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  1. Ricardo Duchesne: Difesa Intellettuale dell’Occidente

    Translation of “Ricardo Duchesne’s Intellectual Defense of the West” [This article is adapted from a longer version that appears in the Fall 2011 issue of The Occidental Quarterly magazine.] C’è stato un tempo, non molto tempo fa, nel quale l’idea dell’unicità dell’occidente era recepita (come) una saggia (visione) nel mondo accademico. L’occidente era caratterizzato dall’essere fortemente legato alla libertà individuale, […]

  2. Free Speech on Campus, Student Organizations and our Future

    Editor’s note: This article on establishing student organizations that are explicitly for White students is reposted with permission from the National Youth Front website. They also have an article on a story from Canada where someone claiming to represent the Students for Western Civilization distributed the above poster around the campus at Ryerson University, the […]

  3. Subscribe to The Occidental Quarterly

    The Occidental Quarterly fills a unique niche  in bringing together scholarly articles on a wide range of topics that are mired in political correctness elsewhere. There is no better way to not only inform yourself but also to help the cause. It is important that TOQ become self-supporting so that it doesn’t need to be subsidized by […]

  4. On the HBD Chick Interview

    The following is from an interview of HBD Chick that appeared on the Hoover Hog. I should say that I am an admirer of HBD Chick and follow her on Twitter. Hoover Hog: I think it’s fair to say that one of the most polarizing figures in the HBD-o-sphere is Kevin MacDonald, whose work is […]

  5. Video

    Jared Taylor Interviews Nicholas Wade.

  6. Two White Guys, Caldwell and Jorgeson, Conquer El Capitan

    Extreme sports is a context for implicit Whiteness: Extreme athletes exist in an implicitly White world where they associate only with other White men—“a racially and gender exclusive place” where White men “can un-apologetically perform an ideal masculinity which they cover by taking death-defying risks, enduring the pain of participation and displaying an unwavering confidence […]

  7. Björn Söder, Swedish Jews, and Multiculturalism

    Of all the accusations commonly leveled against a Jews as a group, perhaps the one they find most frightening is the accusation that they are disloyal, or aren’t ‘quite’ like the rest of us. Arguably, a large part of the Jewish evolutionary strategy consists of maintaining a pose, or pretence, to be fully in and […]

  8. Žižek, Group Selection, and the Western Culture of Guilt

    I am not going to try to figure out why academic left superstar Slavoj Žižek would want to review The Culture of Critique but he did (Steve Sailer: “Slavoj Žižek on Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique“). Perhaps it’s part of his persona where he writes things that are jarring and paradoxical — which is what I get from […]

  9. Reestablishing the Significance of Race: Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance” rebuts the pseudoscience of race denial

    Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance is the latest setback for the pseudo-scientific claim that race is meaningless. In lucid prose, Wade establishes the validity of race from converging lines of scientific inquiry. The gist of A Troublesome Inheritance is that races are biological formations, race differences are genetically based, and human evolution didn’t end with the ice age. Wade’s conclusions rest […]

  10. Video Archive

    See Jared Taylor Interviews Nicholas Wade here. [CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGES below Share this:]

  11. Recently in The Occidental Quarterly: Special Sections on White Pathology

    This is an introduction to special sections in the Summer and Fall issues of The Occidental Quarterly focused on White pathology. Whatever blame for our situation that we place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen. It is unprecedented for a civilization to voluntarily cede political and cultural […]

  12. Race as a biological reality and social construct

    I was pleasantly surprised to see an article on a radical website that actually says something positive about biological approaches to ethnicity, citing Frank Salter and me (Jay Knott, “Invention, Imagination, Race, and Nation,” posted on Dissident Voice). A couple comments: Shlomo Sand: I really don’t know how anyone can take Sand seriously given that […]

  13. Paul Gottfried and Claes Ryn on Leo Strauss

    The academic life is probably like many careers in that ultimately you have to find an audience. Professors spend months or years on a major project, then try to get it published in the best possible venue. Then they hope for positive reviews and, ultimately, acclaim and influence. I suspect that if one did a […]

  14. Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 2

    Go to Part One. Part one of this writing examined the status of White people from an individualistic, in contrast to an aggregate, perspective.  Part two explores the implications of that analysis and depends on the reader’s familiarity with the material in part one. White analysis, advocacy, and action need to be grounded in the […]

  15. Moral Capital and White Interests

    I just finished a book titled Moral Capital by Christopher Leslie Brown  on the movement to abolish the slave trade and then slavery itself in the British Empire. The  take home message is that  the abolitionist movement  thrived on moral capital. Even by 1790, popular opinion was persuaded that slavery was immoral, although it took […]

  16. Meta-Empirical Questions in the Rise of the West Debate

    This is a commentary on a review-essay, “Reorienting the Discovery Machine: Perspectives from China and Islamdom on Toby Huff’s Intellectual Curiosity and the Scientific Revolution: A Global Perspective,” published in the Journal of World History (June 2012), by Ting Xu and Khodadad Rezakhani.  The aim is to offer a sample of the way Europe’s history […]

  17. Lawrence Auster on the Role of Jews in the Dispossession of White, Christian America

    Lawrence Auster is one of those rare Jews (Paul Gottfried is another) who seems to have an appreciation for the traditional people and culture of America and an understanding of the role of Jews in White dispossession — not that Auster and I haven’t had our disagreements (“Lawrence Auster gets unhinged”).  Auster recently posted a […]

  18. Napoleon Chagnon and the Struggle for Scientific Anthropology

    Evolutionary anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon’s new book, Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes—The Yanomamö and the Anthropologists, is creating a considerable stir because it (gasp!) reiterates his findings that the behavior of the Yanomamö tribe  of the Amazon basin was a good fit with an evolutionary model. In his review, Nick Romeo summarizes the central […]

  19. Implicitly White themes in “The Hobbit”

      The Hobbit is a bit long, and some of the scenes could have been edited down. But I am not really complaining. It held my interest. The only thing is that it has a sort of “one thing after another for no good reason” feel—the result of a lot of padding needed to make […]

  20. The High-Mindedness of the British: New Zealand and the United States

    Fairness and Freedom: A History of Two Open Societies, New Zealand and the United States. David Hackett Fischer New York: Oxford University Press, xxv + 629 pages. I have to start off by saying that David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America has shaped the way I see American history and much […]

  21. On the Moral Code: An Exchange among Lasha Darkmoon, E. Michael Jones, and Kevin MacDonald

    This is an online discussion between E. Michael Jones and Lasha Darkmoon on the moral code, arising out of a brief exchange of ideas on the same subject between E. Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald in Culture Wars magazine. Following the original discussion as it appeared in Culture Wars (reprinted with permission), MacDonald appends a […]

  22. Ingrid Carlqvist and the morality of ethnic nationalism

    We Westerners, uniquely I think, are especially prone to establishing morally-based ingroups. In his book, The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt, whose work on academic societies as “tribal moral communities” of the multicultural left, links the tendency to form moral ingroups to a hunter-gatherer past, when those who transgressed the moral standards of the group were shunned […]

  23. Snow White and the Huntsman

    Snow White and the Huntsman Directed by Rupert Sanders Produced by Sam Mercer, Palak Patel, Joe Roth Screenplay by Evan Daugherty I realize that if a studio is going to spend $170 million on a movie, they are going to do their best to appeal to a wide audience. Movies with mass appeal necessarily have emotional hooks […]

  24. Review of Thomas Martin’s “The Victory of Humanism”

    The Victory of Humanism: The Psychology of Humanist Art, Modernism, and “Race” Thomas Martin Palm Coast, FL: Backintyme, 2011; 177 pages There can be little doubt that in historical perspective, perhaps the most important upheaval in Western culture has been the decline of aristocratic culture. This is apparent, for example, in two recent books that […]

  25. Ian Morris on Why the West Rules…For Now

    Ian Morris is professor of classics and history at Stanford University. His latest book entitled Why the West Rules — For Now: The Patterns of History and What They Reveal about the Future was published in 2010. The British-born Morris attempts in his book to explain why “the West” has exercised global dominance without parallel […]

  26. An Encouraging Report on Populist Attitudes in Europe

    UK-based think tank Demos has put out a report on supporters of European populist groups  (“The rise of Populism in Europe can be traced to online behaviour”).  The report is based on over 10,000 survey responses filled out by followers of Facebook pages maintained by 14 such groups in 11 countries (e.g., France’s Front National, […]

  27. Fall Issue of The Occidental Quarterly, and a Call for Papers

    The Fall issue of The Occidental Quarterly is now available. Yearly subscriptions (4 issues) can be obtained at the here—hardcopy: $60.00, including postage to U.S. addresses; digital: $30.00. See page for all purchase options. TOO readers will be very interested in this material. In addition to the intellectual stimulation provided by these articles (and a handsome […]

  28. Celebrating America’s European Heritage: Leif Erikson

    Joseph F. Healey has pointed out that White ethnic identities are evolving into new shapes and forms, merging the various “hyphenated” ethnic identities into a single, generalized “European American” identity based on race and a common history of immigration and assimilation.  In light of the fact that virtually every minority group has generated a protest […]

  29. Extreme Sports as a Context of Implicit Whiteness

    A reader sent along this video of Jeb Corliss, an extreme athlete, flying through the Alps. httpv:// Here’s extreme surfer Laird Hamilton surfing waves so big that he has to be towed into the path of the wave. httpv:// Corliss and Hamilton are White, and being White seems to be part of a pattern for extreme […]

  30. Stephen Walt on Anders Brevick, Immigration, and Western Culture

    If there’s one characteristic that defines the European nationalist parties, it is that they have eschewed racialist rhetoric in favor of cultural arguments. Geert Wilders, Marine LePen, et al. have claimed that Islam is incompatible with Western culture—that Muslims refuse to assimilate and have values that are incompatible with Western modernity, particularly on women and […]