A Theory of Khazars and Ashkenazi Jews

If there were Jews living in a region called Khazaria largely occupied by present-day Eastern Ukraine and part of Southern Russia, including Crimea without Sevastopol, these Jews were not Gentiles who converted to Judaism, i.e., converts. Attracted by the strategic proximity of the Khazarian capital Itil to a number of important caravan routes, these Jews — who were merchants and slave dealers, mostly rhadanites or rabbinic Jews from Persia and the Middle East, active in the slave trade between Christendom and the Muslim world — settled there in large numbers between the eighth and tenth centuries. “By the 8th century” writes French historian Laurent Guyénot, in an excellent article on the life and work of famed Russian historian and ethnologist Lev Goumilev,

they formed a foreign elite and gained increasing political influence. The situation came to a head at the beginning of the 9th century when a Jewish prince took power and made rabbinic Judaism [talmudism] the official religion of the state. A bloody civil war ensued, which the Jewish caste won by using mercenaries. Although the mass of ethnic Khazars was eventually forced to submit to the authority of the Jewish elite, they never converted to Judaism, which remained exclusively the faith of the political authorities, according to Goumilev. With this, he concludes, Khazaria was transformed into a ‘social-political chimera ruled by a Jewish trading elite, with the original ethnic Khazars becoming subjects of ‘a state that was alien to them in terms of ethnicity and religion.’ (1)

This Jewish hostile elite was eventually subdued at the end of the tenth century by the Kievan Rus’ led by Prince Sviatoslav. Their empire collapsed and the surviving Jewish Khazars dispersed throughout Eurasia and Europe. Some retreated to the Crimea, others fled to the West. “Many,” according to Goumilev, “remained active in the Russian lands, encouraging hostilities between the Russian princes and inciting the steppe peoples to attack the Russians.” (2)

To recap, Jewish Khazars did indeed rule over Khazaria between the eighth and tenth centuries but they were not converts, i.e., gentiles who converted to Judaism. According to Wikipedia, this purely speculative theory on the Khazarian origin of Ashkanezi Jews was first developed by a French philosopher named Ernest Renan. It was then popularized by Arthur Koestler in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage. (3) More recently, extremely left-wing Israeli historian Shlomo Sand, the author of The Invention of the Jewish People (4) argued that because Jews are mostly descended from Khazar converts, they do not constitute a nation or need a state of their own. Likewise, Arabs have long cited the Khazar myth in attempts to deny a Jewish historical claim to the land of Israel.

Several historians who are aware of the apologetic nature of its hypothesis rejected this theory. (5) A crucial difficulty right from the start is in the word “Ashkenaz” which means “the West,” (6) i.e., Jews of England and France who after their expulsion from these countries moved to Germany and Eastern Europe into an area designated by the Russian government as the “Pale of Settlement,” the great medieval haven of Jewry. This area included Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Bessarabia. These regions which were also inhabited by the Jewish remnant of the Jewish Khazaria empire were part of the Russian Empire, but not of Russia as such. (7)

The fact that Ashkenazi Jews speak a language based on German (Yiddish) rather than a language based on Turkish is an additional difficulty. Moreover, it is unlikely that the highly literate Ashkenazim would retain no trace of their Turkish origins. (8) Finally, genetic evidence also weighs heavily against such a hypothesis. According to Jewish journalist Tina Hesman Saey:

Large-scale genetic studies have shown that today’s diverse Jewish communities have remarkable genetic cohesion. The Jews of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, North Africa, European Ashkenazi and other Semitic groups all originated in the Middle East. A common geographic origin can be observed for all major Jewish groups studied. This genetic research clearly disproved the story of the Khazars: a pre-10th century Turkish-Asian empire that converted en masse to Judaism. The researchers compared the DNA signatures of Ashkenazi Jews with those of people of Turkish descent and found no match. The DNA results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of the European, North African, and Middle Eastern Jewish communities originated from a common ancestral Middle Eastern population, and suggest that most Jewish communities remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the diaspora. (9)

The Khazars have nevertheless become a kind of all-purpose device, a sort of strawman or red herring used by Jews and non-Jews alike. The idea that the Ashkenazim are not Semites but converted Khazars is a trick that is widespread on social media, allows non-Jews to safely vent their hate of Jews and of Israel. Some sincerely believe this legend is true since it is so widespread, others are just trying to escape a life-threatening accusation of antisemitism, the only anathema still punishable by social death, even assassination. And if you are Jewish, blame the Khazars for whatever bad deed you are accused of. If Ashkenazim are in fact converts, this implicitly means that the real Semitic Jews from the Holy Land, the real “chosen people” are not responsible for their actions. Arthur Koestler, for example, uses the Khazar conjecture to defuse racial antisemitism, which, from his point of view, would be misdirected, since he supposes that Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites. Thus, if for some reason Ashkenazim behave badly, evangelical Christians, for example, and all Christians for that matter, who are convinced that the Jews are God’s chosen people, will be able to continue fooling themselves since the bad Jews in question are not real Jews, but impostors. (10)

Professor Revilo P. Oliver, one of the greatest American White conservative thinkers of the last century, had the following interesting insights on the subject of the Khazars:

During the past century, many Christians who resented the depredations of the Jews, chiefly Ashkenazim, but wanted to retain faith in their favorite story book, elaborated the theory that their parasites were not really God’s People but only the descendants of Khazars who had been converted to Judaism. The theoretical evasion was so attractive to them that it became an article of Faith, and it was finally adopted by a prominent Jew, Arthur Koestler, who expounded it in The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage (New York, Random House, 1976).

Despite his odd claim that his book did not invalidate his race’s claim to the territory now called Israel, Koestler’s demolition of the ‘Chosen People’ myth was savagely denounced by many of his fellow Ashkenazim. Some speculate that the hostility of his fellow tribesmen may have influenced the joint suicide of Koestler and his wife not long thereafter.

The Jews’ interest in making Khazarian conversion to Judaism authentic is explained by their pretense that they are a religion, not a race. If they are a religion, like Christianity and Islam, they must seek converts and what better proof than that they once converted a whole kingdom? (11)

This will by Christians to retain faith in the Bible at all cost—the first point made by R. P. Oliver in the above citation—is still very much the norm today. The Biblicism Institute has an eloquent easy-to-find Internet article on the subject called “The Ashkenazim.” Prominent catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones is a staunch believer of the Khazar theory.

The last point on the race/religion gambit is particularly interesting. For example:

John Murray Cuddihy’s (1978) book, No Offense: Civil Religion and Protestant Taste, Cuddihy focuses on the elevation of Judaism to the status of one of the “big three” U.S. religions, to the point that a rabbi officiates at the presidential inauguration even though Jews constitute approximately 2–3 percent of the population. Cuddihy argues that this religious surface served as a protective coloring and led to a sort of crypto-Judaism in which Jewish ethnic identities were submerged in order to make them appear civilized to non-Jews. As part of this contract, the prominent Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr acknowledged “the stubborn will of the Jews to live as a peculiar people”—an acknowledgment by an important Protestant leader that the Jews could remain a people with a surface veneer of religion.

Both sides gave up something in this bargain. The Jews’ posturing as a religion left them open to large-scale defection via intermarriage to the extent that they took seriously the idea that Judaism was akin to Protestantism, and to some extent this did occur.

What the Protestants gave up was far more important because I think it has been a contributing factor in the more or less irreversible ethnic changes in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world. Judaism became unconditionally accepted as a modern religion even while retaining a commitment to its ethnic core. It conformed outwardly to the religious norms of the United States, but it also continued to energetically pursue its ethnic interests, especially with regard to issues where there is a substantial consensus among Jews: support for Israel and the welfare of other foreign Jewries, immigration and refugee policy, church-state separation, and abortion rights (Goldberg, Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish  Establishment: Addison-Wesley, 1996, 5). What is remarkable is that a wealthy, powerful, and highly talented ethnic group was able to pursue its interests without those interests ever being the subject of open political discussion by mainstream political figures, for over 60 years—since Lindbergh’s ill-fated Des Moines speech of 1941.

I suppose that Niebuhr thought that he was only giving up the prospect of converting Jews to Christianity, but the implicit downgrading of the ethnic character of Judaism provided an invaluable tool in furthering Jewish ethnic aims in the United States. The downgrading of the ethnic aspect of Judaism essentially allowed Jews to win the ethnic war without anyone even being able to acknowledge that it was an ethnic war. For example, during the immigration debates of the 1940s–1960s Jews were described by themselves and others as “people of the Jewish faith.” They were simply another religion in an officially pluralistic religious society, and part of Jewish posturing was a claim to a unique universalistic moral-religious vision that could only be achieved by enacting legislation that in fact furthered their particularistic ethnic aims. The universalistic moral-religious vision promoted by Jewish activists really amounted to taking the Protestants at their own word—by insisting that every last shred of ethnic identity among Protestants be given up while Jews were implicitly allowed to keep theirs if they only promised to behave civilly.

The evidence provided by Cuddihy suggests that Niebuhr was socialized by the Jewish milieu of New York into taking the positions that he did—that his position as a major Protestant spokesperson was facilitated by alliances he formed with Jews and because his writings fit well with the Jewish milieu of New York intellectual circles. Niebuhr’s behavior is therefore as much an indication of Jewish power and the ability of Jews to recruit gentiles sympathetic to their causes as it is an indication of Protestant self-destruction. One cannot underestimate the importance of Jewish power in intellectual circles in New York at the time of Niebuhr’s pronouncements (see CofC, passim). For example, Leslie Fiedler (1948, 873) noted that “the writer drawn to New York from the provinces feels . . . the Rube, attempts to conform; and the almost parody of Jewishness achieved by the gentile writer in New York is a strange and crucial testimony of our time.”(Fiedler, L. A. (1948). “The state of American writing.” Partisan Review 15: 870–875. (12)

Judaism is in fact a group evolutionary strategy which allows the Jewish ethnicity to pass off the ideology that it is a religion when it is really a political project which allows them not only to survive, but to prevail. Hitler in Mein Kampf had penetrated the secret of this form of cryptic Darwinism:

One of the most ingenious tricks ever devised has been that of sailing the Jewish ship-of-state under the flag of Religion and thus securing that tolerance which Aryans are always ready to grant to different religious faiths. But the Mosaic Law is really nothing else than the doctrine of the preservation of the Jewish race. (13)

According to evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald, Jews are constantly inventing all sorts of such legends and ideologies to protect themselves, achieve their goals, and maintain their hegemony. (14) Several Jewish historians try, for example, to falsify the history of their country of adoption to serve nationalist Jewish causes. Polish Historian Yitzhak Schipper, for one, attempted to show, notes K. MacDonald, that Ashkenazi Jews originating from the Khazar empire who had converted to Judaism,

had lived in Poland as long as the Poles, and further that they had had a civilizing influence on Poland. His theory of a powerful, independent Jewish state was also meant to be a model for a future Zionist state. His emphasis on the agricultural prowess of the Khazars implied that Jews engaged in farming unless prevented by others—a claim that was meant to counter the antisemitic charge that Jews avoided farming and were disloyal, alien economic parasites. (15)

However, this theory has outraged many Polish historians, including A. Marylski, who see in this lie an attempt, “to place pre-historic Poland under the boot of the Jews.” (16) This is an impossibility since Sephardim, i.e., Spanish Jews and Ashkenazi, i.e., Western Jews, arrived in Poland after their expulsions from Spain and Western Europe starting in the 15th century, much later then, than the supposed influx from the Khazar Empire which came to an end in the early 10th century.

Likewise, V. Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, uses the historic presence of Jews in Khazaria a 1000 years ago to claim that Ukraine is a Jewish land, just like Zionists in Palestine use their historic presence in Palestine 2000 years ago to claim that Palestine is a Jewish land. (17) (18)


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  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This Khazar theory is a pestilence. Even on this site, the same people keep coming back with this nonsense.  No matter how much we show them all the latest genetic studies demolishing this nonsense, they keep coming back again and again, as if the truth didn’t matter at all.
    It’s obvious that we’re dealing with irredeemable religious fetishists and with (( trolls )) who practice tactical diversion.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:


      Here at TOO, Kevin was writing almost fifteen years ago about the dispositive genetic studies that Pierre Simon refers to. The deceit-oriented and the thick-headed either ignore the overwhelming evidence or possess an insuperable immunity to it.

      E. Michael Jones, on the other hand, is something of an outlier. It is almost certain that he sticks to the Khazarian rubbish because to do otherwise would be to show disloyalty to the papal traitors of this post–Vatican II era. His loyalty is to John Paul II and Bergoglio rather than to all the saintly doctors and popes of antiquity, to Athanasius and Aquinas and the medieval and Renaissance popes, and to Pius IX, Leo XIII, and Saint Pius X in the last century and a half.

  2. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Interesting reading, but there is one giant gap in this essay – the Biblical record of history along with its spiritual meaning. So off to DaLimbraw Library for more info:
    “What we would concede, however, is that within the bloodline of Esau-Edom — though not specified in scripture — there most certainly was some race mixing over time — as was true of all the Genesis 10 nations. We can merely speculate, based on extra-biblical evidence, what became of that mixed remnant of Esau — as surely Wiseman does here.

    In fact, Wiseman does argue that today’s Jews are the literal descendants of Esau-Edom — as opposed to Judah — through Jacob-Israel — whom they falsely claim as their tribal patriarch.

    Whether nor not the Jews are the literal descendants of this Edomite tribe is debatable — however, what is clear, as Wiseman makes the case, is that today’s Jews fit all the spiritual and supernatural characteristics of Esau-Edom — as the eternal antagonists of the Israelite people.

    Of course, today’s Jews — especially rabbinical Jews — view the White Christian race as their enemies and often refer to us as “Edom” or “Amalek” — they’ve used these epithets against the Romans and the Germans in World War II — and now against all of White Christendom — pejoratively also referred to as “the goyim” — dumb cattle deserving to be enslaved and slaughtered.”

    excerpted from – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2022/11/who-is-esau-edom-talmudic-jews-vs.html?m=0 – which is just one of a series of posts from a word search JEWS EDOM in DaLimbraw Library. DLL

    If you decide to pursue this track further, you might do a word search on DLL – SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN – and you will discover a whole collection of articles which further extend into the whole reality of spiritual and material reality.

    Good hunting!

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    No War with Iran.2024. Stop the holocaust extermination of Gaza.
    The holodomor 2.0. The Holodomor 3.0. Riveting ..quasi spell binding ..ultra relevant exceedingly fine article on Khazaria..a microcosm of one of a plethora of hideous saturnine jew promulgated vile frauds.. this theme khazars….a perfect pseudo justification for organized pernicious jewish organized super criminality. Young people. ..objective free thinking new readers. ….
    please ..fact check history…essentially..”Judaism is just organized ethnic supremacist organized networked super parasitical super crime.” Initially we intended to commence our review of this timely article with prof.KM..s
    excellent s 13th point but Lady Strange momentarily stole our thunder with her absolute correctness, in our view, . calling the khazar theory a pestilence.
    It is a virulent squaminous pestilence to be sure, as this theory.,true or pseudo
    revsionist history or not, refuses to die.
    No matter.Jewish history is relatively easily encapsulated by terms even young people bristle in morally justified rage upon hearing ..and currently …sadly..experiencing..they are..”frauds! hoaxes! Mendacious pseudo science jewish bait and switch lawfare Scams,..embezzlement,extortions…rip offs,expropriated unconsented massive taxes for isreal,for holocaust museums,for lying Jews insisting on their get out of jail free card..”–we have relatives who died in the holocaust” ..like jew filth mayorkas…who repays america for “rescuing” JEWS in ww2… by imposing open borders in america, 2024… to reinsure
    absolute white erasure,the end of any semblance of non Jewish american nation state autonomy. We have elsewhere spoken disdainfully of what we know to be fake or feel good fake gospel Christians, churchocentric duped Scofield Bible evangelicals and many Roman Catholics too..plenty of leftwingnut post Vatican 2 Catholic jew worshippers.We detest repeating ourselves so on to prof.KM s excellent point..number13…that Jews are incessantly fabricating idiotic sclerotic demonic theories and implausible lunatic conceptions to keep their pablum,their ideologically judaic and zionist ..not just zionis..jewish satanism front , center and supreme..in your face..in the jew owned lamestream mass media medical government complex. at all times..fervently..feverishly,hystrionically…
    we remind our many Catholic. Friends that e.m.jones..the neo authoritarian Catholicizer,.. is good on some Christian points..terrible on race…,a big zero on the 2A .jones is a company man..the sort that means well but after. all is ready to die ..for his church,..”not nesecerily live for Christ”..and that Tom Sunic is far more deeply genuinely intellectual on so many other vital points,.We used to reside in the Balkans, we still have people there..not in indiana like e.m.jones…we can tell you firmly. that on any number of points that e.m Jones is just screaming, !…
    spouting his opinions in diametric opposition to the very genuine Tom Sunic. A. true intellectual…with Tom we have maybe 2 disagreements out of 10 thousand agreed and objectively verified points..Tom needs no defense..he extrapolates brilliantly with no need for support from anyone else..but has no great audience as e.m jones the Catholicizing neo socialist authoritarian papist . E.m.jones quotes John chrysostom on jews and usury..that is still true..but John Chrysostom was no papist or Miriam worshipper…..tammuz…or..”queen of Heaven”worshipper.John Chrysostom was inspirationally correct on the Jews and their tidal waves of Lies.
    Some “protestant and orthodox theologians,.. don’t worry..we aren’t protestants,..or catholics,.. say jews need theories like khazaria. .. to obfuscate their original and extremely current murderous
    rebellious hatred forJesus,..see little isreal firster fanatical zograt ben shapiro.. hatred .for America,for white people,for all non monopolized non jews..it is also correctly stated that the jews always monopolized food production utilizing starvation and..”austerity “measures to reinsure Jewish comunitarian theofacistic supremacy as in the Ukraine..now jewkraine…the ,bread basket of rus and europe..understand the monopsodist jew gambit…”….the jews want no food produced without Jew controls..” one potatoe pr.family pr.week..”..the holodomor in 1932 to 1934 is now recommencing..the holodomor 2.0..the holodomor 3.0…see .gates schwab kerry bloomberg schumer nadler greenblatt..satanyahoo.rothschild..young people..know who your enemy is”..know their tactics,protocols,..is anyone surprised that billions of dollars worth of american weapons are supposedly unaccounted for?where are they?..in Afghanistan and isreal..that’s where..”and funnily enough..on the streets of invaded europe.. to be used against white non jews”.Fact check it. Khazars indeed..any pretense..any pretext,any jew excuse to deflect attention from their satanic epicentral role in monopolizing and adulterating all the energy sources of life and subverting true information streams..Americans often don’t know how the Jews got their money.See Sackler sassoon,oppenheimer….solomon fried?..the jewrat rabbi lawyer who owns pornhub”..Cecile Richard’s and plenty of other reprobate pro global abortion jewbitches lavishly profiteering on selling human baby body parts..on and on and on…we dont care about khazars..though this is a very great article..at the end of the day..the vile Jews utilize any excuse to deflect attention from their ultimate networked protocols to finally obliterate,,adulterate..eviscerate health,private property,medicine communication,decency ,travel… and all non monopolized non jewish nation states Is it not exceedingly obvious jews utilise derisive vicious slanders to impose human sacrifice austerity via global cooling global warming climate change neo GAIA stupidification?..Yoing people..can you explain why isreal is america s best ally?why you always hear about the 6 gorillion but not that 9 million poles died in ww2,that 60 million europeand died in ww2..or how war criminal kissinger bombed 5000 people in cambodia. before the viet nam war,or the untold millions murdered by. soviet JEWS in the
    1930s…..or how many innocent non jews Jews were murdered by soviet jewvtito..josip broz and britain…. do you know how so many JEWS are also “oy vey buddhists!”..i,e,use asian philosophy as pretext to readvocate leftwingnut utopianistic nonsense..,Jews are also promulgating oatmeal hamburger new age gaia type lunacy while they strive to outdo nero ,caligula ,and their jew hero stalin,while demanding that non jews die to….stop..cow farts and meat eating energy consumption.. dont be deceived..the Jews are also behind the Scientology cult and emperor zi..mao tse tung junior”….young people..wake up..the Jews are chosen! ….chosen to be perfect examples of what Not to do.”….
    … solution is..name expose charge arrest.. try ..tar and feather.. and hang those culpable” The time of mere words..verbiage..desultory dissent..is over. Close the borders. Do Not Trust trumpdog the grifter Jew liar.
    Deport the malefactors.
    Let all who are decent ,fair minded moral folk, and able,.. Rearm Now.” .

  4. Nah
    Nah says:

    I’m willing to accept the details laid out above. However, what’s to make of the case for the Ukraine war being an convenient way to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of native men so that the Jews can “return to Khazaria” and take over the area complete with the remaining — notoriously attractive — women? It makes for a plausible explanation for a conflict with few other sensible explanations.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Zelensky is getting rich. Others are getting rich off the war. Are they all Jewish? Zelensky actually seemed to turn on Kolomoisky. So, maybe the truth is more complicated.

      Zelensky, recently, has claimed not only the full Ukrainian borders but also additional lands in Russia. So, he appears to want an unwinnable, unending war that brings in money and weakens Russia. He serves the US and CIA, but many individuals are enriched also. Zelensky replaced his top general recently, who was a threat to him.

  5. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    P.S. No matter how everyone grumbles about Carlson now, in the digital age it’s always about being the first to make yourself the talk of the town. He’s managed to do that, and he’s now practically a world topic for a short time. What I would find much more interesting to find out is how the deal with the would-be tsar actually came about and was handled. But above all, who owns the copyrights to the original material? Do all major Jewish media outlets that use excerpts from the video now have to pay license fees to Tucker and the Kremlin? And if so, how much will this amount to?

    • Tobi
      Tobi says:

      A commentary (translation) by W. Hübner: An almost unfair comparison: Biden and Putin

      Anyone who has watched and listened to even excerpts of American journalist Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be able to deny having witnessed an extremely wide-awake politician and statesman.

      Regardless of how Putin’s statements are to be evaluated, one can be sure that this man will not press the red button that triggers the nuclear inferno, either accidentally or under pressure from people in the dark. But who wants to feel the same certainty when looking at US President Joseph Biden?

      Even the conformist system media can no longer (and no longer want to) conceal the memory lapses and lapses in concentration that the supposedly most powerful man in the Western world repeatedly exhibits. Biden has probably already forgotten that Olaf Scholz was with him, although this is forgivable given the caliber of his guest. And can anyone seriously imagine that Biden is even capable of conducting a half-hour, reasonably serious interview without causing an unprecedented PR disaster?

      Since Germany is not only still occupied by the USA, but is also ‘protected’ by this nuclear power, the question is justified: Who is actually governing in Washington and with what intentions and interests? There are certainly plausible speculations about this, but apart from these: The only thing that seems certain is that Biden announces and signs political decisions in the White House, but does not make them. If he is nevertheless sent back into the race for the office of US President by his party, there can only be one reason: He is to be the puppet behind which others hide for another four years.

      The upcoming presidential election in Russia is certainly not taking place under ideal democratic conditions. However, not even his worst enemies claim that Putin, the only candidate with a chance, is a puppet. In this respect, the Russian power politician is predictable, which, incidentally, is recognized and appreciated in large parts of the world.

      The fact that this is different in Germany, which has taken a completely wrong turn, does not speak against Putin, but merely against the insanity of self-damaging politics in this country. Given the choice between Biden and Putin, I wouldn’t have to think twice.

    • Tobi
      Tobi says:


      TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, but here is the question – you worked in Germany, it is well known, and the Germans clearly understand that their NATO partners are did, of course, it struck the economy of Germany, – why then the Germans are silent? This confuses me: why did the Germans say nothing on this issue?

      VLADIMIR PUTIN: It surprises me too. But today’s German leadership is not guided national interests, and guided by interests of the collective West, otherwise difficult explain the logic of their actions or inaction. After all, it’s not only « North Stream – 1 », which blew up. « Nord Stream – 2 » damaged, but one pipe is alive and well, and gas can be supplied to Europe, but Germany does not open it. We are ready, please.

      There are another route through Poland, Yamal – Europe called, too, a large flow can be carried out. Poland closed it, but Poland bites from the Germans, receives money from pan-European funds, and the main donor to these pan-European funds – Germany. Germany feeds Poland to a certain extent. And they took and closed the route to Germany. What for? I do not understand.

      Ukraine, in which the Germans supply weapons and give money. The second sponsor after the United States in terms of financial assistance to Ukraine – this is Germany. Two gas routes pass through Ukraine. They took one route closed simply, Ukrainians. Open the second route and please get gas from Russia. They do not open.

      Why Germans do not say: « Listen guys, we give you money and weapons. Unscrew the valve, please skip from Russia gas for us. We buy at a tripod liquefied gas in Europe, it drops the level our competitiveness, the economy as a whole to zero. Do you want us to give you money? Give us it’s normal to exist, to earn money from our economy, but we give ». No, they don’t do it. Why? Ask they have. (Knocking on the table.) What is it here that they have – the same thing in their head. There people are very incompetent.

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Isrealification. Mossadification.
    Pakistanization. We’re all Palestinians now ..that is…,if we arentJewish.” Cheers to our many anti isreali friends in Ireland! We are deeply inspired that even your gorgeous Irish female basketball team said a very loud No to isreali Jew extermination holocausting of Gazan s… “.
    Vis a vis..a very particular point or query here on TOO….many eastern Europeans,or middle Europeans suggest that the mind shaping or..brainwashing cultural archetype or ..neo cultural,not neo liberal..paradigm for..”notoriously attractive Slavic Ukrainian women and girls, is ..akin to a desperate opportunistic quasi..”Mexican pragmatic only mindset. “,when the ladies are solidly Not Ukrainian Christians,..I,e..the tender gender are so fiscally impoverished thanks to demoncrat Jew money laundering.jewush stalinistic venality or..Satan running wild in Ukraine…..criminality..train robber style…that sure…non Jewish .males are Cannon fodder for Jew super criminal Talmudic bolshevist expansionism. that’s the way..ah haha aha they like it…..jewkraine is now the greater map of satanic Isreal…you all know..Synagogue of Satan vermin…filth..but surviving impoverished Ukrainian ladies and girls
    still desperately crave and need a way out. Please fact this, please don’t forget..many Ukrainian females were conned..enslaved..kidnapped… into the isreali legal sex slave trade..still continuing,all Jew lies aside,in 2024.. by lying Jewpigs who falsely promised the girls au pair or baby sitting jobs.. it’s in our perspective… not as innocently simple as masculine desires for gorgeous white Ukrainian hot chicks..no…it’s a preplanned ongoing judaization. or .isrealification.”..of the old civil war in Ukraine ..more than 3 decades…that borders any number of half Jewish or other Russian territories..borders of Poland,for one of 3 demographic area s..point is. Jews as satanic solipsist supreme criminal racists ..eulogize their “histories”quintessentially Fraudulent mythologized histories..so hot Ukrainian chicks are still just “shikses “…whores to use like an old beer can. dopehead . hunter Biden comes to mind?…for us this sad but old news…new readers..young folks..fact check these Jew hate speech words..shikses. kushi s. Schwartzahs..goyim..shabbos goys..goyische kop”.. Jews call all of us..a shonda”or. shameful non Jewish disgrace..links M.M.Schneerson..Gaterings of Conversations.. So much for Russian Collusion… . trumpdog pushed quackzines and facial recognition scams early on…”…
    ..Patent 060606. Scrape all this also. Mr.AI.”

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