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America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud: Any End in Sight? Part 3

Go to Part 2 Pathological Horrors.  The popular and electoral landslide for which Nixon yearned had always eluded him.[1]  In 1972, he ran for re-election against Senator George McGovern from Sout Dakota.  According to journalist Stewart Alsop, Nixon did not regard his opponent as a homme sérieux — a man  to be taken seriously.[2] McGovern had […]

America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud: Any Cure in Sight? Part 1

Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, Johns Hopkins University professor and leading national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, once suggested that, as a partial cure for what ails the country of Syria, the United States and other world powers consider supervising elections there.[1]  This recommendation is curious, for one of the most unspeakable truths in America is […]