Germany Rises as ‘Eurostan’ Looms Closer

The new ‘Eurostan’ in the making: Countries impacted by the migrant crisis

The writing is on the wall. The old Germany of our Christian ancestors is in the process of being destroyed. And after Germany, Europe is the target.

The EU, as we all know who have eyes to see, has now become the United States of Europe in all but name — an undemocratic and despotic confederation of states without borders whose primary aim appears to be White Genocide — the slow and systematic destruction of the white indigenous people of Europe by means of uncontrolled mass immigration and mongrelisation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been the main force behind the ongoing destruction of the Europe of our ancestors, the Europe of traditional values firmly rooted in its Christian ethos.

Under Angela Merkel’s auspices, Germany has heard its death knell. It has seen its great cities with their shimmering Gothic spires, and its peaceful towns and villages nestling in the green countryside, invaded by well over a million uninvited guests from lawless lands who have turned their nation into a multicultural zoo. German women are being raped and sexually assaulted literally every day of the year by migrants. And still Frau Merkel sits there smiling complacently amid the ruins of her country, making no attempt to turn back the tides of mounting terror.

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Domestic unrest is now the default condition in contemporary Germany. Take the recent events in Chemnitz, a city in Saxony (population: 246,000) and formerly a part of East Germany. For a city of this small size, its ethnic population is disproportionately large and unassimilated, giving rise to frequent inter-racial tensions. The Muslim sector is the largest. By December 2017, the city contained 2,875 Syrians, 1,165 Afghans, and 1,115 Indians (although the Indians are not necessarily Muslim). Apart from these, the city housed roughly 1,200 Chinese immigrants and a slightly smaller number of Russians. (See here, demography).

Neither the Chinese nor Russians in Chemnitz have been a thorn in the flesh to the local German population. It is a different story with the Muslims, the principal troublemakers — for reasons not altogether clear to this writer, given that most of the Muslims I have personally met have been exemplary citizens. Be that as it may, the official figures given above are almost certain to be an underestimate, since they do not cover the large number illegal immigrants who contribute so disproportionately to crime figures.

In order to counter all these new threats to the indigenous population, a hard core of resistance has naturally developed. This survival mechanism of resistance to large numbers of uncouth and unruly foreigners in their midst — all seen as potentially dangerous — is described in the mainstream media as “xenophobia” and “racism”.

Listen to Wikipedia, paragon of authoritative respectability:

In late August of 2018 the city [Chemnitz] was the site of a series of far-right and Neo-Nazi protests that attracted at least 8,000 people, that escalated into riots. The protests started after two immigrants were arrested in connection with the murder of a 35-year-old Cuban-German man. They culminated in the formation of mobs who rampaged through the streets of Chemnitz. Violent clashes occurred between far right protesters and counter protesters, leading to injuries. The mobs outnumbered the local police presence and chased down dark skinned bystanders and those that appeared to be foreigners on the streets before more police arrived and intervened. The riots were widely condemned throughout Germany, which “were described as reminiscent of civil war and Nazi pogroms.”

Resistance to “dark-skinned foreigners” who have invaded your country, many under the guise of being desperate refugees on the run, is allegedly “reminiscent of Nazi Germany.” Listen to Angela Merkel: “What we have seen in Chemnitz is something which has no place in a constitutional democracy.”

Democracy? In Germany? Did Merkel consult her fellow Germans before she decided to throw open the gates of Europe in general, and Germany in particular, to millions of potentially dangerous immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East? No, she didn’t. She just went ahead and did it. Without consultation. Over 1.6 million migrants were allowed into Germany in one year alone (2016). And this doesn’t include illegal immigrants.

In the words of Daily Mail columnist Robert Hardman:

All over Germany and across the political spectrum, millions are pointing the finger of blame at Mrs Merkel. They cite her decision in 2015 to open her nation’s doors to all-comers, regardless of need or motive. As a result, 1.6 million migrants made their way into the EU courtesy of the people-smuggling gangs on Europe’s eastern borders.

The Chancellor neither asked her nation nor the rest of the EU before making a decision that has caused profound divisions across German society.

For a while, Mrs Merkel was the toast of enlightened opinion-formers everywhere. Come December 2015, Time magazine named her its Person of the Year for “asking more of her country than most politicians would dare”. Within days, that award had backfired. Millions of Germans were shocked by alarming stories of young women being molested during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne.

Initially, the authorities had tried to bury the story, talking of a few isolated incidents. Finally, the German media exposed the truth: up to 1,200 women had reported being sexually assaulted by around 2,000 men right across Germany. Half of the suspects turned out to be new arrivals.

As a result, Mrs Merkel’s reputation and that of her party has been taking a pounding ever since. As one AfD MP, Markus Frohnmaier, put it: “If the state is no longer able to protect its citizens, then people take to the streets and protect themselves. It’s as simple as that!” (See here, ellipses omitted)

The man murdered in Chemnitz by two fake Syrian “refugees” was stabbed 25 times “as a result of the illegal mass invasion of Germany planned by Angela Merkel.” according to leading Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) state parliamentarian Dr. Christian Blex.

Speaking in an interview with Sputnik news service, Dr Blex had this to say about the murdered man: “He’s dead because Merkel opened the borders in 2015 and let in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. So, he is sadly a victim of Merkel’s policies and we are not going to tolerate this anymore.”

He added forcefully:

“Merkel simply broke the law when she opened the borders in 2015 and that’s what more and more Germans are recognizing. We don’t have any borders with a country which is in state of war or persecution, so they don’t have the right to stay in Germany.

In German society we are not used to stabbing, this is not our manner to discuss situations. We are a civilized people and we didn’t have these incidents before the opening of the borders.

Asked what the solution to the problem was, Blex said “It’s simple. We have to arrange the return of these hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘refugees.’ But as long as Merkel is in power, it won’t happen, because she has a plan to transform Germany into a multi-ethnic society at all costs.

But with every raped woman and murdered person, the number of Merkel’s followers here in Germany is falling. It’s only a matter of time before the worst politician of the German post-war era [Angela Merkel] is removed from office.” (Here, ellipses omitted)

—   §   —

“Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”

Angela Merkel in Fancy Dress

According to top German psychiatrist and best-selling author, Dr Hans-Joachim Maaz, Angela Merkel, often dubbed the “most powerful woman in the world,” is guilty of “rampant narcissism.” She is allegedly prone to hubris, unable to handle criticism, and has “lost all touch with reality.”

Evidence of this is supplied by her refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy of accepting too many immigrants, in defiance of the wishes of her own people.

Facing intense criticism from the German population and from within her own party, Merkel is at risk of an “imminent” mental breakdown and now represents a “danger” to Germany.

“A psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent,” warns Maaz, adding that Merkel’s own nervous body language in which she clutches her jewelry is also a sign of “insecurity”.

Despite Merkel’s open border policy culminating in the mass molestation of women by migrants in the city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Chancellor has refused to listen to critics who have demanded she significantly scale back Germany’s acceptance of “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa.

[As far back as October 2015], top security experts warned Merkel that the middle class in Germany [was]  becoming increasingly “radicalized” in response to the migrant influx and that domestic unrest may occur as a result.

The staggering number of sex crimes committed in a single month in Germany (July 2016) by non-White immigrants will give us an idea of the scale of this problem on an annual basis. Never before in peace time — except in post-war Germany when the remnants of Stalin’s Red Army rapists were still active — have the women of any single nation been sexually assaulted and raped on such an industrial scale. Females of all ages, from toddlers to women in their late seventies, are included in the grim statistics. Most of the victims are young rather than old; and their assailants, who are of all ages, are almost invariably single men who are described coyly in official documents as “Southerners,” or, more audaciously, as “dark-skinned foreigners.”

In a previous article of mine, I provided details of sex crimes committed in Germany in one month alone, July 2016, based on official police reports. I had plucked out three dates at random at 10-day intervals, providing details for July 1, July 10, and July 20.

Here are the details for July 1, 2016:

July 1, 2016:  A 25-year-old migrant from Pakistan sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in a public square in Perleberg. A “southern guy” (südländischer Typ) sexually assaulted a young woman in Nürnberg. A “dark-skinned” man (dunkelhäutig) groped a 15-year-old girl in Magdeburg. A 34-year-old migrant exposed himself to a passersby in Oldenburg. A man speaking “broken German” sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Ibbenbüren.

Police were searching for a “southern looking man” (südländisch aussehende Mann) who assaulted a 73-year-old man walking his dog in Sindelfingen. The migrant came up behind the elderly man, grabbed his crotch and demanded to have sex with him. The elderly man tried to get away by getting into his parked car, but the migrant jumped into the passenger seat and again demanded sex. The migrant ran away when a passer-by walking her three dogs approached the parked car.

Meanwhile, a 32-year-old migrant from Afghanistan photographed two girls, age 12 and 14, who were swimming in the Iller River in Illertissen. As they got out of the water, the man offered to pay them for sex. (See Appendix, here)

The sexual assault on a 73-year-old German male pensioner by a male asylum seeker is not only highly exceptional but probably unprecedented in the annals of German history. Attractive little boys often feature as objects of migrant sexual ardor, especially in swimming pools, but wrinkled and tottering old timers in their seventies? — this simply has to be a first. Something perhaps for the Guinness Book of World Records’ or Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not.”

No German is safe from attack in the new multicultural madhouse that is modern Germany:

During the month of July 2016, hundreds of German women and children were sexually assaulted by migrants. The youngest victim was nine; the oldest, 79. Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools and public restrooms. Predators are lurking everywhere; safety [is found] nowhere. “Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control: Suppression of data about migrant rapes is ‘Germany-wide phenomenon.’” by Sören Kern (August 9, 2016)

I don’t think Orwell could ever have foreseen this multicultural superstate that is the New Europe. Perhaps it should be given a new name: Eurostan.

Blood on her hands

Count Coudenhove-Kalergi’s masterplan of a European superstate without borders or separate mini-nations is rapidly coming to pass. It comes as no surprise to learn that the most prominent cheerleaders for ‘Eurostan’ today — i.e., of a Europe swamped with an endless supply of Third World (mostly Muslim) immigrants — are all former recipients of the prestigious Charlemagne Prize, also known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.

Selected winners of the Charlemagne Prize:

—  Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1950, first recipient)
—  Winston Churchill (1956)
—  Henry Kissinger (1987)
—  Tony Blair (1999)
—  Bill Clinton (2000)
—  Angela Merkel (2008)
—  Emmanuel Macron (2018)

As I have pointed out previously — here and here — this prestigious prize is offered annually only to political mandarins who have shown their ideological allegiance to Count Kalergi’s vision of a European superstate without borders or nations, a superstate that is essentially multicultural and will consist of a hotchpotch of interbreeding races that will lead, inevitably, to a mongrelized population of low-IQ slaves and its inevitable byproduct: White genocide.

Does this sound like a “conspiracy theory”? Sadly, it does. That’s just too bad. But dismiss it at your peril. In our own interests, it would be wise to take stock of our situation before it is too late. Pandora’s box is about to be opened.

Correction. It already has been opened, but it’s about to be thrown open even wider. — “One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter!”

The best that future historians will be able to say for Angela Merkel is that she was a well-intentioned German politician who thought she was doing the right thing, “something beautiful for God” — or altruism on steroids — but that she was sadly mistaken.

She has brought nothing but misery on the German people. And what is an even more grievous affliction, she has brought untold evils — a veritable Pandora’s box of horrors — on the entire continent of Europe for all future generations.

She has changed Europe beyond recognition. It will never be the same again. She has turned our lovely Europe into an ugly Eurostan in which the White population will gradually die out and disappear.

If things don’t change drastically, in a hundred years’ time, there won’t be a single White face left in Europe.

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