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Review of Black Britain  

Black Britain Chris Mullard London: George Allen and Unwin, 1973 Black Britain, published in 1973, is the memoir of a Black man born in Britain in 1944, when Black people were a rarity here. It contains much evidence that as a boy Chris Mullard was encouraged by all around him, but he could not accept […]

Why do intellectuals support affirmative action?

The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action in college admissions met with dismayed, hostile and sarcastic reactions from intellectuals, meaning the media, academics and others who make a living out of conveying ideas to the public.[1] This was predictable, but why are they like this? Why do intellectuals support affirmative action?[2] Many do so out […]

How the media spread transgender ideology

Introduction The idea that the media exist to impart information might hold good when the news is something that no one is in a position to deny. In such cases they can state their message plainly, as in: “Reckless driver arrested” or “Body of fourth victim pulled from lake”. The more questionable their message is, […]

Transgenderism as a PC ideology

Introduction Transgenderism can be seen as a politically correct ideology along with feminism, anti-racism and the others. The main things it has in common with them are a hatred and denial of nature and an impertinent urge to overcome it. Feminism against nature Feminists’ hatred and denial of nature are seen in their refusal to […]