Christianity Is White Nationalism

Most of my thoughts these days don’t pertain to the political realm, rather I tend to focus on the level of spiritual depravity that has led to our fallen state—our fallen state as individual people, due to our fallen state collectively as a people. To paraphrase Dostoevsky, there is a spiritual war going on between good and evil, and the battlefield is the heart of man. Nietzsche predicted the outcome for this battle with his statement, “God is dead.” He envisioned a post-theological society, the likes that would produce a nihilistic existence where every year 106,000 people die of drug overdose and 50,000 people commit suicide (70% of those are White men). That’s a million White men every 8 years that would rather kill themselves than exist within the status quo, and those numbers are rising. What a tragedy! It’s not a coincidence that God and White people are simultaneously dying off. Our existence has to have meaning for our children to have a future. Thus, the importance of faith.

What is faith? According to scripture, it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Faith transcends reason, insofar as reason begets faith. Everything requires some degree of faith, we just take most of it for granted. Every aspect of religion is faith-based, and everyone is religious.

Religiosity is a fundamental essence of the human condition. Our individual belief-system is hierarchical, with our primary belief being not only our religion, but our central identity. You are mostly what you believe most.

To compare and contrast different religions is futile, and typically paved in self-righteousness. More precisely, it’s a discussion often rooted in pride (e.g., “My God is the real God, because that’s what I believe.”; “I’m too smart to believe in God.”). For Christians, pride is the root of all sin. It was Eve’s pride to “be like God” (Genesis 3:5) that introduced sin into the world. God’s letter to his people (the Bible) explains the origin of our sinful nature. Whether you choose to believe it or not is irrelevant to its validity. But if you want to analyze it philosophically, why has nobody (excluding Jesus) been able to lead a sinless life? Seems like it would be a simple thing to do.

Aside from the existential crisis and predispositions that lead to religion, why would a person in the Western world be a devout Christian? It’s certainly not cool or trendy. Why would one have the desire to pray, go to church, repent and attempt to live a life that rejects our fundamental human nature, which is sinful? What provokes that desire? Is it just a coincidence that you feel drawn to God? Jesus said, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last…” (John 15:16).

Christianity preaches rejection of the world. To be connected to the world is to be disconnected from God. The Bible says, For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world (1 John 2:16). Christianity dislikes the world just as much as you do. And the world hates Christianity just as much as it hates you. Jesus said as much 2000 years ago, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” (John 15: 18–19). You can belong to the world, or you can belong to God, but you can’t belong to both.

As I mentioned in the opening sentence, I don’t ponder politics much these days. As a result, I don’t read from the political sphere as much as I used to (honestly, it’s depressing). But I recently came across an article titled, “Christian Nationalism Has Made Me Agnostic” by Jason Kessler, which prompted me write this piece. The purpose not being a prideful critique rooted in “My God is the true God,” but rather an antithesis which attempts to make the assertion that fundamentalist Christianity is essentially White Nationalism, as well as the direct link between God and the achievements of White people, which have undeniably brought humanity out of darkness.

Christianity brings forth a message known as “the good news.” It’s a miraculous message that inspires hope through God’s promise of salvation. God packaged that salvation unconditionally as a covenant (contract) which developed into a contract with a race of people—White people, who since have changed (blessed) the world inconceivably. Just for a second, try to imagine a world without White people.

Most White Nationalist-types are pessimists. So they will instinctively find reasons to discredit Christianity. Usually it’s something related to the “Jews.” And while from a theological perspective, that’s somewhat understandable, it’s not very pragmatic. The “Jews” referenced in the Bible aren’t the same people we call “Jews” today. While I assume that most people reading this will agree with that statement, it is also clearly stated in the prophesy of Christ, “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” (Revelations 2:9).

The intent here wasn’t to go down a rabbit hole, but rather to focus on the compatibility of Christianity and White Nationalism. If you were to walk into a fundamentalist Christian church on Sunday morning, what would you see?  Predominately, you would see White families who reject modernity (i.e., the world). If you were to ask them about their values, what would they say? They would typically say that they are family-orientated, against abortion, against homosexuality, adhere to gender roles, despise pornography, don’t watch much TV, vote Republican, work hard and want to lay a good foundation for the future of their children. How is that not White Nationalism? Sure, the majority probably aren’t explicitly racial or have negative opinions about Jews. And they probably don’t read White Nationalist websites, but so what? If these aren’t the people that you ideologically go to bat for, then who are? Why are you a White Nationalist?

I would posit that fundamentalist Christians are better representatives of White Nationalism than the vast majority of self-proclaimed White Nationalists. White Nationalism in the realm of practical politics should be based on actions and behaviors, not words and ideas. All the words, ideas, mantras and essays are redundant at this point. White Nationalists have been saying the same things over and over for 70 years.

For pro-Whites who have no interest in Christianity, the question is this: How serious are you about the future of White people? Do you think you’re just going to vote your way into an ethnostate? Are you waiting for minority status to reclaim your glory by way of a victim card? Do you just want to read essays that always focus on problems, yet never propose solutions? This isn’t intended to be a personal attack, the point being that there’s just not a lot of viable options. Here’s the fact of the matter: the modern world is unapologetically anti-White, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Speaking of essays, 10 years ago I wrote one titled, Is White Nationalism Real?. I concluded that paper with the following observation:

In conclusion, the term “real” is defined as having actual physical existence. With a very few minor exceptions, the White Nationalist movement would be better defined as a hobby of like-minded idealists. The reality of an all-White homeland in the foreseeable future (in America) is comparable to finding the end of a rainbow….

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced” ~ John Keats

Back then I had this idea that White Nationalism could only be “real” on an explicit, macro level. That’s where I was wrong. White Nationalism only exists (with rare exceptions) on an implicit, micro level. It starts with community. It’s building communities within communities. Like Christianity, it takes effort. White Nationalism isn’t lingo or essays; It’s faith and family. It’s not hating Jews and blacks; It’s loving God and your people. In fact, these are the first two commandments of Jesus as stated in the gospel of Mark:

And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. (Mark 12:29-31)

You have millions and millions of “neighbors” in the US who think just like you do, they just might not say it the way you say it. There are lots of churches in the US who don’t approve of the world, they just might not do sermons in opposition to interracial marriage. Christianity is centered around the premise that God loved his people so much that he sent his Son to die by torture for your sins. How much do you love your people?

When Eve brought sin into the hearts of mankind, a perfect world ceased to exist. So, if you’re a White Nationalist waiting for the perfect storm to take us back to the glory days, then good luck. But if you’re looking for a savior and a pro-White plan, one exists that’s simple and effective: repent, join a fundamentalist church, reject the world, make babies and put your faith in God.

Love your God and love your people.

God bless!

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  1. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Interesting coincidence? Or is it a coincidence?
    I just posted this in my library last Wednesday:

    Why Do Seculars and Most Churchians Hate Christian Nationalism?
    Christian Nationalism is becoming more controversial – why? Recently, a religious writer at least implied that it must be proven as a proper activity for Christians from the New Testament.

    Just what is Christian Nationalism? Seems like everyone has their own definition – so how can you oppose something when you don’t even agree as to what it is? – in many ways, it is complementary to what the author wrote here and I hope you find it edifying.

  2. Some Thought
    Some Thought says:

    That there is (only one, namely the monotheistic Jewish) “God”, and a 2000 years old mythical Jewish figure, today called Jesus, was “his only son”, who was born from the “immaculate conception of a virgin”, who could “walk on water”, “turn water into wine”, “feed 1000 people with one loaf of bread”, and “after his death rose from the dead and ascended to heaven”, that there is “an eternal kingdom of heaven after death”, into which only those can or will enter. Only those who accept Jesus as their only “Lord” and live strictly according to his laws (loving his enemies and turning the other cheek), i.e. not all others, seriously represent “the only truth” for some people. Everything else is “spiritual depravity”, they hypermorally judge or rather condemn all doubters in the attitude of the Pharisees and Philistines. For others, however, it could also be a gigantic lie or an incomprehensibly stupid old wives’ tale. But this statement alone is already heresy, i.e. apostasy from God’s ways and graces and “sin”, for which “eternal burning” in a “hell” (which, of course, also exist) inevitably follows as “punishment”. Can “spiritual” maturity and personal adulthood ever be derived and expected from this, any progress and autonomous thinking and acting?

  3. Some Thoughts
    Some Thoughts says:

    PS: Anyone who still harbors any doubts about Christianity (the “only truth”) should at least believe “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner, who, although he is Jewish and of course not a demonic poisonous dwarf, unlike all unbelieving Aryans, Indians, Negroes and Asians, goes to eternal heaven, just like Andrew Anglin by generating Jesus memes and quoting Bible passages (e.g. from the Old Testament), or his “spiritual brother” Nick Fuentez, who, despite his minor life experience, is the only one in possession of the only truth and is therefore subject to complete love and acceptance by all. For example, from the Old Testament), or his “spiritual brother” Nick Fuentez, who, despite his limited life experience, is alone in possession of the only truth and is therefore assured of complete love and acceptance by the only Son of God, Jesus Christ. Incidentally, “brother”, “father”, “sister” or “son” are quite important and frequently used words in Christianity, which are intended to suggest a “spiritual kinship” that replaces one’s own family, because, according to Jesus, anyone who does not do this and prefers his own family is not a Christian and will therefore not enter the eternal kingdom of heaven, where he will be “enthroned right next to Jesus for 1000 years” (so not eternity after all?).

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Sirs,a correction clarification is in order here.When we as Slavic Americans,really..just americans, ,in spite of any inner vision,multiple times living outside of the ussa…del.spelling,dear moderator, when we …spoke about loud mouthed vulgar atheist or npc pagan spergs, etc..we were not referring to any non Christian writing on the comments section of TOO.Some seemingly or literally..hostile sounding comments here on TOO are still brilliant,excellent points at times if fragmented or partially correct with the occasional very understandably human non sequitur s attached.
      Guess what?. We agree on many so called “non Christian points ! We just happily retain what we still, in spite of all secular,humanistic or imperial church errors, what we know,experienced and still see as truth.The last thing we want to do , as Jews so frequently ,
      surreptitiously do. ,is censor any honest half decent thinking person.We apologize for typos .We recognize the ultra high level of most TOO commenters,staff,moderators,writers,etc.
      When a young man who may be gay or an incel pushes the Roman Church very hard as mexican american Fuentes does ,yet still speaks some good truisms on the JQ we are glad at least that a larger audience may refect and consider such. Respectfully ,we get quite a kick out of some pagan …,atheist,white nationalist only” types, or darwinistic science only commenters and notice,every man or woman with substance of thought is on some sort of “spiritual “non jewish path..We absolutely respect that.
      Fuentes is young ,roman catholic, and single,.Unlike Ryan Dawson who is excellent on the horrid neocon jews and zionist entity isreal ,has children ,residing outside of america,in a country that is not a footstool of luciferian idiotic Jews.We still hope all white nationalists,and in actual fact,all decent folk will join us,and TOO ,in opposing the preternatural vile reprobate and inverted talmudic bolshevist cyborg controligarchs and all their sclerotic mentally ill jew epigones.In short,we look for the hope,the true ideal,the dream of a world free from Jewish power.
      We have pagan and atheist friends who realize,it is a duty and a privedge to oppose the Synagogue of Satan in every iteration,in every formation if our volk ,our non Jewish peoples,have a chance to survive ,to thrive by meritocracy not hebraicized meritricious vile duplicity,
      We said for decades,and we are not Gods,we are not perfect ,but we still warn all..”Beware The Synagogue Of Satan.” Let all who are able Rearm Now.Look carefully at Texas. Be advised there are many Christian Identity folk who are fiercely pro white Nationalism.
      We do not doubt many of these folk make blinken biden potok ,gensler,fried,altman mayorkas,garland,greenblatt,
      geffen podesta gates, schwab,harari…trumpdog the jewdog,pritzker newsome soros etc al..tremble in the dark.

      • Lucy
        Lucy says:

        Thank you, Alan!
        Even though I no longer am a Christian (was raised Catholic)- but have never stopped being White nationalist, I appreciate your comment. We desperately need more people who think like you. Kind regards.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The men you write of with contempt have made appreciable positive contributions on behalf and in defense of white consciousnss, white people, and white civilization. They have advanced the white cause, which they understand as inseparable from the Christian cause. What have you done besides complain, at interminable length, that the grapes are sour?

      • Some Thoughts
        Some Thoughts says:

        I don’t know who you mean. I’m not complaining about anything. Are you perhaps doing this? Could it even be your special character trait?

        Whatsoever, everything like this is filed under “unimportant” with me. Let others complain about these “complaints”, I have zero shares in that.

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    There are less publicized diverse types of Christians ,including Coptic Christians grievously oppressed by Jews and some muslims,who support many fine points in this article,irrespective of some free floating misdirected deconstructive hostilities of a few loud motherd
    vulgar,bristling, pagans,atheists,degenerate louts,neer do well low characters, spergs….npc gaslighters….or a few persecutorial catholics,some imperial muslims, or militant muslims who never consider that using Islam as the broomstick of the Synagogue Of Satan guarantees a bad life to come. No one Escapes.
    Jehovahs witnesses ,a schism fragment of neo Christianity, are both deceived jew worshippers and realistically, more akin to scientology..are ,also a jew cult.
    Be that as it is,our salient point is Christians of many sectarian root do respect Prof .KM s brilliance , erudition,moral clarity in his research…and absolutely harmonize,empathize, resonate firmly with…do interconnect ,believe it or not,with most white nationalist goals.Only a fool would doubt the integrity,methodological extrapolated illumination of Prof.KM and Tom Sunic. We are not fundamentalists neither are we utopianistic neoliberal pacifists at all, we always rejected the feel good fake neo protestant “gospel of obedience to false secular,read jew owned governance.”..and roman papal churchianity…We note that many evangelical jew worshipping deceived evangelicals have left the hagee Scofield fold. particularly in the horrid loght of the american jew funded isreali holocaust extermination of palestinians…the open mass genocide of our era. Note please,..many Catholics are now converting to orthodoxy… ,many young people can listen to nick Fuentes and benefit from his limited correctness on the JQ but have nothing to do with the current jew adulterated RC church. Vis a vis this fun and fine article and the KM debate with the unprepared unresearched mishling, we provide here for new readers of TOO and young people a list..with the moderator s permission… we did some homework for you, of the less and obvious jewish facilitators of white erasure,and purveyor facilitators s of all that is wrong with America and the world… David Pressman. Harold Wallace Rosenthal. Noel ignatiev. Avril Haines. Dana stroul Jessica Rosenworce. Gary Gensler Jennifer Klein Doug Emhof. Janet yellin Jared Bernstein Merrick rosenman Garland. WEF member Greg abbot,..jew Dan crenshaw,Rochelle wallensky,Mandy Cohen. Schmuely boteach,beryl lazar, pritzker clan, David chipman. Greenblatt potok foxman ,Jeff zientz.ray kursweil, Mikhail kodirovsky,.Martine rothblatt,Eric schmidt,Sergey brin,Larry page,,susan wojcicki,victoria nuland,Jared kushner.. ted cruz,.bill gates,fauci the little jewrat,..hilly rosenberg clinton,anthonyvweiner,les wexner,jon pollard, bloomberg.. mark zuckerfarce,rockefeller,rothschild, larry ellison,ballmer,Paul ehrlich,Ezekiel emanuel.fetterman,shapiro,singer. ..soros.. .Please do Fact check it…note that bezos ..who loves isreali plastic lab rat gmo filth meat,is in very deep with these clowns.
    .For our would be Bible scholar friends who may have forgotten..the word Isreal means the prince of God, not JEWS” There was no such derogatory term as “Jews” till approx1500 AD. ”
    Post middle ages.
    Fact check it. For those who may doubt the veracity herein..see John 8V44. Rev2v9 Rev3v9 Rev 13v18. Be advised most 1st century Christians immediately recognized what we call JEWS today are the Spirit
    Of Antichrist. See John Chrysostom.

  5. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    “Christianity is centered around the premise that God loved his people so much that he sent his Son to die by torture for your sins.”

    The Bible states that God loved all human beings so much that he sent his Son to die for their sins. John 3:16
    “And He [Jesus] is the propitiation for our sins; and not only for ours, but rather also for the whole world.” — 1 John 2:2

    Christianity does not explicitly require the negation of White Nationalism; nevertheless, the majority of Christians today, including fundamentalists, have moved to the left on social issues. There remains a possibility that this could be reversed, but it is the general situation today.

    My fundamentalist family members went from thinking more or less like people who post here to holding very liberal views on social issues. They are (a) very philosemitic, seeing Jews as ‘chosen’ and ‘favored’ and most likely ‘superior’; (b) now accepting of homosexuality (whereas they used to condemn it); (c) strong believers that ‘racism’ is a major sin and that God requires integration and acceptance of intermarriage. They fear nothing more than to be labelled ‘racist.’ Also, some fundamentalists I knew claimed that non-white immigration will save the U.S. and bring Christianity back into prominence.

    The more I tried to talk to them of White Nationalism, the more staunchly liberal they became on the subject, until there was no real difference between them and the average leftist.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Even modest research will show that, with the exception of the Book of Esther (which by the way makes no mention of God), the word ‘Jew’ does not appear anywhere in the Bible. The correct translation is ‘Judean’; i.e. – someone of the Tribe of Judah or one living in the Judean province.

      Assyrian carvings of the Israelite captives circa 600 B.C. show a very handsome, European people.

      In regard to Jewry’s attitude towards Jesus, the Jewish Talmud has some extremely evil and disgusting things to say about Him, which I will not repeat here.

  6. A. Greg
    A. Greg says:

    I’m not sure if I’d say that most churchgoers are practically white nationalist, given how many churches outright condemn the idea. But there is a point to be made that the Christian values (humility, heterosexual monogamy, suspicion of “the world,” etc.) tends to be conducive to the things pro-white people want.

    Sure, you could frame Christian values as globalism, as many do now. But for the vast majority of history, Christians saw no contradiction between “There is neither Jew nor Greek” (Gal. 3:28) and “He made every nation of men” (Acts 17:26); both Augustine and Luther even commented on Gal. 3:28 with affirmations of race. Humanity’s common descent from Adam wasn’t seen as nullifying race, either. And most of all, reading “love your neighbour” as a call to ethnosuicide would be (and ought to be) laughable. As corny as it sounds, nothing is more vital to a race’s survival than love. Being anti-black, anti-Jewish, or anti-whatever in and of themselves are not substitutes for being pro-white.

  7. Joey Jones
    Joey Jones says:

    …..”Be advised most 1st century Christians immediately recognized what we call JEWS today are the Spirit Of Antichrist.”
    Spirit……….and Bodies, whether living or otherwise
    my “neighbours?”

  8. Paul Shelton
    Paul Shelton says:

    Christians bow down to the God of the Jews and to a mythical Jewish messiah. Through evangelism they help to spread worship of the God of the Jews. Since the God of the Jews is a transparently mythical, imaginary being who really symbolizes the Jewish will to power, what this really means is that Christians help to spread Jewish power.

    • Kyles La Flamme
      Kyles La Flamme says:

      You are wrong. What does the Jew hate most? Orthodox Christianity/Latin Rite Roman Catholicism.

      You would not know this because you are an ignorant Marxist.

      Jews started World War I and World War II and over 80 million Orthodox Europeans destroyed each other. Anyone pagan, heathen or Jew is a Marxist. Fact.

      Yes, all Protestant sects are now usurped and long have been rendering them subservient to Jewry.

  9. HuggyBear
    HuggyBear says:

    The emphasis on “White” when adjoining it to “Christianity” and particularly “Catholic” leads to confusion and rejection of Logos! – for a full explanation please refer to Dr E Michael Jones and his books specifically on this topic:

    Respectfully, the author of this article should have included the commentaries of Dr E Michael Jones’s analysis in his research for this article.
    The associations of “Whiteness” or “Brownness” or “Blackness” in these discussions, increase divisions and mask the real enemy of all humankind.
    Christianity and Islam promote incompatible “Worldviews” by the ruling worldview in all Geopolitics currently is The Talmudic Worldview powered by an elite bunch of “Fake Jews” who monopolize the Money System.

  10. Ronehjr
    Ronehjr says:

    A religion that at the very least eschews ethnic bonds, or, as it presently epouses, that absolute rejection of ethnic and racial differences, is not going to be the road back to racial conciousness. Spirituality in and of itself is nebulous, and maintaining cohesive racial/ethnic nation states is by necessity mundane and concrete. Christianity might be a part of a racial re-awakening, but it will never take the lead.

  11. Hamburger Today
    Hamburger Today says:

    Mixing politics with the supernatural tends to stupefy the former and sully the reputation of the latter.

    The special pleading of Christians to White Nationalists is always the same: Return to the faith.

    And yet there isn’t a single major denomination of Christianity that is pro-White and most are openly and proudly anti-White.

    A White Christians will always elevate a non-White Christian over a White non-Christian.

    It’s just who they are.

    The author pretends that asking questions about the viability of White Nationalism is equivalent to an effective counter-argument against White Nationalism.

    Let’s be clear, *there is no alternative for Whites* that maintains a coherent civilization that Whites can thrive in that isn’t some kind of ‘White Nationalism’.

    Christianity has failed to protect the White race. It’s a little to late to try to get pro-Whites to infuse the energy of the pro-White movement into a ‘Christianity’ that has already been superseded by Wokianity (and liberalism before it).

  12. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    It wasn’t WW II when Europeans killed the greatest proportion of each other in a fratricidal war. It was a war between “Christians” over their differing interpretations of the Bible once the TECHNOLOGY of the Gutenberg press broke the monopoly on the written word and literacy once held jealously by one interpretation of the written word:

    More than 20% of Central Europe died in the Thirty Years War, and it only stopped once the principle of Cuius regio, eius religio provided the basis for the original form of the nation state in the Treaty of Westphalia. However, the assortative migration explicated by that principle and treaty, which brought peace, failed to provide the critical safeguard against future similar bloodlettings:

    Reallocation of territory based on individual choice of religious conviction.

    The Internet, as I predicted in 1982, would cause a similar eruption as the existing supremacist theocracy struggled to retain its power over individual conscience.

    Think about that before you go bloviating about “Christianity”.

    You have been warned.

    • A. Greg
      A. Greg says:

      >It wasn’t WW II when Europeans killed the greatest proportion of each other in a fratricidal war.
      >More than 20% of Central Europe died in the Thirty Years War

      Over 8% of Germany’s population and over 17% of Poland’s died during WW2.
      8+17=25. That’s more deaths than the 20% you listed for the Thirty Years War. And that’s only counting the death toll in Germany and Poland.

      So yes, the secular WW2 was a worse fratricidal “Christian” Thirty Years War; and the Thirty Years War wasn’t purely religious either, as can be seen by Catholic France siding with the “Protestant” side.

      • Sean
        Sean says:

        I think you need to go back to elementary math class and listen to the lessons on adding portions with unlike denominators

  13. Alan
    Alan says:

    The American Monochrome.
    Those who have read the many fine articles on TOO for any length of time recognize the brilliance and intellectual integrity of many fine commenters on TOO even
    as some commenters are diametrically opposed to perspectives and information streams,opinions,..conclusions, of other. TOO commenters.
    Be it is…One unifying theme whatever internet flame throwers ,or divergent balkanized perspectives may be, is who the constant seditious malefactors historically and currently are Jews.
    Please try to patiently Note ..we know its hard…that in 2024.. dumb phone s dominate s communication streams..constant unannounced unrequested AI drones attack language ..infiltrate and traduce ,disallow correct classic spelling …
    or streamline programming..,..themes to memes…neoligisms,…interpretive micro vanishing historical sources are also being misrepresented,changed,adulteratied. .often “judaized” or.”sanitized” up or down in accessability or suppressed repopularity.” see 200 years together,A.Solszhenitzhen.. ..and the opposite..Gatherings of conversations.m.m.schneerson,the dead pack rat racist supremacist jew false cult messiah.
    Harry V. says to outsmart the seditious censorial jews, we should finance massive reprinting of classic books the Jews want disapeared.
    Harry says the JEWS have lately been preparing for AI to retax middle and lower economic class americans to refinance the fallen bloated american neoliberal empire s new wars.. to continue financing at all costs the isreali relocation to Ukraine 2024 2025 ,all that haventvreturnedvto so many unfortunately have…and to subsidize the 7 wars isreal is currently conducting,while striving to drag america into. We note that most commenters here appear to reside in america,not europe, or elsewhere.We point to location because the American monochrome is a very discernible”,america only. “mentality to be sure..ask any european, is predicated on the dead and dying fractured impossible competition ..schismatic theological dogma differences between dead Catholic and dead protestant views.Protestants ridicule the so called “theological justification for the pope,for mary..or..”Miriam “worship ,or prayers to “saints..Catholics generically still insist you cannot be saved, or be a Christian ,without the RCChurch..Protestants correctly point to indulgences..i.e,salvation only for the wealthy,and protestants allow priests to marry,…sure. but at the end of the day, 501c3 and 50134 tax exempt money and big government rule…all Mainline churches largely failed…,sole scriptura. or not.
    When some point to the good hearted tired Roman Catholic screamer,the aged E.M Jones, as the way out”.. they don’t mention that e.m.Jones also is not so much a Bible scholar as a neo leftist, roman catholic socialist lite Catholic historian ,writer scholar…he wants to catholicize iran.
    Many intelligent folk prefer the outrageous literary european brilliance of Tom Sunic literally any day of the week.Tom doesnt scream.He exudes literary depth with great reasoning and communication skills second to none.We appreciate some of e.m.jones.. points..the non catholic real christian points…”.logos.., and the Jewish revolutionary spirit ..jones is not original in that…..but we are not praying to miriam…or need a pope of any sort, we call no man father,and we recognize e.m.jones is one step away from being a tired old screaming papist autocrat. Hell,we’re lifetime 2A advocates,not neoliberal Catholic or protestant pacifists.
    E..m Jones is flat-footed and wrong about race.We ,conversely, disagree strongly with catholicizer. e.m.jones on the need for big government,…we agree with many white identity Christians on many but not all issues… many of these folks like prof.KM..and cant stand the pernicious Synagogue of Satan surrepititious and “in your face coercive jew “stalinism …we ,in diametric disagreement with e.m jones, recognize only a fool disrespects race realism.
    If that s “bloviating”so be it.
    We aren’t preening snarky grammar nazi s, who can’t be bothered to produce much of anything except hot air and insinuating self ingratiating flatulence,..why not creatively research , produce some thing of real value, as we do tirelessly…we aren’t here to prove anything but merely to contribute information relevant to a better life by rejection of all Jewish lies.Recognize that it’s a privilege to contribute.Deconstructive hyper micro triggered criticism only helps mossad hasbara troll jews.
    Like the best of many fine authors and commenters here we provide links names,themes and urge the young folk s and new readers not to give up hope, reject cowardly jewish massmedia learned helplessness, brainwashing,..doont get side tracked by secondary or tettiary obtuse and ingratiating distractions…em.jones is certainly no 2A advocate! .fact check why e.m Jones wouldn’t mind a black pope or black bishop..why so many people universalize what is..not theirs to universalize..more obviously from” the religion of Paul “”Than Jesus…”..why the common person. accepts and assumes doctrines of preternatural origins without a word,without a thought..without a mutter, without a peep”Some folks are so lost and stupid -,intellectually disingenuos,lazy…that they dont know mexican obese bombastic jew john hagee preaches the vile talmud!..
    We would have never thought that TOO ,the premiere race realist commentary platform on the planet in this era,would be the discussion point arbiter of the end of the church age and the begining of race realism come to life in the age of the robot rebellion.”Really folks,many Christians,not Mainline christian church fakers..dullards..churchocentric conformist normie grifters,or lonely hearts club fried chicken church lady types,the bingo crowd.low information louts,dupes…, recognize the extreme beauty and greatness of White Culture…now if only we could have a world free from jewish the way…for all. who are so self convinced,maybe youre a hyper critical legend in your own little mind yourself a favor,look with seeing in the mirror…, try to instead of instantly angrily criticizing,..produce quality
    information..try artracking thecJEWS who insist on white erasure instead…we really dont care if you who hyper critize but produce nothing,swear your eternal soul on odin,on fauci s science,on dead darwin, but try to help your people ..our people ..prove you can do better…expose the JQ . By the way..a great commenter on TOO recently said 2 excellent truths..1 judean..not Jew..and 2..the book of esther is trash..many non catholic Bible scholars insist it does not constitute true Canon or accurate so called Bible history..but the book of
    esther in the O.T. is clearly jew race supremacist bloodlust writ large…no
    wonder,with screed like that..jews feel justified in holocausting. ,exterminating Palestinians.
    ..yeah…..bloviating in deed.”

  14. Steve T
    Steve T says:

    “Christian Nationalism” is what pushed so many brown people into far-right spaces. It was a genius fed psyop. But why are the editors allowing this garbage here? Christianity is a cancer! Read Nietzsche, or go here:

  15. Sean
    Sean says:

    It’s an awful stretch to say Christianity is white nationalism, but I think in essence the message the author is trying to convey here is to young white men: shut up, stop being a sperg, go to church and find a nice white gal to marry and make white babies.

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