Dissidents: Ending Free Speech without a First Amendment


George Orwell: “Freedom of speech is the freedom to say what others do not want to hear.”

Sometime in the 80s, Arne Melchior made the following statement on television with the usual contempt in his voice, quoted here from memory:

“Who are the Nazis? They mean nothing! There are no famous people who are Nazis, no scientists, actors, or artists. They are nothing.”

That’s pretty much what the great master said, his face twitching in disgust – and it should be said immediately that by “Nazis” Arne Melchior meant anyone who doesn’t agree with him about how the world has been put tpgether. And unfortunately, he is right in his assertion. The traditional right wing means very little – and the extreme right wing means absolutely nothing. How can this be? Well, it’s very easy to explain. Anyone who professes a nationalist or patriotic philosophy of life and steps onto the public stage to defend it is immediately excluded from all “good society” – and if he is a “Nazi”, the exclusion is complete.

Could you imagine a royal actor openly professing nationalist ideas or publicly speaking out against immigration and “integration”? A doctor? A teacher? A soccer player? A CEO? No, they would never get that far. Even if a doctor with such sympathies found the solution to the riddle of cancer, he would be relegated to eternal unemployment and his discovery would be ignored. And the same goes for artists, writers and others – right down to the humblest positions in society. Such people will be relegated to welfare, no one will dare to socialize with them, and their children will be persecuted until they turn against their parents. People with such views cannot be “trusted”, they think outside the box, they challenge the prevailing religion, they are in short heretics and are destined to be burned at the stake – symbolically as the real thing is not really possible, for now at least.

But don’t we have freedom of opinion and freedom of speech in our democratic age? No, we don’t. Only those who have never tried to use these freedoms to speak out against the ruling class can think so. Freedom, in the words of Rosa Luxemburg, is always the freedom of those who think differently, and freedom of speech is, in George Orwell’s opinion, precisely the freedom to say what others do not want to hear. Anyone who has used these alleged freedoms in blind faith in all the talk of democracy he hears around him will have learned that, in reality, they do not exist today. Sure, you won’t be shot or hanged, and we have no concrete Siberia to which you can be banished. However, such methods are also primitive and end up conferring martyr status on the presumptuous few. Today, we are far more sophisticated, but no less effective in dealing with dissidents. They are still banished, but now to a place in the absolute shadows of society, where they mean nothing, and where no one takes them seriously. How is this welfare client supposed to manage society’s affairs if he cannot even manage his own, if he cannot make a living for himself, in short, if he has no success in his personal life? This is the natural reaction.

In the meantime, the ruling “elite”, who have emerged from an absolute turnaround in society, where the bottom has risen to the top as a result of a spiritual oxygen depletion, can calmly employ each other in the highest positions, award each other the most prestigious awards and honors, appoint each other to councils and boards, receive state subsidies and lifelong benefits, fill the columns of the press and the airwaves of radio and television, and constantly pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are. In short: you matter, you are something. Ability, knowledge, and skills are not required – as long as you have the right views and can recite the correct mantras – and the more you can sully your own nest, the better – the more you are.

The tools to exclude dissidents are not legal in nature – that would be unconstitutional. But there are so many other methods, and the main one lies in the demonization of real dissidents everywhere in the media, i.e. of those who do not share the worldview of the rulers – those who reject immigration, multiculturalism, or the EU, or who defend the nation state and the Danish people’s right to self-defense and to defend their territory against foreign occupation. Any real dissent is therefore immediately reported to the police by good-hearted people who believe that such dissent must necessarily be illegal. They don’t want to read or hear anything like that – and so it must be illegal.

In addition, the entire power system today is dominated by the descendants of the communist conspiracy who, in the years following the so-called student uprising of 1968, purposefully seized all important positions in society, i.e. in the education sector from kindergarten to university – where power was handed over to them unopposed by people who should have known better – the church, the courts, the central administration and the press, after which they began to take over the business world. At the same time, they took power in the various small associations from rabbit breeders to civic associations and voluntary organizations, where they suppressed dissenters with the schooled speech and empty platitudes that make reasonable people say: “No, I simply don’t want to participate in that”.

Today’s managers and employees are intolerant of anyone who thinks differently – and should they miss any by accident, there are countless ways of getting rid of them. Typically, it’s called restructuring, collaboration difficulties, fabricated “problems” supported by the red backing, complaints from customers or external suppliers, bullying, etc., etc., etc., etc. until the presumptuous person is forced out. This is where the trade unions and political electoral associations are always invaluable. The unions are happy to help create the problems, and the electoral associations put pressure on their people to participate in the witch hunt – while the media incite against the person in question without any reasonable distinction between truth and lies and always with addresses where the left-wing terrorists can carry out their misdeeds with the obvious approval of those in power.

Then comes social exclusion – people don’t dare to associate with “that kind of people”. What will the neighbors think, and what if you were to appear in the newspaper and be named along with “them”?

A good example is Nicolai Sennels, the spokesman for now defunct and in any case toothless Pegida (now For Freedom) in Denmark. Sennels is a psychologist working for the City of Copenhagen’s Child and Youth Administration, where he performs psychological assessments in connection with the ever-increasing flow of cases involving maladjusted and difficult young people. Naturally, this is not acceptable. His colleagues, who are organized in the communist-ruled National Association of Social Educators, are “uncomfortable” with Sennel’s “view of human nature”, and the vice-president of the association, the communist Jan Hoby, demands that he be fired for “professional pedagogical reasons”. As a representative of a trade union, this charlatan is supposed to protect employees against unfair dismissals – but of course this only applies to his friends. On the equally communist modkraft.dk, the DKP members get very upset about the firing of an “educator” who in his “teaching” has used a “rap song” with the evocative title “Musty ass”, the content of which intellectually and stylistically corresponds completely to the title. Hoby writes about this:

Everyone in the chain of command in Copenhagen Children and Youth Administration believes that the teacher has shown poor professional judgment and that the text is “abusive, offensive and unacceptable to present to this age group”. This is the reason why they no longer trust the teacher. But in the eyes of the administration, “professional judgment” becomes both an objective and an elastic band on a measuring stick. This means that the most powerful person decides what is a professional approach to the task. And not as it should be – the one with the greatest professional knowledge and insight.

We have to apologize for Hoby’s language problems, but so be it. He finds that the educator “professionally, objectively and research-based [has] justified his choice of text” and that the firing is “pedagogically and professionally Berufsverbot[barred from employment]”. Hmmm. What’s really wrong with firing someone because they are professionally and pedagogically unable to do their job properly – and whose approach to teaching is devoid of any decency, culture and ethics. We don’t know the name of the fired person, but we’d bet a bottle of good whisky that it’s one of their friends. We note that Hoby believes that the person with the greatest professional knowledge and insight should make the decisions.

In the case of Nicolai Sennels, this is suddenly not the case, here it is the “educators” who must decide on the psychologist’s professional competence, and in the case of Sennels, Berufsverbot is entirely appropriate. Here it is political. No one should have a job apart from their peers – and certainly not in this industry, where future generations will be shaped. Generally speaking, an academic job brings prestige, and dissidents should not enjoy that prestige. People who come into contact with Sennels by virtue of his job could possibly get the impression that Sennels might be sensible, skilled and sympathetic – this is completely unacceptable. People like Sennels must be isolated – and destroyed. He has previously had to resign from a position at the City of Copenhagen under similar, but less spectacular circumstances.

Of course, for the sake of completeness, Hoby surrounds himself with old communist posters and willingly allows himself to be photographed with pictures and busts of mass murderers such as Ho Chi Minh and Lenin, whose view of humanity this miserable relic of the past apparently shares.

It is not surprising that Social Democrat council member Jonas Bjørn Jensen, who is also the “campaign coordinator” for the blood-red “think tank” Cevea, which is the catchment area for some of the most superfluous existences in Danish society – the word “think tank” is absolutely misplaced in this context – immediately backed his colleague from the ideological dump for particularly dangerous waste and demanded Sennels be fired. Worst of all, however, both Hoby and Bjørn Jensen can enjoy their nation-damaging and parasitic existence in absolute safety and peace. They work for their friends, no one comes after their families, no one hurls abuse at them in their stairwells, no one destroys their cars, and no one attacks them with knives and clubs in public parking garages. All a luxury not enjoyed by their opponents. They are living proof of right-wing impotence.

Whereas in the past you didn’t always know where an applicant for a position stood politically, today anyone can look it up on the Internet, where terrorists from Demos and Redox use their networks in the CPR register and within the administration to keep all information up to date and to cast suspicion on anyone who does not share their warped worldview. It is therefore safe to assume that an employer will screen out in advance all applicants who might be suspicious – not necessarily out of malice, but to avoid the problems that he knows will inevitably arise or be created. You cannot cooperate with such people with dissenting opinions that contradict the company’s or institution’s “values” or “view of humanity”, as if these values and so-called “view of humanity” were above the constitution and the laws of nature.

With multiculturalism, the problems are further exacerbated. An opponent of immigration will naturally arouse the wrath of the immigrant lobby, and they will quickly mobilize the foreign fifth column. Doctors and social workers who do not do the immigrants’ bidding will be labeled “racists”, and examiners who will not give high marks to incompetent students from immigrant backgrounds or who catch them cheating risk the same fate. Feminists will complain about men who still believe there is a difference between the sexes, etc.

On DR’s online news, journalist Stine Bødker Nielsen asks the understanding question: “How much can you be allowed to express yourself on social media before it should [???] have consequences?”, as she reports on a Tumblr blogger who purposefully “exposes both racist comments and the people behind them – in the hope of getting them fired.”

“The blog reveals the identity of users and shares their name and workplace on the blog in the hope that someone will make a case out of it so that it will ultimately cost them their job.” Because, as she says sympathetically: “For some people, the racist tone has now become so harsh that they have started to take matters into their own hands.” Hmm, is that the society we want? The society where a random mob decides what you can say and what you can’t say – and where the aim is to get people fired from their jobs so they can learn to keep their mouths shut. What’s the difference between this and the more physical vigilante justice, where citizens catch and punish criminals that the police don’t want to deal with? Except, that is, that the Tumblr blogger’s activities are aimed at destroying law-abiding people who are simply exercising their alleged right to freedom of speech. Of course, it would have been appropriate for Danmarks Radio to problematize this development and perhaps raise the question of how this blogger comes into possession of his detailed knowledge of the people in question. However, Stine Bødker Nielsen is no journalistic heavyweight, and she is obviously intellectually challenged by such discussions of principle. She is just one of the usual automatic relay stations for the night soil of treasonous forces. But she is right, of course, that there should be consequences for certain speech – the question is, what speech and what consequences! Nationalist forces that find themselves in positions where this is possible should learn from this story. Fire a communist, hire a “racist”! Be conscious when choosing employees and suppliers – we no longer live in the age of democracy. Nowadays, every trick seems to work, and the enemy must be fought with the same means that he himself uses – and more than that.

Under these circumstances, it’s no wonder that the dissidents’ network is quite weak – and so far they haven’t managed to do much against these forces of darkness. Many resign themselves to their relegation, to being “nothing”, but young, talented and gifted people who have studied their subject for many years because it interests them and because they want to work with it, usually choose to keep their mouths shut and forget about their ideas about society. Understandably, they want a career, and since this can only be achieved through lack of talent or prostitution, they choose the latter, as they are not naturally equipped with the most important qualification in Danish academia: boundless stupidity.

The brainpower that should have elevated the right is being forced away from it – and the process is self-reinforcing. This group understandably wants to find a community that shares not only its ideals but also its interests and intellectual level, but when the only people who can afford to be in opposition are largely those who are on welfare anyway, this desire becomes harder to fulfill.

The situation we envision is a far cry from the ideals of freedom that are constantly celebrated by officials on solemn occasions. Freedom of speech and political freedom only apply to speech that supports the prevailing social order. Anyone who fundamentally disagrees with the worldview of the power elite has no real freedom of speech. In Denmark and the rest of the Western world, there is far less real political freedom in 2015 than there was in the 1950s or 1960s – let alone the 1930s. Today, there is an absolute, totalitarian dictatorship of opinion that bears comparison with the worst dictatorships of the past, only without the bloodshed. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you can live your life as you please – you could do the same under Stalin or in the GDR. You are no threat to the system as long as you keep your mouth shut. If you open your mouth, you are destroyed economically and socially, and you are effectively lawless, as the courts are totally controlled by the power elite and secret police today unscrupulously use exactly the same methods they condemn the Stasi for, with the difference that today they have technical possibilities that the Stasi could not even dream of.

There are still oppositional forces who believe that you can play in this system’s casino on the system’s own terms and thus influence it through political debate. Unfortunately, this is naïve. There have been debates and many good books and articles have been published in recent decades, but none of them have noticeably moved the fence posts of political life – political freedom is diminishing year by year at an ever-increasing rate. However, the same power clique that controls the media also owns the politicians, and they know that it’s the small daily dose of poison that does it. Day in and day out, educators and media popes lecture the population on how “good people” should think – not through long lectures, but through indirect influence in “non-political” contexts. The aim of education is to directly create “democratic” people, and advertisements, movies and other media products increasingly reflect today’s distorted multicultural worldview. Goebbels was a happy dilettante compared to today’s propagandists. Let’s be honest: If facts or truth had prevailed and debates had been useful, the world would look different today. The knowledge is available – anyone with just the most modest intelligence and the slightest knowledge of history knows that this will end badly – but they ignore it and concentrate on the next election, hoping to keep their possibilities to siphon off some goodies from the public purse. The problems of the next generation remain the problems of the next genera­tion. Parties that start out as a vocal opposition to the old parties, such as the Danish People’s Party, end up as their wagging tail within less than twenty years – they become “responsible”, i.e. irresponsible towards history and towards future generations. Or they are excluded from any influence and eventually disappear into the mists of oblivion – aided and abetted by agents of the secret police, who provide the dissent that eventually dissolves them. This will not change in the future.

But aren’t the Danes the happiest people on earth? We don’t really know, because Danes – like other Western European peoples – are scared and afraid, afraid of being lumped in with the worst of the worst, the Danish People’s Party, Nazis and other good people. When the average citizen finally gets upset about everything that annoys them – which is often immigration – they usually end with something like this: “Please don’t think I’m a racist, because I’m certainly not, and I certainly have nothing against foreigners if they behave, work and pay their taxes, but….” In political opinion polls, the Danish People’s Party regularly receives far lower support than in elections. People are simply afraid to say they are voting for such an awful party. Danes are insecure and cowed, but they can still drown their insecurities in unprecedented consumerism, and as long as they can do that, there is little hope for change.

If Danish dissidents want to achieve anything, they must be clear about what they are up against, what they want and what they can realistically achieve under the current conditions – and they must stop wasting time and money playing with parties that ultimately only serve to wear people down and turn them into public figures and thus render them harmless through exclusion from society and surveillance by the secret police. There are no shortcuts or compromises possible. It is simply no longer possible to change society within the framework of the system because the system no longer respects its own rules of the game – which they are always bragging about.

This article was originally posted at Denmark’s Freedom Council  in 2015. Reposted with permission.

Translated by means of AI


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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    When Facebook and Twitter censored me, I cancelled them and went to Gab. There I have freedom to speak my mind but mostly I “preach to the choir.” The solution is for right wing extremists such as I to become billionaires and buy up newspapers, magazines, tv stations etc. Unfortunately, I am too old now to take my own advice.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    When we lived in Denmark it was a cross between nude heterosexual parties and the white Scandinavian version of North Korea.We met some great musicians..unearthily gorgeous white females..and a ton of ,believe it or not…”scientologists! …Just what the world doesn’t need..scientology. Many of the so called state Christian. priests”..unfireable…..were course openly homosexual.There was also in the males a great deal of explosive easily triggered aggressively..like a bunch of angry stinging mosquitoes..and ..sone surprisingly open Danish Nazi s.But..yeah…back then women could be really quick to go after you..then again feminism..or the early feminazi phenomenon…all danish folk in Copenhagen and s lesser extent in arhus..were aware of the Nordic feminazi phenomenon. but Danes also can either drink a lot of be very cheap….”….at the end of the day the Danes can be very..very..fine people’s…some are absolutely brilliant in spite of their hideous gentrified militant socialism.

  3. Anonymous Prussian
    Anonymous Prussian says:

    Robert James (Bobby) Fischer had billions of dollars at one point in his career. According to his archived Radio Iceland interviews, UBS simply froze his accounts and stole his money.
    Trump entered the political scene with nearly 10 billion USD in assets.
    Even without talking about the Jews, they fine him nearly 1/2 a billion in just one frivolous NY court and are looking for ways to confiscate other high value assets.
    When the Jews control the money supply, an honest dissident has no hope of preserving wealth.
    IMO, the only arena where Whites still have the advantage is in the arena of action.
    However, at this late stage of decay, White civilian gorilla warfare will be met with a WW2 like outbreak where it was Germany against the world, as China and other Narcissistic peoples will seize the opportunity to help those elements already within White nations to finally break us.
    Nevertheless, the longer we wait to act, the greater the chances we’ll lose.
    Truth rarely sounds good, so cowards will often censor it.

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