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Éric Zemmour on the Great Replacement and Civic Nationalism

The conservative French-Jewish pundit Éric Zemmour may well become France’s next president. The centerpiece of his campaign is opposition to the Great Replacement. The latter means the ongoing trend of substitution of the indigenous populations of France and Europe by non-European immigrants, in particular by Africans and Muslims. In his most recent book, Zemmour writes […]

Great-Replaced: Half of Newborns in Belgium Have Foreign-Origin Mothers

First bar: births in 2020 by origin of the mother. Second bar: women of childbearing age by origin. Orange: native Belgians; blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin; grey: foreigners. The Great Replacement is a “discredited conspiracy theory,” but it also an empirical reality, wherever governments and agencies deem fit to publish the relevant figures. France […]

Guillaume Durocher on Éric Zemmour

Editor’s note: I recently posted an article by Daniel Barge on the candidacy of Éric Zemmour, foregrounded by some comments by me based on excerpts from Guillaume Durocher’s work on Zemmour posted in TOO  in 2015. Guillaume, who now writes for The Unz Review (alas!), has written a new article on Zemmour (“a polarizing but popular figure […]

A nação global

20 de julho de 2019 A Idade Moderna, que começou com a chegada de Cristóvão Colombo à América, caracteriza-se pela ligação cada vez maior entre as sociedades do mundo e pela cada vez menor distinção de seus limites. Esse fenômeno vem ganhando intensidade ao longo do tempo com a disparada tecnológica dos meios de transporte […]

The Global Nation

The modern era, beginning with Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, has been characterized by more and more interconnection and blurring between the world’s societies. This phenomenon has only grown in intensity over time with the rise of technologies such as mass transport and telecommunications, but also intellectual developments such as the rise of internationalist […]

Study Shows Babies Naturally Distinguish Races and Easily Link Them to Languages

Little Timmy can already identify foreigners. There is an interesting new study from the University of British Columbia on infant babies’ ability to distinguish, and link, different races and languages. According to UBC (my emphasis): Eleven-month-old infants can learn to associate the language they hear with ethnicity, recent research from the University of British Columbia […]