The Great Destroyers: The Myth of Jewish Superiority

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

As famous Russian mathematician Igor Shafarevich points out in his essay on the Jewish question, Jews like to take credit for just about everything when in fact, they have observably invented or contributed very little throughout modern history and were only able to do what they did using the tools that were handed to them by the host cultures in which they found themselves:

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the Jews are active and often useful in their activities, but they are only able, so to speak, “to work on an already plowed field.” For example, Mendelssohn, Mahler, and Berg were undoubtedly talented musicians. But they were able to express themselves only when Western music was created—by Gabrielli, Schutz, Bach, Haydn, etc. Or, in Russia, Jews were very active in recent centuries (we will not discuss the difficult question of whether it was for good or to the detriment of the natives), but in any case, this became possible only after the country was plowed up and the Russian state was created.[1]

Most of their great men, such as Karl Marx,[2] Sigmund Freud,[3] Franz Boas,[4] Albert Einstein,[5] and Stephen Jay Gould[6] turn out as failures or notorious frauds or plagiarists.[7] And as far as their alleged inventions are concerned, most of them are not theirs to claim. According to academic writer and scholar Karl Radl, the editor and owner of Karl’s substack. Everything about Jews and Judaism, “Jews have a nasty habit of claiming that they created/invented things when they in fact didn’t and then never correcting the claim so that it becomes common place and ‘accepted as fact.’” Here is a partial list of the things they falsely claim to have invented: Nuclear-powered submarine, Wi-Fi, the Weekend, scale electric model train, Prozac, Aciclovir (antiviral drug), instant camera, fax machine, rubber condom, tapered roller bearing, stainless steel, incandescent light bulbs, laser, refrigerated railroad cars, video games, cafeteria, barbie, seven-day week, homeopathy, Scotch guard, helicopter, instant coffee, blue jeans, kidney dialysis and the artificial kidney dialysis machine, walkie-talkie, lipstick, pacemaker, electric motor, colour television, flashlight/torch, biochemistry, operetta, modern orthopedic surgery, Frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, the bra, chemotherapy, drip irrigation, vitamin C, automobile/car, the term cardiac countershock, stainless steel, microbiology and bacteriology, streptomycin, interferometer, nuclear powered submarines, sewing machines, the high-vacuum electron tube, discount store, geosynchronous satellite, mercury battery, optical fiber cable, hologram, 6-mercaptopurine (leukemia treatment), portable synthesizer, etc.[8]

What about their achievement lists? Can they be trusted? No, says Karl Radl, “Jewish achievement lists” can hardly be held to be valid given that they don’t represent anything other than a rhetorical ploy on the part of the Jews to — as before stated — prove the contention that Jewish persecution has been brought about by so self-congratulatory a reason as simple jealousy about the supposed ‘superiority of the jews’ when compared to the gentiles. […] Thus, we can see that the ‘Jewish achievement lists’ are simply meaningless.[9]

Does this include the disproportionate number of Jewish Nobel prize winners? You couldn’t bluff that. The Nobel prize is a serious affair. They gave one to Bob Dylan, didn’t they? Well, according to the Swedish scientist, Jan C. Biro, Md., Ph.D., this has more to do with Jewish marketing and networking skills than with merit:

Alfred Nobel’s Will (the founding document of the prestigious Nobel Prize) requests “…that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize …” This expressed wish is largely ignored by the Nobel Foundation, who award excessive numbers of Prizes to Jewish scientists (who traditionally belong to “One Nation” even if they live in different countries around the World), thus creating the large Jewish-Bias (J-bias). They award the Prize 137 times more frequently to Jewish candidates worldwide, and 26 times more frequently to those in America than would be expected from the size of the Jewish population. The proportion of Jewish laureates more than doubled (2.3-fold increase) after the Second World War owing to the explosion of prizes shared between Jews and Gentiles (8.8-fold increase). Higher IQs and preferential choice of science as a profession among Jews do not fully explain this J-bias. It is more likely that extensive and well-organized personal networking of a marketing type among Jewish scientists, together with the egalitarian-liberal, nonchalant attitude of the Swedish representatives of the donor, are responsible for this unfortunate phenomenon. It is suggested that the World’s scientific community persuade the Nobel Foundation to follow the rules of Nobel’s Will in accordance with Swedish Law. [10]

Simply put, as explained in an excellent article by blogger “Academic Agent” called “The Myth of High Jewish IQ”:

Nobel Prizes are not a neutral institution; they are not selected in an open manner, but tightly controlled through a committee. They demonstrate nothing beyond what power selects. The claim that prizes from this body is an objective measure of anything, therefore, must be discarded.”[11]

But aren’t the Jews in Israel smarter than most people? It takes brains to transform a desert into an oasis, right? Yes, it does, and there are indeed very smart people in Israel who belong to the Ashkenazim section of the population (average IQ 111), but they are now a minority at 35% because of the lower-IQ middle eastern, Sephardic, and the ever-increasing orthodox and ultra-orthodox sections of the population. According to a study by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, the average IQ of Jews in Israel is now 95.[12]  So, if brains did contribute to the prosperity of Israel, it was not the only factor. Money and outside help had a decisive impact on the development of the country. As Lenni Brenner says, the Jewish author of the book Zionism in the Age of Dictators, without Hitler’s help, in the thirties, it is highly likely that Israel would not exist.[13] And without massive financial and technical help from the White American and White German taxpayers, the Jewish cuckoo that laid its hegemonic ambitions in the nest of the Palestinians could not survive for very long.

How can that be? Most people think that Jews are really smart and that Jewish doctors are the best in the world. In fact, Jews who think of themselves as God’s preferred people believe they are superior in everything they do because of that.[14] Charles Murray, for example, the famous co-author of The Bell Curve. Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, in an article called “Jewish genius in 2007” attributes Jewish superior intelligence to the “happy irrefutable” fact that Jews are “God’s chosen people.” Is this why they are admitted in such high numbers to the best schools of the country?

“No,” says Ron Unz, the Jewish owner and editor in chief of one of America’s most influential conservative websites, The Unz Review, “given the poor performance of Jewish students on admissions tests, it is totally absurd and ridiculous that they are admitted in such large numbers to America’s elite universities. […] They are apparently admitted at a rate 1000% higher than equally intellectually deserving white students.”[15] How is this possible, with White students outnumbering them by 30-40 to 1?

It seems according to Ron Unz that Jews have lost the drive that characterized early immigrant generations and are now much more average. Their admission is no longer explained by brains alone. Nepotism has nothing to do with it, but “it’s not entirely clear,” writes Ron Unz, “and I don’t think it is,”[16] even though most of the deans of these venerable institutions are Jewish, as are a disproportionate number of administrators and faculty members. Unz leans more towards pressure from the American media, which is all Jewish-controlled. Thus, at the slightest drop in Jewish enrollment, the tribal watchdogs are quick to cry “antisemitism,” resulting in a subsequent increase in Jewish students. Admission officers, who are poorly paid and susceptible to bribery by the wealthy parents of Jewish applicants, are also believed to be responsible for this systematic bias. But according to Ron Unz, most of this favouritism is due to the Holocaust. It would be enough for Jewish applicants to play the card of the grandmother gassed in Auschwitz to be admitted, to the great displeasure of White students, who view this unbearable anti-White racism with much disgust but are forbidden to fight back publicly on pain of being branded as antisemites.[17]

That being said, let’s not forget the fact that beginning in the twenties, there were quotas on Jewish admissions to the universities. The cream of the cream—the high IQ Ashkenazim—that was admitted went on to play a significant role in the upward mobility of Jews in Western societies. The more average Jews could not get into Ivy League schools because they just weren’t smart enough as reflected by their poor performance on the SAT tests. That all changed, when in the early fifties, a clever Jew from Brooklyn named Stanley Kaplan found a way to subvert the system. It was a rather simple scheme. After each class that graduated from his test-prep school, Kaplan invited to a party every student that took the test on the condition that he would tell Kaplan one question he remembered from taking the test. By the time he sold his business in the 70s, he could tell his students with increasing accuracy, the answers to most of the questions on the test. As a result, Jewish scores on the SATS skyrocketed, as did Jewish admissions to the best schools of the country.[18]

Ironically, the type of people that the test was supposed to exclude because they were not intelligent enough, “ended up using the test to take over America’s elite universities. Once that happened, it was only a matter of time before they took over American culture as well, something that occurred in the mid-‘70s, just as opposition to the SATs was reaching a fever pitch,” notes journalist Sean Tite.[19]  And “Once a sufficient number of Jews became professors at the Ivy League schools,” asserts J. Tite, “they started showing extreme preference for other Jews in the hiring and admissions processes — to the point that the ‘elite’ schools today have become not much more than Jewish Shivas.”[20] Fortunately, the scheme that allowed Jews to cheat the system was ended in 1977 when David Halperin, a Jewish senator from Brooklyn, who had himself cheated the system, introduced the truth-in-testing bill which made the SAT questions public. In doing so, no one after that could use that scheme to cheat the system.[21]

The above cheating schemes raise a number of questions: Is nepotism at Harvard more important than Ron Unz thinks? If it was so common during the Kaplan years, why would it be different today? Do the Jews who now occupy leading positions in our universities, media, government, and institutions deserve to be there on merit or because of ethnic nepotism? In the end, are their fake celebrities, their fake invention claims, their fake achievement lists, their fake Noble Prize numbers, their fake antisemite accusations, and their holocaust victimization weaponized to legitimate and facilitate their domination over Western countries? Would control of the money and the media on top of it, be the perfect recipe for their success? Is this “group evolutionary survival strategy,” as Kevin MacDonald would put it, what allowed them to prevail, up until now, over more gifted and meritorious races? Did the Jewish race in general find in the Mossad’s motto, “By way of deception thou shall do war,” a biological niche that allowed them to succeed?

The Great Destroyers

According to Jewish author Maurice Samuels, Jews are unusually good at destroying and building back nearer to their heart’s desire, as the Fabians would say[22]:

We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.[23]

You can see in Gaza, live, 24/7, on most social media, how Jews like to destroy and rebuild back nearer to their heart’s desire. They seem to have a strong predisposition for absolute destruction of their enemies—starvation, violence, cruelty, phosphorus bombs, and murder of children, women, and the elderly. The scale of civilian suffering and the images and videos coming from Gaza are devastating.

Just ask the Russians. Many of them remember well what the Jewish-led Bolsheviks did to them during the Red Terror. They murdered, starved, tortured to death, and sent to the gulags, to die a slow death, every individual that stopped them from building back nearer to their heart’s desire. Thirty million dead is their legacy just in Russia.[24], [25], It’s more like a 100 million if you count the number of casualties of communism in general. [26]

That’s what they did in Germany also. They were not the only ones involved, but Churchill’s mentor, Professor Fredrick Lindemann[27] and his Jewish colleagues, Professors Solly Zuckerman and Desmond Bernal played a significant role in the design and planning of the wartime carpet bombing of German cities that was advocated to break the spirit of the population.[28] Hundreds of thousands of civilians, women, children, and the elderly, were burned alive by incendiary phosphorus bombs.[29] Dresden first comes to mind, but hundreds of cities and villages were destroyed in that matter. The infrastructure of the country was destroyed, overpopulated concentration camps full of refugees fleeing the Soviets in the East, were no longer supplied with food, water, and medicines, inmates died by the thousands from hunger and disease. When the allies liberated these camps, they found piles of emaciated cadavers all over the place, but it’s questionable whether they were killed by the Germans as the allies were quick to claim for propaganda reasons; many were killed indirectly by the accusers themselves.

The atomic bomb itself, the destroyer of all destroyers, was mostly a Jewish invention.[30] It was in fact called the ‘Jewish bomb.” Jacob Beser, the individual who detonated both of the atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at an altitude that was calculated to cause the greatest possible destruction, was Jewish. Although this bombing was most likely unnecessary to win the war as Japan was ready to surrender, Beser never expressed any regret of having probably killed for nothing roughly 200 000 thousand civilians. In fact, his only regret is that he could not do the same thing to Germany.[31]

Only one conclusion is possible: Jews were the greatest criminals of the 20th century. A fact vindicated by Ron Unz, the Jewish editor in chief and owner of one of America’s leading conservative websites, The Unz Review:

[…] per capita, Jews were the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century. And by a huge margin, with no other nationality even remotely close. And yet, through the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last hundred years have been magically transformed into the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left speechless.[32]

Cultural Marxism

But there’s more than one way of destroying to rebuild back nearer to the heart’s desire. Besides the bombs, the tortures, the famines, and the gulags, Jews devised more subtle ways to destroy what they don’t like. The following is a short reminder for those who are not familiar with this subject and for those who lost track of its methods and implications.

When the Jews realized that the Communist Revolution they were advocating in order to achieve world governance was not igniting the Western proletariat as expected, they devised an alternative plan that was milder, but much more effective in its subtlety. The plan which has many similarities with the controversial Protocols of the Elders of Zion was to destroy Western society from within.[33] Here are some of their goals and the means to achieve them:

– Penalize racism by Whites in order to promote Third-World immigration and race mixing;

– Provoke continual change in order to create confusion and to keep children from developing a strong sense of values or a feeling of historical continuity;

– Promote pornography, transgenderism, and teach children about sex and homosexuality at a very young age in order to destroy the traditional model of family and marriage;

– Undermine the authority of schools and teachers in order to promote a laissez-faire culture;

– Promote mass immigration and miscegenation in order to destroy racial and ethnic identity;

– Promote excessive alcohol and drug use to dumb people down and prevent them from asserting their rights and defending themselves;

– Empty the churches, without morals and spirituality, people are defenseless;

– Institute a justice system biased in favour of the criminals to the detriment of the victims in order to demoralize the population and create confusion;

– Create dependency on social benefits to prevent dissent;

– Control and dumb down the media and journalists for propaganda purposes;

– Encourage the breakdown of the family by promoting feminism, contraception, divorce on demand, abortion, “furry babies,” among other things.

In his book The Dispossessed Majority, American racialist Wilmot Robertson brilliantly describes the disastrous effect of this wholesale cultural destruction on the American white majority.[34]

Frankfurt School

One of the main objectives of the Jewish Frankfurt School was to exploit Sigmund Freud’s Jewish doctrine of pansexualism,[35] according to which every act could be explained by an unconscious sexual motivation. Prominent authors such as William Reich, Herbert Marcuse, and Theodore W. Adorno were convinced that antisemitism is a symptom of sexual frustration that can be cured by liberating the Gentile’s libido. To that effect, they advocated the pursuit of pleasure, unfettered enjoyment, the exploitation of gender differences, the reversal of traditional gender relations, and especially feminism.[36]

Why is feminism so important? A Jewish-dominated liberal democracy cannot happen without feminism, a movement that was largely pioneered, influenced, and led by Jewish women.[37] Feminism removes family structures and traditions, and creates individualistic populations that are easy to manipulate and control. Without a strong family to support it, society loses its cohesion and capacity to resist and fight back. This is why the CIA promotes feminism in Muslim countries.[38]

Here are some of the strategies they used:

– To undermine the authority of the father, reject the specific roles assigned to the father and the mother and wrest from parents their inalienable rights to the education of their children;

– Abolish the difference in education between girls and boys;

– Abolish all forms of male domination;

– Declare without justification that women are an oppressed class and men are oppressors.

One of the Frankfurt School’s most influential propagandists, Willi Münzenberg (not a Jew), summed up the long-term goal of this school of Globo-Zionist subversion as follows: “The West we are going to create will be corrupt to the point of stinking.”[39] Indeed, that’s exactly what happened. After WW2, Jews imbibed with cultural Marxist and Frankfurt School notions, flooded American and European universities, and were given “honorary degrees” in the 10s of thousands! This Frankfurt School invasion laid the seeds to the sex, drugs, and rock and roll revolution of the sixties which destroyed the traditional way of life of all Western countries. Right up until now, it had a considerable impact not only on the youth, but also on the general populations of all these countries. We only have to look around us to see the extent to which the Western White majority has been dispossessed and dragged through the mud.

In the end, instead of wanting to destroy the world to better suit their needs and demands, Jews should follow the advice of one of their most distinguished scholars, Harvard historian, Richard Pipes. He finishes his book, Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime, by asking: “does anyone have the right to remake human beings and refashion society without the mandate of the people and even against its will in the spirit of the early communist slogan, ‘we will drive mankind to happiness by force?’” Modern society concludes Professor Pipes, “is a complicated structure difficult to grasp, so one should never impose on it patterns of conduct. […] It is best to let people be. The tragic and sordid story of communism teaches that political authority must never be employed for ideological reasons.”[40]

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  1. Santoculto
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    Ok, i dont doubt they are destroyers but ONLY THEM????

    Before Pax Judea, White “elites” dominated world was way better?? For White “elites” it was.

    • Pierre Simon
      Pierre Simon says:

      Pax Britannia in the 19th century and Pax Americana starting with Woodrow Wilson in early 20th were, and still are, especially in America, Jewish-led empires, but that’s another matter.

  2. WCH
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    The nature of us, white humans, is clearly too inclusive. While the other races, or tribes, are much more exclusive. Maybe it’s s that simple. White women in particular are gullable. Maybe white men need to have children with Asian women, I don’t mean women from India.

    • Weaver
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      Whites are only inclusive due to culture and situation.

      A problem whites have is this belief in individual reason, as if we’re each in control of and responsible for our individual actions and choices. In reality, we’re not rational individuals.

      My point is just that I don’t believe we’re genetically predisposed to extinction.

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    This is a great, dissident refresher course Pierre. Thank you so much.

    It’s also a great piece to share with the Normies.

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    JEWS never built an Empire/Culture such as the great Roman/Greek/Persian/Ottoman/UK/USA Empires, althought jews have reached the highest power/wealth within thsoe socities. why? Even Atomic/Nuclear power was teh work og early Aryan/germanic/Anglo saxon scientists. That why kews hate them and they want to wipe them all whites out, sepcially Aryan Germans wit the highest IQ in teh world. They told me once that jews invented Film/Talking pictures/Hollywood BUT they moved to CA..because they did NOT want to pay Thomas Edison his rightful patent rignts..

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    The Romans conquered and took what they could, rewrote history as they could and wished to. It’s just the way of things. Romans didn’t create and invent everything; they took from Carthage, for example.

    It’s not an ideal. Our belief in an afterlife, in justice in the next life, seems to diverge from the belief many Jews hold that there is no afterlife. As a result, it doesn’t matter to them what they do in this life. Winning, and results, are what matter to them.

    Jews seem to understand the power of controlling the narrative, controlling culture and appearances.

    Interestingly, some Jews sincerely believe Judaism is not a race but is open to all. So, they are quite confusing. Other Jews of course see themselves as a race. When we speak of them, we’re referring to multiple groups that are apparently very different.

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    It’s interesting how Jews marry relatives but mock Muslims for doing the same.

    Muslims follow such an extreme religion that for them it can become easy to just reject everything to become secular, degenerate, cosmopolitan, and “modern.” So, their religion destroys all that isn’t Muslim, then leads them to reject even that.

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