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The Anglo-American Elite, Part 2: The Bilderbergers

Although the American people have never been informed by the public media that the Bilderberg Group is the successor organization to the Anglo-American Establishment, more than a few have surmised that it is because only the Group has the wherewithal (the experienced personnel, the agenda, and the resources) to manage such an undertaking. Pursuant to […]

The Anglo-American Elite, Part 1: Professors Carroll Quigley and Revilo Oliver on the Evolution of the Anglo-American Establishment

The aftermath of the Great War and its offspring, World War II, left only the capitalist Anglo-American Establishment in competition with the communist USSR for the grand prize — worldwide economic and financial hegemony. Owing to its rapid expansion, extensive domain, longevity, and success, the Anglo-American Establishment does now indeed appear capable of establishing a […]

Ethnic Changes in the Anglophone World

For better and for worse, the United States has maintained special international relationships with two foreign countries, Britain and Israel, the former for a century and a half and the latter for more than half a century. The alliance among these three powers has created a worldwide Anglophone Empire, which over time has evolved into […]