that most people had reasons to hate Jews and wished to avoid an issue that divided his officers. Many of them, intensely anti-Semitic, allowed pogroms under their watch, which turned into a method of terror against the Jewish population and served to earn the favour of the Ukrainian people for much of 1919.

Western sponsors were dismayed at the widespread antisemitism in the Whites’ officer ranks, especially as the Bolsheviks sought to officially prohibit acts of anti-Semitism. Winston Churchill personally warned General Denikin that:

[M]y task in winning support in Parliament for the Russian Nationalist cause will be infinitely harder if well-authenticated complaints continue to be received from Jews in the zone of the Volunteer Armies.[13]

John Ernest Hodgson, a British war correspondent with Denikin’s forces, said the following of Denikin’s and his officers’ antisemitism:

I had not been with Denikin more than a month before I was forced to the conclusion that the Jew represented a very big element in the Russian upheaval. The officers and men of the Army laid practically all the blame for their country’s troubles on the Hebrew. They held that the whole cataclysm had been engineered by some great and mysterious secret society of international Jews, who, in the pay and at the orders of Germany, had seized the psychological moment and snatched the reins of government. All the figures and facts that were then available appeared to lend colour to this contention. No less than 82 per cent of the Bolshevik Commissars were known to be Jews, the fierce and implacable ‘Trotsky,’ who shared office with Lenin, being a Yiddisher whose real name was Bronstein. Among Denikin’s officers this idea was an obsession of such terrible bitterness and insistency as to lead them into making statements of the wildest and most fantastic character. Many of them had persuaded themselves that Freemasonry was, in alliance with the Jews, part and parcel of the Bolshevik machine, and that what they had called the diabolical schemes for Russia’s downfall had been hatched in the Petrograd and Moscow Masonic lodges. When I told them that I and most of my best friends were Freemasons, and that England owed a great deal to its loyal Jews, they stared at me askance and sadly shook their heads in fear for England’s credulity in trusting the chosen race. One even asked me quietly whether I personally was a Jew. When America showed herself decidedly against any kind of interference in Russia, the idea soon gained wide credence that President Woodrow Wilson was a Jew, while Mr. Lloyd George was referred to as a Jew whenever a cable from England appeared to show him as being lukewarm in support of the anti-Bolsheviks.

3. These figures are presumably meant to show Putin’s admiration for figures of the Russian past despite their opposing political views—Alexander II the liberal reformist, Alexander III the conservative; Denikin, utterly opposed to Bolshevism and Brusilov who cooperated with the Bolsheviks in establishing the Red Army.

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  1. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    “Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values. One must respect every minority’s right to be different, but the rights of the majority must not be put into question.”

    • President Vladimir Putin at the 10th anniversary meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club in the Novgorod Region, September 19, 2013.

  2. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    • “I work so that you could be happy” – Putin to a young couple in public Q&A (youtube channel ‘Inessa S’)

    • President Putin on the “dark time [under Bolshevism] in our country’s history”

    “You know, we have a really dark time in our country’s history, at the beginning of the Soviet era, where many believers were killed – not only Christian Orthodox, but also Muslims and representatives of other religions. The Soviet state, in its early stage, was very cruel to religious authorities. Many of our Churches were completely destroyed, our traditional religions denominations suffered massively.
    But the role of the State is to protect the people “

    • Putin: “With the absence of values, society begins to decay”

    “Conservatism is that which does not get in the way of moving forward and upward, but does prevent from sliding backwards and downwards.”

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      ““Conservatism is that which does not get in the way of moving forward and upward, but does prevent from sliding backwards and downwards.”

      I think this is a statement of absolute Truth. But it’s talking about Edmund Burke Conservatism.

      Kosher Anglo & Euro Conservatism Inc is nothing but an immovable force preventing the formation of a right-wing party, right-wing ideas or even anything that isn’t left/progressive.
      The ratchet meme describes it perfectly, this one: https://zsorohome.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/the-ratchet-effect.png?w=1024
      Though obviously in reverse. I couldn’t find the proper version, predictably . . . and again, obviously.
      Conservatives/Republicans hold/consolidate left/progressive gains for a few years before we go into another revolutionary period. It’s been EXACTLY like this in UK/USA since WWII(which we ‘won’ don’t you know?)

      Out main enemies aren’t leftists or even Jews, but fake, Yiddish Toryism. A William F. Buckley Jr. in America, or a Peter Hitchens in Britain, is just as dangerous an enemy to our nations as a Trotsky or Lenin was to the patriotic White Russians.

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Fair point but you’re speaking of the tools used to usher in world government, likely under jewish hegemony. It is obviously better from the perspective of this plan for as many as possible of the tools to be, or to be widely perceived as being, gentiles. Hitchens is partly jewish I believe.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I think you’ll find they are caring less and less about such niceties.
          Peter Hitchens is 100% Jewish for the record, a fact we’d never know had his brother not spilled the beans. Peter has even put in print how enraged he was by this honesty.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Peter Hitchens, as I understand, is a good man. I’m sure you know something I do not about him, but I very much expect that you’re mistaken about the man overall.

      • Terry Bull
        Terry Bull says:

        @ Emicho
        This description of Peter Hitchens is OTT even for TOO. Lenin?
        It is just wrong.
        One can disagree with this puritanical pessimist on many minor points, but his tirades against moral degeneracy, cannabis legalisation, lazy police, woke ideology, dumbed-down TV, multicultural immigration, the trans racket, soft criminal sentencing, neglected or farcical national defenses, illiteracy, insane support for Zelensky, the folly of Churchill’s war, persecution of English Christians, the need for free speech, etc. are not doing any harm to western survival in a media dominated by BBC/”Guardian” values.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          You are all missing the point, it’s this *controlled opposition* that is our primary enemy. Before we overcome that, we’re just sliding further into the gutter.
          I’ll try a metaphor.
          Imagine you were given command of the defence of a castle under siege.
          Your chief engineer explains the most vulnerable point that must absolutely at no point be given up, or else it’s over everywhere.
          You’re then told that defending this point are all your star men, popular with the lads, best fighters, smartest, seen the most storied combat with the enemy for the longest time.
          ‘Good’ you think.
          But then it’s explained all these guys are actually traitors working for the opposition, their careers, kids, holidays & houses paid for by the enemy.
          You’d want to hang them all immediately. I would. Yet when you try to, you find most of your soldiers are emotionally attached to these guys, you’re immediately struck by a chorus telling you how clever they all are, the great feats they’ve done, a never-ending list of impressive sounding missions that looked and sounded great but actually achieved nothing except the further euthanization of the fire in your troops.
          You can’t get rid of them, they are like us you hear, they talk like us, think like us, they’re even wearing our colours for goodness sake!

          Or if you want the argument more succinctly put: https://www.eurocanadians.ca/2023/05/destroy-the-fake-right-nationalism-vs-conservatism

          Peter Hitchens is a state agent, if you don’t know that you don’t know the man. But can you answer the actual point, which is not about whichever distraction Hitchens is serving up to his readers to keep them entertained & neutered, but about our controlled opposition problem?

  3. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    “Every one of us, on New Year’s Eve [2017], can be a little bit magical …
    For this, all you need to do is treat your parents with love and gratefulness, give your children and families the utmost love and care, respect your work colleagues and your friendships.
    Stand up for justice and the truth, be merciful to those who require your help – and that’s the secret to being magic.
    May all your dreams come true – pure thoughts and kind intentions.
    May every household be blessed with joy and love.”

    • Putin 2017 New Year’s Eve message

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Thanks for posting these great videos. BTW, what happens when youtube deletes them (which I expect will happen)? How can one save them?

      • JM
        JM says:


        How to save videos personally?

        Use 4k video downloader. It’s free and faster than other free versions. Daily limit is adequate. Will download as MP4, but can also just download soundtrack as MP3.

        Trust that’s what you were after.

  4. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    See also …

    *** Xi Jinping …
    • The Governance of China Vol. 1 by Xi Jinping
    (and see the playlists for Volumes 2, 3 and 4 on that channel)

    *** Adolf Hitler
    • Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945
    or here

    … after all that … then let’s talk about who wanted and continues to advocate for world wars, human depopulation and the normalisation of Sabbatean depravity… mmm?

  5. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    In his May 9 Victory Day speech, Putin identified the enemy of Russia (and humanity) as “global elites.” This is a refreshing improvement over his (and Lavrov’s and others spokesmen’s) repeated singling out of “Anglo-Saxons.” As Putin surely must know, the U.S. political leadership is no more Anglo-Saxon than that of the Bolshevik Revolution was Russian, in fact, considerably less so!

    For example, there is no more than one possible Anglo-Saxon in Biden’s cabinet (Ag Sec’y Vilsack, unclear because he was adopted). A full quarter, 6/24, are Jewish and dominate the commanding heights of the administration: Chief of Staff, Sec’ies of State, Treasury, and Homeland Security, Attorney General, and Director of National Intelligence. (Blacks, other non-Whites, and Whites of varying European origins have another quarter each.) As to financial and media dominance of the U.S., let’s not get started!

    We “Anglo-Saxons” are, to be sure, no angels and can be parochial and pig-headed at times but, as to the visceral, vindictive, atavistic, and implacable anti-Russian ethnic animosity seething throughout the “West” today and animating its policy on Ukraine–that’s not coming from us!

    Our elites may indeed be guilty of the crime, and ordinary people of the blunder of negligence, of letting them take over in the first place, but that’s a failing we share with Russians. But no point in throwing stones at each other. We should learn from each other’s mistakes!

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      That’s true – “the U.S. political leadership is no more Anglo-Saxon than that of the Bolshevik Revolution was Russian.” We are ruled by enemy aliens.
      Anglo-Saxon is code for Jew. When Putin says, “Anglo-Saxons”, I assume he means “Jews”. He has good reasons for not antagonizing Jews & philo-semites within Russia’s borders, so he uses a code-word, instead.
      But you are right. It’s better to attack the “globalist elites”. It’s more precise.

  6. Brooker
    Brooker says:

    All well and good.

    Russia has its interests.

    But I know Russia’s and Putin’s policies well enough that I am not going to praise this politician for anything, no matter how nicely phrased.

    I am not going to be pro-Russian or pro-Putin just because I disagree with so many of America’s terrible domestic and foreign policies.

    I can tell you a lot of anti-Christian policies by Putin but it would take too long here.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Then give us at least three anti-Christian policies, that you are aware of. Very briefly .

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I admire Vladimir Putin. He and his coworkers devised a very clever way to get rid of internet pornography and other media filth in Russia. They simply passed a law that no Russian media (books, internet, newspapers, TV, etc.) could have more than 20% foreign ownership. But in the very fine print, the definition of ‘foreign’ included anyone with dual citizenship!

    My favorite Putin quote, when during an interview he was asked that, as a Christian, could he forgive the terrorists? Putin’s response: “To forgive the terrorists is up to God. To send them to Him is up to me.”

    • Not Bud Light
      Not Bud Light says:

      You think Putin is some sort of good Christian?


      He isn’t.

      Plus he’s a thug and murderer of those he does not like. Bombs civilians.

      Know anyone moving to Russia and staying there from the West?

      Any admirer of Putin here moving there?

      No and no.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        That might change at some point. The key issue is just career opportunities.

        If a person knows both Japanese and Russian…

        Russia still has a corruption problem. It is adopting digital currency, which could at least reduce corruption for a time. It fell for the Covid vaccine hoax. And it has many Muslims and Asian minorities. So, it is not utopia, but it might have a better future than some areas of North America.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        In answer to your last two questions, yes and yes. Mostly families with young children, but a few singles too.

        So far Russian news sites have not been heavily censored, and I would recommend you check them out, especially the articles by Ukrainian Christian refugees. You do not need to be able to read Russian as nearly all of the sites afford English translations. Though admittedly, for those who read Russian (as I do) the Russian syntax is somewhat different and the English translations are often quite humorous.

        With all due respect, the only thing I agree with in your comment is your moniker.

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        I do NBL.

        I live in Brooklyn, NY. There are many Russians and people from eastern Europe here. Many go back. They say life is much better in Russia. They say that everything in America is about work, and money. But in Russia, although work and money are important, everything is about family and friends and living a good life.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 You forgot to mention, that he was also responsible for shooting over 300 pupils at that elementary school.

        02 About as credible as the FSB bombing Moscow apartment buildings, merely to sweep it before the Chechen elements.

        03 Ask your physician for a fix to diminish your credulity and increase your credibility.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      That is a good method to get rid of internet porn. Attack it at its source. “Dual citizenship” = “foreign and disloyal”.

      Jews are behind the global porn industry. It spreads decadence, disease, and death, which serves their purpose. It makes them money too. Jewish law-firms oppose all censorship of porn. Porn is Jewish “free speech”. At the same time, they censor real free speech. They fear the truth.

  8. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Russia has recovered from its Time of Troubles under Boris Yeltsin in the 1990’s. Globalists don’t like it. They had it good under Yeltsin, with a free hand to loot the country and kill the people. They want it back now. They want to renew their genocide against the Russians. All violent criminals hate their victims. Hence the hostility of globalists against Russia and its government.

  9. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    Why take sides? We can prefer Vladimir Puritan to Volodymyr Stinky, but neither are free of faults. KGB/FSB, Salisbury poisoning, Netanyahu hobnobbing, Oligarch favoritism, Gulag restoration…
    The indictment of western depravity rings a bell, but it has been rung more sincerely by Orban or Khamenei.
    How many more Russians and Ukrainians die before negotiations are brokered by India, Brazil or South Africa?
    How much longer can white civilization stand when our people kill one another and refuse to reproduce like kind?
    Weren’t two global Bruderkriegen enough?

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Thoughtfulness may often come across as plodding, hesitant, recherché. By contrast, stupidity is always spontaneous and self-confident.
      This statement: “We can prefer Vladimir Puritan to Volodymyr Stinky, but neither are free of faults” has that unmistakable fresh breath of spontaneity and self-confidence about it.
      It can indeed be argued that the two men have some major traits in common:
      1. Both men got involved with organized religion (specifically the Christian religion) in the country each leads*. One by burning churches and persecuting priests and monks, the other by restoring it to its historical place in the national identity and ethos and making explicit amends for its long persecution under the judeo-bolshevik regime.
      2. Both men are making changes of great impact in the lives of the two respective nations. One by measures meant to improve their quality of life, focus on family support, the other by “fewing” them through offering them as proxies in the globalist war against Russia to the last Ukrainian.
      * “in the country each leads” is a phrasing that avoids saying “in his own country” because there is no evidence that Zelensky self-identifies as a Ukrainian. Or should.

      I am not crediting the “Salisbury poisoning” bit to your spontaneous self-confident spurt because it is obviously just a fragment from a received morsel that got stuck in between your teeth.
      Nevertheless, pretending that “the indictment of western depravity” would ring more sincere to you if it came from Khamenei shows that you are not without guile. So help me if it does not sound almost Goy!

      • Sorel McRae
        Sorel McRae says:

        Also, one promotes anal marriage while the other has outlawed homosexual child grooming. Going out on a limb here but this might be
        related to the “country each leads” vs. “own country” distinction you highlighted.

      • Terry Bull
        Terry Bull says:

        @ ariadna
        I welcome any evidence to disprove the role of Putin in the Salisbury poisoning.
        I welcome the restoration of Christian worship after the Bolshevik years, but not recent attacks on Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic worshippers.
        Why should my attack on western degeneracy be a “pretence”? What would be the point of it in that case? Your unpleasant attribution to me of false motives and insincerity is ridiculous, untrue, and either ignorant or paranoid. The latest vile manifestations in the UK have been the depraved if not Satanic “Eurovision Song Contest” and the new BBC dating programme for young homosexuals.
        I don’t attempt to guess your real motives, but your groundless innuendo and offensive tone are plainly evident, and I don’t care for them.

        • Brian Rockford
          Brian Rockford says:

          The last sentence in the response by “ariadna” to your comment appears to suggest that you are a Jew pretending to be a Gentile. It is obvious from all your posts at TOO that this is not true, even if it were relevant to any points made. Such dark hints are not rare on this blogsite and they do not enhance its credibility.
          As for Zelensky, I understand that his mother-tongue is not Ukrainian but Russian, as is the case with the population of Crimea and Donbas.

          • ariadna
            ariadna says:

            “Brian Rockford” (quotation marks for everybody!) says that “ariadna” (moi) “appears to suggest that you are a Jew pretending to be a Gentile.” Not necessarily. The kind of claptrap “Terry Bull” posts can easily come from a shabbos goy.
            The suggestion has nothing “dark” about it and this site’s credibility is not affected by comments you agree with or those that worry you.
            Despite “Terry Bull”‘s insistent efforts to play the part of a complete moron I am convinced he exaggerates. at least a little. Demanding that Russia prove that Putin did not poison the Skripals is a bad choice for “Terry Bull” in the sense that people won’t believe that anyone is THAT stupid as to believe the badly conceived and worse executed false flag. So who is “Terry Bull”: and inept propagandist trying to pretend he is even dumber than he is? Or a bona fide totally moronic propagandist? Nothing “dark” about this question

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            01 His MOTHER TONGUE IS YIDDISH, like of all at least European Jews.

            02 Ukrainian and/or Russian are only required when venturing beyond their shtetls.

        • ariadna
          ariadna says:

          “recent attacks on Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic worshippers.”
          If you mean in Israel, the attacks are on all Christians and muslims.

          “The latest vile manifestations in the UK have been the depraved if not Satanic “Eurovision Song Contest” and the new BBC dating programme for young homosexuals.”

          The Western depravity you talk about, real if misnomed, is essentially as “Western” as the Eurovision is “European” `and as Israel is a part of Europe. Both are under the same management for many decades:
          Per wiki
          “To date there have been four Israeli victories in the contest. Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta won in Paris in 1978 with “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”. On home ground in Jerusalem the following year, Israel won again, this time with “Hallelujah” performed by Milk and Honey. Unusually, Israel did not defend the title in 1980[1] (see below). The third victory came almost 20 years later in Birmingham in 1998.
          Their fourth victory at the 2018 contest in Lisbon, with the song “Toy” by Netta, earning Israel their highest-ever score of 529 points.”

          “Why should my attack on western degeneracy be a “pretence”? What would be the point of it in that case?”

          • Brian Rockford
            Brian Rockford says:

            @ ariadna
            Shabbos goy, now!
            All too ridiculous.
            “Eurovision” is the name of the tripe. It does not represent the best European values, exactly my point. Look back at the HIV-carrier Conchita Wurst. Yes, the Israeli/Jewish money factor was present, as it is in much “entertainment” from Hollyweird to top “porn” sites.
            The trouble with you, ariadna, and some others here, is that you seem to think that unless one takes a gross neo-Nazi view of All Jews as the Cause of All Evil, they must be a tool or dupe of that imagined Entity.
            Serious, rational, documented criticism of Jewish influences is then bypassed, and submerged under an excessive deluge of ad hominem abuse.
            Zionist organizations don’t need paid sayanim when they have “totally moronic propagandists” like you.

  10. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    The 1990’s? Yeah, check out the website Leagueofprayer.com and the dear lady behind it to see and learn how truly bad things were in Russia. Supported her efforts and have the highest respect for her and her team.

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