Anarcho-Tyranny Rules America

Tou Thao became a Minneapolis police officer because he wanted to serve his community. And now this brave, conscientious, and honorable man is facing almost five years in prison for doing just that. Why? Because he was on duty at the scene of George Floyd’s death, and he worked to calm and hold back a crowd of rabble-rousers, who either had no idea what was really happening or simply didn’t care.

Thao helped prevent a deadly riot that day. For his reward, he’s now going to spend half a decade in prison. At his sentencing, when the judge asked him if he had anything to say, Thao humbly stated that he had done nothing wrong, his conscience was clear, and he refused to pretend otherwise. It’s rare to see someone who has been railroaded by a kangaroo court in the name of “diversity” refuse to grovel, and Thao should be congratulated for his courage.

Tou Thao, Derek Chauvin, and the two other Minneapolis officers at the scene that day are no doubt feeling stunned and incredulous. They served their city faithfully on May 25, 2020, by protecting it from a drugged and out-of-control criminal who was a clear and present danger to the community, and who repeatedly refused to stop forcibly resisting arrest. None of the officers did anything wrong, and now they are in prison, Chauvin possibly for the rest of his life. Each of them probably spends much of each day wondering, “What in the world happened to the country I love?”

To answer that question, they should turn to the writings of the late Sam Francis, one of America’s greatest political philosophers. Sam Francis not only predicted that this would happen, but he also even created a word for it—anarcho-tyranny. Because he saw things so clearly and spoke the truth so prophetically, Francis was a threat to the “conservative” establishment, and he was fired from his job as a columnist after Dinesh D’Souza called him a “racist.”

Instead of shunning him and ruining his life, conservatives should have listened to Sam Francis, because we are now living in the nightmare he predicted all those years ago—an America in the grip of anarcho-tyranny. Anarcho-tyranny is a state of affairs where the government lets violent criminals run amok, while at the same time making life hell for decent citizens, by cracking down on minor infractions, criminalizing certain kinds of thought and speech, and severely punishing those who have the nerve to defend themselves or their community.

Anarcho-tyranny is here, and it’s getting worse all the time. You’ve seen countless videos of large gangs of Blacks storming everything from convenience stores to luxury retailers, grabbing as much as they can and fleeing. Just recently a gang of two dozen stole $300,000 worth of goods from the Yves St. Laurent store in Glendale, California.

On the rare occasions these thieves are caught, it usually turns out they have a long criminal record, but the authorities have gone easy on them in the name of “racial justice.” Many of these thefts would never have happened were it not for the fact that police officers all over America are increasingly hesitant to interact with Black suspects for fear of being accused of racial profiling, and even winding up behind bars for “police brutality.”

You’ve heard of many of these cases, but have you heard about Ed French? He was a 71-year-old White photographer who was shot in cold blood by a Black couple in San Francisco in 2017. Both killers had long criminal records, even though they were only 19 and 20. The killing was caught on surveillance camera, and the woman confessed to shooting him, but in May of this year, a racially diverse jury refused to convict her of murder. But you can just bet that if Ed French had had some awareness that the pair was getting ready to rob him and used a gun to defend himself, he would now be getting the McMichaels treatment (one of the most blatant examples of anarcho-tyranny ever).

It gets worse. On August 10, 2017, a 77-year-old White man, Ernest Martin Stevens, was sitting in his truck in a parking lot near his home in Hardeeville, South Carolina. A Black man, 28-year-old Devon Dontray Dunham, approached him and demanded that the elderly man “give him a ride.” Unarmed, and rightly fearing that he was about to be carjacked, Stevens started to drive away.

Dunham, angry at not getting a ride, shot into the truck eight times with his 9-millimeter gun, killing Stevens. Two years ago, Dunham went on trial for the murder. He had confessed to the shooting, and eyewitnesses to the killing testified against him. Incredibly, Dunham was acquitted of all charges after the jury deliberated for only two hours.

In 2017, in the same city where Tou Thao was just sentenced, a Black police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot an unarmed White woman to death for simply approaching his car. Her name was Justine Damond, and she was only 40 years old. In 2019, Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

But in September 2021, after a year and a half of riots and protests and demands for “racial justice,” the Minnesota Supreme Court tossed his murder conviction, changing it to second-degree manslaughter. Noor was released from prison in June 2022. He spent three years in prison for killing an unarmed White woman, while Thao got almost five years for trying to maintain order and protect the citizens of Minneapolis, and he never even touched George Floyd.

Also in Minnesota, this time in Rochester, is another horrific case of anarcho-tyranny that every American needs to know about. On January 30 of this year, Mohamed Bakari Shei was sentenced for repeatedly raping two children—one was four years old, and the other was nine years old. In a sane society, these unspeakable acts would merit the death penalty. But Shei didn’t get the death penalty—he got six months in the county jail, probation, and community service.

Last year, when two Black gangs fired dozens of shots at each other in a quiet neighborhood in broad daylight, the Black Chicago prosecutor declined to press charges, calling it “mutual combat.” As you read this, young veteran Daniel Penny is facing 15 years in prison after he restrained a raving, hostile lunatic on a New York City subway car who was screaming at people and saying he felt like killing somebody. Meanwhile, New York City is paying $13 million, an average of $10,000 each, to people who were arrested for rioting in the destructive and violent protests following the death of George Floyd.

I could go on.

We are living in dark times. The powers that be in America have essentially given violent criminals the message that they can pretty much do as they please, and if any of us have the temerity to try to defend ourselves, or our community, we are likely to spend at least several years in prison.

With each passing day the situation gets worse, and every week brings new horror stories. Sam Francis tried to warn us, but America didn’t listen, and now good and brave men like Tou Thao, the McMichaels, and scores of others are being sacrificed to the cult of diversity. May God bless these men, and may He give us the courage to rise up and destroy anarcho-tyranny and restore the nation that once was.

James Edwards hosts The Political Cesspool Radio Program

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  1. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    This is an amazing article. Sam Francis was right in his prediction. Anarcho-tyranny rules. There’s no such thing as a fair, rational and impartial trial in the USA. Negro juries are 100% racially biased. Only hypocrites claim there is any “rule of law.” Jewish organized crime runs the US justice system. In Minnesota, they hire Negros from Somalia to be police officers. The result follows.

    Nice contrast between the cold blooded murder of totally innocent Justine Damond, where the authorities reacted with lackadaisical unconcern, and the suicide of career criminal George Floyd, where the politicians reacted with hysteria and encouraged months of mob violence. The four cops were instantly fired and charged, even though they did nothing wrong. The riots were pre-planned – organized and paid for by the Democratic Party (communist). The trials were are political show-trials, presided over by “woke” commissar Peter Cahill. The sentences against the innocent police officers were draconian.

    The Somalian who murdered Justine Damond is out of prison now, having served a sentence of less than five years. And the City of Minnesota paid his family $20 million as a reward. No Somalians would be allowed to settle in a normal country, but America is no longer normal. It’s a Jewish freak-show.

    • FrankC
      FrankC says:

      Correction: The City of Minneapolis paid the family of Justine Damond, the victim, $20 million. It is important to be accurate in these matters.

  2. George Romanian
    George Romanian says:

    I’ve noticed abundant professional made short clips on social media that incite non-whites that somehow made it to our homelands to uncivilised behaviour. Ranging from cheeky to outrageous. Their frequency and number increased exponentially about the same time as Covid started to wind down. The thugs’ behaviour became more bold, they realised that police has their hands tied. It’s happening all over White nations. I’ve noticed it in France , where I live and in my home country, Romania. By the way, Romania is being flooded by Pakistanis and Nepalis, like the hostile Gypsies weren’t enough. I don’t see any practical solution except illegal ones that cannot be mentioned in a comment. I’m not a provocateur, please do not reply. I think we still have a lot to lose before we lose it. I’m afraid it will be too late then. The only White Europeans left capable of physically fight invaders are killing each other in a fratricidal war in Eastern Europe.

  3. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great essay James, thanks.

    And let us not forget that it’s Soros who’s paying off our cities DA’s to release violent criminals out into the streets and DOJ head Alejandro Myorkas who’s breaking immigration law by keeping our borders wide open. Myorkas is also Jewish, a lot of people don’t know that.

    If we could just stop those two, things would greatly improve.

  4. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Ah, Dinesh D’Souza – while I agree with many things he says/does, I found myself wondering, after watching his film blasting away at Hillary, how does a near-destitute Indian arrive to America, and enroll in a prestigious university? How many smart, white kids found a free ride to prosperity? How is it that we (whites) have arrived to a place, where Indians, who can’t seem to put India straight, come to America/Europe and offer advice, whilst praising America/Europe just enough to fool us, but apparently, not enough to completely support the population who enabled their prosperity. We can’t trust our white leaders, nor our replacement leaders, who praise western society, yet will always, always, take the positions beneficial to more brown Americans/Europeans. Keep this in mind when you wonder if Ramaswamy is “on our side.” I also can’t help but wonder, how do these brilliant Indian conservatives fail to realize, without European people, you don’t have a European society? More Indians, Mexicans, Africans = more third world hellscapes.

  5. Noel Pineiro
    Noel Pineiro says:

    You failed to mention the chosen hidden hands behind all the Golem you mentioned. Now that is the real problem.

  6. michael
    michael says:

    Yes, to the analysis: agreement and appreciation to anarchy slash tyranny.

    A tragedy befell those police officers. A tragedy has befallen America if judgement is accepted as justice.

    A tragedy has befallen America if the likes of Joe Biden and his Administration were able to carry out this acceptance, more, as tacit allowance for the anarchy slash tyranny that prevailed, that prevails and then the question as to how long it will prevail.

    And, consider how Antony Blinken refused to consider “release” of Julian Assange from a pending “extradition”, meanwhile he languishes in Prison Belmarsh in England, for with that refusal, both Biden and Blinken have a symbolic blood on their hands. Habeas corpus? England and America have now followed the Zionist/Israeli example of endless imprisonment of non-citizen ‘citizens’.

    What an example of tyranny. What an example of trampling on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution. Biden is a traitor to both. Blinken is a sloven practitioner of the Zionist state’s 75 years of history, the longest, continuous war of the present time, against a population rendered helpless, rendered for an ethnic cleansing by a racist, supremacist and war-profiteering country and that country’s people.

    What a ruinous, degrading and immoral example for America to follow, to adopt.

  7. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Thank you for these 2 interesting comments.
    Hello, Georges, I’m also in France.
    I noticed recently that while Western countries are being swamped by mostly Muslim Afro-Arabs since the sixties, the invasion of Eastern Europe is also beginning now, but mainly with Pakistanis and Hindus.

    I have information about this for Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina ( Bosnia ! Where the population is already lacking jobs and resources !! ) and you confirm this with Romania…
    What’s going on? Something very sinister.
    I’ve been thinking about it lately, and I think there’s been a PACT between the EU and these countries, which we know need European money to survive (the fools. As if there were no other solutions) : open their borders ( imposed by whom we know) but NOT to Middle Easterners and Africans who are very prone to Islamic terror attacks … ( as if pakis gang rapes were better, as we see in GB )

    These civic-minded east European rulers with zero racial consciousness think they will escape the fate of the Western European nations, the fools.

    HANNES says:

    The Japanese are modestly unhappy about a meddlesome African-American anti-Asian racist named Ismael Ramsey Khalid aka “Johnny Somali”. The capable island people do not yet seem to be really receptive and prepared for such genuine “American” life culture. This is probably due to its fascist backwardness, which has so far stubbornly but successfully resisted total Western-liberal degeneracy.

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