Some notes on Controlled opposition, spies and snitches.

It is reasonable to assume that an article about this topic will be at some point read by a member of the controlled opposition. If this is you, relax: your name will not be mentioned!

The spy and the snitch concentrate on collecting information, but the controlled opposition concentrates ón putting ideas in your head.

It’s a tale as old as history. If the New Testament is accurate, Judas did the job two thousand years ago. They appear many times in history before and since. In the 1920s, the Soviets celebrated Judas and set up their own fake opposition amongst emigrant Russian communities around the world, snaring many an unwary and unfortunate person.

George Orwell described the kind, elderly man, nostalgic for the good old days, who turned a blind eye to the opposition meeting in his spare room. Surprise, surprise, even back then, the spare room had a hidden recording device…

A group fighting a legal case against McDonalds in the 1990s found out later that the majority of people attending their support ,meetings were snitches of one sort or another.

It is reasonable to assume that today there is massive use of controlled opposition. It is quite possible to be at an anti government meeting and for a majority of those present to be snitches. Wherever you are in the world, no doubt you can think of some suspicious characters who claim to oppose the government.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is one of the most inspiring and optimistic scientific laws ever discovered. They use controlled opposition to control us, but it has the seeds of its own destruction.

An East German Stasi agent reported that the early demonstrations against the regime included huge numbers of Stasi agents. They had to attend the protests to keep their cover as anti-government activists, but their attendance increased the numbers and encouraged more people to come out and protest.

Controlled opposition is better than no opposition at all. An agent must do some activism to maintain his cover as an activist. Anyone suspected of being an agent should be encouraged to do as much activism as possible.

Here is a categorization of different types of controlled opposition and some hints on how to counteract it:

The Spy Hunter: This character accuses others of being controlled opposition, often accurately. This gives the accuser credibility and promotes division.

The Obvious Spy: Even the kind, trusting and naïve among us notice there is something odd about this character—like the character parading around with a swastika at the Charlottesvill demonstration. This means we waste time thinking about him, and we do not notice the more subtle spy in our midst.

The Distractor: sends us looking the wrong direction at the wrong time. They will shout loudly about some horrific State crime from ten years ago, while exactly the same crime is being committed now.

The Dodgy Hero: This character says all the right things, and even does some of the right things. But his personal and professional life show him to have been dishonest and untrustworthy. This taints what truth he tells. Has he really reformed?

The Downer: As an intelligent person, perhaps you are aware that Things Are Bad? Mass vaccination, mass immigration, mass dumbing down and heavy Zionist influence in your politics, wherever you live, not excluding Gaza, Iran, Russia or China. But spend half an hour with the Downer, and you will realise things are even worse than that…His job is to frighten you with sometimes truthful information and reduce your will to resist: What’s the point? They are too powerful.

Dr Feel Good DoNothing Dude: Three main variants: There is a 5D chess games going on, OR the Good Aliens are coming to rescue us, OR even Jesus Christ himself is working behind the scenes to fix everything. They offer a similar solution: do nothing to publicly challenge the system.

The Hater: various philosophers over the millennia have warned of the danger to ourselves of overindulgence in the emotions of hate and anger, no matter how justified. These emotions warp our personalities and cloud our judgement. They are no doubt useful — in small, brief amounts — in warfare, punishment beatings, and torture, but any long term indulgence in these emotions is dangerous to the indulger. The Hater encourages us to hate and feel anger. The sensible person transmutes these emotions into determination to take useful action.

The Exaggerator (or the Bad Data guy): This character makes a truthful statement, but uses bad data to back it up. An example is a report by a qualified academic critcising the Covid nonsense, with various citations and quotes. When researched, the quotes were wrong or even non-existent! Someone went to a lot of trouble to fake dozens of false quotations, presumably to discredit the main argument.

* * *

One way of dealing with controlled opposition is to laugh at it! It is worth mentioning at all meetings: Hey guys, there’s a possibility that there is someone in this gathering who is a snitch. Our aim is to live such exemplary lives, that the snitch will switch over to our side. We also have a budget for snitches. Whatever they’re paying you, we’ll pay you double. Triple your money and double your fun.

Spies who have told their story often mention how nervous they are when the conversation turns to the topic of spies. Not surprising. It’s worth doing often, in a joking way, obviously without naming or even hinting at anyone. Discretely note reactions of suspicious persons…

By attending Controlled Opposition events, an honest man can make contact with other honest people. Any such event will be designed to fail, and the honest man can point out the failures in a light hearted and helpful way, naming no names, making no allegations, of course. This might embarrass the Controlled Opposition to make their next event less obviously designed to fail.

It is sometimes possible to cajole, and embarrass and joke the Controlled Opposition into taking effective action.

It’s probably a good idea to be on good terms personally with your local Controlled Opposition. The jovial smile, the manly embrace, cheerful conversation about topics of mutual interest. “Chickenfeed” is a useful term from the spy world: truthful information which the other side already knows or which is irrelevant. Never even hint at your suspicions, but occasionally talk in general terms about snitches, no names of course.

Being friendly with your local snitch(es) has personal advantages: Perhaps the snitch will leave your name and activities out of some of his reports. Perhaps your name will be at the end of the activists arrest list, not at the top. Perhaps he might even warn you ten minutes before the cops are due to arrest you.

Sometimes, very, very rarely, the snitch will switch.  This happened in a protest against a Shell gas pipeline in County Mayo (Ireland) some years back. An Englishman had spent a decade as a deep cover snitch in various protest movements, even starting a family with one unsuspecting lady. But he snapped. The Government wanted to jail two of the protestors. The snitch realised that he liked the protestors more than his paymasters. He went to court, gave evidence that he was a snitch, and that the protestors were innocent. Case dismissed!

Alexander Solzhenitsyn tells us how he was able to spot snitches amongst his fellow prisoners: He could sense them.  If you get an odd feeling about someone, pay careful attention to that feeling.

A friend suggests a “three strikes” approach. Notice one suspicious thing? Ok, keep observing. Three suspicious things, and you’ve got a definite!

As the Welsh say: Hwyl!

(translates as: Have Fun or Go Sailing.)

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Constructive article.A while back Catholic authoritarian e.michael.Jones was lauding handsome John* a defrocked homosexual reportedly Mexican Jew double agent who was repeatedly exposed as a slimy dufy obvious double agent for the Jews. Americans need to reflect carefully on jewdog trumpdog s red fag law paid stitchery..before you vote for any of the 3 flaming Zionist Isreal firsters..ask around about innocent gun owners swatted 6feet under ….Not a mutter.. not a peep ..not a chirp from trumprat.If there never was a trumprat who made a deal with in Hell.many innocent framed white gun owners would still be alive..of course one innocent gun owner was swatted was black…..important to know when something doesn’t seem right..*

    • ganainm
      ganainm says:

      If it hasn’t been done already, it might be an interesting article: Handsome John, the agent.

      Details of how he operated, what warning signals there were, etc, would be useful to the rest of us. It’s always interesting to look at photos of agents, and see if you can notice anything about them. If every exposed agent had a little article, with photos, about them, it might reduce their effectiveness. A photo will travel a long way, and who knows where an exposed agent will turn up next?

      Where is Handsome John these days?

      While there is great tragedy in this story, perhaps we can get some learning, and even laughter out of it too.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    Le Pen expelled the entire AfD fraction from her EUSSR fake “parliament” association, ostensibly because Krah idiotically answered an MSM journo question instead of wisely remaining silent.

    Yet her own people are far more inept. Condemning Ms. Daoudi for jokingly wearing a Luftwaffe cap (instead for her Moroccan married name) shows the course of this joke party under its scheming “leader”.

    Now Le Pen openly and shamelessly colludes with the globalist traitor Meloni, who in turn colludes with both Zelenskyy and von der Leyen.

    Her much more honorable niece Marion, btw, was just kicked out by Jew Zemmour because she called on voters to strategically vote for her aunt’s party.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    So, I’m a Downer. “Know thyself.” Well, at least now I know. I tend to argue that genetic engineering will destroy us, that resistance is futile.

    Disregarding that, things really are so bad that I do advocate for like-minded people to move somewhere. If the right in France moved to Germany, it might could take Germany. If Germany were taken, it might could work with Russia even though Russia has a huge Muslim Asian population.

    I had someone one time, maybe more than once, accuse me of not being American for trying, badly, to use British spelling conventions. However, [some] Southerners at one time rejected Webster’s spelling. Why diverge?

  4. ganainm
    ganainm says:

    Tim, in your opinion, do you think there was any vote rigging in the French elections? All I know is that LePen was the biggest of the three blocs in the first vote, but the smallest in the second. Does that match opinion polls just before the second vote?

    A French person told me that during the last presidential elections, LePen was leading by a couple of million votes at one point. Then there was some kind of technical glitch in broadcasting, and when it returned, LePen was trailing by a million or so votes.

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