Parting Ways: Jewish Father and his Antifa Brainchild

The hero Cadmus and his wife the goddess Harmonia turned into a snake. Illustration for Ovid’s Metamorphoses 1619.

The Israeli invasion of Gaza is yet another proof that history knows no end and that the line between friend and foe always needs to be redrawn anew. Following the Israeli incursion in Gaza, not only the founding year of the state of Israel needs to be reexamined but the whole post-World War II antifascist narrative is in need of historical reassessment. The wise proverb “beware of what you wish for” now befits countless Jewish opinion makers and their Gentile left-leaning fellow travelers forced into an embarrassing process of disavowing their Antifa-BLM-multikulti-SJW brainchildren. The war in Gaza has finally announced the predictable albeit long-awaited demise of the Left with the Jews becoming time and again the first victims of their own ideological concoction. All over Europe and America, let alone in the Muslim world, there is a growing, often irrational hatred of Israel and, by proxy, hatred of all Jews. In his archetypical Jewish angst-inspired piece, Alan Dershowitz summarizes that “[n]o self-respecting Jew should give a penny to any organization that has turned against Israel and supported Hamas.” While slamming antifa and leftist pro-Palestinian activists staging anti-Israel demonstrations in the US and EU, Dershowitz forgets to add that in the past his criticism of the Left never featured on his list of judicial ire. And with reason. Over the last century the Left and its multicolored antifa activists have served as a battering ram for the Jews; now, the Left is becoming their mortal enemy.

Panic mode is also setting in across the chancelleries in the EU. This is particularly true for the German post-World War II guilt-ridden penitence-prone governments ceaselessly reiterating, year after year, decade after decade, 24/7 that “Israel’s security is Germany’s raison d’état” (Israels Sicherheit ist deutsche Staatsräson). How can, therefore, the German ruling class endear itself to millions of non-European, mostly Muslim newcomers and at the same time punish them for shouting anti-Jewish or anti-Israel slogans against the foremost military power in the Middle East? Millions of second-generation Muslim migrants, along with domestic leftist militants, after having been pampered for decades by the US/EU System, are now openly taunting the System and its super-ego: the State of Israel. What comes to mind is the allegory of the broom in the poem The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Wolfgang J. Goethe. The magic broom was originally designed by the Master Blaster to keep away all the evils of the world. Alas, the broom, if overindulged, sparks hubris or chutzpah in its user, putting his own life in grave danger.

Can I never, Broom, appease you? / I will seize you / Hold and whack you/
And your ancient wood / I’ll sever / With a whetted axe I’ll crack you.

When staging protests against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, leftist sorcerers’ apprentices abide unknowingly by the canons of their early Jewish antifascist sponsors. They like to regurgitate words “racists,” “Nazis,” “fascists” against Israel and Jewish organizations throughout the world, forgetting that those words were first launched by the Frankfurt School, and relaundered after World War II by the ADL, SPLC, the French CRIF and the German AAS into demonizing labels designed for individuals critical of the Jewish role in the US and Europe.

There are thousands of books and titles that examine in detail Jewish socio-political behavior, focusing on proverbial Jewish hubris and how it affects Jewish politicians and academics in their overreach, causing time and again unnecessary disaster for their own physical survival. TOO has extensively covered this never-ending topic, even by retrieving and translating sources that were banned or removed from university libraries following World War II.

The Ancients viewed hubris as an affront to the gods, with the worst crime committed by the hero when he transgresses the natural order. Western literature is replete with figures of gods, mortals and demi-gods whose disobedience of the natural order resulted in their eternal punishment, or their transformation into non-human species, such as plants or wild beasts, as was well described by the Latin poet Ovid in his long poem The Metamorphoses. The chained Prometheus is first on the list of shame after having derided Zeus’ commandments, although there are thousands more real and surreal mythical figures such as Tantalus or Sisyphus who tried to upstage Zeus by literally biting off more than they could chew. Accordingly, they had to pay a very heavy price for their arrogance. One must also add Apollo, the prime European god of physical beauty and cultured manliness, whose uncontrolled sexual appetite for the fleeing nymph Daphne resulted in his becoming a laurel tree.

Verus Israel vs. viral Gentiles

On a secular and political level each politician, either consciously or more often subconsciously, strives to become the master of the universe, especially if Fortuna, the goddess of sheer luck, favors his ambitions for an extended stretch of time. But the goddess Fortuna can backfire and morph into the goddess Nemesis. There is a vast literature on how Jews, with their history of self-appointed choseness, have unavoidably created enemies in practically every corner of the world. Their drive to overreach themselves in their effort to change the world has always yielded opposite and ugly results.

But why blame the Jews for their chutzpah if millions of Christians worldwide strive to “outjew” the Jews by claiming to be the only verus [true] Israel ? A case in point are American Christian Zionists, who claim to be the only true successors to Jews, although Christians in Europe are not lagging much behind with their pro-Jewish adulation. In a more contemporary military context, why criticize the Israeli Defense Force for bombing Gaza while leaving out their Gentile Double in the US who fully endorses and weaponizes Israeli ambitions in the region? One could draw a parallel with the World War II Western Allied firebombing of Germany, an analogy that may come in handy for many conservative crypto-antisemites as well as a multitude of antifa virtue signalers feigning sympathy for the Palestinians. In hindsight, the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza seems to be minor childplay when compared to the inferno German civilians went through during Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s “moral bombing” campaigns from 1940–45. The current Israeli government is merely following the Allied World War II script.

It remains a mystery that so many gentiles have always been fervent supporters of Jewish dialectics, from Moses to Marx. More shocking is the fact that many high-IQ White intellectuals, professors and academics were enamored for a good part of the twentieth century with a Jewish-inspired Freudo-Marxian mystique — only to ditch it relatively recently as a redundant and silly doctrine, replacing it with the equally destructive political theology of liberalism. It is equally incomprehensible that out of hundreds of different cults and sects in first-century pagan Rome, Gentiles accepted the teachings of a small and obscure desert people. Worse still has been the self-destructive nature of Jewish world-improving egalitarian proto-communist doctrines — not just for non-Jews but also for the Jews themselves. The Jews gave birth to Christians, — the “Bolshevism of Antiquity” — only to experience persecutions soon thereafter by the very same Christians. One of the first measures of the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine was to declare Jews a dangerous sect, “secta nefaria,” with imperial and papal successors subsequently enacting a variety of anti-Jewish laws. Two millennia later, Jews played a disproportionate role in the Bolshevik movement — only to become its first victims. Practically all high-level communist officials were of Jewish origin, especially among the upper ranks of the early Soviet terror machine. Dora Kaplan, Grigory Zinoviev, Genrikh Yagoda, Leon Trotsky, Lev Kamenev and thousands other Bolsheviks of Jewish extraction, were executed by their own comrades.

That good can metastasize into evil —but also the other way around — is further shown by the examples of Jews who turned from being ardent Marxists and communist sympathizers into the best theoreticians of anticommunism. Some of the finest books critical of communist totalitarianism and the warped mindset of the “Soviet man” (Homo sovieticus) were written by former Jewish communists or Jewish academics, as well as hidden sympathizers of the Bolshevik revolution (Jacob Talmon, Boris Souvarine, Arthur Koestler, Mikhail Heller, Aleksandr Nekrich, Alain Besançon). It suffices to say that during the last years of the Cold War, the prominent US neoconservative magazine Commentary, run by the American Jew Norman Podhoretz, carried very good pieces on the communist pathology.

Along the primordial lines of Ovidian opportunistic metamorphoses, it is to be expected that in the months to come, many Jewish opinion makers in the US and EU will turn into ardent critics of their leftist-antifa brainchildren. Criticism of non-European, mostly Muslim mass migrations to Europe, along with open public disapproval of the leftist woke palaver on “diversity,” “inclusion,” equity, and multiculturalism will soon become a welcomed item in public discourse, no longer subjected to punitive legal harassment. The aftermath of the Israeli military engagement in Gaza will likely provoke uncontrolled rage among 50 million EU and Balkan Muslims, thus providing a solid pool for a multitude of Islamic terrorist attacks all over European capitals. The end result will come as a golden gift for the Israelis and many EU-based Jews, helping them smooth over and neuter a bad press that Israel and Jews have been getting lately. The anti-Muslim drive will be gladly swallowed by many White nationalists, who will finally be able to openly vent their antiimmigration sentiments by cloaking them under their ersatz pro-Israeli identity. Self-declared conservative politicians  adulated by rightwing and nationalist figures in the US and EU, such as Donald Trump, his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, along with their big-time fans and sidekicks in France, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, are already taking the pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim lead.

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  1. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Nick Griffin needs to comment on this article. It’s a very good article. He is really the one person who could explain the political situation in Europe. He’s talked about it before, regarding money, media, and Jews. He doesn’t blame Jews for everything either.

    Jews in the US complained about capitalism when they first arrived, but they liked liberalism once they got rich here.

    Many Jews, today, are legitimately opposed to the Neocons and, somewhat separately, to Zionism. There are sincere, good Jewish activists who are not [knowingly] controlled opposition. I say that not for PC but for understanding. If they could be promoted over the Neocons… People tend to believe in ideologies that serve them, without realising it. So, these “good” Jews still want open borders, most of them. Stephen Miller wants closed borders, but I suspect he’s a closet Zionist just because I would be if him.

    Dr. Francis wrote that the managerial elite might could manage to control Muslims. I’d have to look up his wording, it’s been over a decade; but I know his meaning, that the elite is very capable and would try.

    Euro nationalists who just want to be cucked by non-Muslim immigrants, rather than Muslim, should be mocked. These “nationalists” just want what Saga warned against in “Ode to a Dying People:” “apathy and suicidal bliss… Dying a slow death with insane mirth.”

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Tom *..tomislav*Sunic is riveting erudite,brilliant and relentless in recombining awareness of past present and to a certain definite extent,the futurity of consequences of extreme jewish cultural -political malfeasance , their gentrified irrational megalomania s,identarianism,and solipsism. Tom is always a great read.Throughout history jews have revised history, consistently obliterated objective facts..imposing truly bizarre revisionism from the false jewish lens. Also correctly called the false jewish Narrative…,really ,such a narrative absoutlely exists. .One minor point,..the original tribes were not called “jews” in today s whitewashed–jew-washed?-irrational hatred of Jews?..confused identities or not, …more likely the other point–Jews are the chosen peoole to show thev world What Not To Do*. ..just firmly reject .erroneous brainwashed evangelical zograt bias leading parlance.Separately, we point to that boom and bust cycle evident, where “jews” over and over,systematically,..after the hideous example of pharisees of the New Testament era , debt slaved and always betrayed monarchs..,creating hyper inflation that only benefited them, and currency destruction…eg…the coin clipping in Rome is a consequence of greed leading to theft,inflation,hyper inflation and cultural anarchy collapse…Is there now a hidden history of the Jews and Julious Ceasar?The jews and caligula?..Nero?.The jews and the Goths?
    …we know pontious pilate was fed up with them. In any case hyper inflating a currency works like a great white sharks bite only slower ..incrementally decimating stability ,normatively part of eroding and ending one cycle of a nations reality and history , devastating, in short but progressive degenerative increments..,the functionality of many vital classical functions of a nation state. No doubt about it ,the jewish networked superbanksters, superpredator,superparasites are proudly culpable…they know what their doing, ..that as currency is progressively devalued “”they “profit by asset stripping in a faster time window of opportunity than the citizens,..shortselling with malicious foreknowledge…avaricial cupidity…. leading to massive hyperinflationary reduction in purchasing power . destructive ..colossal a degenerative withering fiscal internal tsunami,…evolving too fast, too late ,for the public to grasp or manage-…money becomes worthless-,making the ” tribe s”theft,their priorities, macchinations guaranteed.. in effect,wiping out most non jewish history in resultant carnage.
    By deflating a currency as yellin the old crony communist
    yiddish speaking brooklyn jew is doing now by massive money printing ..adding gigantic unpayable interest, systematic auto destruction occurs. Concurrently the barbarians brought in by jews are again at the door,as happened at least 110 times before in europe. causing revolutionary angst, jew micromanaged apocalypse.
    … …expropriated fiatpetrodollars always seem to wind up in jerusalem and tel aviv .. usually laundered by BIS,..deutch bank,credit lyonaise..,jp morgan chase,soc gen,etc We dont have to prove this,the tribe has to disprove this. .The Jews who micromanage the hateful E.U. are micromanaging the scam.The leaders of the E.U.-.. the Jew-U,….like america ..jewmerica?… wef-blackrock Jews-many are openly globohomosexual jews. by the way…””.are americans now and forever forbidden to talk about openly globohomosexual jews?….””.While Jews ultimately may have no future in america..arnd at the end of the day..shall Be A People That Shall Dwell Alone-…-.facts like death .global jew funded abortion hyperinflation ,..and taxes dont care about politically correct feelings. We always appreciate great writers who illustrate the firebombing of Dresden.We are still horrified by Jews who ,to this day,seek to justify the “”holocaust”..-holodomor”?- “of the firebombing of Dresden”” We think that..intellectually Tom Sunic makes e.micharel jones, –literally idiotically wrong when it comes to race– the anti 2 A authoritarian catholicizer,..look like arnold the turtle…..we realize there is no dearth of fine writers and fabulous commenters on TOO,.. no competitiin here,..,-but we are intellectuals not academics obsessed with parliamentary rules, procedure ,or sorry- towheaded – often jewish grammar nazis,,and note, many young folks just discovered TOO,..and have very little or no idea about any of this, but feel trapped,frustrated,unrepresented bursting with unanswered questions..,..we strive to be illustrative or..simple , not say too little,..not permit dumbing down oversimplifications,when possible,writing in a direct,avuncular..or almost
    “” conversational -speech sense. Neither are we responsible for google -gulag s spell check dumbing -down…””so the new folks might understand.some truths, that.. for one example, not everyone has the research ,depth,..experience..that Tom Sunic and Prof.K has.. a matter of truth…to be human about this..its hard to type all this on the dumbphone…Millions in america and the world,….in spite of adl-mossad unit 8200 hasbara trolls, now understand and deeply despise obviously jewish and isreali jewish internet censorship.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Excellent article! You wrote “It remains a mystery that so many gentiles have always been fervent supporters of Jewish dialectics, from Moses to Marx. More shocking is the fact that many high-IQ White intellectuals”. Well, I am White/Aryan, and I have a very high IQ. Having said that, the reason for this anomaly is that people do not do Bible research – they simply believe what they read.

    With the exception of the book of Esther (which many Bible scholars do not believe should be in the Bible), the word ‘Jew’ should be correctly translated as ‘Judean’; in other words. someone who lived in the southern province of Judea or was born there.

    The Jews of that day were not from their ancient homeland of Ukraine,

  4. Evangelos Aragiannis
    Evangelos Aragiannis says:

    Dear dr Sunic, it was Daphne who turned into a tree.
    Please, abstain from naming the greek gods as “european”.
    They were greek and only greek in every sense of their being.
    Greek culture was never meant to appeal to the rest of Europe, or any other place in the world for that matter.
    Greek culture is a greek survival “tool” created to serve greek tribal interests.
    People more to the north of Greece have their own gods and heroes to worship and follow.

    • GirlinTexas
      GirlinTexas says:

      Are modern Greeks the same as Ancient Greeks? I don’t see many grey-eyed Greeks these days.

      As a matter of fact, I think the Greek gods/goddesses seem rather like Odin/Thor, et al. Wasn’t Europa spending time with Zeus?

      In any event, I think this whole affair was staged to get the Muslims in European nations stirred up, and thereby cause more chaos everywhere. And, there goes the Useful Idiot Whites, marching/fighting again, on behalf of foreign, Semitic, people, both of whom want to ultimately destroy Edom/Infidels, whilst no one can be bothered to gather and storm the actual invasions occurring at the borders of every European nation. Oh! Who will take in a million Palestinian refugees? It’s a good thing Scotland, England, and Ireland have non-European decision makers in their governments, otherwise they might miss out on hundreds of thousands of new, better, browner, Europeans.

      • Evangelos Aragiannis
        Evangelos Aragiannis says:

        “…Are modern Greeks the same as Ancient Greeks? I don’t see many grey-eyed Greeks these days.

        As a matter of fact, I think the Greek gods/goddesses seem rather like Odin/Thor, et al…”

        Ladies and gents, I present you exhibit nr.1 of why jews rule over America.

        • GirlinTexas
          GirlinTexas says:

          Well, why don’t you explain “Exhibit 1” in greater depth, rather than a quip synonymous with “because I say so!”?

          Make sure to consider famous Greek “Jews” Dario Gabbai, and cousins, Shlomo and Morris Venezia, when explaining to me how modern Greeks are not/were not subject to Jewish machinations and perfidy.

          Here’s a theory – today’s Greeks reflect centuries of amalgamation with North Africans, Turks, Arabs, etc., whilst the Nordics and North/Western Europeans have managed to retain their “Golden” flavor, in appearance and manner, despite world-wide efforts, still ongoing today, to snuff it out, and turn us into modern Greeks.

          Whilst you’re at it, explain to me how Norse Gods bear no similarities, whatsoever, to Greek Gods. I would also assert that Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl appear rather like European deities, who were rather unlike modern Greeks.

          Is Greece a European nation, or not? Did the tribal Greeks borrow/steal anything from the Egyptians?

    • Tom Sunic
      Tom Sunic says:

      It was actually Zeus who helped Daphne dodge Apollon’s sexual embrace, by turning them both into a laurel tree. There is famous sculpture by Bernini projecting the entire scene. Also 1940 by famous German, European, Greek ? (“nazi”) sculptor Arno Breker – who married in 1956 a Greek leady Demetra. Old Romans after the Corinth disaster 146 BC had adopted all Greek gods, albeit giving them different Latin names. So did all European myth lovers later on.
      Wo were ancient Greeks by their race? Tribes only coming from the North? No way. Indo-European Balkan Thracians, Pelasgians, Illyrians, then nearby Phrygians cannot be discounted. Check the famous racial scholar Hans Guenther’s book 1956: Lebensgeschichte des hellenischen Volkes, (Life story of the Hellenic people).
      Parthenon turned into a big mosque during Turkish-Ottoman occupation from 15th to 19th ct.; it might happen again, easily.
      On an allegorical level I happen to identify more with Athens than with Jerusalem; more with Apollo than with the jealous, violent, vindictive Mideastern Overlord Yahve and his secular modern avatars in DC or Brussels.

      • Evangelos Aragiannis
        Evangelos Aragiannis says:

        Over the years, you,sir have been one of my best teachers and sources of inspiration although we have never met.
        I respect your attitudes towards Greece.
        I just wanted to express a doubt over whether greek specific culture could apply to other europeans in general, since it was not created or ever meant to appeal to non-greeks. The alleged universality of the so called “Hellenism” is one of modernity’s (post-renaissance) greatest scams. A cruel and darwinistic nation with its moral base firmly fixated to the pursuit of “ΚΑΛΟΣ” and “ΑΡΕΤΗ”, has been presented to today’s hapless audiences as the progenitor of human rights, equality, lgbtq-ism and the list goes on. The fact that “Hellenism” has been (and still remains) up for grabs for so long, has been catastrophic for us, greeks, just like british english has been wholesomely raped by becoming the lingua franca.
        I view an ethnos’ culture as merely a tool that they use to survive and thrive. And I would think twice to adopt Japanese, Albanian, Aztec, Norse or any other nation’s culture in order for my tribe to survive and thrive as greeks.
        That’s all I meant.
        As Europe gradualy gets rid of ZOG and the 2000 year old “jewish hypnosis” (a Dugin term) fades away, europeans will be left to their own devices to come closer to their roots. And nothing would please me more than to see each of our nations getting back their past and ethnic dignity, begining, first and foremost with paying long due respect to their own metaphysical traditions and their heavily defamated gods and godesses.

      • Mississippi Cracker
        Mississippi Cracker says:

        Only Daphne gets turned into a tree. She prays to her father, the river God, who turns her to her tree to escape Apollo. Sheez, who doesn’t know that?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      We have very little without the Greeks. Lacking a past, we take yours. I would never give up Aristotle, though there was likely some Druid scholar, or Celt anyway, who was his equal… Before the memory of them was lost.

      • Evangelos Aragiannis
        Evangelos Aragiannis says:

        Yes, I can see where you’re coming from.
        The problem stems from the fact that many westerners have tried to ascribe to greeks a whole bunch of falsehoods THEY invented in order to serve various causes.
        First and foremost there is this fabrication that greek culture belongs to everyone.
        Greeks are tribal. We don’t “get” others and others in no way on earth “get” us.
        I have no idea why the West, at some point, got so infatuated with Greece.

  5. Bubba
    Bubba says:

    Americans supported the Zionist Great Replacement of Palestine. Now America is facing the Great Replacement of America by the very same Zionist. Americans supported the Zionist war on terrorism in the Middle East. Now America is facing the war on White Supremacy and domestic terrorism.
    The way things are going in twenty years America will be a Latino nation with an Asian /Jewish elite.
    Jan 6 was the beginning of the American Hamas. Trying to save America from the Neocon Neolib hijacking of America.
    Karma is cruel 😂

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Nationalists are against the wars. Any nationalist who claims otherwise is almost certainly a fraud.

      The US is already Latin. The children are the nation. Whites don’t yet realise how old we are. I’m often surprised, now, when seeing a white child. Mixed children are extremely common. Pregnancies often just happen by mistake. And women will just find a random guy if fearing infertility. They’re told it’d be racist to pick a white father.

      There was actually a debate over the Patriot Act. A blogger actually argued that it would only be used against Muslims. I, of course, argued against the Act.

      What has really changed things is surveillance and social media. Everything we say and do is recorded and uploaded, shared (or faked). Neighbors spy on one another, uploading the gossip. And if they didn’t, their devices would, with AI filtering. I don’t use social media, but many seem obsessed with it, spending all day gossiping.

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Respectfully sorry.. typo..–avaricious cupidity..”.. vis a vis opportunistic megalomaniacal neo turkic jew financial behaviour.s..sam.b.fried..ackman..etc…..*. By the reference to the erudite commenters on TOO…… ..Anyone notice t….rumps verbal explosion in public?Trumpdog said..for every drop of jewish blood shed we will take a bucket of palestinian blood..** So every politician in front of the massmedia is a fanatical isreal firster lunatic?..who would have thought…

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      West and Stein aren’t. There’s probably some Constitution Party candidate. Ramaswamy is actually not so Israel first, or seems not to be. I doubt the Libertarians are worth mentioning.

  7. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    You hit this one out of the park Tom. Thank you so much.

    Kmac on the same subject, also wrote a great piece a few days ago; “Will the Gaza War Threaten Jewish Power in the U.S. and Their Status as Occupying the Moral High Ground?”. Kmac 11/7/23.

    Here is an amazing back and forth between Congressman Matt Gaetz, and two Jews during Judiciary hearings on why every criticism of Israel, globalism, or Jews such as Soros is deemed anti-Semitic. Congress is now having talks on what we talk about here! Listen to the insanity of the Jews try and worm their way out of it. It’s only 5 minutes long.

    Hope springs eternal.

  8. charles 0frey
    charles 0frey says:

    01 At 6, I started studying History literally from the ground up, with my face buried in the ground; hands folded over the back of my head, to prevent being injured by flying debris from Red Army shells, trying to flush out the remnants of the Wehrmacht’s rear guard.

    02 The Reds finally accomplished their goal by setting the entire forest on fire from the air, forcing us to cross the arterial road to Berlin, to the side with no trees. Hours later their first tank columns arrived, preceeded by an expendable US Studebaker truck, guarding the first T-34 tank.

    03 After ’51, in Toronto, I was obliged to become an expert in the history of the fur trade to Europe and to admire the gargantuan wall map, mainly in red, signifying the British Empire: and its glories.

    04 History then became my major in university, followed by graduate work at the UNC, at Chapel Hill, which boasted having one of the top graduate history departments in the country.

    05 Almost as a joke I applied to the University of West Berlin, aiming at a PhD in Eastern European and Russian History. However, the Marxist leaders of the student government managed their disruptions over the next two years to such an extent as to syphon all enjoyment of learning.

    06 Instead, I drifted into exfiltrating DDR students out of East Germany, and guiding US retired teachers through 80 countries, repeatedly. Each hour was worth four hours of lectures by overcharging colleges. My first DDR exfiltration was a classmate at East Berlin’s Humboldt University, of the son and daughter of their Minister of Justice, which made me more informed than the CIA Station Chief in West Berlin. At the oher end of the world, I learned two years before it happened, about the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan.

    07 All of which is my habitually trundling way of telling you, that HISTORIOGRAPHY IS A VENEREALLY DISEASED WHORE.

    08 It’s within your power to ameliorate that fact, simply by clicking on the Unz Review, and to listen most attentively to Ron Unz’s podcast, at the top of his list : ZIONISM, ANTI – SEMITISM, AND RACIALISM. [1hr]. For me, at minimum, 15 % NEW !!!

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