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Cheer words and boo words

It is useful when considering politics, including racial politics and sexual politics, to be aware of cheer words and boo words. As an example of a cheer word, the philosopher Jamie Whyte gives “justice”, where “what it means is not perfectly clear but, whatever someone takes it to mean, he will think it’s a good […]

Justice and identity politics

It can be useful to go back to first principles, so here is what one might come up with when going back to first principles regarding justice. After this come some thoughts on what is made of these principles by identity politics. When we think of justice, two things might come to mind, the first […]

Women, etc.

First we got women priests, then women bishops, and now many clergy would accept a woman as the Archbishop of Canterbury.[1] No doubt some people, such as the women priests and bishops, are actively lobbying for it. This seems to be connected with the way that in 2020 Donald Trump promised to nominate a woman […]


Nimănui care citește asta nu trebuie să i se spună că evreii au avut o mare influență asupra Occidentului în ultimele decenii. Ceea ce ar putea să nu fie înțeles pe scară largă este efectul pe care l-au avut în mod specific asupra modului în care gândim. De-a lungul veacurilor, mintea occidentală s-a arătat a […]

Jews and the shaping of our thought

Nobody reading this needs to be told that Jews have had a great influence on the West in the last few decades. What might not be widely understood is the effect they have had specifically on the way we think. Through the ages the Western mind has shown itself to be straightforward, positivist and empirical […]

Black people and morality

Images of Black people are pressed on us so insistently these days, usually as models of some kind, that it is natural to ask just how admirable Black people are. For example, are they especially moral? Are they especially industrious, especially respectful of other people’s property, especially reliable, especially good to children, especially merciful, especially […]

Thoughts on love and hate

The last time I saw the word “love” it was in the phrase “Love is love”, which, being meaningless, gave me no idea what it was supposed to be promoting. I thought it must be homosexuality because I’d heard Stephen Fry say the words, which was depressing enough. How could an intelligent man do something […]