A Two State Solution — For Us

Races, like individuals, have interests. Some of those interests are of major importance whereas others are of minor or even trivial importance. The most important interest of all is continued existence, which includes the conditions required for continued existence, which can be properly referred to as existential interests, those necessary for continued life. The next most important interest, for a race as for an individual, is control of its own existence, which is properly described and defined by such terms as freedom, liberty, independence, self-rule and sovereignty.

For races, the condition required for both their continued existence and their control of their own existence is separation and independence from other nations and races. In multiracial conditions, where different races exist in close proximity over enough time, they intermix so that one or more of the different races are genetically submerged into a new blended population and cease to exist. Also, so long as the population remains multiracial the different ethno-racial groups typically have opposing and competing interests. Most importantly, in the current situation, the European populations, whether in their new homelands in North America and Australia or their ancient homelands in Europe, have an existential interest in separation, which means keeping their countries monoracially European. The interests of the non-Europeans in the historically European countries are the exact opposite. They are based on multiracialism and racial integration, thereby justifying, securing and promoting their increasing presence and power, and denying Europeans their existential interest in the separation necessary for their continued existence.

It should be noted that these conflicting racial group interests are not equivalent. The European interests involved are existential, as separation is required both for their continued existence and control of their own existence. The non-European interests involved are not existential as they can continue to exist, and control their own existence, in countries of their own, separate from Europeans as they normally have in the past, which can be regarded as the natural order. Rather than existential, their interests here are racially invasive and a violation of the natural order — an interest in dispossessing and replacing the historical European populations in their homelands.

A major difference between Europeans and non-Europeans in this situation is that the non-Europeans tend to be well aware of what their interests are, whether at a conscious or sub-conscious level, and asserting them with a great vigor and intense subjectivity that has no regard for the adverse effects on the existential interests of the Europeans.

In contrast to this is the phenomenon of Europeans being opposed to their own race and its interests. Indeed, most Europeans seem to be unaware of having racial interests, or what their racial interests are, and to have little or no identification with, or appreciation of, their race and its existence. Obviously, this renders them very passive and ineffective in the defense of their racial interests, causing them to lose the conflict of competing racial interests by default. To the extent that they do engage in this competition, rather than be seen defending the existential interests of their own race, they are much more likely to be seen promoting the non-existential interests of other racial groups against their own as part of the ruling Anti-White Coalition, an alliance of all those who promote the causes of European racial dispossession, replacement and destruction — e.g., multiracialism, non-White immigration and racial intermixture — consistent with the larger program of global homogenization or “globohomo.” Their stance can be regarded as either anti-White or pro-non-White, i.e., as benefitting the non-European races, but either way their stance is blind to the existential interests of their own race while intensely focused on the non-existential interests of the other races, in conformance with the dominant culture. Although the present course leads to their racial oblivion, they are almost universally unaware of any alternative course or choice.

Every racial population has its own unique “gene pool” which contains all the genes in the population. This gene pool is the source of the race from which all members of the race receive their genetic traits. The genes that exist in that pool, their proportions and distribution, combination and recombination, provide the genes for a racial population and all its individual members. All the Europeans who exist today and in the past were the product of a certain gene pool, and without that gene pool they could not exist and could not have existed. All Europeans came from a European gene pool, and if they have children, their genes will return into that pool. If they don’t have children, their genes will continue to exist so long as the gene pool they came from exists, and continues to make people like them. As long as the European gene pools continue to exist in the form of in-breeding populations there will continue to be individuals of the particular European populations and of the European racial group in general. But if these gene pools are destroyed then such people, and their works, will be seen no more. The works of Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Shakespeare, Newton, Bach, Beethoven, Hugo, Tolstoy, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, etc., ad infinitum would not have existed without them, and they in turn would not have existed without the particular gene pools that contained and provided the genetic material, the stuff of life, they were made from.

Multiracialism, by destroying racial gene pools through intermixture, is the destroyer of races, an engine of racial destruction. Those who accept, support or promote multiracialism, in whatever degree and whether knowingly or unknowingly, are accepting European racial destruction. Awareness of this tends to be low because racial dispossession is not publicized, discussed or acknowledged by the dominant Anti-White Coalition that supports and promotes it, whether in the media, schools, entertainment, churches, political parties or any mainstream social, political or cultural institution. Indeed, the subject is among the most forbidden, and there are both strong inculcated inhibitions and disincentives — social, economic, and in many countries legal — against raising it.

But however much the subject is suppressed, the fact remains that multiracialism destroys a people’s existence as a racial population and also, through the intermixture it promotes, surely alters the gene pool by blending it with the genes of other races, and so destroying the source of racial existence. Thus in the long term a race cannot long exist in multiracial conditions. It must have separation from other races to preserve its gene pool and its own existence. Separation preserves races. Multiracialism destroys them. Or, as Lincoln put it, in his June 26, 1857 speech in Springfield, Illinois: “A separation of the races is the only perfect preventive of amalgamation [i.e., intermixture].”

The Black (sub-Saharan African) population that was brought into U.S. territory before 1808 is the only non-European racial group that did not enter the country of its own free will. All other non-European racial groups who migrated to the U.S., the great majority since the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, did so knowing it was historically, and still at least nominally, a European country. The same is true of the huge and racially invasive migration of non-Europeans into Europe since the Second World War, which is projected to make Europeans in Western and Central Europe minorities in their own ancient homelands before the end of this century, replacing and dispossessing the indigenous European populations and transforming the populations from European to non-European: a non-British Britain without the British, a non-French France without the French, a non-German Germany without the Germans, etc.

However, this situation is ignored, censored, and denied by the dominant anti-White culture, so it can be promoted with minimal awareness and resistance. But it should be obvious that it has created an existential problem for the European peoples, meaning a problem that threatens their continued existence. Indeed, in the United States, Canada and the countries of northwestern Europe, the populations can no longer be accurately described as European, but rather as multiracial, as the Europeans no longer exist at the population level, as racial populations, but rather their racial existence has been reduced to the level of small communities and groupings, families, and sometimes only of individuals. But a race that exists only at the individual level cannot exist for long. The continued existence of a race requires that it exist as an essentially separate in-breeding population with its own particular “gene pool” through which its traits are preserved and passed on generation after generation.

Separation is not only required for the continued existence of a race, it is also required for it to have control of its own existence. As stated at the beginning of this essay, all racial groups have interests, of which the most important is its continued life or existence. The next greatest interest, to which its continued existence is very often connected, and on which its well-being is almost always connected, is control of its own existence. Normally racial groups, and certainly healthy ones, act in accord with their group interests, and especially their most fundamental and vital ones.

In the historically normal state of monoracial existence, this did not result in significant conflict between group interests, but in the increasingly prevalent multiracial conditions in the West, and especially since the Second World War, there has been a proportionate increase in competition between conflicting group interests. The countries most afflicted were White — or in the case of the U.S. at least predominantly White — before the war, but within several decades transitioned into multiracial societies in which only non-White group interests were recognized as legitimate matters of concern, and the only interests promoted and served as the culture became increasingly centered around them. White group interests were dismissed as unimportant, discredited as illegitimate or denied as non-existent, and in no case a proper matter of concern, and so either ignored or condemned. Throughout the formerly White countries of the West the White populations submitted to this abrogation of their fundamental group interests with little effective resistance, and were soon largely converted to beliefs and practices that were diametrically opposed to the interests of their own racial group.

It is natural for all groups to want to be in control of their own existence, in fact to have exclusive power and control of their own existence, and to not share this power and controlwith any other group, i.e., to not allow any other group to have any control over them. This is the optimal condition for their existence and so in their best interests. In fact, it is one of the two main conditions, along with the prevention of intermixture, that is required to secure continued racial existence, and why it is best for races to be separated into independent countries. In a system of true monoracial societies or environments the races in each society enjoy uncontested exclusive control of their own existence. When two or more separate peoples, ethnic groups or races with conflicting interests inhabit the same society or environment there will be a contest or struggle for more power and control, with each group seeking dominance or supremacy to have maximum control of their own existence. This contest is necessarily a zero-sum game. The greater the degree of one group’s power and control the less the degree of power and control possessed by the other groups over their own existence.

Jews and Their Racial Interests

In this matter, until relatively recently, Whites (i.e., Europeans) have based their power and control over their environment, and their existence, on living in environments that were either all White or nearly so, with Whites being such a great majority of the population that their control and interests could hardly be challenged. The Jewish experience of the diaspora has been much the opposite, living as a small minority amid a much larger population whose group interests, most importantly control over the environment in which they both existed, conflicted with their own. The Ashkenazi Jews of Europe, being a semi-European Caucasian people genetically about half European and half Middle Eastern Caucasian, and with strong religious and cultural traditions going back to their Middle Eastern heritage, preserved their existence by seeing and maintaining themselves as a separate people from the much larger European populations that surrounded them, with different, competing, and often conflicting group interests.

Control and security tend to go together, so to gain security the Jews had to adapt their methods of obtaining power and control of their environment to the fact that they were a small minority in that environment. Separation into their own segregated semi-autonomous communities or ghettos solved this problem at the lower level but not at higher levels. Gaining power and control at higher levels despite being a small minority required highly mobilized, organized, coordinated and energetic group effort toward this common goal. These methods, tactics and goals continue today, and it is no secret that Jews have a highly developed, and in fact unrivaled, network of interacting and mutually supporting organizations that promote their interests, including their power and control over the larger society:

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (commonly referred to as The Presidents’ Conference or the CoP) is an American non-profit organization that addresses issues of critical concern to the Jewish community, and the state of Israel in particular. It comprises 51 national Jewish organizations. It was founded to develop a consensus voice among Jewish organizations in dealings with the

The Jewish population as a corporate ethnic entity is the most highly organized and networked ethnic group in the world at both the national and international levels, with hundreds of well-funded and coordinated organizations energetically and aggressively promoting Jewish interests. In every country in which Jews are a minority (i.e., all except Israel) multiracialism is regarded as a core Jewish interest or value and intensely promoted as such, creating a fundamental conflict and adversarial relationship between core Jewish interests and the diametrically opposed vital racial interests of the White population.

To repeat, this matter is necessarily a zero-sum game, and as it is played for the highest stakes, it involves an adversarial and even hostile relationship between the players. The greater the degree of Jewish power and control, the less the degree of White (i.e., European) power and control. In a multiracial society when a racial group has control over its own existence it necessarily also exercises power and control over the existence of the other races in the society. So as Jews (and to a lesser extent other non-Whites) increase their share of power and control there is a corresponding decrease in the White share, as the White population is progressively subjugated to the power and control of other races, with the Jews being historically in the forefront, aligning themselves with the non-White races against the White population and presiding at the core of the Anti-White Coalition. Racial separation and independence is the only way to prevent one racial group from exercising power and control over others, and without them the existence of the White race, dispossessed of power and control, is terminal.

Jews tend to be inculcated with a powerful sense of a collective identity and destiny separate from Europeans and other races which gives them a quasi-instinctive sense of their group interests, which often conflict with the interests of other groups. But that should not be regarded as a fault, as it is true of all healthy ethno-racial groups, albeit Jews seem to possess this ethnocentrism to an exceptional and often hyper-subjective degree. For some time, at least since the Second World War, Whites in general have been an exception to this, leaving them powerless in the group competition. Thus even when Jewish populations are very small minorities in a multiracial society, the level of energy, activism, wealth (providing control of corporations, media, academia and politicians), agitation, argument, propaganda, etc., devoted to promoting their interests is greater than that generated by much larger populations, thus centering the society around them and their interests and enabling them to move the society in the direction of their interests.Since the Second World War, and especially since the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960s, racial nihilism has been the dominant mainstream position on racial relations publicly supported by Whites.

Nihil is Latin for nothing, and so racial nihilism literally means the reduction of race to nothing, rejecting it as a matter of no value or importance or even denying its biological reality, asserting it is merely a “social construct,” although it has not yet been credibly denied that race is genetically determined (i.e., transmitted through the genes of parents and ancestors), and anything determined by genes is biologically real, and thus a genetic and biological, not social, construct. Claims to the contrary are more examples of the gaslighting that is so pervasive in the false narratives of the Anti-White Coalition.

Philosophically and hypothetically, racial nihilism would reduce all races to nothing, with no races or racial diversity, just a global uniform human population without any separate group differences. But in practice, and in practical effect, this suicidal view of race is expected only of the White race. Non-Whites who express support for racial nihilist values almost never apply them to their race, only to other races, and often only to Whites. But the only true racial nihilists are those who have no objection of the reduction of their own race to non-existence, and even welcome and support it.Whites are inculcated with the anti-White culture of racial nihilism to minimize their resistance to their own racial dispossession, the opposite of the positive inculcation experienced by Jews. They are socialized from an early age to reject any racial identification, to view their race and its interests — including its continued existence and control of its own existence — as a matter of no importance, value or concern, and to consider contrary views to be evil and hateful.

This is the essence of the anti-White morality that has been dominant since at least the 1960s. Support for the causes of White replacement and destruction is presented as morally good and motivated by love while opposition to them is seen as morally evil and motivated by hate. Consequently, while other racial groups have advocacy organizations to assert their interests, the White race essentially has none, or at least none that are permitted to present their case in the mainstream media or the main social media platform. The advocacy of White interests, and any alternative to White destruction, is effectively censored and suppressed, and removed from the public square.Racial nihilism is essentially the position advocated by the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960s, and most Whites now not only conform to it but are intolerant of and reject those who do not, or their ancestors who did not. The supposedly most “White-friendly” movements that are still officially tolerated, such as civic nationalism and populism, have no racial basis, support multiracialism, and embrace the teachings, values and results of the Civil Rights revolution — which denies Europeans the condition of separation needed for their continued existence and control of their own existence — as gospel.

Movements such as these are not concerned with the continued existence of the White race. By definition, only a movement based on race, such as racial nationalism or racial populism, would address that issue in any meaningful sense. Both Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, in spite of all the accusations of racial “dog whistling” or supporting White interests (i.e., the actual currently applied definition of “racism”), frequently give public expression of their conformance to the racial nihilist teachings and values of the Civil Rights revolution. But they are still criticized because this is no longer anti-White enough. The Anti-White Coalition has moved beyond the racial nihilist teachings and values of the Civil Rights revolution, in which racial or “color” blindness was the ideal, and has become ever more explicitly anti-White, more strident in its criticism of Whites, and more hostile to White interests as it escalates its advocacy of conflicting non-White interests.

The “Kumbaya” moment heralding the dawning of a “New Age” based on racial nihilism and multiracial harmony, that was promoted following the victory of the Civil Rights revolution, turned out to be just a stage in the progression of anti-Whiteness, which is what the misnamed ideology of “Progressivism” really is. The anti-White animus at the core of that ideology and movement has “progressed” well beyond the teachings of Martin Luther King and the Kumbaya delusion of the 1960s. Now it is much more in line with the explicitly anti-White ideas and spirit of Noel Ignatiev than those associated with MLK Jr. and Kumbaya. By the 1990s Ignatiev’s children had transformed academia with the proliferation of university departments devoted to the teaching of anti-White ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and “Whiteness studies,” of which critic David Horowitz observed, Black studies celebrates blackness, Chicano studies celebrates Chicanos, women’s studies celebrates women, and white studies attacks white people as evil.”

Often times people who come together find that their relationship is not mutually beneficial. However much that is good in the relationship, that which is bad is so harmful, so much greater than the good, to one of the parties, that a separation is needed for that party to fulfill their life, or even to continue their life.

As we have learned from our own historically recent experience, it is often the same with peoples, especially when they come together in the same country where their interests conflict and even existential interests are threatened. There is a scene in the 1956 film The Ten Commandments where Ramesses (played by Yul Brynner) places copper weights on one of the weighing pans of a scale each time an accusation is brought against Moses (played by Charlton Heston). Moses responds to the accusations with a single overriding point, and places a brick that is heavier than all the copper weights on the other weighing pan, causing it to drop to the table.

So it is with our current experience of multiracialism. Most non-Whites are good and productive people, with many doing things of great value and benefit, but all the weights the positives of multiracialism placed on one of the weighing pans of the great scale of White existence are outweighed by the one single brick of the great negative of multiracialism causing our destruction. The same would apply to the interests of the non-White races against separation compared to the interests of Whites for separation, as the White interests are existential and so outweigh the non-White interests which are not.

It is important to provide Whites with an alternative, to show there are other options that would preserve the White race. Unfortunately, many Whites are successfully gaslighted by our adversaries on this point as on so many others, leaving them unable to trust their own mind and disagree with those who are promoting their ruin.

The populations of the European racial group were many thousands of years in the making, yet all that could be undone, and the White race could be unmade, in just a few generations, if the racially destructive process caused by multiracialism is allowed to run its course. Normally, when faced with a choice between preservation and destruction, the default choice is in favor of preservation. Sadly, but I think realistically, I do not expect most non-Whites to make that choice in our favor, as it would require separation which most of them do not consider to be in their interest, which it probably is not. But separation does not threaten their, or anyone’s, existential interests. All races can live and be free separate from other races. This is still the normal state of human existence. It is multiracialism that is the destroyer of races. Separation is the preserver. Still, Whites cannot count on non-Whites for our racial preservation. That choice and task is up to us.

It might help us in making that choice if, rather than taking a leap into the dark, we had a good idea of what an alternative to multiracialism would be, preferably something that can be visualized and clearly delineates both physical and racial boundaries. But first it should be considered that the difficulties of the task involved with separation have grown enormously since the 1960s as the non-White population has grown from about 38.4 million or 19 percent of the 203.2 million total in the 1970 census to about 144.4 million or 43.6 percent of the 331.45 million total in the 2020 census, and this number may have grown by another 10 million or more during the unrestrained illegal immigration of the first three years of the Biden administration. It is often said that every generation blames the previous one for the problems they have inherited. So it could be with the problem of multiracialism from the first importation of Black (i.e., sub-Saharan African) slaves in 1619, to the Civil War and the Reconstruction, to the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960s, to the huge expansion of the non-White population through immigration, to our present terminal situation, with every generation seeing the problem worsen, so that a preservationist solution becomes more difficult. With this problem, we today are the do-nothing (so far) heirs of many generations of do-nothing ancestors, and if we continue to do nothing a possible solution might be removed beyond our grasp and the doomed generations of the future will blame us most of all.

I can still remember my reaction to reading a section of essays on the race question in the November 18, 1963 edition of U.S. News & World Report. The section was entitled “Intermarriage and the Race Problem — As Leading Authorities See It.” Among these “authorities” were such notorious champions of racial intermixture as Ernest van den Haag, Gunnar Myrdal and the ubiquitous Boas disciple Margaret Mead. It seemed to me that their common purpose was to lessen White opposition to the impending Civil Rights revolution with soothing assurances that racial integration would not noticeably increase racial intermixture. Even at the age of fourteen I knew this was false and that these supposed “authorities” were actually either ignorant or were engaging in the form of lying we now call “gaslighting” to mislead the readership. The same could be said for the Kennedy brothers who a couple years later testified before Congress that the proposed Immigration Reform Act would not change the racial balance of the country. As the problems become ever greater, so the falsehoods and gaslighting have ever increased to lessen opposition. Just four years after the publication of the U.S. News & World Report edition, its gaslighting was revealed for what it was by the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, released after the legislative victory of the Civil Rights revolution. After this “progress” of racial nihilism the message in the media Kool-Aid regarding increased intermixture changed from “It’s not something that’s going to happen,” to “It is happening and it’s not something any moral person should be concerned about or object to.” The objections to intermixture that were addressed — however deceptively — as morally respectable and legitimate concerns in 1963 were by 1967 portrayed and categorized as morally reprehensible and worthy only of censure.

Assuming we choose the alternative of racial preservation over the racial destruction and oblivion that will come from multiracialism, the task before us would be a geographic (i.e., physical) and political separation of the European and non-European racial groupings. To address that task and purpose I offer the proposal below.

A Proposal for Racial Separation

In this proposal there would be a partition into two major racial states or nations, one exclusively for those who are racially, genetically and phenotypically European (White), which is here identified as White, and the other would be for those who are racially non-European, but including Europeans who have non-European spouses, children or grandchildren who choose to live in the non-European country with them. It would also include any other Europeans who choose to live there dependent on the approval of the non-European state’s government. A separate autonomous nation reserved for indigenous Amerindians would be associated with the multiracial non-European nation, with Amerindians being free to live in either one. The physical boundary between the two states starting in the east would run from the Gulf of Mexico along the Atchafalaya, Mississippi and Arkansas rivers, and from there westward by the southern state lines of Kansas, Colorado and Utah, and the northern county lines of Lincoln, Nye and Esmeralda counties in Nevada and Inyo, Fresno, San Benito and Monterey counties in California.

  1. A White (European) American nation with a contiguous area of 2,225,841 square miles, 75.1 percent of the “lower 48” area of 2,962,031 square miles, for the racial group that was 81.1 percent of the U.S. population in 1970, i.e., at the beginning of the massive non-White immigration promoted by the Anti-White Coalition. Alaska would be retained by the White nation. Hawaii would be divided, with the White nation retaining the 597 square mile island of Oahu as a White state — to secure the lines of communication across the Pacific to Australia and New Zealand — and the 4,028 square mile “Big Island” of Hawaii as a place for non-Whites that may be born or arrive in the White nation after the partition. The other islands (Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, etc.) totaling 6,306 square miles would be an autonomous, and possibly independent, state for the native Hawaiians and other Polynesians. The White American nation would be the continuation of the historic American nation with the national capital and all of the original pre-1803 territory, and most of the post-1803 territory, where circa 82 percent of the White population currently lives. Its territory would include about 40 percent of U.S. oil production and 50 percent of natural gas production, although this has the potential to be substantially increased by the expansion of fracking and offshore drilling, etc.
  2. A multiracial non-White (non-European) transcontinental and bicoastal nation with a contiguous area of 669,392 square miles, making it the 17th largest country in the world by area at 3.19 times the size of France. Its territory would include about 60 percent of U.S. oil production and 50 percent of natural gas production. It would be assigned all non-Whites except those Amerindians who choose to live in their separate nation, including all mixed-race or multiracial persons who are part-White but who are outside of the normal European phenotypic range, i.e., those with visible non-European ancestry. White Hispanics who identify as Hispanic rather than White could choose to live with the non-White Hispanics in the non-European nation. White parents and grandparents of non-White children (including part-White mixed-race children, of whom over 14 million were born in the half-century 1970–2020), and White spouses of non-Whites, would be permitted, but not required, to live with their children and spouses in the non-European nation. Other Non-Hispanic Whites who might prefer to live in the non-European nation could make their own arrangements to do so dependent on the nation’s consent.
  3. An autonomous Amerindian (American Indian) nation with an area of 66,798 square miles would be reserved as an exclusive homeland for indigenous Amerindians, but they would have a dual citizenship permitting them to live in the multiracial on-European nation, and move between the two.

The future of the new White American nation would gain by enjoying a close relationship with a White Europe of friendly kith and kin instead of suffering a difficult coexistence with a multiracial Europe dominated by hostile anti-Whites. The opposite situation, with Canada and Europe continuing on the path to become non-European majority regions, would be a very dangerous geopolitical situation for a European America, not to mention the great loss to the larger European racial group from the loss of these populations and territories.

Based on the 2020 census the U.S. non-White (non-European) population was about 144.5 million or 43.6 percent, up from 38.4 million or 19 percent in 1970. (This number could have grown by as much as ten million by the end of the third year of the Biden administration with its unrestrained non-White immigration.) This includes the semi-European Caucasian Jewish population, who organizationally and institutionally regard themselves in word and deed as a population separate from Europeans and closely aligned with non-Europeans, and with interests that are diametrically opposed to the most fundamental and existential racial interests of the European population, most importantly in their energetic promotion of multiracialism, intermixture, and non-White immigration, with Alejandro Mayorkas in the U.S., Barbara Roche in the U.K., Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden, and Miriam Faine in Australia being prominent examples. In fact, the multiracial non-European nation created by this partition would, in terms of its racial demographics, be essentially what they have long advocated and worked for as a core Jewish interest.

On the assumption that a racial separation could occur concurrently in one grand common effort with Canada, Europe and Australia it would constitute a comprehensive solution to secure the continued existence and independence of the White racial group as a whole. This would add the 8.2 million non-Whites in Canada (7.7 million “visible”) making a North American non-White population of 152.7 million. This would also add the 49 million non-Whites in Europe (43 million in northwestern Europe, 2.5 million in Italy, 1.5 million in Spain not counting Hispanic non-Whites from Latin America, 2 million elsewhere) and 3.2 million non-indigenous non-Whites in Australia, making at least 204.9 million non-Whites to be geographically and politically separated from Whites for a sufficient solution that would fully secure White racial preservation. The 4.3 million indigenous Amerindians would have their own separate nation, leaving 200.6 million non-Whites for the new non-European nation. Many of the postwar immigrant non-Whites, including many Hispanics and Asians in the U.S. and many Turks, Arabs, Africans and Asians, etc. in Europe, are still citizens of their countries of origin, or dual citizens, and even vote in its elections. Many others still have strong family connections in the “old country.” It might be presumed that many would have the option to return there if they chose to do so. How many have this option, and how many of them would choose to exercise it rather than resettle in a new non-White country? It could be ten million or more among the non-Whites in Europe, and twenty million or more in North America and Australia. If 20 million non-Whites (e.g., 12 million from the U.S., 6 million from Europe and 2 million from Canada and Australia) with the option to return to their original countries chose to do so, 18 million White parents, grandparents and spouses of non-Whites (circa 15 million from the U.S.) chose to live with their relations in the non-White nation, and 3 million White Hispanics chose to live there with the non-White Hispanics, it would have a population of 201.6 million, with about 146.2 million of this total from the United States.

Based on the 2020 census the U.S. White (European) population was about 187 million or 56.4 percent of the 331.45 million total population, including 9 million Hispanic European Whites, up in absolute terms from 164.8 million in 1970 but down proportionally from 81.1 percent in 1970. Per the same scenario as the previous paragraph, if 15 million White parents, grandparents and spouses of non-Whites chose to live with their relations in the non-White nation, and 3 million White Hispanics chose to live there also with the non-Hispanic Whites, the White American nation would have a post-partition population of 169 million.

About 33.6 million European Whites (including Hispanic European Whites), or about 18 percent of the total European White population of circa 187 million (including Hispanic European Whites), and about 39.1 million non-Whites, or about 27.1 percent of the total non-White population of circa 144.5 million, currently reside in the area designated for the non-European and Amerindian nations.

This plan would require the relocation of circa 131.2 million people — 33.6 million or 18 percent of Whites and 105.4 million or 72.9 percent of non-Whites — and their personal property. As large as these numbers are, in a previous essay I calculated that the transportation logistics of relocating 150 million people and their personal property in a time frame as short as a year is feasible, although considering other factors such as the likely need for increased infrastructure in some areas, equivalent exchanges of real property ownership, matching relocated people with new employment, etc., it would be more realistic to expect a humane process proceeding at all reasonable speed to take at least five years.

Except for the aboriginal Amerindian population, for which I propose a separate autonomous country of their own with dual citizenship in the larger non-European nation, the other non-European populations would share the same single large contiguous territory and government. In the current and past context of the United States, or the other White countries suffering multiracialization, the non-White and Jewish groups have always supported, promoted and voted for multiracialism, rightly identifying it with their group interests and themselves as its beneficiaries. It therefore seems more likely they would prefer to be joined into a large multiracial state that was a major country at the world level rather than be separated into smaller states for each racial group. But if in a post-partition context that historical preference were to change in favor of separate racial nations they could accomplish that by a sub-partition of the larger non-European nation.

This proposal aims to attract maximum White support consistent with the goal of racial separation and independence, uniting on this existential issue and avoiding non-existential and potentially divisive non-vital issues. Territorially this means retaining most of the country, and especially the areas that are the more historically and culturally significant and where the great majority of Whites live. Ideologically and politically this means that, other than as required for the purpose of racial preservation, there should be no changes to the American constitutional, institutional and governmental system, or its programs, benefits and policies, until after the completion of the partition, when any proposed changes to their country would be decided by the newly all-White population consistent with its sovereign prerogatives.

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  1. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    If there is secession, whites will have a tiny state the size of Idaho. The map above might have been possible in 1970…

    Whites need a spiritual revival. Whites need to admire the unique traits of whatever the group boundaries are, need to get connected with their roots, and need to fully separate from the rest of society.

    To some extent, Jews and similar groups that keep themselves separate can be models. However, Jews do things that are immoral; they harm others. That shouldn’t be emulated.

    Due to the internet, there is little privacy in cities and suburbs. Not every house is connected, but many are. There are also various mass cultures competing to influence us. So, rural is better. Like the Amish.

    The solution is much more radical than the one proposed here. However, secession would be positive if a new political system were built that resists outside influence.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    We default to Weaver,…his comment to this article specifically ,with whom we have astounding corroboration .While this fabulous article is a scholarly finely detailed excellent summation in the overall..we do not agree with this brilliant author on giving non whites 60 percent of oil..and 50 percent of America s Gas…absolutely not…to….new illegal economic migrants..to drug addicted inferior hopeless antiChristian anti American anti European black recidivists or “other’s non productive meretricious
    amoral opportunistic types whoever they may be. Many other countries have some share of natural resources ..let the neer do wells go ..since they insist.. elsewhere..that mythical imaginary “elsewhere ‘….Wakanda?…..is so much better ..so much more earthy..organic..spiritual..enlightened..or culturally superior.Let then go. take mulatto grifter Calypso Louie the anti white mossad Jew tool …condescending pontificating race war inciter…the…
    divisive pro gay neo black skinned fool..always saying just enough to scare the Jew into more ADL fundraiser fearporn nonsense but serving Isreal and the Jew by inculcating satanic anti white racism….go back to playing guitar or bongo s. Louie ..at least you were more entertaining without hurting innocent white folks who you never met …
    .let him read what the koran actually says Mohamed the Jew really thought of blacks..the children of Cain? good slaves…!….Yes.. our Muslim anti Jew friends aren’t crazy about loud proud ignorant violent feral blacks either…there are.Talmudic precedents for jiziya …..jihad…kitman..atman..the koranic. imitation s of Talmud doctrines..after all. the first of 2 talmuds . was scribal rabbinic. delusionary oral tradition commencing from 600bc..the hanging gardens of neo Hindu Babylon….and….Mohamed was just begining 700 years after Jesus…so ..who is culpable for the horrid immigration insanity of 2024?.newsflash..JEWS!.
    Don’t forget Spackler and Sassoon…up in Greenwich Connecticut..open borders Jews…except Isreal Palestine…. …but..yeah…another spectacular exceptionally well thought out beautifully written article commentary from The Occidental Observer….”” online s best true resource ..fearlessly..elegantly..
    exposing the bathetic sclerotic schizophrenic irrational multi pronged lunacies of the old and new Synagogue of Satan. By the way. affirmative action hire, .horrifying
    racist house negro the ..hugga -bugga- step and fetchit., big -Lloyd Austin is in and out of the hospital …Satan’s got him soon the Jews claim!…big black Lloyd Austin..Genocide Joe Biden s footstool…. “.,supposedly half dead with the new improved deadly Covid bioweapon zero immunity dis-ease..you know..the kill
    shot….the clot shot..new Jew kung flu mass murder by injection..that s the ticket!…big black mouth Almighty Lloyd Austin…Kill Whitey Austin!.. is facing impeachment..thank you Montana,!…….and Mohamed bin Zayid of Saudi Arabia ,when told by bibi Satanyahoo to pay welfare to all Palestinians,… exploded on the genocidal Jew leader of the blood dripping Zionist entity..saying””get it from zelensky!”. Ha!

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Odd,though it is interelated to separatism..blacks demanding segregation…Jewish planned Parenthood as
    U.S.Government sanctioned abortion pipeline interface for big brother Jewish eugenics as”” parents”” of all schoolchildren…proj.veritas..1/9/2024…
    …plus..the organization that trumpdog..kushner..are micromanaged by…chabad Lubavitch over there in Brooklyn has been busted! NYPD can’t cement it over fast enough…Tunnels for child sex rape murder also connected to Epstein s mansion..have been exposed.
    .Instead of a 2 state solution..the ..Jew “state within a state”historical precedent has been literally unearthed over there under chabad Lubavitch s headquarters..don’t forget trumpdog knew there were tunnels underneath his fake wall..that mexico was supposed to pay for …Jews were always big on tunnels for their super crme cabal… fact check it before dershowitz tries to deflect attention….”links..Simon of Trent.leo frank…Mary phagan…Andre uschinsky…

  4. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    I hate to disparage this well-written article, and I’m going to sound very pessimistic, but :
    Do the promoters of this project really believe that non-whites (and the families tainted by miscegenation) will quietly agree to be relocated, and no longer enjoy society with whites (even if there are fewer and fewer of them), i.e. more pleasant environments, more competent and physically attractive people ? ( even if, this too, is changing).
    All non-whites, Jews included, have made immense efforts ( at least at the  beginning  ) to infest white countries and plunder  them. Will they happily accept being deprived of all this without reacting?

    And What about the races that are entirely dependent on whites to survive in a modern environment, such as blacks and other incompetent darkies? Does the author think they’ll accept losing all these advantages and, for the most part, starving to death in their new location ?
    As usual, these parasites will have to be helped and fed…and the do-gooders and other virtue-signalers will be back again..

    And even if the separation does take place, what’s the point if the same vices that are destroying the white race continue to be unrestrained in the new habitat : contraception and abortion on demand, refusal of marriage, homosexuality, etc… extinction would be slower but inevitable.

    For me, this project is wishful thinking. A determined group having re-discovered sexual morality, asking Putin for a living area in Siberia (the local temperature, -40 in winter, would be a good deterrent against the Jews and blacks who would inevitably want to follow) – would be more realist.

    The local Mongoloid populations though, e.g. the very ugly Iakuts,  would , of course, like to blend and it would be a problem.
    SO Antarctica would be even better.  No mongols but penguins who are adorable.

    However, anticipate Jewish re-infestation attempts (followed by their black, brown and yellow hordes) as soon as the white race has turned these parts of siberia or Antarctica in paradises.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Sam Francis has an excellent article on the problems of secession. It was originally at AmRen. One argument he makes is that if the same society is attempted, whites will just invite in outsiders for cheap labour. So, society must be changed.

      I’m no socialist, and I don’t want to preach, but capitalism is partly to blame. Our current society wants to enrich property owners at the expense of the rest. Bringing in immigrants does this. I realise the situation is more complex, but that’s one aspect of the problem. “Distributism”/ a large middle class is better.

      You make some good points. Cold weather is a good deterrent. Even Greenland could be potent, really. Whites just need a culture of separateness. There are many other cold locations. Greenland is merely the least obvious. Whites need children.

  5. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    One reason why Hitler is considered a great man in WN circles is that he didn’t tolerate naysaying pussies and retarded wankers getting in the way of his grand plans. Fortunately I raised enough of a ruckus here to get Red State secession on the radar screen of at least Spencer J. Quinn and David Zsutty.

    Insofar as WN has any articulated plan of action AT ALL it is Red State secession. Yes I know, boomers, spergs and other assorted detritus will never get it. Who cares? They can be lead by the nose once the bandwagon effect, the herd instinct, muh moral community or whatever else jargonesque bullshit one wishes to label “it” with kicks in. Point being, Hitler didn’t tolerate any gainsaying and neither should Red State secession.

    • Leon Q. Haller
      Leon Q. Haller says:

      A decade ago you were big on National Socialism. Now it’s Red State secession. I totally support the latter (both as a good in itself, and as a prelude to more racially exclusionary secessions), but why the change?

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Just to state the obvious White people are too brainwashed against NS for it to gain mass support. I’ve been in this thing long enough to be sick of a lack of political progress towards achieving a White ethnostate(s) in North America. I believe Red State secession can become as big as MAGA. If so, then we’ll have it in the bag.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          If it’s an easy thing, it becomes a good. But whites need to focus less on meaningless political movements and more on family, and a culture of separateness, and on appreciating their ancestry.

          There’s no white gene that forces miscegenation. If so many are lost each generation to it, then whites need more kids to make up for it.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            The plan will work if WN can get enough people to work it. That’s what I’ve been trying to do (in my own inimitably trollish way): to get the official gurus and eggheads of WN to fulfill their end of the equation. To work the Red State secession plan so that it can work.

            Will it work? No guarantees. But such is life. At least as a salve to my own conscience I can tell myself that I’ve tried.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        We continue to see socialist states resisting globalism. Syria, NK, Vietnam are some examples. It’s not my ideal, but the total control keeps out foreign influence.

  6. Huckabee Jr.
    Huckabee Jr. says:

    sure all these farmers south USA gonna give up their land.

    Why would a multiracially controlled state not nuke the racists in their etno state.

    It’s a bit hard to implement noone wanna loose anny land.

    Etno state is a fream come true in some ways for the people who hate racosts to take out racists.

    And also how do ya think this is ginna happen. All the trump supporters gonna go with etno state? Don’t think so they are wery much content with building a wall halting mass migration which many using this site would call invasion.

    Yu aint got a party. You aint got a popular ideology you aint got any large support for this kinda thing and most racist organisations probably run by infiltrators from the state so…

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