Germany’s AfD: Controlled Opposition

Björn Höcke (AfD, Der Flügel)

Alice Weidel (Chairwoman, AfD)

Each time an aspiring nationalist party scores some parliamentary gains, let alone enters the corridors of power, its followers assume that the System faces imminent death, announcing the dawn of a shining nationalist future. Over the last seventy years, such a self-serving delusion has framed the mindset of countless White nationalist voters in the U.S. and Europe – leading, as a rule, to their constant disappointment. From Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in France (Rassemblement National (RN)) to the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and the Flemish Vlaams Belang, followed by the recently installed post-pseudo fascist Italian government of Giorgia Meloni, or the would-be second term U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump, along with a few lurking Latin American Bolsonaros, such prominent nationalist voices sooner or later lapse into self-caricature. Even if they miraculously manage to scramble to the System’s gates of power, the next day they will piously start reciting Systemspeak homilies.

The reason for this turnaround is understandable. Parliamentary or presidential perks are powerful; the liberal glitz and glamor easily disarm even the most devout White nationalist. Furthermore, it must not be forgotten that since 1945 the System has invested tons of money into erecting firewalls and a multitude of cordons sanitaires in order to prevent an aspiring nationalist party from rocking the post-World War II Liberal Order.

A case in point is the nationalist-conservative party Alternative for Germany, the AfD, which over the last ten years and especially over the last few months has surged as a major contender for a power grab in several federal states. The ruling leftist “Ampel” i.e., “traffic lights coalition,” as well as all E.U. member states, no longer attempt to hide their fear of the AfD contagion spreading to their own front yard. Hence the reason that the System-friendly media outlets are resorting to demonization of the AfD by decorating it with epithets from their plentiful arsenal of fascist labels.

Germany is not just the financial locomotive of the E.U. and its economic powerhouse; it also serves as the main U.S. military and intelligence hub for the entire Eurasian heartland. The System and its proconsuls in Europe, including their sycophantic media outlets stretching from Washington to Berlin and all the way to Tel Aviv, are up in arms over the AfD’s suspected intention to pave a separate way for Germany.

On its domestic front, the AfD is critical of non-European migrants, and it aggressively lobbies for their repatriation to their countries of origin. In its foreign-policy stance, it has shown reluctance regarding Germany’s official sanctions of Russia, and it is also becoming an outspoken critic of Germany’s military assistance to Ukraine. Even prior to the conflict in Ukraine it had earned itself the media nickname of the “Kremlin party.” Given the catastrophic mutual bloodletting between Russians and Germans during the twentieth century, the “pro-Putin” conciliatory move on the part of the AfD hardly comes as a surprise.

The AfD’s success in the October 2023 elections in the federal state of Hesse and in the largest and the richest state of Bavaria is further proof of its growing popularity. Its electoral gains in the state of Hesse account for 18.4 percent of the total vote, while in Bavaria the AfD scored 14.6 percent, which translates into 28 and 32 seats respectively. The meteoric performance of the AfD comes as a shock to the ruling Ampel class, as well as Germany’s overseas supervisor in Washington.

There is little doubt that the issue of feral non-European migration is the prime cause for the spectacular rise of the AfD, although it cannot be assumed to be the only factor. Most of the AfD constituency are fed up with the technical incompetence of the ruling Ampel coalition which has failed to halt rising energy costs or the shrinking pension funds of its ageing population. This is the reason why everybody wants change. AfD’s recent electoral breakthrough in western German states only proves that its success is no longer limited to its traditional strongholds in the formerly Soviet-ruled Communist eastern Germany, such as the state of Thuringia. Short of getting banned or outlawed on the eve of the E.U. elections scheduled for next year — which cannot be ruled out — the AfD will likely double the 78 seats it now has in the Bundestag by 2024–25.

Upon closer look, AfD rank and file members do not look at all like the much-maligned radical right-wing specimens advocating revolution or threatening the German constitutional order, as is often suggested by the mainstream media. Its overall agenda is basically just an updated carbon copy of what the still strong German Christian Democrats (CSU, CDU) once stood for. And while the AfD is filling the void of the fossilized “conservative” CDU and CSU, the latter are becoming barely distinguishable from the ruling leftwing Ampel coalition. This is nothing new in the century-long charade known under the fancy name of “liberal parliamentary democracy.” One is reminded of the prominent antiliberal scholar Robert Michels and his classic depiction of the inherent corruption of the multiparty democratic parliamentary system.[1]

More to the point and less of a scholarly venue is the former bestseller by the late François-Bernard Huyghe, published three decades ago. In his semi-satirical work, he uncovers faked hostility between the parliamentary Left vs. Right. Accordingly, the Christian conservative declares: “Madame la Marquise I like your cute butt.” To that, the leftist Social Democrat responds with the same sentence, albeit by inverting its syntax: “Your cute butt I like Madame la Marquise.”[2] The more things change in the Liberal System the more they must stay the same — as witnessed in key swing states during the mysterious ballot counting after the November 2020 U.S. election.

Likewise, if it wants to survive in the high-tech surveillance state of Germany, the AfD must follow the System’s canons. In Germany’s political landscape, this means that it must strictly abide by the official self-censoring narrative and in addition perform ritual pilgrimages to Israel. An important figure in the AfD, the old timer and now AfD honorary chairman Alexander Gauland reiterated shortly after the Hamas attack on October 7, followed by the Israeli bombing of the Gaza strip: “When we stand with Israel, we also defend our way of life.”[3] His recent backpedaling into the Jewish orbit is hardly going to exonerate him in the eyes of the Jews in view of his earlier words regarding the National-Socialist past. Several years ago, he said that “the Nazis were just a minor chickenshit in the otherwise successful history of Germany.”[4]

The Empress’ New Clothes

What Medjugorje, Fatima or Lourdes means for the Catholic faithful, Yad Vashem operates now as an obligatory place of pilgrimage for the Western political class, and especially for German presidential hopefuls. No matter the size and number of German philo-Semitic genuflections, the Central Council of Jews in Germany remains reluctant to embrace AfD’s advances. In fact, following the Hamas October 7, 2023 raid on an Israeli kibbutz near the Gaza strip, the Israeli government and its mouthpiece in Germany declared the AfD, a party that provides a political home to right-wing extremists and anti-Jewish sentiments and which has sought to trivialize Germany’s Nazi past and the Holocaust.”[5]

Consequently, in order to stay alive, the AfD needs to constantly provide evidence that it does follow the System’s rules. One of the most powerful figures in the AfD, chairwoman Alice Weidel, has learned this body-language mimicry well; she dresses up in the empress’s new clothes in an effort to deflect potential detractors. A tall, attractive, and soft-spoken woman of Nordic phenotype, Weidel is a picture-perfect modern conservative model, perfectly matching the image of a traditional Aryan female that can be spotted  in  Sepp Hilz paintings or Arno Breker sculptures. With her carefully administered mascara and her dark pastel attire she projects herself as the role model for White urban middle-class German women. Her game change is aired not just on one conservative frequency but on all political wavelengths and for all lifestyles. As a self-declared lesbian living with a Sri Lankan actress, she has managed to triple-shield herself from potential threats from powerful German antifas, LGBTQ+ loud-mouths, and diverse multicultural-multicolored virtue signalers. With her measured telegenic diction, she never postures like some West Coast drag queen, nor does she ever pose like a seasoned Berlin dyke on a bike. Despite her unorthodox sexual lifestyle, she knows how to put up her conservative physiognomy up for sale, with her outward persona displaying signs of traditional Frömmigkeit, i.e., German motherly devoutness. How that squares up with her female constituency remains to be seen in the months to come.

The most interesting and intriguing figure in the AfD is  Björn Höcke and his faction the Fluegel, i.e., the Wing, enjoying  a great deal of popularity, particularly among educated hard-core German nationalists and especially among young supporters of the now terminated NPD. Needless to say, the German spy agencies, euphemistically called as “agencies for the protection of the constitution,” watch every move Höcke makes and every step he takes.

Björn Höcke (AfD, Der Flügel)

Understanding the AfD means first and foremost understanding high German culture and its intricate and tortuous history. Having lost twenty percent of its pre-World War II population (more than 10 million civilians and soldiers) by 1950 as a result of Western and Eastern  Allied  serial  large-scale massacres, firebombing, expulsions and captivity, and having been subjected  over 75 years to incessant  brainwashing by American, largely Jewish born  educators, one cannot expect miracles  in the German political scene.[6] History, however, is always open and with serious new tremors happening now in Europe and the Middle East one might see some changes, not just in Germany but also in the entire West. Unless one accepts, but also believes in mysterious, multi-meaning, multi-god last words of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, “Only a God Can Save Us.”[7]


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[2] François-Bernard Huyghe, La Soft-Idéologie  (Paris: R. Laffont, 1987).

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[4]    „Gauland: Hitler nur „Vogelschiss“ in deutscher Geschichte“ in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 2, 2018.

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[7] Martin Heidegger in interview, “Nur noch ein Gott kann uns retten,” Der Spiegel, May 31, 1976.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    That’s exactly how it is. Anyone who tries to erode the system from within will be eaten by the system. And since there are no other serious “alternatives” available (anymore), national-minded people will bite the bullet and vote for them.

    One wonders how these people are still able to reconcile the inner tensions resulting from their mental contortions (“knee bends”) with their concerns. What they have to put up with and endure. Who wants to be branded as the devil?

    On the other hand, it commands a certain respect not to have given up long ago and to have packed their suitcases for internal migration, but the devastating “national” conditions no longer allow for giving up.

  2. Gene
    Gene says:

    Then today I find out this Milei character has a Rabbi as a teacher and has professed to wanting to convert to Judaism. Oh my, the powerful elixir of hope and change.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I was totally surprised. He labels all “collectivists” as “leftists.” He uses ideology (ancap) as religion just as the Bolsheviks used ideology as religion.

      Meanwhile, his religion is group oriented.

      A world of individuals is a world of slaves. But maybe he’ll be good.

  3. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    A superb analysis uncovering so many stones and accurately reporting on a real Germany. Thank you Sir! Very glad to see this report in particular, have missed the frequency of your work here and that of Dr. Joyce, et al.

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Splendid and timely assessment: Danke schoen !

    02 Your partial title ” Controlled Opposition “, raised hopes of references to the media-reported attempts of individual Jews and groups of them joining the AfD; under a number of pretexts. [ I recall video clips of ca five years ago, depicting such encounters and demands ].

    03 Via this comment section, could you please add a few words on that sub-topic !!!???

    Thanks and best of luck in the future.

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    Too has a spectacular level of post scientific styed objectification,many stentorian commenters and non pareil article analysis.We point now to new young folk in their classic generational quandaries of ..”why are any talmudic bolshevist monopoly controls,after so much exposure ,still allowed?..what to do about it now? 1 dont be overwhelmed by the superlative levels of detail, and literacy in TOO articles .2 Dont give up..,that is..never surrender to jewish brainwashed learned helplessness. Keep reading, continue to inform all sympathetic friends on the unavoidable JQ. 3 Look at Conor Mcgregor on Irelands recent eruptions.4 review the approx.6000 odd years of known scholarship on what is currently called imposed monopoly jewish ,and isreali -supremacist malfeasance.It wouldnt hurt to look at John Chrysostom.” and rothschild…note that many intelligent folk call elon musk,the closet-jew-transhumanist, a grifter , a waffler on both sides of a million issues, is firmly in the iron grip of the Jews.. many .call muskrat a baphomet,others see him as a controlled opposition jew tool or a garden variety made -man,.. no question the “” tesla “ is an excellent depopulation tool for jewish big brother government” muskrat a luciferian commercial leftwingnut utopianist delusionary. or not?….bottom line is muskrat works under the thumb of JEWS. Afd is sadly also a combination of many euro-trash leftist causes,all erudite folk know Afd ,without a new revolution,..without a ,new non zog
    government in germany,..afd will never be permitted to make any substantive change.Young readers..take your pick .. after discussing the quasi universal derision on
    satanyahoo……bernie madoff, isreali-american bernie sanders,sam altman or sam.b.fried……fried calls himself “souless”.! .all jews..all malefsctors…good start for intelligent discussion .”

  6. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Whites currently have faith in democracy. So, we’re destroyed for it. Darwinism.

    An enduring state would have an elite that is resistant to external (external to the state) influence.

  7. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    I think the conditions in western nations today, certainly in Germany, speak to the extreme bravery of Hitler and NS Germany. Hitler pulled no punches; I can’t think of a single politician since who was ever so bold. Of course, organized Jewry is a formidable, unseen, unrecognized, opponent in the public sphere, but surely prominent figures in government/media are aware of the danger of declaring war, actually or figuratively, against Jewry and their fruits – third world immigration, diversity/equity in education, aggressive feminism, over-vaccination, wars in the Middle East, wars in Europe……the rise of the GeorgeFloyd People, who were recently discovered to have been responsible for the construction of Stone Henge.

    It seems impossible that one group is capable of so much damage/misery, and frankly, it takes years of study to understand how it happens. I tell people who think I’m ridiculous to start with the Big Lie – the Holocaust – work backwards from there, then forward from wherever you land wherein you ultimately realize, yes, they are capable, and they have been wreaking havoc for centuries.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Contemplate the great number of msm pundits deluging us daily with what ails society, to the point of forecast dissolution.

      02 Then be forced to determine, that they can’t afford to know who swings the hammer and the refurbished sickle.

  8. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    I thought of one…Jim Traficant. He was sent to prison, then found himself under his own tractor for his efforts…

  9. Karlfried Cost
    Karlfried Cost says:

    I am German and I live in Germany. I am 67 years old. The words of Tom Sunic describe the situation in Germany exactly. How can we survive these ongoing things?
    We need a clear plan for our life and we must got forward the straight way.
    We must dismiss everything that is not helping for our fate. We must not be distracted from the will to survive. We must reduce everything to the point: Is this helping us or is this killing us.

    One might ask: What about the fine and easy things in life? What about relaxing, what about holidays, journeys, what about the large majority of people, who never will take any action (in German: “Mitläufer”)?

    There are two a simple answers towards this: We can do both. Enjoying life and fighting for life and watching the environment for deadly happenings. Look at the hares: they enjoy life, they are picking gras and eating and feel well, and after a short time, often less than a minute, they stop, are quiet und hear around for dangers. The ears of the hare are made especially for this action. So the individuum takes 10% of its lifetime for danger watching, and that helps for survival.

    The other answer: We do not need 51% of the population going with us. 10% is enough. 85% are bystanders anyhow, they cannot be activated and on the other hand, they do not actively harm. Those who willingly bring the world to hell are much less than 0,1% of world population.
    Europe alone has 50 countries and 700 million people. They can move slowly and with little steps, but they will go to the road of survival as family, folk, and race.

    • GirlinTexas
      GirlinTexas says:

      Karlfried, I keep up, or try to, with things in Germany. I’m an ethnic German from my maternal side; 1/2 Dutch from my paternal side, so I consider myself 3/4 German – Texas has many German-founded cites, which still to this day, are some of the best places in Texas.

      Germany always seems to rise despite the overt attempts to annihilate the breed in the 20th century, so now it’s a slow-kill by historical lies and third-world infestation. I saw video footage wherein Frau Merkel grabbed a German flag from an official, in Germany, and tossed it off to the ground with great disdain…..what treason! It astounds me that this conduct was not offensive to every German. Off to the Gulag with Merkel, in my opinion, and if I was in charge of Germany, that’s where I’d send her, happily, for what she’s done.

      I do sometimes wonder if the Right/Nationalists do attempt to appear neutral on the JQ for the sake of gaining prominence (or staying alive), but that ultimately confuses everyone. I will keep my fingers crossed in America for a revival of German culture and fortitude.

      Heil Germania!

  10. Martin Webster
    Martin Webster says:

    I have just had an email from a German friend. He writes:

    “There is much talk of so-called ‘Controlled Opposition’ regarding the AfD.
    “Truth is, there are still many system scumbags, but the majority is good. Björn Höcke (Thuringia) is fantastic. They are taking him to court in order to get rid of him.
    “Alice Weidel is excellent, and she knows how the system works, she was with Goldman-Sachs.

    “The system tries hard to ban the party. Let’s see whether they succeed, looks good for them, unfortunately.

    “The AfD is the only semi-nationalist party in Europe. The youth section (which is more or less openly NS) refused to declare solidarity with Israel. Only the old scumbag Alexander Gauland did (ex CDU), but he has no voice anymore, he is has no influence any more.
    “I am a bit worried that the party will be banned …”

  11. Adam Gryph
    Adam Gryph says:

    We are all Palestinian now! Zionists have been testing their Zio-fascist world order on innocent Palestinians, true semites who the IDF are trying to decimate hoping to kill the risen Christ who is among them now. Palestinian apartheid is a model for all gentile states with ZOG regimes and converts in power. The synagogue of Satan ruled by German Ashkenazi and Ukrainian-originating phoney Jews is going into overdrive to take over everything to create a prison of nations( mind and body). Real semitic Jews are opposed to this.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I don’t believe they want nations. They want one global state ruled by Jews. There wouldn’t be any other ethnicity, just Jews and the masses who would likely be genetically engineered and viewed as soulless.

      The only thing that can resist such an outcome is group ties serving elites that cannot be influenced from the outside. Jews have Cohens and various sects and groups, crypto Jews, the Talmud, crazy mythology, etc. And they believe as a point of faith in destroying such works of others.

      Russia has an elite. India has an elite. China has an elite. Syria, NK, Iran, Vietnam. But whites don’t have an elite. We don’t exist.

      Whites could exist again if redeveloping these things, though not exactly as the Jews have. The posters here are old. They don’t realise how young whites think: Most don’t even view themselves as white. They don’t see sex as for reproduction. It’s just recreation. Whites don’t exist under such customs. We don’t even exist. We’re but a potential resource, a seed that could grow.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      To clarify my unapproved comment (assuming it’s approved), Russians are white, but Russia (the state) isn’t exclusively white. It appears to have a confused identity. And its elite appears vulnerable to external influence.

  12. Charles
    Charles says:

    Sunic is wrong.What are German nationalists to do–sit at home and complain while reading his esoteric ramblings.The German State disagrees with Sunic,as they are on the verge of outlawing the AFD,as a threat to German democracy.AFD members have their phones wiretapped,are roundly denounced,physically attacked and denied employment in the public sector.They put their butts on the line.What does Sunic do?Attend small carefully screened yearly meetups of like minded individuals and write books read by a few hundred.The AFD is a group of courageous individuals who brave violent attacks to take a strong stand against the radical demographic and social changes taking place in Germany.Every patriotic German should support and join the AFD.They fight,Sunic offers nothing.

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