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Jewish Influence and Ethnic Networking in France: In Their Own Words . . .

It is often difficult for ordinary people to understand how small groups can achieve such a preponderant influence in the life of a country. But such influence should not be surprising: Modern societies have a highly complex division of labor leading to enormous power asymmetries, with huge amounts of power being concentrated in the hands […]

France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” — Part 2

Valls planting a “peace tree” in Évry dedicated to Palestine—before becoming a fanatical Zionist. Go go Part 1. Valls’ Early Career: A Neoliberal with an “Ethnic” Rotten Borough Valls calls himself a “Blairite” and a “Clintonian.” This is appropriate. He indeed represents that “right-wing” edge of the Socialist Party, the part that wants “modernize” the […]

France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” — Part 1

  Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls (The True Face of Manuel Valls) by Emmanuel Ratier Paris: Éditions Facta, 2014. There is a rather surreal quality to most Western governments today. There is little pretense of actually defending the interests of their citizens, but much blithe conforming to a smug and self-destructive egalitarian ideology (see: […]

Kouchner’s Rage: Portrait of a Warmonger and Immigrationist

  Bernard Kouchner is a senior French politician and has for decades been a common face in the media, typically promoting this or that “humanitarian intervention” in some part of the world. He served as France’s foreign minister between 2007 and 2010. I was tremendously struck by a passage in Paul-Éric Blanrue’s book on Sarkozy […]

Patrick Drahi: The Israeli Oligarch Taking Over French and American Media

As I have said elsewhere, Jewish control of media in France strikes me as rather less pronounced as in the United States of America. But Jews do own a fair amount of French media. The most prominent example today is the Israeli financier Patrick Drahi, whose example is highly informative. Drahi has bought up a […]

Conservative Politician Punished for Pointing Out “France Is a White Country”

The Overton window appears to be shifting. The current migratory crisis has led to unusually explicit discussion of race in Europe even among our traditionally lackluster “conservative” parties (most spectacularly in Hungary). French conservative politician Nadine Morano recently argued during a talk show that France is a White country and should not become Muslim: For […]

 “The Lobby-That-Doesn’t-Exist”: Politicians and Pundits on Jewish Influence in France

There are few things as difficult to talk about as Jewish elites and Jewish ethnocentrism (which, translated into left-wing parlance, could be termed “Jewish privilege” and “Jewish racism”). For the French case, Paul-Éric Blanrue (see my previous article on his work) usefully documents the numerous cases in which various prominent figures and journalists have spoken […]