When Conspiracies Are True … What Can We Do?

With the ongoing destruction of America and Western Civilization, this year is the most important of our lives!  Most Americans sense it, but readers of this publication know and understand it.  But what do we do now that the most important battle of our lives is at hand?

We must unite behind well-coordinated plans, and take action to defeat the organized forces of evil — which are clearly aligned against us.  Let us stand up tall to make a difference, and support our fellow patriots!

The MAGA movement has been the most viable attempt to address the myriad of problems we face.  We are in a spiritual war and must fight for the hearts, minds, and souls of the American people.  We are now being attacked at every level, as President Trump has been since 2015.  Like him or dislike him, he is our best hope to save America and restore a future of peace, prosperity, and freedom — rather than the tyranny and enslavement which is planned for us.  But, as we all know, Trump is not perfect — his first term was disappointing to say the least, but he has fundamentally changed the Republican Party — liberals like Nikki Haley have no future there, nor do the socially left neocons. And that’s all to the good.

But he cannot do it alone, especially with so many hyenas (radical Democrats, RINOs and Neocons) nipping at his heels.  Most are politicians owned by special interests, along with a controlled mainstream media, and a corrupt judiciary.  They are in lockstep with virtually all of the destructive Marxist/Globalist policies, which are eating away at our life’s blood.

However, there are many great individuals and organizations, which are in the fight to defeat these “global elite” deceivers and destroyers.  Several are listed below, which I hope you’ll consider joining or supporting, especially with the most critical election in America’s history upcoming:

  1. “Our Country, Our Choice” (OurCountryOurChoice.com). This rapidly growing organization is led by America’s most brilliant and honest, military and foreign relations strategist, Col. Douglas MacGregor.  His incredible insights and analyses, through many non-mainstream interviews (Tucker Carlson, Judge Napolitano, et al.), reveals studied and common-sense perspectives that are desperately needed.  They include; Securing Our Borders, Ending the Wars, Promoting US Production, and Defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Also, removing the power of self-serving Oligarchs, Lobbies, International Bankers, NGOs, and government agencies.  Power must be restored to “We the People.”  OCOC is a conservative,  patriotic, but non-partisan organization – with actions focused on those issues most critical to our Republic’s survival and future.
  2. OCOC’s leadership and broadening reach can be exemplified by member Mike Zarzano, who heads a noble effort to form legal common-law Grand Juries as an effective weapon to investigate institutional crime and judicial corruption (countycongress.com). Florida is making great progress with this and it will hopefully be employed increasingly across the nation.
  3. Consider supporting the “Foundation to Defend the First Amendment” (www.FDFA.us), and the Free Expression Foundation (FreeExpressionFoundation.org) (often featured on TOO).   Both are fighting against an increasingly corrupt judicial system to protect the constitutional rights of Americans, including legal defense efforts for victimized patriots.
  4. If you are a Veteran, consider Veterans for America First (VeteransforAmericaFirst.org) or Veterans for Trump (www.VeteransforTrump.us). Headed by Chad Caton and an army of incredible patriots, they have a wide reach with growing impact.
  5. Also, Brad Miller has courageously helped build an organization for military accountability (militaryaccountability.com). Brad, a West Point graduate, resigned one-year short of retiring from the Army over the DOD’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.  He is fighting against military incompetence, “Woke” policies, and other unethical actions.
  6. Consider joining stellar groups such as “Moms for America” (momsforamerica.us) and “Moms for Liberty” (www.momsforliberty.org) which are organizing across the country at the county level, to combat the Woke/DEI attacks on traditional families and our very identity. They employ successful plans with support strategies to take back School Boards, and challenge local political and judicial corruption.
  7. Red Pill Expo (redpilluniversity.org) is an offshoot of G. Edward Griffin’s patriot and health network. They are creating county campuses and have a vast library of critical information.  He also has news feeds through (www.needtoknow.news).
  8. Participate in organized campaign rallies and support Independent or MAGA Republican Party (not RINO) efforts. Educate and encourage friends, relatives and associates to get politically active, and to vote.  Volunteer to help and monitor at election polling stations — so critical to stopping the fraud and intimidation.
  9. The Hollow is a relatively new organizing effort developing in the Sarasota area of Florida on behalf of family values, community cohesion and preparedness. Headed by a former Marine, Victor Mellor, it is a gathering place for traditionally valued Americans, young and old, to learn about our Constitution and develop the skills required to challenge the ongoing Marxist campaign to destroy America.  They are also developing partnerships, such as “We the People Health and Wellness Center” (wtphealthcare.com), as options to the increasingly corrupt medical and pharmaceutical companies.
  10. Sep 17th is Constitution Day. The 917 Society (the917society.org) is distributing copies to thousands of schools across the nation to help educate young people about our Constitution. Tulsi Gabbard, keynote speaker at their recent annual fundraiser is a former Democrat, who has rejected their destructive, anti-Constitutional policies.  She would make a very interesting VP choice for MAGA Trump.

These are just some possibilities to consider supporting or joining — or develop your own unique ideas.  We must all do what we can…no effort is too small if we are to restore the American Dream and preserve the unique legacy of our Founders.

Behind most of the interconnected conspiracies, currently in play, sits an “elephant in the room”, which we are not to notice or ever challenge…the international banking network.  This extensive group of power brokers are rooted in monetary manipulations and political leveraging.  Many have historically been part of the Jewish community but are often atheists or satanists.  Through their money power they have ruthlessly gained control over the political arena and media, and are behind our forever wars.  They are the New World Order and our enslavers!  I urge Christians to reevaluate their support for Israel (created by Jewish financial and media power via influence on Western governments) and instead promote peace.  I highly recommend the 46-minute speech by Benjamin Freedman given in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in DC (at Rumble or YouTube).  He was friends with JFK and reveals truths about World Wars I and II and what the modern-day state of Israel is really about. Fortunately, many Jewish people are now awakening to how they have been deceived, and Christian Zionists should, as well.

As people continue to wake up, they will increasingly abandon the major media outlets (which are already on life support) to seek out truth at freedom-based alternatives.  This includes not only the news outlets, but commercial entertainment and social networking, as well.  Quality alternatives may soon become the new mainstream media.

Tucker Carlson is courageously leading the way and I encourage everyone  to subscribe to Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) at (www.TuckerCarlson.com), or seek out his explosive interviews and revelations which may be posted at Rumble, or wherever free expression is not being censored.

Patriot TV (www.patriot.tv) is a new live stream service which will soon challenge cable and other markets.  General Michael Flynn is associated with it and his incredible and shocking true story, Flynn will soon be released as a feature documentary (www.FlynnMovie.com).  Unfortunately, he was an American hero unethically targeted for removal at the outset of the first Trump administration.  This reflects the growing desperation of our satanic overlords.  But I’ve no doubt that, just like Flynn, other victimized patriots will rise to lead America’s restoration.

Candace Owens is a brilliant and well-spoken truth-seeker who uniquely represents critical, yet often avoided, social issues from a fair and rational perspective.  Until she explicitly criticized Jews, she had her own column/program at the Daily Wire, run by pro-Israel fanatic Ben Shapiro, and also tours with Charlie Kirk’s youth-oriented Turning Point USA (www.tpusa.com).  There are now so many great Podcasts, Blogs, and alternative channels/outlets challenging the deceitful mainstream narrative that the information control battle may soon end.

In partnership with other patriots and veterans, I am in the process of forming the “Veterans League of Honor”, and a production company, “Americana Pictures”.  We seek to develop, produce, and market quality motion pictures as an alternative to Hollywood.  We need a new moral compass and our stories will promote positive ideals and be respectful of traditional American and Christian values.  Fortunately, new distribution alternatives, such as Angel Studios, are having great success (“Sound of Freedom”, “The Chosen”, et al.) and we look to partner with such independents.

As we move through this monumental year, let us not only clean the swamp (DC, State, and Local), but let us, with God’s blessing and guidance, make America not just great, but good again.

Merlin Miller is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and is the author of Eagles Are Gathering, which connects military, media and political intrigues.  It reveals the Globalist/Deep State agenda, who is behind it, and why, and what we must do to stop it.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    In answer to the excellent writer’s question, one of the things I do when the subject of homosexuals comes up (or when I broach it) is that I always say ” I will stand with the children”. This comment always garners inquiry, to which I respond, “Do you not know that homosexuals are at least 11 times more likely to be pedophiles? (Numerous studies has proven this). After all, their favorite saying is ‘Get them eight before they are too late’.

    Yes, as the writer of this essay says, we must speak out.

    The greatest threat to our race is cowardice. And our cowardice is spawned from fear of economic loss.

    Our kids are our future. Forget everything else, but do not forget that.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 In 1999, our swinish, provincial Progressive Conservative Ontario government legalized adoptions to ” SAME-SEX COUPLES “; under Enron-compromised Premier Mike Harris.

      02 Pedophilia remained a Federal Crime, while supplying entirely helpless and isolated minors to these elements became common.

      03 I was so insenced, that I fired off three letters to then PM Trudeau [father], Minister of Justice and Premier Harris. Letters which would nowadays garner me a month in jail.

      04 Google the Elisabeth Fritzl Case in Austria. Father locks daughter in basement with five doors and low ceiling, and has 7 children with her, over 24 years incommunicado.

    • beam_me_up
      beam_me_up says:

      You don’t need an advanced study to know that homosexuals are over 10x more likely to molest children than heterosexuals.

      1. 96% of adults on the US sex offender registry identify as male. So the vast majority sex offenders are male. Let’s just say all of them are male for simplicity.

      2..Homosexuals (gays and lesbians) comprise at most about 6% of the population. An absolute generous number
      would put gay men at 5% of the adult population.

      3. Victims of childhood sexual abuse are about equally likely to be male or female (not exactly it’s more like 65% male / 35% female but let’s say it’s 50/50 for simplicity,)

      4. This means that gay men (half of the 6% figure which are 3% of the total population) commit 50% of the molestions.

      5. Logically gay male pedophiles abuse boys and straight male pedos abuse girls.

      6. So then 3% of adult men (male gays) commit about 50% of molestations (the male child victims.) But we would expect gay men to only commit 3% of molestations, exactly proportional to their numbers.

      So then male gays are 50% / 3% = 16x more likely to abuse children than their straight counterparts.

      Even if we assume gay men comprise 5% of the adult population, that still makes them 10x more likely to abuse children than straight men. (50% of child molestation victims are boys / 5% gay men = 10)

      So gays are 10x to 16x more likely to molest children than straights.

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 How long ago were we assured to be informed about the ” western ” component suppliers of that Chinese balloon downed off South Carolina ?

    02 Intact brass plates identifying said western suppliers were reported among the recovered wreckage, which was handed to the FBI for guaranteed public disclosure.

    03 Disclosure of critical, actual conspiracies, beyond the familiar ones; my ass.

    04 As I commented here back then, we should have entrusted the retrieved parts to Walmart.

    05 Same goes for announced full disclosure of all government-held UFO files. Better kept private for future scaremongering.

  3. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    MAGA/TRUMP have been satanized/vilified/ and openly directly attacked at all levels. The DEM/BLUE/GOP/RINOs had already made it clear an plain that they will CHEAT/FRAUD/STEAL/LITIGATE the 2024 elections…Some of the anti/Maga/Trump forcess publicly call for the assassination of Donald Trump. It is a weel established FACTS that Trump won the 2020 Elections, its been proven with solid hard audiovisual forensic mathematical statistical scientific EVIDENCES. Nevertheless the BLUE/DEM Beast refused to accept the facts, the big dillemma crux of this Historical American cross roads is LETS ASSUME THE BLUE DEM GOP RINOS steal the 2024 Elections..then what??? MAGA/OCOC/TRUMP must strat from that assumption..Lets suppose this is Nov. 2024…and DEMs bring out BLM/ANTIFA..terrorists…will the USA Police/Military/ ENFORCE the will of the WE the people and the Constitution..?? The 2024 Elections will shape America in the next 100yrs+ to come..

  4. Darles
    Darles says:

    “… [Candice Owens] also tours with Charlie Kirk’s youth-oriented Turning Point USA (www.tpusa.com) …”

    TPUSA is a waste of time and now famously exposed as yet another pro-Zio, ‘Israel First’ operation and for those that are unaware, the younger generations are looking more towards people like the and political commentator Nick Fuentes to lead the way. He runs an informative and entertaining show called America First on his own streaming platform most nights: cozy.tv/Nick or on Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/nickjfuentes

    Although unfairly banned from X like Dr Macdonald, Nick and his followers, known as the Groypers, are on the frontline of the current culture wars that are raging and it’s this generation that matters now.

    He is also hosting AFPAC lV very soon, he needs all the support you can give him.


  5. Darles
    Darles says:

    “… [Candice Owens] also tours with Charlie Kirk’s youth-oriented Turning Point USA (www.tpusa.com) …”

    TPUSA is a waste of time and now famously exposed as yet another pro-Zio, ‘Israel First’ operation and for those that are unaware, the younger generations are looking more towards people like the political commentator Nick Fuentes to lead the way. He runs an informative and entertaining show called America First on his own streaming platform most nights: cozy.tv/Nick or on Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/nickjfuentes

    Although unfairly banned from X like Dr Macdonald, Nick and his followers, known as the Groypers, are on the frontline of the current culture wars that are raging and it’s this generation that matters now.

    He is also hosting AFPAC lV very soon, he needs all the support you can give him.


  6. Michael J Peters
    Michael J Peters says:

    There is NO movement. Allready David Lane knew this.

    Shure some crazy nazis obsessed with killing jews or something, buncha clowns with mediocre IQ.

    Trum cant save the US, no chance he sucks he’s probably a pedo he grabs women by the pussy.

    Like whites in the USA are starting to RACE-MIX there aint no laws against it.

    Whites under 20 are a minority. Only about half of children born are white and mano of them latino “whites” which I assume would be on averege pretty mixed or the like or something.

    A fundamental is the survival of our species and the movement of evolution to make us better and the like the holiness of our people our holy spirits.

    Is a country that does not protect the right of whites to exist a country of relevance? I’m sceptical…

      • Garry M. Duchamp II
        Garry M. Duchamp II says:


        Did you know 16 % of europes population has e gene originating in India.

        Gypsies and travellers have married into WHITE families.

        See the opinions of the race-biological institute in Sweden who’s research in many matters I do dissagree with but anyways.

        This is probably the cause.

        Many in the SS vere not all germanic there is stats on that.

        From my experience on how people with gypsy and traveller mixing heritage race mixing background look I am quite sure Hitlers mother was part traveller.

        I have heard that there is a lot of incest and heavy inbreading due to such practises withing this type of racial group heritage group part that.

        Hitler dod have a gene suggesting he was between 1 & 2 % somalian and 1 & 2 % berb.

        From my experience in judging peoples backrground in terms of race on their looks I would say most top nazis were racially mixed. Again this is not uncommon in Europe although it seems to be at lower levels for the most part.

        Does even a small percentage of mixing with gypsies and travellers destroy the white race? Is this due to inbreeding within the group see abowe?

        Hitler is interesting from certain point of views aktough I find him boring. He was blinded due to being gassed in wwI. He used a lot of drugs see a recent book by a German journalist on that subject. This was given to him by his doctor who was partly jewish. But when he stopped prescribing it Hitler sacked him. Hitler put the whole german army on heavy drugs.

        Hitler may have been heavily inbred, His nother having 8 misscarriages suggest that this is so. I do think so. His father caled his mother niece (meaning daughter of a brother or sister). Hitler said he loved his own niece. It has been suggested he murdered her due to being jelous of her falling in love with some man in another town whom she wanted to marry or the like. Hitler had very low grades and was homeless before wwI he lived in a shelter an had no job. He did however have sucess with his book mein kampf and became quite wealthy from that (if he himself wrote it I am sceptical).

        Nazizsm was never popular outside of germany. In the Nordic region for example what little support the nazi movement had in Sweden (not enough to enter the parliament) lost most of it’s supprters when nazi germany invaded Norway. Most norwegians hated the occupation and the hatred grew during it.

        But sue keep on with naiism if it is the thing for you. I mean there must be atleast 400 nazi in the USA with a population of 300 million people or so. Seems to be going so so.

        I personally think Hitler and the nazis were a disgrace to the german speaking region.

  7. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    80 percent of the classical music performed today was penned by a German composer. That is “culture”, therefore negligible. 80 percent of world trade is carried by ships powered by an engine invented by Rudolf Diesel. The rest of the German achievements that make our daily lives easier should not be mentioned here, because the list would be endless. The only important thing is that white people are oppressors and exploiters, and Germans in particular are “Nazis”.

    • Hoaard Smith
      Hoaard Smith says:

      Indeed true.

      I have some german heritage of very successful germans also although it goes like hundred or two hundred years back.

      And es Germans, Scandinavians,Brittish, French, and Jews have a lot of geniuses.

      Although a lot of the german geniouses uch as Bach may have had different heritages backgrounds, Yes most germans are mainly german but there is of course some influence from the roman empire, jews and immigration from eastern Europe and the like.

      Look at the nose of Mozart, Italian or Jewish heritage to some degree not that unlikely.

      Beethowen was it seems 99 % german or the like however.

      Bach was part hungarian or the like but like 5 generations back,

      Grieg was part Scottish, and the nose of that dude hey,

      But, yea, good point. And I don’t think all Germans are nazis. I’m sure a lot of them back in the day though there was a problem with racemixing with people from mor on the averege mixed regions or slavic countries, and many were militaristic and also nationalistic.

      But then were into the subject of race which I do feel I am not really enough of an expert to go into and also I haven’t done gene tests or extensive research on my families heritage and traced it backwards for super long. And I’m a true genious.

      And I do think I am 100 % white but I don’t know.

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