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Jakob Friedrich Fries and the Intellectual Origins of Anti-Judaism in Europe

German philosopher Jakob Friedrich Fries (1775-1843) was born at Barby in Saxony and studied theology with the Moravians in the German town of Niesky, which was then heavily populated by Czech refugees fleeing Catholic persecution from their former homeland of Bohemia. Fries then traveled to Jena and Leipzig to study philosophy. In 1806 he became […]

Ludwig Klages on Judaism, Christianity and Paganism (Excerpts and Aphorisms)

Translated and edited by Joseph D. Pryce Ludwig Klages Ludwig Klages (1872–1956) was a prominent German philosopher associated with the intellectual movement known as ‘vitalism’ (Biozentrismus).  He seems to have been a solitary child, but he developed an intense friendship with a Jewish classmate named Theodor Lessing, who would himself go on to achieve fame as the […]

Leadership and the Vital Order: Selected Aphorisms by Hans Prinzhorn, Ph.D., M.D.

Translated and edited by Joseph D. Pryce Hans Prinzhorn The enduring fame of German psychotherapist Hans Prinzhorn (1886–1933) is based almost entirely upon one book, Bildnerei der Geisteskranken (Artistry of the mentally ill), that brilliant and quite unprecedented monograph on the artistic productions of the mentally ill, which appeared in 1922. Sadly, it is too often forgotten that […]