The Charlottesville Tiki-Vigil: Ultra-Privileged Antifas and University Admins Pose as Victims; Entrap and Attack Normal Citizens


Arrests around the country. Dozens of secret indictments. Blatant cooperation between Antifa and public officials. A pack of well-connected professors and careerist law students foaming at the mouth to prosecute their political enemies. Yeah, that’s Charlottesville alright.

The August 11, 2017 tiki-torch vigil is back in the news in a big way. But to understand what is happening now, we need to establish what really happened.

In the telling of the Jewish press, a crazed mob staged a savage attack against helpless and well-meaning students at the University of Virginia (UVA).

But the truth is quite the opposite, and the real injustice far more shocking: The young men who took part in the tiki-vigil were lured into a trap set up by the Charlottesville’s political elite and powerful UVA administrators.

The trap misfired. UVA’s front-line Antifa thugs failed to break up the procession. So UVA fell back on methods more suited to their talents: lying in the press and abusing the power of the courts.

To understand how, you must understand four key things: 1) Antifa shows a consistent pattern of aggression. 2) The favorite tactic of elite-antifa is to play the victim. 3) Antifa draws its members directly from the bourgeois-academic-corporate elite. 4) Whenever Antifa lose, they work hand-in-hand with system-elites to get payback.

A Year of Antifa Violence

The Charlottesville tiki-torch vigil came after a year of intense Antifa stalking and aggression.

Throughout 2016 and ‘17, all over the country, Antifa had staged a campaign of vicious attacks against public events and popular demonstrations. At the presidential inauguration in Washington, DC, hundreds of Antifa rioted, burning cars, smashing windows, attacking civilians. Around 200 were arrested, only one spent a meaningless 4 months in jail.

At protests in Pikeville (KY), Huntington Beach, UCLA, Berkeley, and Sacramento (all in CA), popular demonstrations were repeatedly attacked by Antifa. Contrarywise, an Alt-Right march in Charlottesville in May 2017, planned in secret, went off without any problems.

There was a clear pattern. Violence only happened when Antifa was present. When the Alt-Right managed to stage a protest without Antifa finding out, nothing happened except normal political speech. The Alt-Right never rioted. This pattern has only been confirmed in the succeeding years, especially the smash-and-burn summer of 2020.

Violent Antifa Play the Victim

The night of August 11, 2017 fit the pattern. About three hundred White men walked through the University of Virginia carrying tiki-torches in anticipation of the Unite the Right Rally, scheduled for the following day. The procession had been planned for months under the utmost secrecy in order to avoid Antifa. The plan was to walk to the Jefferson Statue on campus, give some speeches, and go to bed.

But Antifa got tipped off. They were already positioned to strike. Militants had come from around the country to block, harass and assault people at the August 12th rally. August 11, mere hours before the planned vigil, Antifa website It’s Going Down posted an article revealing the details of the Alt-Right’s event and inciting Antifa to attack.

It’s beyond obvious that this is not about free speech but terrorism. Charlottesville’s Black and brown [sic] folks must be protected at all costs, but the police don’t seem to care.

Will UVA and its community take action to stand against white supremacist terrorism on campus? Will Charlottesville allow a torchlit rally to go down in city limits again?

Knowing that the Alt-Right intended to speak at the Jefferson Statue, Antifa deployed there. If their intent were only to “counter-protest” they might have rallied anywhere else. But that would be contrary to their doctrine. They resolve always to “confront” (read: block, mob, and assault) anyone whose speech they don’t approve of.

Another sign that these were not “helpless, innocent students” was their keenness to hide their identities. Unlike the rest of us, who have to fear doxing, firing, or worse just for stating basic political facts, Antifa have no such concerns. They can build prosperous careers on their insane and pseudo-intellectual opinions.

When an Antifa puts on a mask or hides his face, it is because he knows his actions are illegal. During the tiki-procession, one of the militants can be heard telling the others (27:23 in this video) “Stand where you are! This is important to all of us!” Another shouts out a reminder to hide identities: “Heads down ya’ll, heads down!”.

Their pretentions of peaceful protest are further belied by the high proportion of criminals in their ranks. With only around 30 present—not all of whom are known even now—at least four were hardened militants:

Two of them, Thomas Massey and Thomas Keenan, instigated the fighting. Both have long histories of violence. After rioting at the Presidential Inauguration in January of 2017, Massey expressed his intent to attack people in the street in the future. In 2019, he and Keenan would go on to beat and rob two Marine reservists. They served no time for the assault.

From Louisville “Anti-Racist Action” were Sean Liter and Holly McGlawn-Zoller. Zoller was armed. Liter would go on to assault marchers with sticks at the rally the next day. McGlawn-Zoller would earn infamy in the Summer of 2020 passing out weapons from the back of a U-Haul truck to rioters.

Ring-Leader Gorcensky

The VIP of Antifa incitement was Edward Gorcensky. Four days before the tiki-vigil, Gorcenski stated publicly that violence was justified against anyone who believes in biological facts because they were “fascists.”

On the day of the vigil, Gorcenski, laughing about the Alt-Right’s plans to protect themselves, stated accurately that “This whole security theater is because they’re afraid of antifa.”

A week later, Gorcenski openly bragged that “One story that hasn’t been told about #Charlottesville is how our intel networks dramatically outclassed both the alt-right’s and the cops’”, and that “Civilian-gathered intel is often not taken seriously by authorities, but we used it widely to plan, disrupt, monitor, and respond.”

He also claimed that “Our diversity of tactics stymied them”, which, translated into normal English means “We always maintain escalation-dominance, in the streets, the media or the courts. The law be damned.”.

Antifa Supported by UVA Officials

Antifa and the elite blend into each other. Many “Trust-fund Commies” are the children of high-ranking politicians, CEOs and “academics.” But the connection was even more clear at the Jefferson Statue, where two UVA faculty fell in with their comrades-in-arms: Professor Walter Heinecke and Dean of Students Allen Groves.

According to Louisville Antifa Sean Liter, Groves is himself an Antifa. “The dean of students was there. He stayed. Someone who’s been in our movement for a long time.” Upon hearing about the tiki-procession, Groves rushed to campus and posted up on the Rotunda, overlooking the Jefferson Statue. He mentions being in direct contact with UVA President Teresa Sullivan by phone, sending her regular reports.

Groves and Heinecke would later play the victim, but they were no mere passive observers. Groves admitted to having grabbed a young man of the Alt-Right. In an email written later that night, Heinecke claimed that Groves had been hit by a thrown tiki-torch while attempting to lead the other Antifa.

Ironically, it is quite possible that this was a case of “friendly fire.” There is video (at 0:04) of Antifa throwing flaming objects (torch-heads?). However, Heinecke’s whole story might be fabricated. In a batch of documents released under FOIA, there are two versions of this email, one of which does not include the claim about getting hit by a torch.

Professor Heinecke was even more hands-on. He started off the night at an Antifa meeting across the street for “scheduled training.”[1] When the tiki-march arrived at the Jefferson Statue, he walked over to rally with Groves.

Heinecke is interesting because he held permits for two—yes two—Antifa demonstrations for August 12, at parks just blocks away from where the Unite the Right Protest would be. Of course, Antifa did not need those parks for their “counter-protest.” Their real objective was to block the approaches to the Alt-Right’s permitted rally at Lee Park. Which is what they did.

Heinecke’s permits were only needed to secure the other two parks as staging and re-fitting zones. This is standard Antifa procedure. As Gorcensky put it “We deployed our only militia to protect our rally point/medic station. The fact that we even had a militia shocked and deterred [our political enemies].”

One of Heinecke’s permits was for Jackson Park, whose perimeter would be guarded by UNC-Chappel Hill Professor Dwayne Dixon’s armed Antifa militia “Redneck Revolt.”[2] Dixon would later brag about pointing his rifle at passing cars. Of course he faced no consequences.

It should go without saying that “Redneck Revolt” is a misnomer. It has nothing to do with country-folk or with standing up to the powerful. It’s a grotesque mockery whose only purpose is to enforce America’s true political order—Jewish Supremacy.

Cville Elite Meet at Church across the Street

Meanwhile, across the street from the Jefferson Statue, much of Charlottesville’s political elite was conducting a meeting at St. Paul’s Memorial Church. The meeting was organized by Antifa coordinator and sometime-priest Seth Wispelwey.

Among the attendees were Mayor Mike Signer (Jewish), Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas, Harvard University Professor and race-huckster Cornell West, and media celebrity Katie Couric. Numerous other UVA faculty and students were also in attendance.

Present also at the church were Judge Claude Worrell and then-UVA employee Lawton Tufts. Tufts now works in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and, in the past year, has worked on criminal cases pertaining to the tiki-vigil. So has Worrell. This despite the fact that both might be material witnesses. Worrell only recused himself after his presence at the church that night was brought up in court. Tufts is, incredibly, still on at least one case.

The meeting was officially an “Interfaith Service,” but, as usual with these people, such high-minded language is used to hide their sinister agenda. Throughout the day, Seth Wispelwey’s “Congregate Cville” gang had been conducting training sessions. A final session was scheduled for 2130. This training was an explicit conspiracy to thwart free speech and free assembly and to obstruct police operations, albeit expressed in Antifa’s usual modish and deceptive language of “disrupting hate speech.”[3]

The meeting was protected by Antifa militants from Dixon’s “Redneck Revolt” who patrolled outside the building. In another blatant instance of Antifa-academic blending, UVA’s Chair of Religious Studies, Professor Willis Jenkins, volunteered to join the “security detail.”[4]

During the night, there were two phone-call threats about an active shooter coming to the church. No suspect has ever been found. Given how meticulous Cville authorities are about tracking down Alt-Right protestors, it seems possible—likely even—that these calls were made by Antifa. Maybe a subpoena will turn something up. Regardless, the calls caused Mayor Signer and Chief Thomas to direct more police to the church and away from campus.

A Military Operation

Now that we have examined the inter-woven relationship between Antifa, UVA and city officials, we can begin to see the outlines of what really happened on the campus that night. Stripping away the Orwellian euphemisms, we can discern the highly organized and military nature of UVA/Antifa’s operation.

Eddie “Emilio” Gorcensky was the Officer-in-Charge at the statue. He can be seen in his video making repeated attempts to instigate violence. His subordinate units included Louisville and Philly Antifa crews, as well as an assortment of UVA students, particularly from the Law School.

Seth Wispelwey was the Officer-in-Charge at St. Paul’s. His subordinate units included Congregate Cville and the (armed?) “Redneck Revolt” militia. Mayor Signer was inside his perimeter and maneuvered police units in accordance with Wispelwey’s needs.

The militia protection of St. Paul’s marks it as Antifa’s Objective Rally Point. Remember what Gorcensky said about the employment of “Redneck Revolt” the next day: “We deployed our only militia to protect our rally point/medic station.”

Dean of Students Groves was UVA President Sullivan’s eyes-on the event.

Walter Heinecke was the logistics (S4) officer for the August 12 operation to block and assault the rally at Lee Park.

Other students and faculty functioned as recon elements, including Tyler Magill and Elizabeth Sines, both of whom would go on to serve as plaintiffs in Jewess Roberta Kaplan’s specious multi-million-dollar lawsuit against people who attended Unite the Right.

At least 5 UVA students and faculty were present as representatives of the National Lawyers Guild, an Antifa lawfare operation. These people included UVA and UVA Law students Adele Stickel, Tyler Magill and Amanda Lineberry, along with faculty Barbera Armacost and Kim Rolla.

All of this was supported by a sophisticated intelligence (S2) section, as Gorcensky bragged, probably analogous to the August 12th operation in the library of First United Methodist Church.

Playing the Long Game

Antifa’s operation failed to obtain its primary objective of preventing free assembly. Just like at the Unite the Right Rally the next day, they lost. So they played the victim and appealed to state-power. Antifa-UVA would spend the next six years agitating and maneuvering to get payback.

Don’t be tricked by how they frame things. “Diversity of tactics” means “We can and will escalate force”. “Confronting Nazis” means “Beating, stalking, shouting, screaming, spitting, harassing, and throwing bleach at our political enemies.”

To those involved in the ongoing bullshit “criminal” prosecutions, I hope this article helps you with the big picture. You should write your subpoenas accordingly.

This was not innocent students vs violent thugs. It was—and still is—rich, connected Jews and their bourgeois White attack-dogs hiding behind a Black or two to attack anyone who stands up to their power.

[1] Heaphy Report pg 118.

[2] Heaphy Report, pg 123

[3] Heaphy Report, pg 114

[4] Ibid. Heaphy suggests that that detail was armed, but it isn’t clear. Nor is it conclusive from the photos I’ve seen. Might be a good thing to subpoena.

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  1. Anna Cordelia
    Anna Cordelia says:

    Great piece. However, for historical accuracy, rather than using the term “bourgeois” to describe the “white attack dogs” working with the rich, connected Jews, I would suggest the term “communist dupes.”

    It is stunning how much the behaviour of these thugs is reminiscent of the Jews who overran Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution (100 years prior to the events in this article) and the ensuing Red Terror. Their tactics never change: the end always justifies the means; if you don’t want to follow the law, ignore it or change it; and, partake in as much violence as you can, under the cloak of working for the “common good.”

    All brought to you compliments of lavish amounts of organized, Jewish financing. No wonder they used the name “Redneck Revolt” – these are Reds, through and through.

  2. Southern Pride
    Southern Pride says:

    Thank you Greg for helping courageously lead the patriots on so many of those Trump era college speeches and the infamous legally permitted Charlottesville event. It’s a shame that the average White man and woman either lives in a bubble undisturbed by our challenges to expressing “free speech” or is pathetically indifferent to it. Stay strong!

  3. JJ
    JJ says:

    Bolsheviks will be bolsheviks.
    Forever and always. Their calling. Their scheming. Their revolutions.
    Including today. For 2000 years. Watch your backs .
    Their opportunities will come again. Soon.
    While honest citizens sleep.

  4. Dr. Tom Sunic
    Dr. Tom Sunic says:

    A very god piece; probably the best and the most important one ever published in TOO.
    The bottom line is that the Left and its sycophants, along with scared and self-denying social science professors are in full charge of cultural hegemony in US higher education. The same scenario prevails in the EU.
    The much decried Deep State is not located on Capitol Hill or the Wall Street; it its located right at the heart where the mindset of young US intellectuals and academics is being formed – and infected: colleges. Early communist Antonio Gramsci and later on Frankfurter School pontiffs, such as H. Marcuse or E. Fromm, realized that long ago.
    If white nationalists, patriots, trad conservatives, or simple conservatives wish to dislodge Antifas and their sidekicks — they must first do some serious academic work in higher education and choose leaders who best understand the paleo-communist psychology.

  5. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is a keeper Greg. Thanks so much.

    I made the wretched mistake of going to a predominantly Jewish college when I was a kid, back in the eighties, and take it from me, the Jew professors were in on anything and everything to destroy this country and white, European, American culture, values, and our society.

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Excellent riveting incisive reportage.Agree also with stentorian Tom Sunic.The article directly following this illustrates that Das Juden ,when permitted to weasal their professors,ethnologists, micromanagers
    corporatists.. ,polemicists into power
    irreversibly roll out the jewish communist red carpet for interminable. endless insurrection..declensions …,holodomors
    globally targeted mass starvation and extermination.
    Please note..rockefeller.roganfelder.. Rosevelt..rosenfeldt.
    2 quotes..Schopenhauer..The jews are the scum of the earth but they are also great master liars. Alex lindner..Jews as reflexively and unthinkingly lie as humans breathe.

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