Launch of The Front View

With the help of skilled videomaker Tony Avery and the support of Philip Gegan, Editor of, I’ve made the first episode of ‘The Front View’, which I hope will evolve as a sequence of video presentations. These will cover not just what is happening in Britain today, but what happened ‘yesterday’.

Putting on record, with evidence, what happened ‘yesterday’ is very important because, as George Orwell wrote in  Nineteen-Eighty-Four:

“He who controls the Present, controls the Past; he who controls the Past controls the Future.”

You, like me, are sure to have noticed that the aliens and Left/‘Woke’ tyrants who control many of the institutions of our society are making efforts to falsify events in our history — not just in the far-distant past but within living memory — particularly where these events relate to what used to be referred to as “race relations”.

Indeed, the tyrants are seeking to disinform us not only about the recent and distant past, but also about the present.

For evidence of this, you have only to look at television commercials and press adverts. A visitor from Outer Space looking at the media output (commercials and programmes) beamed into every home today would quickly form the opinion that:

• The majority of the population in Britain are Negroes or Asiatics.

• White British women are to be seen, but almost always with Negro or Asian partners;

• Children are to be seen in profusion, but nearly all of these are mixed-race;

• White male children are a rarity.

• There are no White fathers with White wives building families of young White children.

• The only adult white males to be seen are decrepit ‘Grandpa’ types.

• Persons holding post of responsibility are increasingly mixed-race females.

We know that at the moment, this depiction of the population of our country is a travesty. But it is a vision that the aliens and race-traitors want to see and are working to create. They excrete these incessant images on TV and in press adverts in order to condition our minds to accept as ‘normal’ such a state of affairs. What they are doing constitutes an incitement to genocide by suicide.

This subversion of truth must be contested. False accounts of events in our past, especially our recent past, must be contested and exposed.

For some reason, the aliens and race-traitors have been picking on events involving the National Front (which effectively died in circa 1987!) as ‘hooks’ on which to hang their mendacities.

The BBC is deeply engaged in this subversive campaign. But it may surprise you to learn that NHS trusts (all “charities”) are putting on “anti-racist” propaganda exhibitions in the public concourses of major hospitals in London — and no doubt elsewhere. This misuse of NHS facilities and funds has prompted the creation of ‘The Front View’ and its first episiode.

The topic which these NHS hospital exhibitions purport to explore is “The Battle of Lewisham” — that is, the National Front’s anti-mugging march in Lewisham on Saturday 13th August 1977. As I was organiser of that NF demonstration I am able to deploy first-hand knowledge to expose the lies which appear throughout these exhibitions. As you will see, my exposé is supported by documentary evidence.

I do hope you find this video exciting and interesting. Its URL line is:

If you think the video and the project we have given ourselves is worthwhile, then please forward this bulletin — or at least the link — to all of your friends and contacts, and ask them to do likewise.

It’s no good just complaining about what is being done to this country by wicked enemies and traitors who spread vile lies designed, ultimately, to perpetrate a genocide against the indigenous British people. We have to fight back. If we don’t, then we are a disgrace to our illustrious ancestors.


Martin Webster