James Edwards Interviews Filip Dewinter

What follows is an interview conducted by James Edwards with Filip Dewinter, a Member of the Flemish Parliament in Belgium.

James Edwards: You were first elected to office in 1987, when you were just 25 years old. Since 1995 you have held a seat as a Member of the Flemish Parliament. What are your signature issues?

Filip Dewinter: I think it’s the duty of a politician to be controversial if they truly want to make a difference. Topics like immigration, the rise of crime, and the deterioration of the welfare state are issues that have always been the closest to my heart. And yes, it’s not always easy to speak out about these sensitive topics because once you do, the left-liberal media immediately brands you as racist, fascist, or whatever ad hominem attack that’s in vogue at the time. Whoever talks about politically incorrect topics is immediately branded as the bad guy. Regardless of what they call me, however, I continue to speak up about what topics I view to be most important.

Edwards: You are a very well-known and unabashed advocate for the historic European majority in your country, and you cruise to reelection whenever you are challenged. How have you been able to turn your unapologetic pro-European positions into a political asset?

Dewinter: We oppose mass immigration and the ideology that makes mass immigration possible: multiculturalism. As the opposition politicians, we are the stick, the watchdog of democracy. We have put many issues on the political agenda: political corruption, asylum and migration, and fighting crime. Of course, you never get credit for that, but often other parties copy your views and run with your success. My generation and I were the icebreakers who had to build the path with a pick and shovel. That meant that sometimes we had to hit hard, provoke, and take quite radical positions.

Edwards: Vlaams Belang, the political party you have long been associated with, is currently the most popular party in Flanders, correct?

Dewinter: Yes, right now Vlaams Belang is currently polling in first place, between 25% and 30%. That said, we still have some months to go until the election. It is obvious, however, that our ideas are becoming mainstream. Our opponents, the old, mainstream parties, along with mainstream media, say that our ideas are extreme, provocative, and so on. Maybe it is they who’ve become extreme, and we are the mainstream now! After all, how can a party be considered extreme or radical when, out of all the other parties, it enjoys the most public support? It’s worth noting that this phenomenon isn’t only happening in Flanders but in many other countries across Europe.

Edwards: Can you address the liberal-left concept of multiculturalism in Europe? What are the essential values of the various European nations and how can Europeans be protected in the future?

Dewinter: For many decades, the progressive left has been trying to force multiculturalism upon us. Through an open-borders policy that facilitates mass immigration, they want to realize the “Great Replacement.” This means that the native European people are replaced by a melting pot of all kinds of cultures.

In practice, European cultures are disappearing and being replaced by Islamic culture. That cannot and must not be the intention.

Essential to our European identity is the diversity of the European people and their specific cultures. There is a lot of diversity in Europe. Not the so-called multicultural diversity in which non-European civilizations are forced upon us, but the real diversity of “The Europe of 100 flags,” each representing a unique nation and people.

We can only preserve our diverse European culture, which is Christian and Western and is based on human rights and the values of the Enlightenment (free speech, democracy, equality between men and women, separation between church and state), if we also respect the cultures of the ethnic minorities in Europe.

Edwards: What are the main threats to European identities and cultures?

Dewinter: The main threat to our European culture and certainly the smaller cultures is, of course, the mass immigration forced upon us by the EU and the globalist elite. The “Great Replacement” is imminent. The native European people are in danger of being replaced by Third World people. And whoever brings in the Third World becomes the Third World.

Everything that has to do with identity and cultural uniqueness must apparently be destroyed. Racism has become a pretext to undo our European identity and cultural uniqueness and replace it with multiculturalism and the melting pot society. As always when socialism strives for equality, this means a downward leveling. This cultural genocide must end.

Edwards: You have a new book out titled Repopulation: The Great Replacement. Our opponents allege that it is a “myth” or a “conspiracy theory” to point out that the European populations are being replaced in their homelands by others. What say you?

Dewinter: This is yet another attempt to stifle debate. Stick the label “racist,” “fascist,” “anti-Semite,” or “conspiracy theorist” on your opponent and the debate is closed. Anyone who has eyes in their head and is not multiculturally blind will find that repopulation is not a conspiracy theory, but a simple empirical observation that everyone makes when you walk around any metropolis in Western Europe. You then see the repopulation around you, full stop.

Edwards: Why did you feel it necessary to write about the Great Replacement?

Dewinter: I thought it was necessary to write this book because I don’t think the greatest danger to our democracy and to our civilization is tyranny — it’s mass immigration. If you really look at the situation at hand, the quality of life, the overburden on our welfare state, the rise of crime, and the quality of our education system, these issues are inextricably linked to immigration. Therefore, I think that mass immigration, and of course also the ideology that pushes for mass immigration, is the greatest threat.

If mass immigration continues at its current levels for much longer it will be the end of our European civilization. Demographically, Europeans will cease to be politically, culturally, and economically relevant.

Edwards: In what ways is Islam incompatible with Western civilization?

Dewinter: It is clear that Islamic ideology and Islamic culture are not compatible with our Western way of life and our European culture and civilization. We stand for the values of European civilization—freedom of speech, the separation of state and church, the equality between men and women, and democracy. We clearly need a revitalization of those values. In that regard, the rise of Muslim extremism has had one positive consequence: these fanatics have made us stop taking our traditions and cultural mores for granted.

As a result, Europe is nearly ready to start a civilizational moral offensive, based on the foundations of our greatness: Rome, Greece, Christianity, humanism, and the Enlightenment. These are the common European values that need to be promoted rather than the warped tenets of multiculturalism or the crude, dusty dogmas of Islamism.

Edwards: You wrote a previous book Inch’Allah? The Islamization of Europe, which was translated into English. What is this book all about?

Dewinter: Inch’Allah? is an account of radical Islam’s inroads into Europe. The book reveals the true nature of Islam which, unlike other faiths, also comprises a dangerous totalitarian ideology, contrary to European freedoms, values, and standards. While Europeans are being lulled by multicultural indoctrination and propaganda, mass immigration serves as a Trojan horse of Islam.

By means of a cunning ghetto strategy, based on the deliberate formation of Muslim enclaves in our cities, Islam seeks to establish bridgeheads from which the only true belief can be promulgated. Radical Islam has chosen the path of conversion, infiltration, agitation, intimidation, and, if necessary, violence. Left unchecked, the demographic, cultural, and military jihad will totally transform Europe into Eurabia.

The third Muslim invasion is in full swing, but the tide can still be turned. It is not too late to bring an end to the Islamic colonization of Europe. Therefore, instead of embracing Islam and multiculturalism, Europe must pull itself together and stop the influx of ever more immigrants, halt the silent advance of Islam, and instead celebrate and propagate its own priceless cultural identity.

Edwards: Racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia — the accusations are always the same. Those who are critical of immigration are immediately accused of being a racist. What is your comment on that?

Dewinter: First and foremost, do not forget that in Western Europe and almost all major cities the population transition is already a fact. In Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London, and so many other large cities, the original native population has been replaced by a mixture of Third World people. The elected politicians in these cities and countries are therefore indebted to these new voters with all the consequences that entails. They are saying what these imported voters want to hear and try to outdo each other as the best and the most radical anti-racist.

Anti-racism and anti-discrimination are the new politically correct buzzwords for witch-hunting and exorcism. In the past, alleged heretics and witches were burned at the stake. Today, the same is done with so-called racists and patriots. As a politician, it is enough to be critical of immigration to be boycotted in the media, bombarded with lawsuits and legal proceedings, and treated as a political pariah. In the Middle Ages, this also happened to anyone who claimed that the Earth was not flat but round.

Edwards: What’s next for Filip Dewinter?

Dewinter: Continue my work as a politician on what is important for the Western people, namely protecting our values and standards for our own people first.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc. – all these accusations need to be taken as the highest of compliments.

    I am grateful we have men like Filip Dewinter.

    The only ‘men’ who can comfortably straddle fences are geldings.

  2. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    It is certainly understandable, yet still disappointing, that so many prominent figures refuse to use the word “race” and replace it with “culture” as a euphemism, even though it is obvious that at the deepest level they are referring to race and using culture as a supposedly safer euphemism. But this tactic doesn’t do enough good to bother with as are opponents are not fooled by it. They know it’s about race and that’s why they can credibly describe it for what it is, while our attempt to evade it is just an admission of weakness and a surrender to their dominance. In most instances in this excellent interview, if “culture” and “cultural” are replaced by “race” and “racial” it would be much more accurate.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Eastern Europe might end up as the last stand of Europeans. However, the US dominates these states with threats that Russia will destroy them. So, things look very bad for us.

    Latin America might be better, but Latinos tend to embrace the US athwart China or others. Latinos are nearly always mixed, and our identity is otherwise. It might be difficult.

    The US and Canada have plenty of resources, but whites refuse to defend them. We had so much, and whites today just play along that we’re a nation of immigrants.

    We’ll be in a situation where only Jews are sacred before too long. “Gentiles” will be just that, trash. And it might not be Jews who win, but it doesn’t at all look to be whites. Regardless, if things get bad enough, maybe they’ll turn around.

    Rural areas away from surveillance might be best. At some point, Jews might find someone new to hate more than us. But they’ll want us to serve them. We’ll need non-free structures to resist them. Freedom leads to outside influence.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Your second video listed, entirely in English, is, by far, the best contribution ever.

      02 It touches, in some way, on every concern ever brought up in TOO essays and their comments.

      03 Importantly, it demonstrates avenues for us to follow, without secession.

      04 To be viewed without distraction, given its tempo and intellectual depth.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        Surely you are not employing the devious stylistic device of irony? These methods are generally known from the British. (For them, irony means regularly spitting at the opponent from behind instead of beating them from the front, so to say.) I can’t figure these people out, but that’s probably the whole unintended intention behind it: they are a mystery to themselves.

        If you place enormous value on gigantic “intellectual depth” (and that from a British authority!), I warmly recommend the most penetrating study of the romantic poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is said to be a milestone in British literature (the so-called canon). I just can’t quite decide yet whether I prefer Richard Burton, Ian McKellan or Orson Welles as a narrator.


        Since I myself consider romance to be an adolescent reverie, if not total nonsense, I have so far been unable to find any enriching aspect to this absurd, nightmarish fairy tale. However, please do not withhold your deep insights and findings from the all-too-superficial world after the precise analysis, so that it too is able to love the British kingdom wholeheartedly again due to its historical relevance!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Since I myself consider romance to be an adolescent reverie, if not total nonsense, I have so far been unable to find any enriching aspect to this absurd, nightmarish fairy tale.

          Given your insuperable amour propre, the totality of your “enrichment” is likely to be found in the joys of a life as a robocommenter.

          • Rudolf
            Rudolf says:

            The deliberate limitation of intellectual content such as thoughts or melodies naturally has indeed obvious and collossal disadvantages. You cannot “healthily shrink” something interesting. Ornamentation is an expression of intellectual diversity and cultural, creative potency. But there are words that can be said in a sentence because they stand for themselves. I personally have a soft spot for you, thanks to my great tolerance, which you in turn owe to your skin color. One day you, of all people, will be the ones who have not only doomed us for a hundred years, but who, to add insult to injury, will also be our last lifeline!

            For me, reaching out into the Anglo-American world is also an always exciting self-experiment in matching what is meant with what is understood. You could say that these people are largely unimaginative in their use of their own language. Perhaps they are not too cowardly (the negative interpretation) but too tactful, indeed too fair (the positive interpretation) to actively correct errors of understanding, because they do not want to appear narrow-minded and/or pusillanimous under any circumstances, so I rely on the uncommented transmission of the overall message as positive feedback.

            After all, you really do mean well by them, and to imply that they are incapable of any intellectual achievement of their own because of their easily learned “language” is indeed a horrendous overestimation of their own abilities. The temptation is there, and some believe they are talking to “monkeys” as soon as they switch to English. Of course, that was just a nice little joke to stimulate the minds of our “Anglo-American brothers”. It’s easy for us to talk when we’re trying to squeeze something like “spirit” into the English language! You might as well try to bring a corpse back to life!

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    “British Rhine Armee” I meant, of course, or whatever these disoriented occupiers and Plagegeisters call themselves. Unbearable, these weak-minded, cheeky, bad-toothed, fat-bellied “Anklo”-Gesocks!


    Well, I don’t give a damn which trash can this kind of “Spasti” came out of in this screwed scheisswelt. What on earth have these insufferable isle apes lost on our beloved continent! They should crawl off to their crown/overseas colonies where they belong.

    Otherwise they wouldn’t have been “at home” there for centuries. They are not “Europeans” in any form, shape, size or appearence anyway, but only completely degenerated destructive inbred products.


    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 In 63-4 I had many English friends who attended the U of Heidelberg, while I worked there for US Army in Europe HQ, Intelligence Section, Patton Barracks, Building 13.

      02 David Thomson invited me for Christmas to Headmaster’s Lodge at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, headed by his father Dr. Thomson, himself a renowned author of history.
      At dinner he gave me Oliver Cromwell’s personal chair, used by him while attending college there and showed me a large photo of his skull, taken before Dr. Thomson, their Chaplin and gardener finally buried it on their campus in an undisclosed location, so
      ” it wouldn’t be disturbed yet again ” !

      04 I stayed with friends in Torquay Bay, where the annual Royal regatta was habitually held, under the auspices of Prince Phillip.

      05 I also stayed in the poorest part of London, where an Australian teacher taught whom I had met in Leningrad. I visited most of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and spent yet another hosted long Chistmas in York.

      06 All of the above obliges me to entirely disagree with your characterizations of the British.

      07 Compare some photographs of RAF and Luftwaffe bomber crews and their maintenance staff, and tell me, that you can differentiate between them, without looking at their planes’ markings.

      08 Few, if any of these people would have approved of Churchill’s Yalta-induced DRESDEN, OPERATION KEELHAUL, nor of his lunatic OPERATION UNTHINKABLE, nor of his last minute 2000 bomber raid with poison bombs [cancelled]. But then, that is what happens to you if you depend on the Jews to literally pay your overdue liquor bills and save your family estate, attended by ca. 50 servants. It served as a venue for Beresovsky’s 65th birthday party, attended by fifty more of those unequalled swinish oligarchs, demonstrating the successful completion of their instigated war effort.
      Litvinenko, later poisoned, also attended.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        I admit that I shouldn’t have made this contribution on a whim, as it only arouses the emotions of those who have or have had “overly good personal relationships” with the people in question. Generalizations are always one-sided and therefore inadmissible as a contribution to the overall view. However, the world cannot seem to get by without generalizations. Let’s take the Jews. Although they have a destructive effect on the world in so many “different ways”, it is precisely this destructiveness that seems to unite them as a general characteristic. There are always exceptions to the rule, which are naturally the ones who suffer from these attributions, stereotypes and prejudices.

        At the moment I am “researching” the
        representatives of the name “Auerbach”.

        P.S. Dear Charles, I think I mistook you one comment above for a “character” nicknamed “Pierre des Craon” (or similar) who occasionally haunts here, hence my sharp return fire, but I think I “misunderstood” your irony not without reason. Anyway, what the heck. Of course, it may be that you actually consider Mr. Peterson to be the best thing that ever came to fruition on TOO, I certainly won’t deny you that. (Am I being ironic again? You see, I myself can’t help it, a brazenly impudent habit!) But since I suddenly remember your good, sometimes very personal and valuable contributions from the past, this should at least be added here. Last days I had a nasty stomach flu or food poisoning.

        • Rudolf
          Rudolf says:

          What is deceptively referred to as “blackpilled” in the Anglo-American world could be held against me by some incorrigible “idealists” and hopeless “world improvers”, as I have been considering staying away from all daily, national and world politics, and even from all historical politics, from year to year. Politics is unmistakably a bringer of misfortune. If you get involved in it, you poison yourself.

          I don’t know whether this has possibly always been the case, but it seems increasingly so to me in a time and society in which I myself began to advocate the contrary model to the existing one out of pure logical consideration. The mere realization that the so-called “ordinary people” are not even in a position to change their voting behavior at the ballot box, and radically at that, made me ask myself why I should actually be of use to people who don’t want to be helped at all?

          I actually only do all this to pass the time, because I haven’t enjoyed dealing with all this garbage for a long time, to kill time, but who has time to kill, only those who still falsely believe that they have too much of it, because the eternal youthful delusion of consumerism, in which illness, loneliness, separation, loss, failure, parting and death have no relevance, constantly suggests this to them.

          In the end, you have to let go of everything anyway, I emphasize everything, even of your oh-so-beloved enemies of Jews, homosexuals and “BIPoCs”. Then the only thing left to do is to “make peace” with this vomitous, unspeakably shitty and crazy world, with this garbage can called “Planet Earth”, which is filled to the brim with crap, over which the flies buzz and in which the maggots ferment.

          According to Robert Dobelli, you have to go on a strict news diet, stick to it and persevere, i.e. do without the confirming feedback effect of the internet and endure the “withdrawal symptoms” until they subside and disappear, instead of being the first thing you wake up to every day and being loaded up with ever more horror stories (from the oh-so-“alternative” media, of course), which leads you into a maelstrom of rage, shock, bitterness and bewilderment, as if you were being sucked into a literal swamp in which you end up drowning, but nobody pulls you out, on the contrary, zombie arms reach out from the swamp to pull you down.

          “The internet is a hobby for people who have nothing better to do.” (Quote from myself, just thought up at this moment). You have to bring yourself to acknowledge this self-shattering truth. It’s always the same stupid mugs, even if they have different names, always with the same topics and absolutely nothing changes – on the contrary, it’s getting more and more blatant and more and more insane! Why should I “lovingly accompany” this madness with my constant contributions? Then I’ve long been part of the madness myself, without even realizing it!

          I am convinced that our system is designed in such a way that nothing changes, not in the slightest and not remotely! What we perceive as supposed “democratic participation” or what is sold to us as such are all just lame pressure relief valves that are supposed to let the steam out of the boiler in a “controlled” manner so that we don’t riot and appear as a clenched fist. The hoped-for revolution, the “jolt through society”, the sudden awakening, is not happening. And every day anew, the initial hope is followed by a stale feeling of renewed disillusionment. What we think is the “cure” is itself the actual disease.

          Completely apolitical (or depoliticized) people are in all likelihood leading the most intense, livable life and existence on this cursed hell planet. They simply block out reality with a built-in filter like blinkers and only see what they consider beneficial, digestible and useful. They can virtually close their ears from the inside, just like we can close our eyes. Everything blotchy, shabby, disreputable, worm-eaten, disgusting about reality bounces and rolls off them like a Goretex-coated, well-waxed umbrella. They virtually sleepwalk through all this garbage without getting dirty in the slightest.

          They say, not without good reason: “You stare at your damn flat screen every day, paralyzed and hypnotized, to feel alive, and you think you’re ‘intelligent’! I, on the other hand, sit in the sun in my self-made garden behind the house and listen to music from my youth with a cocktail with a straw. I invite guests who are in a good mood and our parties are always a success. We are “The happy community of hardcore ignoramuses”! We don’t have a daily newspaper in the house and we scrapped the TV years ago. We only use computers for work.”


  5. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    “Men” who wear skirts, is there anything more ridiculous on earth?
    This is in fact the “DEVIL’S BRIGADE”, a JOKE of the Devil himself!

    10 percent of Canadians are “German”, they are buried in
    “Waterloo”. Kanadier or Kanacken is the question here.

    A Jew moderator monitors the stupid cunts (progress)

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Dewinter is stentorian ..riveting…magisterial. .. fabulous.
    When we lived in Holland we were frequently in Belgium.Belgium to Holland is like new jersey to New York in distance.Holland is lock stock and barrel owned by bill gates influence..Holland has a massive pro euthanasia medical reality…little green cards in the hospital that say “Doctor Please Don’t Kill Me”etc…disgustingly openly..formerly like the red light district was also bizarrely incredibly open and acccessible..which borders Amsterdamistans tiny Chinatown district ” .Belgium has a more old world Catholic and Nazi..really….Nasdap ..and pro European sensible side..The bizarre truth is many dutch Germans,French and Belgians are often acting “bored “with what they know ,accept and take for granted as the greatness of former white Europe.
    Guilt,.. .inexorably exploding downwards as Prof KM perfectly decodes as
    ingrained pathological altruism…..opposite of that are cloying annoying sticky ubiquitous euro trash…. leftwingnuts..absolute leftist irrational fanatics …schizophrenic lunatics..male and females welcoming rapist militant 3rd world violent types with open arms…….who consciously or not,… serve Isreal firster- and utterly Jewish communist or Jewish militant socialist ideologue protocols. . to a pathological fault. Going to Steve Biko plein in the east of amsterdamistan is like going to north korea in many ways We met various vlaamsblock folk previously and unfunnily enough they always made sense..the diametric opposite of the Czech Dutch German communist Jews still very loud proud and publically wrong in 2024..Praha..Prague. .
    Europeans we’re not consulted just as Americans were not consulted by the JEWS who imposed mass 3rd world immigration and satanic Jewish multiculturalism.
    Eastern Europe is not like western europe.
    A family friend phoned very
    recently who was just all over parts of eastern Europe saying it didn’t change in 50
    years…and it’s all for the best.” .By the way..the oldest Rothschild just died. He was an enormous funder incentivizer of mass immigration ,white erasure,dechristianization.
    , depopulation of non Jews etc. Great article.Great erudite comments again.

  7. Paul
    Paul says:

    Imagine this: the brazen Jews not only oppress the “defeated” Europe, but also the “free” Americans with their incomprehensibly audacious “Holocaust” terror. And then they blackmail the Americans into allowing something that they do not want and cannot eat, namely their own extermination! And the extremely stupid Americans, who were actually so indescribably stupid as to listen to their siren songs, are now receiving one ass-kicking after another for it! Enough is enough, out with you – all of you! Before we do to you what you claim of our European brothers-in-law!

  8. Peter London
    Peter London says:

    No mention of Islamic polygamy. Nature does’t produce the sexes in a ratio of four-to-one, let alone the hundreds-to-one needed to satisfy Islamic practice. If the man at the top has a hundred wives or more, as was still widespread into the 20th century, the man at the bottom’s only chance of finding a mate is with an imported slave-bride. Hence the massive slave trade operated for fourteen centuries without the slightest sign of a bad conscience. Islam’s non-Islamic neighbours suffered horrendously. Millions were carried off into slavery, millions more were slaughtered in the process. All white people are fully entitled to be Islamophobic.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Christianity vs Islam has been a battle of mixed patriarchal/matriarchal monogamy against patriarchal polygamy. Now that Christianity has morphed into Liberalism and essentially abandoned patriarchy it stands defenceless against the invading hordes.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Jews and managerial elite leftists own the power positions in the West. We are dying, because they treat the rest of us like slaves to be crushed and ruled.

        Elites run things. We need an elite to serve, one that will protect our rights in turn.

  9. Tom Sunic
    Tom Sunic says:

    Thanks for the interview. I know Mr. Dewinter and his crew well. He is a sharp and witty Flemish/Belgian politician. He has a broad knowledge of western/eastern Europe and Russia. We need more of these people. Congrats.

  10. Alan
    Alan says:

    Filip Dewinter. Glowering Foreboding.The return to bleak fallen europe.. Techno Feudalism . The wef blackrock globohomosexual JEWS pushing pandemonium..the end of history..imposing unrequested unvoted unwanted .moral chaos,obscurantism,invaded america.. balkanized “otherness” 2024. We have previously written short statements of glowing praise for very particular other sentient commenters here on TOO. Very particularly but not limited to prof.KM. Consequently we strive to elucidate certain arcane and oblique truths more directed to young folk and new readers of TOO.
    Be welcome to fact check the names below should you be bereft of awareness of the deranged malefactors on top of the jew micromanaged absolute nsanity. Extensive and repeated travels in mainland Europe and the beloved Balkans impels us in speech and writing to warn of the immanent dangers of not knowing Filip Dewinter in this psychotic insanely neoiberal era of the..”new man”
    jewish communist rewriting of history disconnect..otherness..balkanization ..cynical dismemberment ,of dissimulation of demonic depravity..of politicized ideologue Lunacy from soros macron ..marina abramovitch..jewlensky the new superjew.
    . the Cocaine addicted would-be-fidel castro..green shirt unshaven little clown puppet for satanyahoo…… faggot superparasite whiner..beggar. and backbiter backstabber liar whore ..meloni..blair.. bojo .metta over there in copenhagen…Sargent Schultz …rothschild Kushner…. bergoglio the jew..”francis”…schwab,harari..schmidt.
    chipman..dettlebach the fool… .wojcicki page brin freiland..van Der leyen.zuckerfarce..muskrat…. nuland lipstadt potok.. emhof newsome and other but interlated deeply preternaturally ..mostly..mentally ill JEWS”. Filip Dewinter by all cosmic rights should have an American non trumptard counterpart..with all respect to Ron Paul and all.We american s are not allowed of course to have any such non controlled opposition whatsoever in scorched earth repressive freemasonic degenerated fallen america.
    .A warmongering bloodripping isreal firster blood curdling faggot like Lindsay Graham or Ted Cruz might be pemitted to squeak thru the government massmedia medical martial law complex or perhaps house negro lloyd austin.. the sick black racist pig …to..access big publicity… but that’s all.
    Someone sent us a quote..”The government is just the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.” One Frank Zappa quote certainly worthy of intense scrutiny and public debate.The jew rush Limbaugh said of Ross perot.”.he s a haircut and a hand grenade” Alipac tried so very hard to warn americans that what was occurring in europe was surely right around the corner here in america.Jews squashed Alipac to smithereens.
    America contains great voices of clarity but disallows any serious legitimate massmedia publicity in this classic jewish communist deplatforming depersonalizing debanking technofacist open borders era. Open borders for every white country that is..not for apartheid genocide and failed state of superparasitical super crime state isreal.”
    We are terribly sorry so many isreali jewdevils are pouring..streaming..back in america and to a lesse extent ,europe..and jewkraine,…of course ,as the tunnel rats they. are,jump ship to escape what theyve done over there in Palestine.
    Young people..new readers..it is not dyseptic disingenuous ..dysphoric to say..when you’re alone..you will remember..truth is lasting..when you’re walking alone in sudden big city fear.. .that …who is there to defend you..to represent you..to stop the beheadings,stop the machete attacks, stop the rapes..stop the noahide laws,stop the sharia laws..
    ..stop the black home Invaders..stop the more than 10 million illegal military age males the wef blackrock biden minyan junta has allowed to..waltz on in”..Some don’t know Alvin bragg..letitia james..chertoff …blnken . greenblatt…foxman..nadler schumer..and.Jake the snake sullivan..and the truths about red fag law bumpstock ban supersurveillance facilitator
    militarized quackzine law imposer jew deceiver grifter liar t..rump..but at the end of the day..it is Filip Dewinter..not antichrist jewrat trumpdog..that stands for freedom good order..classic common sense decency…civility…so..dont be be neurotoxically afflicted dumb phone addicts…young people..just say No to all the genocidal jewish sociopathy of the biden E.U.Wef blackrock Satanic Jew junta s .out there.Just Say. Very Loudly… No.”

  11. eric smith
    eric smith says:

    Pretty scary to hear it finally said out loud by a prominent politician. That means its crunch time.
    But no talk about how exactly do you restore Europe to its true inhabitants. Sounds like violence.

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