And You Thought Your State’s GOP Was Bad…

State Senator Colton Moore announced on Thursday that the state GOP voted to oust him over his calls to defund and investigate the district attorney in the wake of her sweeping RICO indictment that named former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies as co-conspirators in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

“Today’s removal is a direct result of me calling on my Republican colleagues in the Senate to do their job and sign onto an emergency session to investigate Fani Willis,” Moore said in a statement shared with Newsweek. “The Georgia Constitution clearly outlines the legislature’s power to call an emergency session to investigate a judicial officer. After urging my Republican Senate colleagues to join me…they responded by acting like children and throwing me out of the caucus.”

Days after Willis indicted Trump, Moore asked Governor Brian Kemp to call for a special session and bring legislators back to the state Capitol to review Willis’ actions in the probe and “determine if they warrant impeachment.” …

“I stand by my Republican principles. I stand by the Republican platform. I will continue to serve as a Republican Senator from the great state of Georgia,” Moore said. “Unfortunately, now I will be forced to refer to my colleagues, who ran on being ‘Trump conservatives’ as the RINO caucus.” RINO refers to Republicans in Name Only.

“This is the fight of our lifetime, and I will continue to double down to defend the rule of law and do what is right,” he added.

To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor who ordered the National Guard not to “interfere” with the Black mobs that invaded a predominantly White neighborhood in Atlanta night after night to loot and burn buildings (to the tune of tens of millions of dollars) and to terrorize the residents.
To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor and a State Attorney General who prosecuted the District Attorney in Brunswick County for taking 4 days to recuse herself on the Ahmad Arbury case and for failing to jail the McMichaels before they were even indicted.
To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor and a State Attorney General who would prosecute the District Attorney in Brunswick County (see above) but who did not prosecute or remove the District Attorney and the Solicitor in Fulton County who variously (a) dropped charges against 3 Antifa terrorists arrested in the act of blowing up a police car with a handheld bomb; (b) dropped all charges against members of the Black mobs that attacked Buckhead (the ones arrested despite the orders of the Governor NOT to arrest any of them) “in the interest of higher justice”.
To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor and a State Attorney General who would prosecute the District Attorney in Brunswick County (see above) but who would not prosecute or remove the District Attorney of DeKalb County when she issued a public statement that her office would not prosecute the Marxist terrorists arrested in the attacks on the construction site of the City of Atlanta police training facility who (a) did $2,000,000 damage to public property, (b) on one occasion alone threw 8 Molotov cocktails at police officers, (c) violently attacked the offices of the construction company hired to build the facility, (d) went to the homes of the corporate executives to threaten their wives and children.
To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor and a State Attorney General who, siding with Marxist extremists and the Black Lives Matter nut cases, parroted the claims of these fanatics that Georgia’s citizens’ arrest statute was enacted by a “White Supremacist legislature” for the purpose of empowering White people to wrongfully throw Blacks in jail (despite the fact that when Kemp and Carr were playing “Little Sir Echo” on the claims that the citizens’ arrest law was enacted as part of “White racism,” 48 of the 50 States had citizens’ arrest laws including all 6 of the States in New England) and who successfully repealed the right of Georgia citizens to detain people who had committed crimes against them or their neighbors.
To be expected from a GOP headed by a Governor so impudent a liar as to strut around — after all of the above — and campaign for reelection by claiming “Vote for me, Brian Kemp, cause Ah’m tough on crime.”
If Kemp and Carr are “conservatives,” who needs Octavia Alexandra Cortez (A.O.C.)?

And this, from Patrick Cleburne on the GOP’s role in facilitating fraud in Georgia in the 2020 election: Yes, Virginia (Dare): The 2020 Election WAS Fraudulent—And GA GOP Leadership (Among Others) Are Complicit

Obviously, at present Georgia is of particular interest.

Georgia’s 2020 election was a shambles.

The website has a long list of faults in its WHO SAYS THERE WAS NO GEORGIA ELECTION FRAUD? section and a 7-page written statement WHO SAYS THERE WAS NO 2020 ELECTION FRAUD?  This has the salient conclusion:

In reality, the entire 2020 Presidential election outcome was decided by secret counts in five counties of five battleground states, each riddled with the corruption described. Specifically, on fraud and illegalities committed in Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania, Wayne Co. Michigan, Milwaukee Co. Wisconsin, Fulton Co. Georgia and Maricopa Co. Arizona determined the 2020 Presidential election. Fried summarizes a few choice items, including

  • The number of “funny” ballots and “impossible” ballots is about forty-five times larger than the Biden margin of victory for Georgia, which was around 11,700.
  • Although it takes at least one second to scan a ballot, there are over 4,000 ballots with precisely the same timestamp—to the second. Not possible.

Needless to say, neither the Fulton County DA, Fani Willis, nor the Feds have shown any interest in investigating these complaints.

Fried strongly recommends listening to the VoterGA Press Conference March 7th, starting at 27:00.

The quite extraordinary aspect of the Georgia election scandal: The State GOP leadership is furiously opposed to any investigation or subsequent reform. See VoterGA’s Kemp, Duncan Block Key Election Integrity Bill to Unseal Ballots.  This was in April 2022.

The GA GOP leadership are vociferous Never Trumpers, as’s Washington Watcher II detailed in GA Gov. Brian Kemp, Fake Immigration Patriot, Hopes Communist Prosecutors Take Out Trump. But He’ll Be Next. Of course, leaving the Georgia’s election procedures as they are jeopardizes all Republicans: both Republican Senators were “defeated” in the reruns in early 2021. The GA GOP leadership are behaving like Democrats.  

My view: Probably that is because they are Democrats.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The grassroots takeover of the state-level GOP by MAGAtards is causing large Jewish donors to starve it of funds. So much so that in four states the GOP is on the verge of bankruptcy: Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota. This is about money and the impending death of the Republican controlled opposition grift machine.

    Well known Republican whores like Bill O’Reilly and Newt Gingrich (and Ann Coulter -lol) were apoplectic that Matt Gaetz instigated the termination of Kevin McCarthy’s term as speaker of the house, claiming this could destroy the Republican Party, of course meaning their filthy little grift.

    This is what we need to happen: MAGA and the Republican Party needs to be destroyed and replaced with Red State secession. And it is happening. See? I was right all along. Sorry if that disappoints you, boomers. LOL

    • Jaime Jonas
      Jaime Jonas says:

      BS you are a RINO yourself…the donor elites must NOT decide the fate of the GOP, thats UNdemocratic..I hope the MAGA patriots see this and organize a MASS VOTING REVOLT EXODUS from the GOP and vote MAGA 100%. this is a Historical crucial battle …the people of GA Vrs the GLOBALIST elites..

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        My mind is not imprisoned by the same narrow mental categories as yours apparently is. I do not support the controlled-opposition Republican Party, I want to see it destroyed. I do not support Trump, he is a useless buffoon who cares for nothing but his own aggrandizement. I do not believe that White people can alter the course of the American government one iota by voting; Jewish money is the deciding factor, not their votes. Vote Republican and get nothing. Vote Trump and get nothing. That is the reality.

        The only hope for real change is to break away en masse from the Jew-controlled central government. I want to see a large coalition of Red States secede in tandem from ZOG (it will probably take at least 30 states to get the job done) and begin to implement the 14 Words from there. Voting in ZOG’s rigged elections will yield nothing but the frustration of futility because voting IS futile. It is secession or nothing. If you can’t win the game then you must change the rules.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Executed on “Malcolm X Boulevard,” here the name says it all. Too late to change his sick mindset, to continue to celebrate his own killers as “heroes.” You only make that mistake once. But all his comrades, as usual, will not draw any logical conclusions from this either, but will immediately go over to the “anti-fascist” agenda. After all, one does not want to give racists and fascists a pretext for “wrong arguments”, and that is much more important than a few deaths in one’s own ranks.

  3. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    This is why Even thought I love Trump ,I know he is running against his own party, and the DEMs and the MSM, and the donors elite endless cash, so HE will not win. But I hope he keeps running to the END, this country needs a major massive cardiac CATHARSYS to understand that we live in a UNIPARTY tyranny. With the GA/GOP ousting Moore illegally and the ousting of KMacCarthy in the House the GOP currently is committing political suicide, in the long run the USA/GOP is a tranvesty/debase Dem controlled party and unsustainable. This is a welcome crisis long overdue, which must give birth to a 3th option hopefully. This fascist radicalization of the UNIPARTTY which threatens the LEGAL/political Constitutional ELECTORAL order will push the populace to rebel and search of a NEW radical more conservative Nationalists option, perhaps more radical than MAGA. The implosion of the DEM/GOP Uniparty makes MAGA inevitable. I hope someone takes MAGA and leads it to VICTORY…for the good of all America/ns….

  4. It Makes No Sense
    It Makes No Sense says:

    “Steve McQueen” is alive and well! Or even better: “alive and kicking”!

    Here, however, we are talking about Mr. Akbur Mbulo Lilongwe Mkwezi, who has unauthorizedly appropriated the name of the famous light-skinned American actor (whose best friend was his German colleague Sigi Rauch) and trades under it as “director”.

    Mr. Mkwezi, however, has not only appropriated the name of a Scottish clan, but also a white woman from the flat cheeseland, who may now call herself “Lady McQueen”. A modern love across racial lines, you might call it.

    Together they unleash a full-blown activity in the name of diversity and politically correct “reappraisal of history” from the point of view of war profiteers and sub-national cultural profiteers. A new four-hour [!] documentary epic is already waiting in the pipeline for its greedy consumers.

    For the sake of honesty, however, it must be said that the American Steve also had a certain weakness for “exotic” women, even if not in this extremely transcontinental form.

    Kevin Costner says he would have liked to collaborate with Steve. Mr. Kostner, who likes to spend time on Sylt, is married to a German and had a German father, but does not understand German. A remarkable achievement!

    At least the now-time German may trust again that a few of his real (certified) Dutch kind comrades do not undertake an attempt of the division and denigration. But who will still care about such matters in 50 years in the then completely diversified Europe? At least our enlightened clientele already knows it “dead sure”: nobody.

    “Diversity” is the most important topic of our times, not only in the racial but also in the sexual sense, as we all, painfully tortured, tormented and maltreated, have it drummed into our brains every day with increasing frequency.

    Category “LGBT-related suicides”

  5. Amalric de Droevig
    Amalric de Droevig says:

    Umm… someone should tell Colton Moore that the DA is not a “judicial officer”.
    Prosecutors are part of the executive branch. They are cops basically, law enforcement officers. As such, they are executive officers.
    Not sure how much trust I have in a government official who does not know and understand this.
    This is civics 101.

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