The Cofnas-MacDonald debate continues

Here are interviews by Alex Murshak on the disagreements between Nathan Cofnas (who was interviewed first) and me. These interviews were conducted separately (Cofnas first) and neither of us had heard the other’s interview before we were interviewed.
My interview:
Here are the links to Nathan Cofnas’ interview as well:
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  1. Jimmie Joe
    Jimmie Joe says:

    Mr. Murshak objects that he doubts that a conspiracy of such a tiny minority as the Jews is behind all the trouble in the world, after all, many goys also act in their interests.

    This is just treading water and going round in circles. It’s the same argument that ostensibly tolerant (but in reality cowardly and ignorant) people use when they say: “The minor chose to become a drug addict or pregnant herself!”

    But since Jews also control the press, people who get their worldview largely from media that only allow a self-hostile view cannot be in possession of objective judgment at all.

    Jews have set the course at the highest levels of our societies in such a way that the trains are now automatically running in the wrong direction. Their system of brainwashing has such a lasting effect that everyone now follows their predetermined agenda without ever questioning it.

    Because they know nothing else and are convinced that this is “normal”. This is the narrow view of a supposed alternativelessness. And Hollywood is the shadows on the cave wall. The proverbial Shabboy Goys of the Hasbara.

    Jews therefore only need to check from time to time that everything is going according to plan, without having to constantly intervene in the system themselves. They are already constantly “monitoring” this system for “misinformation” (especially about themselves).

    It would therefore require a systematic deprogramming of entire sections of the population through complete education about the mechanisms at work in the background, which could be largely answered by the question Qui Bono.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Good thoughts.

      You said “It would therefore require a systematic deprogramming of entire sections of the population through complete education about the mechanisms at work…”

      Do you have thoughts on a method or methods by which this would specifically be accomplished?

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        TYVM for your appreciation, Tim. I have to return the compliment for your (very good!) question, which to my chagrin embarrasses me, because at this point I have to pass (my brain is already rattling at full speed with the search for possibilities). At least we are now one mental step further. It must be clear to everyone, deprogramming should be child’s play.

        Ultimately, this is about breaking Jewish media power and its “intellectual air sovereignty”. How to get there, however, gives me a headache. What options are available to us? Which ones have we forgotten, overlooked, not even considered, not yet exhausted? Probably, and this will also be your hunch, the problem starts much earlier, with the financing.

      • Lady Strange
        Lady Strange says:

        It has been tried in EUROPE ( Germany, France, Italy, some south Slavic countries) in the 30’s and 40’s. It failed or didn’t last long. It would be very long to explain why, and a very dedicated study. One small hint : in France, it failed mostly because of the general corruption. Populace was too busy making small money on black market. Expositions on Jewish malevolent behavior ? Who cares. Better to ” traffic ” coffee and butter…
        It is not only education and information who matter, If the nation has no values and morals.
        It is all the society who is sick.

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        Adolf: “We are in the position of a man whose house has been burned down. He must have a roof over his head before he can indulge in more ambitious plans. We had succeeded in creating an emergency shelter that keeps out the rain. We were not prepared for hailstones. However, misfortunes hailed down upon us. Germany has been living in a veritable blizzard of national, moral, and economic catastrophes.”

        There must be something in it that made his movement stronger. So it is about concentration of essence, not expansion of arbitrariness. It is about the inner core of a cause, which can only grow if it has a strong inner cohesion that is immune to the hostile outside world. National Socialism was multicompatible, but the spirit of sacrifice was decisive. A resurrection of the white race. It was clear to these people what it was all about.

        It probably contains this whole truth: we cannot demand anything of the world without sacrificing our essence. And in a way that is directly the opposite of the way that the good-human / do-gooder destroyers of ourselves are constantly propagating. In the end, it all boils down to war anyway, albeit on a micro-social level. So why not create clear conditions immediately? The motto was: Only those who dare, win!

        But who dares today? Probably just as few as back then. Who joins forces to pursue a loftier goal than consumerism and multiracialism? Yes, who dares to step forward in the face of the omnipresent Jewish spotlight! The National Socialists were not talkers, but doers and implementers. They were concrete, direct and uncompromising. They drew their energy from the military tradition that was lost to us. Dying was normal for them.

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        So the true and only decisive question is, where exactly is the “critical mass”: 10, 20, 100? How many all-determined “desperados” does it take to make them incontestable? At what point can these people no longer be “atomized” and “locked away” by the freakish Jewish “almightiness”?

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        The Asians may still have that shogun, kamikaze and hara-kiri spirit that demands the highest personal commitment for the good of the whole: Tora Tora Tora! Just imagine Germany shutting down its nuclear power plants after something completely harmless happened in Fukujama. Nobody died there. But there were quite a few who volunteered to save the nation.

        I am of the opinion that the overall social pressure is always constant. You might call it homeostasis. What does that mean? It means that the brave few pay for the cowardice of the masses. They are the lightning rod, the buffer stop on which all cowardice is discharged.

        But if you want to go through life as an upright person, you have to pay the price in the end. Responsibility cannot be denied, and those who promote the abolition of their own kind through their ballot papers are burdening their children’s children with their own cowardice.

        Of course, it would be much more wonderful if everyone shouted as if from the same throat: “Jews, no more with us! Up to here and no further!” The “far cry” fails to materialize. The original surviving entity that sets a clear direction in the “swarm intelligence”. The white man is the servant of a slave mentality.

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        Horst Mahler named the critical mass, as far as I remember, as a few hundred or even 1000 people who simultaneously “denounce” themselves for “Holocaust denial” and force a historical clarification in court. Then the powerful can no longer conceal this process and must debate it publicly.

        He had expected more participation and underestimated the fundamental cowardice of his people. He paid the price, here again as one of the few for the many. He underestimated the system, but his thoughts are groundbreaking. He said the right thing at the wrong time. Typical Aquarius!

      • Jimmie Joe
        Jimmie Joe says:

        Nothing less is at stake here: Liberation from the daily Jew terror that has plagued us for more than a hundred years and now holds us firmly in its claws.

        There they kneel, in rows, like the bald-headed pig Scholz. No wonder the people are revolting, they sense the deceitful intent of these spineless Jew servants!

  2. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    Murshak: “I’m a Mischling, I’m only half Jewish, it’s
    on my father’s side. Half of my self have to hate you.”

    I thought so. I had already wondered where this
    “not entirely unpeculiar physiognomy” seemed

    As with many of these representatives, his name
    is probably “just a slightly distorted adaptation”.

    • Herbert
      Herbert says:

      As is his nature, the Jew kept his identity under wraps until he had the interview in the box. The moment when Kevin asks in amazement “Is that true?” is once again an aha moment, albeit not a Eureka one. He suddenly realized that this was an encounter with his arch-enemy. Of course, with prior knowledge he would have taken a completely different course of action.

      “Aha experience is a term from psychology coined by the German psychologist Karl Bühler, which describes the sudden recognition of a sought-after but previously unknown context. In psychological research on insight, it often appears as a characteristic that occurs after a supposedly completed cognitive process.”

  3. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    Just a few general remarks. I followed this debate between Nathan Cofnas and Kevin MacDonald a number of years back, and I was not persuaded by Cofnas in the least. He seemed often to be reaching. From what I can recall, Cofnas mostly just nitpicked at some of MacDonald’s sources or claimed that MacDonald had misunderstood certain Jews whom he had quoted in his book (‘Culture of Critique’). None of it was a detailed or thorough debunking of MacDonald’s claims.

    What’s so intriguing is that for over 20 years there was no major refutation by Jews against MacDonald’s book – that is, until Nathan Cofnas came along in a futile attempt to do what no other Jews have done. Other than a few minor book reviews of CoC, Jews pretty much kept quiet about MacDonald’s work. I suspect they did so because they did not want to draw attention to all the damning information found within its pages. Informed Jews knew that MacDonald’s book could not be refuted because he appealed to so many Jewish sources for his claims. It’s nearly impossible to debunk the arguments of CoC when one prominent and influential Jew after another reveals their ethnocentric goals and declares in their own words just how hostile they are to the White Christian majority.

    Whether one agrees with MacDonald’s Jewish ‘evolutionary group strategy’ or not, there can be no reasonable denial that these very divisive people have worked ceaselessly to racially and culturally subvert both Europe and America. The evidence is simply overwhelming. And none of it was accidental on the part of Jews, but deliberate and carefully planned. When Jews are not being defensive and duplicitous about this subject, they concede many of the very points that MacDonald had labored to make in his book.

    Jews, on average, may have higher IQ’s (although many would dispute even this). But this alone does not account for the disproportionate level of influence, wealth, and power they wield in America and in much of Europe. Prior to the rise of Hitler, many indigenous Germans complained how Jews had controlled their most important institutions and none of it was thought to be because Jews were so vastly superior in intelligence than everyone else. Truth is, it was mostly attributed to their extreme ethnocentrism, their nepotism, their ability to financially swindle and connive others which they have perfected over many centuries, and the collectively false perception they have of themselves as ‘eternal victims’ which, in their minds, always justifies their actions against non-Jews.

    Finally, it’s important to remember that long before Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, William Pierce, or anyone else of recent history came along, there were countless numbers of people throughout history who noticed the same behavioral patterns about Jews and rightly observed that they were not good for the moral health and stability of any White nation.

    If there’s any doubt about this, I’d recommend two important books by Thomas Dalton that will help clear out any cobwebs on the matter: ‘Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages’ (Castle Hill Publishers, 2020); and ‘Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850-1945’ (Clemens & Blair, 2022).

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Very well said, Rockey. While on the subject, I’ve noticed that Scott Ritter has recently become very critical and outspoken about Jewry in his interviews on Isreal and the Midfle East.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        You’re correct. The Jewish genocide against the Palestinian people has awakened a lot of people. It proves, once again, how Jews often become our most effective recruiters. Their inability to restrain themselves from their chutzpah and hysteria so often works in our favor.

        • Junghans
          Junghans says:

          Right you are! Incidentally, for those who may be unaware, check out Incog man on Gab. The guy’s wit & wisdom, and his tongue in cheek racial humor are exceptional.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I second the congratulations of Junghans. As for this comment,

      … it’s important to remember that long before Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, William Pierce, or anyone else of recent history came along, there were countless numbers of people throughout history who noticed the same behavioral patterns about Jews …

      I offer these articles as evidence supportive of the observation’s accuracy.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Pierre, that is a most interesting and revealing article that you linked to. It is very similar to the writings of Vicomte Leon de Poncins. Most of Poncin’s works are still available @ Amazon. I still find it incredible that Drumont’s famous work, La France Juif, has yet to be translated into English.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Thank you, Junghans. As you might well already know, Poncins was thoroughly familiar with the Vatican’s warnings about Jewish subversion of European Christianity, warnings that dated from the pontificates of Leo XIII and especially Saint Pius X. I recall at least one instance (I think it was in “Judaism and the Vatican”) where Poncins made a direct reference to the text of the “Civiltà cattolica” articles. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several such.

          By the way, thanks to a kind tip from a commenter over at the Unz Review, I learned only recently that many of Poncins’s books can now be found online at the Internet Archive site. Since every reference to this great scholar’s work has the potential to increase the general public’s awareness of the long-standing nature of the Jewish threat to society, it is good to know that continuing access to his books is no longer entirely dependent on the whims of Amazon’s anti-white management.

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    Oculus . Re, The JQ. The forbidden Topic. Attention,young folk,new readers. Consider this.
    Non jewish PhD s out of work on city streets,coercive idiotic jewish communist
    preengineered social policies,,Jews pulling university funding over the smallest hint of anti isreal dialogue, black violent crime waves in all major and minor american metropolises.. jew micromanaged biomedical super security surveillance state, ubiquitous cultural debasement,unobstructed neoliberal and technofacist jew causated public degeneracy, Hal ,the space odyssey revisited! Young people,be imaginative! Is this not 1984., Soylent green, .Dr.Strangelove, ..Brave New World, .The handmaid s tale. ,7 Days in May ? Erudite non jews ask ironically, rhetorically, how did we get here again?.. The diminshment of any freedom,,the automated incremental erasure of private property, increased miseration of middle class and proletarian class folk….confiscatory property taxes,
    green jew scams from the same jew chicken swingers,..jeff “seed the world with jew dna epstein, luciferian perverse jews controlling the NEA..the worse than worthless education brainwashing system…” think about it, we arent being avuncular or paternalistic here, see
    Jewish mossad unit 8200,more jew schizoid factionalism,more
    hasbara troll censorship of the internet, on and on .
    Jews. Hence, The JQ. .
    Prof.KM exhibited purity , not less than truth , as his interloper or ,interlocutor struggled for any coherent argumentation to smear and foolishly repress ,the root issue, one that history and finally ,America painfully recognizes,, the JQ.
    Purity , integrity and disciplined respectful but ever firm..,prof KM needs no defence by any sentient rational folk.Yet, because of most americans ingrained and perhaps wary. or. unthinking reinculcated fear of the Jews, he does.
    Spiritual and thoughtful folk came to many of the same conclusions long ago, but shapiro..stein..greenblatt,potok,soros foxman ,boteach,pritzker,ehrlich,gates.. reich, beryl lazar,cohen ,Obama, biden ,blinken, nuland et al won’t have any of it, they absolutely will not tolerate any non jew sculpted truth.
    Of course ,at the end of the day, these stochastic Jews are living a very facistic ugly Lie. The false Jewish narrative,..we call it talmudic theosophistic bolshevism
    i,e..we are all equal but some of us JEWS are more equal.
    It is verboten, young people,
    forbidden to speak of this. Look at
    easily manipulated bisexual controlled fool kanye west,..not an intellectual by any stretch , losing a billion in one night.” Now after severe punishment by jew masters.,he loves his jew oppressors.. Has he internalized the commands of his Jew oppressors ? Jews.” Fact not opinion.
    The poorly hidden explosive Jew attitude is..”how dare you filthy unwashed Goyim say one word about our Master Race! You don’t have even the right “to think about it!Stay quietly stupid slave, in your Goyim 2nd class citizen position!”
    The mischling was acting clearly out of his depth,out of place ,unprepared for a visionary who dared and succeeded in ,extrapolating objective direct truth in a gentlemanly way at that.
    No ad hominem intended but this unresearched dishonest and obviously limited interviewer adolescent sounding clown was an embarrassment to himself,not at all equal to the task of incisive dialogue with an enlightened genuine scholar, a non pareil expert .
    Note that an increasing number of prof.KM s points have become normalized accepted speech,at least on the vanishing deplatforming strictly jew censored internet.
    Sadly the jew and isreali holocaust ongoing extermination of Palestinians has catalyzed many who might have written off or never known prof.KM s research to think again. New readers..young folk… See A people that shall dwell Alone..and A Culture of Critique.” Scrape This Too, Mr.AI.

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