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The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness

QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT — “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” ANGELA MERKEL IN APPROPRIATE ATTIRE “Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany.” — Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author The staggering number of sex crimes committed in a […]

Mind Pollution — The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV: The Case of Jenji Kohan

Jewish TV writer JENJI KOHAN (left), flanked by sexual exhibitionist Miley Cyrus   “Fie, fie, fie, pah, pah! — Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination.” — King Lear, Act 4, Scene 6   Some would argue that this is not about the pollution of minds. They would maintain that there […]

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 Part 2 “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”  – Retired General Wesley Clark  Here are a few disquieting facts and figures that tell […]

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 1 of 2)

PART 1 Consider these questions: Do you help to solve the migrant rape crisis in Europe by eating pork, growing beards, and parading round the streets in miniskirts when you’re a man? Does it make sense to give “flirtation lessons” to the same migrants who are sexually assaulting European women in ever increasing numbers? Is […]

‘No More Immigrants — We’ve Had Enough!’

Extracts from writers on the Occidental Observer Selected and arranged in a collage of quotations, with additional commentary and emphases by Lasha Darkmoon “The migratory tsunami we are witnessing is adding up to a disaster.” — Alain de Benoist, French New Right philosopher KEVIN MACDONALD:  Francis Carr Begbie writes,  in an article entitled “Immigrant flood unleashes moral status […]

The Sexual Subversion of America, Part 2 of 2

An edited abridgement of E. Michael Jones’ 2003 essay, Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon  Anti-Jewish cartoon from a German school book for children (c. 1935) alleging  the sexual exploitation of German women by Jewish men.  8.  The sexually corrupted have now become the corrupters The impression […]

The Sexual Subversion of America, Part 1 of 2

An edited abridgement of E. Michael Jones’ 2003 essay, Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life…. If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!” — Sigmund Freud I never liked the title of Rabbi Dresner’s book: […]

Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, Part 2 of 2

(Go to Part 1 of 2) 4.  PORN ADDICTION AND FRONTAL  LOBE  SYNDROME It seems that frontal lobe damage, caused by long-term porn addiction and the compulsive masturbation that accompanies it, will give rise to a constellation of behaviors called “frontal lobe syndrome”. These include four main behavior patterns:  (1) Impulsive behavior with little regard […]

Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, Part 1 of 2

NEMO REPENTE FUIT TURPISSIMUS “No one became extremely wicked all at once.” — Juvenal, Satires The aim of this essay is a controversial one: to provide evidence in support of the thesis that porn addiction, especially when accompanied by compulsive masturbation over a long period, alters brain chemistry and can eventually produce brain damage. This […]

On the Moral Code: An Exchange among Lasha Darkmoon, E. Michael Jones, and Kevin MacDonald

This is an online discussion between E. Michael Jones and Lasha Darkmoon on the moral code, arising out of a brief exchange of ideas on the same subject between E. Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald in Culture Wars magazine. Following the original discussion as it appeared in Culture Wars (reprinted with permission), MacDonald appends a […]

Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance

Alfred Kinsey, Time Magazine cover, 1953: “The only unnatural act is that which you cannot perform.” It comes as a big shock to learn that two of the fathers of the Sexual Revolution were both sexual perverts with an evangelical mission in life: to infect society with their wacky ideas and turn the world into a […]

Armageddon Approaches

“An Israeli attack on Iran would create a disaster.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski “The entire lake will become a killing field…the Gulf will run red with American blood.” — Military specialist Mark Gaffney. Bombing Iran could be the final nail in the coffin of America—a decaying and morally bankrupt superpower where torture has been normalized and […]

Our Rachel

For Patrick Willis, a true lover of Palestine, who decided to take a Rachel poem of mine and turn it into a moving new video: In Memory of Rachel Corrie. It is hoped that the essay presented below will serve as an introduction to this widely acclaimed video as well as a tribute to Rachel […]

‘Death to America’: A new poem by Osama bin Laden?

A puzzling new poem, reportedly written by Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9-11, is here presented to the world for the first time in an edited translation. The reader is asked to decide whether the poem, prophesying Armageddon and the coming destruction of America, is an authentic bin Laden poem or an imitation. […]

Sex Plague

Sigmund Freud: “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life….If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!” A recent pamphlet published by the German government contains these chilling words: Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. The child touches all parts of their father’s […]

The Subtleties of Jewish Humor

In response to a recent article by Edmund Connelly on Jewish self-mockery, Kevin MacDonald had this to say: “The question is, what about media pieces that have an obvious anti-Jewish sub-text? Jews control the media, right? So why do we find clips like ‘Overcome stress by visualizing a greedy, hook-nosed race of creatures.’” “The Jewish sub-text,” […]

Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent

“What was forbidden is now permitted.” — Rabbi Samuel Dresner A few months ago, I received an angry email from a young woman called Victoria. Having ticked me off severely for various things I’d said in an article — and after a further exchange of emotional letters — Victoria, who was half Jewish, told me she would […]

Goodbye, America! (Part 2)

In the near future, America will have a White minority. We, the nominally Christian masses of European ancestry, will be surrounded by a sea of strange faces. All these polyglot multitudes, who have been teleported into America — and mainly because of Jewish influence against the will of its White majority — are now pitted against […]

Goodbye, America! (Part 1)

Kevin MacDonald’s review of Wilhelm Marr’s pamphlet, Der Sieg des Judenthums über das Germanenthum, 1879, (“The Victory of Judaism over Germanism”), is a fascinating compendium of pessimistic quotations in which German political pundit Marr concludes gloomily that there was no hope left for Germany. It was finished — yes, as early as the 1870s. The Jews, he lamented, were […]

She Died for Palestine

In memory of Rachel Corrie Like all things pure and precious Like holy bread and wine I love the radiant Rachel Who died for Palestine. Beautiful in life … Beautiful in death … cut down like a flower of the field Once through a green field drifting In the doldrums of the day Watching ravens […]

Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, consisting of email responses to The Plot Against Art, I tried to give the reader a cross-section of emails I had received. Most of these came from failed artists who felt aggrieved at the insults and humiliations heaped upon them by an art establishment almost entirely controlled by organized Jewry. […]

Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 1

y article, The Plot Against Art, elicited an unprecedented number of emails. These came mostly from angry artists who believed that they had produced works of high quality that had been spurned by the art establishment. The artists who had achieved world fame, on the other hand, had in many cases done so only because […]

The Plot Against Art, Part 2

I hate to tell you this, but if you like modern art there has to be something radically wrong with you. To feel hostile towards it is as natural as being repelled by incest. Modern art is out to corrupt you. If it doesn’t do this, it will have failed to achieve the primary purpose […]

The Plot Against Art, Part 1

“Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs or criminals of so many.” HG Wells, The Shape of Things to Come. I’ll begin with a confession: I am a failed artist. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to paint. The only thing that stopped me was lack of […]

Controlling Anti-Jewish Stereotypes: The Case of the “Hook-Nosed Jew”

One of my interests in life is the bizarre phenomenon of anti-Jewish propaganda manufactured by elite and well-organized cadres of Jews. Israel Shamir, in his controversial book Cabbala of Power, makes an interesting point about “hook-nosed Jews.” It seems that many Jews, far from shrinking from mention of their noses, never lose an opportunity to […]