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Valentin Rasputin’s Crusade

With the passing of the great Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008), the no less great, though in a different genre, Valentin Rasputin (b. 1937), assumed the mantle of doyen of the Russian literary scene. Whereas Solzhenitsyn wrote monumental tomes about festering political issues in Russia (Gulag, Revolution, Jews) and gained international fame thereby, Rasputin, a son and guardian […]

War in the Caucasus

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, territories of its former empire that were immediately declared independent sovereign nations as well as those whose status is yet to be determined have fallen prey to foreign and internal interests seeking to separate them from Russia. One such major area is the Caucasus land bridge sandwiched between […]

A. M. Burovsky on the Jewish “Empire of the Intellect”

Professor Professor Andrei Mikhailovich Burovsky, academic, writer, slaughterer of sacred cows, and, it must be admitted straight off, a hyperactive revisionist, has a cornucopia of interests ranging from archaeology, the interaction between nature and societies, the formation of the noosphere, and cross-cultural contacts, right up to the Jewish question in Russia and worldwide. On all […]

Yegor Gaidar: An Alternative Obituary

When Yegor Gaidar, who with Chubais administered the economic “shock treatment” to the Russian people, died a few months ago, American, Russian, and Jewish financial leaders all expressed their sincere regrets. The official obituaries were all laudatory of the man and his accomplishments, abiding by the traditional sentiment de mortuis nil nisi bonum. The following […]