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TOQLive tonight, with Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, 8:00PM Eastern

Join me and @TOOEdit tonight when we present this month's installment of TOQ Live! Our guest this evening will be Dr. Ricardo Duchesne. As always, we will be taking your questions from chatroom. Show begins at 8PM ET. Don't miss it! — James Edwards (@JamesEdwardsTPC) February 4, 2019


A Conversation with Ricardo Duchesne, Part 3 of 3

Go to Part 1. Go to Part 2. Grégoire Canlorbe: It is not uncommon to claim the self-assertive longing for “prestige,” “respect,” and “fame” is fully intelligible within the framework of the selfish-gene theory, according to which the individual is biologically designed to propagate his genes—and therefore, to pursue personal survival, reproduction, and kin solidarity. […]


A Conversation with Ricardo Duchesne, Part 2 of 3

Grégoire Canlorbe: Western civilization, originating from the Indo-European heroic ethos, turned out to be both the most creative and Faustian civilization and the most war-ridden and war-dominated one. Islamic civilization has been equally militaristic and expansionist; yet it quickly became frozen and hostile towards innovation and individual genius—despite the fact that praising Muhammad’s heroic lifetime […]


A conversation with Ricardo Duchesne, Part 1 of 3

Editor’s note: Prof. Ricardo Duchesne will be the featured guest on the monthly video show promoting TOQ with James Edwards and me on Monday, February 4—details to come. In addition to his contributions to TOQ, Dr. Duchesne has authored several books, including The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, and Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, […]