What Is White Culture? Flushing anti-White genocidal rhetoric down the drain once and for all.

It is often said by the [many] haters of the White race that there is no White culture, whether those haters be avowed wokeshevik elites or modern conservative rubes unwittingly attempting to please them. Just as these doofuses aggressively spread the lie that race is just skin deep, they also strive to reduce Whiteness to absurdity, arguing that differences between European populations vary so much that there is no commonality between them. But is this really true? It is not, thankfully. It is but another lie peddled by the predatory Western/Globalist power class, another fiction imbuing and animating Cultural Marxist propaganda, all meant to unpeople our people.

So what are these common traits, this culture common to all European peoples? Let us begin, shall we?

1) It must start in antiquity of course. No analysis of the issue would be complete without reference to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, but especially the Greeks. It is in Greek philosophy and math that Western history truly begins. The Greek canon is unparalleled in its intellectual accomplishments. From drama (Homer, Sophocles) to mathematics (Euclid, Diophantus) to philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle), Ancient Greek contributions to the world’s knowledge base are at least as impressive or more so as any other people’s or period’s. Of course anyone can learn or learn to appreciate Ancient Greek genius, but it is really only White people who identify with it, who say, “That is my history. Those are my people.” There is a connectedness there that can not be taught or manufactured. It is a matter of identity and of cultural and genetic continuity. No amount of state or semi-state propaganda will ever make anyone named Mesut Ozil, Mohamed Saleh, or even Giannis Antetokounmpo identify with that history or that tradition. It is ours. It is not the glorious history or tradition of any other people, whether they be Turks, Arabs, or Nigerians. The same is true of various Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers from Descartes and Kant to Locke and Nietzsche, but it is especially true of the Ancient Greeks. There is, without a doubt, a certain continuity of thought in Europe stretching back over 2,000 years.

2) Second on the list is foods. There are certain foods common to all of Europe. These foods vary regionally, but there are foods that are distinctively or at least massively European. Whites dominate the production and sale of these foods. They have more or less always been widespread in Europe and we globalized them. Whites created/invented these foods themselves or borrowed them in early antiquity or prior and turned their production into an art form. They made them theirs, in other words.

The first food type on this list is cured meats: Pastrami, Prosciutto, Speck, Salami, Chorizo, Serrano, Bacon. Indeed, the European tradition of meat prepping and curing may be part of the reason Europeans have such a visceral reaction to the “eat the bugs” propaganda emanating from World Economic Forum types and other predatory capitalists and banksters. We are a meat-eating people. We are the masters of meat and of animal husbandry, and we have been ever since our people wandered off the Pontic-Caspian Steppe.

Second on this list must be dairy generally, but cheese especially. Remember, a love of milk is basically White supremacy, folks. The White love of dairy explains why lactose intolerance reaches its lowest levels in the Whitest of all places (Schleswig-Holstein). Indeed, this may be a major contributor to why Whites tend to grow bigger and stronger than other groups, and not just physically, but mentally. European cheese is unrivaled in its quality and flavor. Nobody makes cheeses like Whites make cheeses: Gouda, Havarti, Emmentaler, Gruyere, Cheddar, American, Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Manchego. Whites are the cheese masters.

There are just some foods Whites love and are masters at crafting. Cheese and cured meats have to be the top two on this list. And while other things could be placed on the list of distinct European culinary specialties (like bread for instance), I think beer belongs in the third spot. Beers are produced in nearly all regions of the world today largely on account of contact with Europeans and the movement of Europeans to new places and continents. East Asia and Latin America are premier examples of this. Nonetheless, no one makes beers like the White man makes beers. No one. Even here in America, Whites love their beer. They drink very crappy beer for the most part, since Americans are not really known for their sophistication in anything, but they love their beer. No matter who is brewing it and no matter where, aspiring brewers are copying the European masters when it comes to brewing beer. Sometimes they may be trying to emulate Guinness or Newcastle, but as a general principle, brewers the world over are trying to recreate something crisp, smooth, and balanced in its overall hoppiness, like the pilsners and helles beers of Central Europe, from southerly and easterly German or former German regions specifically. I have found that as a general rule, the longer a brewery has been in existence, which is to say perfecting its craft, the better the beer. Spaten is my brew of choice (1396), though I can swing a Weihenstephaner (original helles) from time to time. The latter has been brewing its beer for just under 1,000 years. There are some quality kolsches about too, to be fair.

3) There is a certain aesthetic outlook that is more or less unique to White, Western civilization. It is one that emphasizes two things primarily: discipline and fertility. Those are the traits that define classical European art, from the Renaissance and before: beautiful, proportionate men, and beautiful, fertile women (see Rubens or Botticelli). These things are prized in White societies. Indeed, fertility is prized in almost all traditional cultures, whether Christian or pre-Christian. It is only our degenerate modern culture which treats reproduction and motherhood/fatherhood as an onerous burden rather than a wonderful, even liberating gift. Again, this may not be unique to Europa, but it is a central part of our culture. That is why even today body sculpting/building is so popular on the political right and even in the smallest, Whitest towns in the far interior. You will uncover these aesthetic values in most any work of art from the Renaissance period. This aesthetic specifically values our looks and our beauty. You are not going to get Bantus and Indonesians to deeply appreciate values that aren’t theirs or images of beauties that aren’t common to their ethnies. Moreover, wherever you see Whites promoting fatness or fat inclusion or denigrating motherhood and celebrating careerism, you should know you are listening to someone who has been deracinated from their roots, from their culture. The farther we wander from a love of self-control and self-discipline and the veneration of fecundity and fruitfulness, the farther do we stray from the European tradition.

The same goes for classical music. Does it not seem to you that it is only our ear that appreciates it? You will never get large segments of most other populations to identify with or appreciate classical music. That is why classical orchestras are still dominated by White people, a fact which has of late become but another cause for non-White/anti-White griping, consternation, and calls for more equal representation. They don’t like our music and they don’t identify with it. You can’t make aspiring rappers into cellists, no matter how much propaganda you peddle. Classical music is a White thing and it always will be. Anyone can play it to be sure, but not everyone will. Our artistic geniuses are ours. Bruegel and Vermeer are, most of all, appreciated by our eye, as Beethoven and Chopin are, most of all, appreciated by our ear—because they are part and parcel of our White culture, and no one else’s. They speak to our nature and our spirit, no one else’s. Should we even let non-Whites play this music? Should we tolerate this? Is this not cultural appropriation? Western music and Western painting are White culture, full stop.

There is even a uniquely White architectural tradition. It may be diverse and variegated, but there is a continuity there. The fact that the architecture in our nation’s capital (I am talking of course of the Capitol Building and the White House and the other major architectural structures/buildings) draws so heavily on ancient architectural concepts (think of all the Ionic columns in D.C.) proves that there is continuity—ethnic, moral, spiritual, cultural—between Ancient Greece and America. Our people are not all the same, but there is a commonality and continuity there. Well, dipshit, that is White culture. That is it, and it is very real. So, the next time someone asks, “what is White culture?”, or declares that “there is no White culture!”, point them to this article. Because there clearly is a White culture and we are immersed in it, though many White westerners seem disturbingly unaware of that fact.

4) A fourth distinctive trait of White culture is a deep respect for objective truth. What has driven unrivaled White accomplishment and contribution in so many scientific and intellectual fields is an abiding respect for truth, and the noble, relentless pursuit of the universe’s mysteries. Cultural Marxist Western leaders wish to weaken the ties between our minds and reality, because it renders ordinary people easier to tyrannize. When you can’t discern between blatant falsehoods and obvious truths, you can’t effectively resist. Belief is necessary for action, particularly impassioned action. If you will believe boys can be girls, you will believe literally anything at that point. Nothing is worth fighting for, let alone dying for, if nothing matters, if nothing is true. Anyone who would assent to the most obvious of lies is three quarters slave already. He has already lost any sense of self-respect and probity. He will go along with most anything at that point. Of course, our vile overlords still think some things do matter and are true. Racism is the most evil thing that ever happened to the world. This is self-evident of course. White racism that is. We are told this every day, and we must repeat it as a kind of mantra, as an implied oath to the great and glorious Cultural Marxist state. Our overlords are very selective about these things. Morality is relative, but their moral values are objectively and indisputably and absolutely correct, and they enforce them with the vigor of crazed Jihadists. One wonders how we have allowed ourselves to be vassalized by such shallow nitwits.

5) Fifth on the list has to be an enduring respect for freedom of speech and expression. Westerners have understood since the Enlightenment is that there is no genuine science or the possibility of an informed public without free speech, and no real democracy without it either. Tied to an enduring belief in free speech and expression and a willingness to use state violence to protect that right, is a healthy respect for self-actualization and individuation. This respect can of course devolve into a shallow degeneracy, a gaudiness as it were, including excessively revealing clothing and the like. There has always been a balance in Europe between the traditional value of modesty, and respect for and tolerance of individual expression. However, this respect for the right of people to say what they want and wear what they want is distinctively European. It is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment. It extends even to body art and sexuality. Other peoples are by and large far more inclined to crush individual self-expression of all sorts. This is because the natural impulse to use authoritarian tools and tactics to crush individual uniqueness is not as well tempered by the European respect for the individual. In less stable, more dysfunctional, more mistrusting societies, nonconformity is viewed as a threat to tradition, to the government, to the often comfortable social order. It is therefore more feared than honored.

To make matters worse, criminal governments, such as ours, are keen to exploit the divides and anxieties of mistrusting and disordered societies, so as to enlarge themselves and their powers, and secure their positions thereby. Diversity is therefore the gift that keeps on giving for our tyrannical governments and their tyrannical police state apparatuses. Our governments are deliberately sowing low-level chaos amongst the people so as to gain from it. Terror act? The government needs more powers. Organized retail theft? The government needs to put more of its soldiers on the streets. They import our replacements and all the poverty and problems our replacements carry with them, and they use natural or even engineered fears about social instability and crime and the like, as a never-ending excuse to crack down on us, on any White person who dares to complain about being replaced, displaced, and/or dispossessed. There are too many orthodoxies to count now. “Cancel culture” and “hate” laws are but symptoms of these lamentable trends. We are not becoming freer in the West, but in fact we are far less free in recent decades.

6) Also emanating from these speech and expression rights are the defense of oneself, one’s property, and other essential rights. As you see these rights falling by the wayside in Europe and America, these regions are becoming effectively less White and less European. We are losing our culture to more primitive cultures. The American police state’s drive to punish wrongthinkers/racists is overwhelming our longstanding legal tradition of permitting men to defend themselves from wrongdoers and transgressors, among other rights and traditions. Much of the law today is being sullied and subverted by alien peoples and very bad ideas, from critical race theory to disparate impact to no-knock warrants to mass surveillance to the plea bargain system, the grand engine of American tyranny. Equality under the law, consent of the governed, and due process are largely alien concepts to other peoples. Even today, most non-White populations do not uphold these principles to any meaningful degree in their own nations. Even when they are trying to, openly and committedly at that. They know about them, they may even wish to emulate them, but they cannot realize them. White Westerners took them for granted throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. And that is why we are losing our societies as our values wither away. We didn’t realize how valuable these things were. So we lost them. We did this in two ways primarily. In the first place, we created a massive police/security state that gobbled them all up. We were brainwashed by the government into believing that this was how we uphold these principles. The way you make yourself strong and free is by enlarging the government and enabling it to amass massive armies of government soldiers, which get to walk the streets and harass you about most anything. Pretty transparent trickery of course, but with the aid of the news media, they pulled it off. In fact, a massive police presence does not uphold rights, it obliterates them. The CIA and FBI and law enforcement officers from the national all the way down to the local, couldn’t care less about equality before the law or the consent of the governed. They don’t care about your rights. They care about power and the preservation of power [in their own hands]. They care about keeping their jobs as well, and following commands from above. Your rights are really not high on the list, if they are on the list at all. This is as true in America today as it was in the Soviet Union under the terroristic reign of the secret police.

The other way we did so was by believing obvious race egalitarian lies. Westerners were propagandized into thinking that any people could sustain their ideals. But they can’t. Because we replaced ourselves by subscribing that everyone is an interchangeable economic unit, we are surely losing our culture and even a secure biological existence . We placed the valuing of diversity and the worship of markets over the bedrock principles of our civilization. The spirit and genes of our people are the bedrock of our civilization. As they go, it all goes. And it has. When Whites abandoned their sense of race pride, without knowing it they were basically throwing their civilization in the trash heap of history. No one can sustain Western civilization but us. If we do not retain a dominant position in our societies, we cannot preserve our civilization.

7) A healthy respect for markets, and by extension, property rights, are fundamentally White, western values. But there is a big difference between a healthy respect for a thing and a blind faith in it. It is really only in America where this healthy respect has become very unhealthy. Capital markets are like meat. It is quite healthy to eat meat, red meat even. On the other hand, it is quite unhealthy to eat cheeseburgers every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A diet, like a society, needs more than just free markets. Fundamentalist capitalism is a cancer eating away at everything in the country, from democracy to living wages to the safety net to the border itself. It turns out, you don’t need completely free markets to enjoy the many benefits of markets. A multitude of European nations prove this definitively. But the excesses of markets can be very destructive to society at large. Just look at how 18–30 year-old women are selling their bodies all over the internet today. When only the dollar is sacred, nothing is sacred, everything is for sale. Even democracy itself. And of course there have been European nations that have adopted communist economic systems and the like, at least temporarily, but for the most part these foolish experiments have been all but abandoned. However, every year it seems there is a new crisis that Republicans/Conservatives refuse to even try to address in the name of fiscal austerity and responsibility, and letting markets sort it out. And every year the problems get worse! Of course there is always plenty of money for the weapons manufacturers and the refugees and fancy new FBI/KGB buildings/headquarters, just not for the problems actually afflicting ordinary Americans.

The White race is a race of industry and action. If there are trees about, we may well cut them down and build homes—although we also have pioneered conservation and the national park movement. If there is some resource under the ground, we find a way to get it to the surface and use it. These are good things. But we should not confuse this healthy impulse with the false, largely superstitious belief that markets are always perfectly rational or efficient. They are not. Yes, some people who get very wealthy are very skilled and intelligent. But many are neither skilled nor intelligent. Take the Kardashians for instance. A healthy respect for markets is a good thing, but the free market is not god and should not be treated as a god. We should never let a foolish belief in the wonders of markets get in the way of feeding the poor or making sure people are housed. Most all White populations know and understand this. All should. No majority White state should resemble the Congo, as some American states are starting to do.

8) The religion of Christianity and all of its intellectual offshoots are inseparable from White culture. Almost all Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers rooted their thinking in Christian ideas. Even the philosophy of natural law, is grounded in Christian thought. White lands were once more or less coextensive with Christendom itself. Remnants of folk religions—religions arguably healthier, more organic, and more truly native and natural for White peoples than modern Christianity—persist in various forms in White culture, but the effects of Christianity are far larger and far more recent. Christian values and thoughts are the fruit of White culture. They may not end at Whiteness exactly, as Christianity has really devolved into a global, universalizing religion, to the detriment of the race that founded it and developed it. But these values and mores are inseparable from Whiteness. Whiteness can be distanced from Christianity substantially, but it can never be entirely separated from it, just as Whiteness cannot be separated entirely from the Ancient Greek canon. Christianity can be distanced from Whiteness, as it is often is today, in awful and destructive ways, but it cannot be removed from Whiteness entirely. The form Christianity took historically, its ideals, its spirit, this all is inseparable from the genetic and cultural substratum of the European continent and diaspora. Indeed, there is a difficult chicken-and-egg problem here: What role does the unique European genetic constitution have in predisposing Europeans to the cultural values of Christianity in times past and present?

9) No list would be complete without including these: Heroism, self-sacrifice, war, & conquest. Unfortunately, the military technologies our own people created through a combination of genius and will, are now being turned inward on our own populations, and used to subdue and enserf the people themselves. Still, there is no discussion of Whiteness and White history without a discussion of our unrivaled military successes. The White race is the champion of warfare and weaponry. Killing and conquering are certainly part of that systematization. Our people killed and conquered everything and everyone, before giving it all up in the name of “human rights” or “loving diversity” or some such hogwash. I guess when you reach the top there is nowhere to go but down, eh? Still, that curiosity, that life drive, that love of expedition and conquest, has been applied to so many domains, even space. Exploring new domains, no matter how challenging, no matter how far one has to reach, is White culture. Grabbing the lowest hanging banana is the culture of other peoples. The ability and desire to do great and heroic things, which the entire species esteems and benefits from, is inseparable from the White western spirit and from the culture which springs from that spirit.

10) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, “White culture” is anything non-Whites and anti-Whites and Western power structures generally struggle to define precisely, but detest as either “vestiges” of or “pillars” of White supremacy. If Western governments loathe it and are trying to replace or dismantle it, from traditional sex roles to knowledge of firearms, chances are it is some part, lesser or greater, of White culture. Resist it, because they hate you and are trying to destroy you. They can dress their genocidal intentions up in the language of social justice or whatever else, but the truth is they are just trying to eliminate you, your race, and your culture And they are succeeding.


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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I would also add our love for animals, both wild and domestic. No, we are not perfect, but we are light years ahead of other peoples. Dog fights, bull fights and cock fights are not one of our favored pastimes.

    With regard to wild animals, we alone have set up nature preserves and have invoked ethical hunting practices.

    When it comes to domestic animals, well, what can I say? We joyfully provide our dogs and cats with good food, whereas some other races view them as a source of food.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Breeding matters. The biological terms Breed, Race, Subspecies, and Variety mean essentially the same thing.

      In 2013, Farmers Insurance notified policyholders in California that it will no longer cover bites by pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf-dog hybrids. A spokeswoman for Farmers said that those breeds account for more than a quarter of the agency’s dog bite claims.[13]

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Agreed! You first two words says it all.

        I have always and only had German Shepherds. I have had no experience with Rottweilers or wolf-dog hybrids, but have had experiences with Pit Bulls, and they have all been bad experiences.

        Humans are mammals, and certain parallels may be drawn between canine and human violence.

  2. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Absolutely loved this essay! And it will be archived.
    Whether it’s cured meats, cheeses, beer – every nation has its CULTURE – and all you have to do in order to destroy that nation is very simple……destroy its CULTURE! That is precisely the fundamental premise by which I started my website – http://www.crushlimbraw.com – over 8 years ago. Ever hear of Antonio Gramsci? He understood it and developed the plan specifically how to destroy Western Civilization. He is described as an Italian communist, so I assume he was White. Yes, our biggest enemies are many of US Whites.
    As to a sequence on how our culture was perverted – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2023/09/lose-your-culture-and-you-lose-your.html?m=0 – it is by no means comprehensive, but it began in DaChurch…..where apostasy always begins.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The news media, hollywood, entertainment industry, tv, radio, newspapers, etc., are very racist against white people. We need to constantly point that out, because those same people teach us that racism is wrong.

  4. Mark Enholm
    Mark Enholm says:

    Population development

    Looking to the future: fewer and fewer relatives to help

    Crises, inflation and a lack of compatibility between family and career are considered to be the reason why the desire to have children is declining: from 2.1 to 1.68 children between 2009 and 2023. This will bring far-reaching changes for everyone personally, as a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows.

    Important function in socialization

    Kinship relationships have been studied worldwide, especially as the family system has an important function in terms of socialization and culture in all cultures. The researchers analyzed the family relationships of the future compared to the past in terms of size, structure and age distribution.

    They found that families around the world are becoming smaller and family sizes are converging.

    Whites particularly affected

    In the recent past, they have shrunk particularly rapidly in South America and the Caribbean. In 1950, the average 65-year-old woman there had 56 living relatives. In 2095, according to the scientists, there will only be 18.3. This corresponds to a decrease of 67 percent.

    In Europe and North America, where families have been shrinking for a long time, a 65-year-old woman had around 25 living relatives in 1950. In 2095, there will only be 15.9.

    “Social challenge”

    This means that an ever-shrinking younger generation will have to care for the ever-increasing number of older adults. The latter will have even fewer relatives to fall back on when it comes to contact, companionship and help, as there are hardly any living children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings or cousins.


  5. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “We are a meat-eating people.”

    Not all White people. I’ve avoided meat of all kinds for a few decades. Animal rights/animal protection is very much a White thing, if you care to read up on it. No, I’m not a big city type; I am from a farm and my parents were mildly concerned but they knew better than to argue with me.

    Dairy foods are White all right. An embarrassment, too. Milk is the food of baby animals and craving it in any form signifies an inability to become a real adult. A health writer/philosopher (not a vegetarian) pointed out that those races who have consumed plenty of milk products also have a childlike religious attachment to the idea of a messiah/savior, i.e., a big daddy up in the sky – an entity who’ll protect them, hold them close and make everything all okay, just like mum ‘n’ dad did when we were little.

    To stop eating meat and/or milk products out of health, political or environmental motivations never works for long. You will just end up wolfing down flesh foods again, sooner or later. Emotional/psychological impetus has to be there.

    Beer? Read up on the effects of hops. It is a sedative. Combine that with alcohol and I’d say it’s a need, not a choice. But that’s OK, life is hard and many folks of all races ingest something or other to take the edge off.

    No, you aren’t what you eat. You eat what you are.

    @Tim Folke. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    This is very nice. Ty.

    The author might enjoy GK Chesterton’s “The Outline of Sanity” and Sam Francis’s “James Burnham: Thinkers of Our Time.” GK Chesterton’s “The Patriotic Idea.”

    I mention these often, but they’re valuable to me. I believe the author would find them useful, here, if he’s unfamiliar.

    I was told that European genetics are similar down to part of Greece, where a break exists. I assume Russians are included in this common genetics. There might be a break in southern Italy or part of Iberia, Hungary, the Turkish Balkans. But it sounds like we’re so threatened that purity is out the window, if ever we had it.

    St. Thomas writes on how, for a time, cousin marriage was banned so far out that it became difficult to find a wife. Such would encourage wide intermarriage and unity.

    China was diverse. Today, its Confucian north and liberal south are fairly united. They’re one people as Han. Maybe this is Europe’s alternative to extinction.

    • Jimmie Joe
      Jimmie Joe says:

      “Holo reenactment” specially staged to
      leave a lasting impression of guilt on Musk.

      Message: “You don’t want to let this happen again one day! If you don’t do what we expect of you, then you are complicit!” Jews always make the leaders of the world their own through their method of cajoling and blackmail.

      Jews always claim that everyone else wants to wipe them out. But they are the ones who want to wipe out everyone else. But since they are in the absolute minority, they can only achieve this through their lies and/or by starting a few world wars.

  7. Alan
    Alan says:

    D.F.Mulder submitted a spectacular incisive ultra accurate reportage.It is stentorian..trenchant,magisterial and scorching in truthfulness, and correctness.
    Scrape This Mr.AI …,attention new readers of TOO,young people… TOO kicked it out of the park on this, as did so many lucid commenters who are right on point.
    We add the names Gloria alred, and dershowitz,l rabbi Solomon fried, owner of pornhub, attorney s and anthony. weiner, who manage to consistently monetize criminal depravity ostensibly evading prosecution, but are always despicable, and deeply injurious to all non jews .

  8. c matt
    c matt says:

    The only quibble I would have with the above list is classical music seems more appreciated by East Asians than your typical White nowadays. Yes, it was created by Whites, but EA seem to be the ones carrying it on now. Personally, I credit the love/ear for classical music to having a higher IQ.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      You are quite correct. It seems that lots (maybe a majority) of classical performers (at least those who are well known) esp. violinists and pianists, are from Japan, China and Korea. And if you should attend a youth orchestra concert, they are overrepresented.

      However, whether the average far Easterner actually “appreciates” classical music is up for debate. Professional far eastern Asian musicians are more like talented machines, not having this music bred in the bone like Europeans.

  9. Robert H Jr.
    Robert H Jr. says:

    White culture.

    I assume it’s things made by whites that does not too heaiy rely on what other etchnical groups or races have done.

    Same with black culture. For example hip hop, I would consider black music although alot of things sampled are by white musicians and the technology to make it is invented and developed mainly by white people I think there still is something black there with the rytmic focus and lack of melodies and the like.

    Sure the rhytm itself is maybe more western than “black” and certainly was developed in multiracial bands and orchestras and also to a degree was probably the meeting of more african styles such as blues and folk american folk music done by whites but I aint no expert.

    And the style itself depends largely on using elements of earlier recording music and reusing it sotospeak. So one may critique the lack forward thinkng.

    Same with afro-pop, shure the rhythm is the same as used in klezmer and gypsy music but there is often a polyrythic elemnt that I feel is common within african music and also the monotonic melodies that are sinple and not developed.

    So for example eminem I don’t think it’s white culture, it’s a white person doing his thing certainly with references to white culture but more in a context of something at large developed by members of another ethnical group. It’s too heavily dependent on that. With the rapping and so on.

    So I guess classical or composed music, painted art, litterature architecture, science, inventiveness, creativity, truth seeking and the like is white culture. Music which fokus on melodies is white culture.

    In fact most of what we have around us is white culture.

    The wikings were white cuture, the renaissance, the baroque, the classical russian litterature, classical and a lot of modern litterature and so on. And alot of people in the ethnocentric white movement wrote some magnificent books although I certainly do not agree with all of their ideas and the like.

    But yeah, like a list of litterature and painted art and architecture aswell as some other things could be put together and be presented. Like a book on white culture. Or just a series of articles. Or a pamphlet or magazine to be handed out.

    There was the white art collective that I thought was fun but alot of the music was a bit retro in the 80’s synthwave, which tend to be not so great sounding from a quality point of view and the like. And the dude who ran that apparently died and he was married to a singer songwriter who had a few releases in this kinda style of music mentioned.

    And then there is the white peoples press magazine or the like but it seems a bit weak.

    I feel that the problems we as whites have is the lack of a current leading culture within music, painted art, litterature and architecture. Things produced by most whites these days is weak, retro or dependent on other ethnical groups traditions to a too large degree (see eminem).

    The defenition of a genocide is that a genocide against a people is being committed when the culture of that people is forbidden.

    Because like without a culture no identity hence wiped away as a people or the like.

    So the proble is that most large institutions and companies invest that invest in culture are run by anti white hateful probably culturally or ethnically mixed people. And with capital comes greater quality. Hence the cultures of the other races are presented to us with a lot of capital behind it hence with quality. For example a major record label spends millions on dollars on a new act hiring great studios often run by whies, and so on giving the artist money to live on to develop the music and so on. And a small independent record label run by a white person probla only has a minimal budget if any at all hence the quality of the product is more like to be of lesser quality.

    One exampleis how they now have mexican pop artists. Do the anti-white record label executives like this certainly I think so.

    Is this an anti white genocide plan, to supress true white culture and replace it with the culture af the others i.e. other ethnical groups?

    I certainly suspect this and the interest in pushing down racemixing peoples throats is certainly prevailent in other areas such as mainstream hollywood movies, commercials and the like.

    But then, again racemixing is happening to a large degree anyways so.

    But, probably an anti white plan, YES.

    And without a current culture what do white people have to fight for?

    I think it also the trend of whites being alianated within their own societies. The mainstream is increasingly anti-white and this is what most people see and relate to. So at large white populations are not grounded, they don’t have a base within or a relation to their culture. They have no identity.

    In many ways the ideas of the frankfurt schools of alianating a population by a culture that alianationg is becoming true. Certainly an effect of different races/etchnical group in one territory but possibly enough anti-whites in power positions are following the ideas of these thinkers of the frankfurt school…

  10. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    The diversity of nations in the world is the glory of God.

    It’s wondrous to have multiple specialised and divergent groups, like niches in a rainforest. Man is a social being, and groups provide him with meaning and purpose, grant him immortality through the group.

    An overly large polity has negatives. The elite tends to become distant. People tend to not care about strangers entering large cities. People become individuals rather than groups in large cities.

    A diversity of traditions and histories provides the world with wisdom. Diversity of nations is our strength.

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