Patrick Drahi: The Israeli Oligarch Taking Over French and American Media

As I have said elsewhere, Jewish control of media in France strikes me as rather less pronounced as in the United States of America. But Jews do own a fair amount of French media. The most prominent example today is the Israeli financier Patrick Drahi, whose example is highly informative. Drahi has bought up a huge chunk of French print media, some TV and radio, and wants to take over the entire U.S. cable market (he already has two U.S. operators).

One basic take away is this: French Jews who are making their Aliyah to Israel – often citing Islamist terrorism caused by the immigration to France which Jewish groups have themselves supported – in no way forsake meddling in French affairs. A Paris-Tel Aviv flight only takes about four-and-a-half hours after all. Indeed, the aptly-named Roger Cuckierman — a Rothschild banker and the head of the French Jewish lobby (CRIF) has a son Édouard who lives in Israel, has patriotically served in the Israeli Defense Forces, is also a banker, and now sells Europe on Israel by building “cross-continental economic bridges.” Oh yes, what good “French citizens” these Cuckiermans.

(Actually Cuckierman recently clarified that: “the Jew is not a citizen like others” and that “we Jews are used to being the sentinels of democracy.” Translated into plain English: Cuckierman believes Jews are a privileged class of citizens and that Jewish ethnic lobbies and “public intellectuals” have and should have a leading role in enforcing political correctness and policing thought in France.)

Here is what the Observatory of Journalists and Media Information (OJIM, a patriotic French media watchdog) has gathered on Patrick Drahi in an article entitled An Empire at the Heart of the System”:

Heading a colossal business empire, Patrick Drahi began taking an interest in the media in the 2000s, buying up Libération [left-liberal newspaper], L’Express, L’Expansion, Studio Ciné Live, Lire [“Reading”], Mieux Vivre Votre Argent [“Better Living Your Money” (sic)], Classica, etc, before coveting the NextRadioTV group [holder of general and business TV and radio stations]. There is no doubt that he is, and will perhaps long remain, the key man in the media, unless his empire-on-credit should collapse like a house of cards . . .

Drahi’s financial empire seems to be some kind of Ponzi scheme which has not fallen apart yet. (A Ponzi scheme is a perfectly good business model as long as you do not plan on being around when it collapses or if, having bought off the politicians, you can count on them to bail you out.)

The best evidence that Drahi as an Israeli has no love for France comes from the praise of Bernard-Henri Lévi. B.-H. L. said the following in a bizarre speech of narcissistic Jewish supremacism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, entitled Patrick Drahi, the Jews, and Money and naturally republished by the CRIF’s website:

A Frenchman of heart and soul, a Swiss national, an Israeli citizen born in Casablanca, Citizen Drahi[1] reigns over this limitless and borderless territory [. . .] you [Drahi] are also one of these Gidians[2] that the “French ideology”[3] has opposed for a century but which we cruelly need in this time of native weightiness[4] and chauvinist choking — you are one of the citizens of the world to whom it is impossible to assign an “ethnicity” [souche], to enclose in an affiliation, to exhaust by one of these three “Ns” (the natal, the national, the natural), which I have said in a recent text how much they impoverish this humanity from which you come, which you yourself have told us only uses [i.e., humanity] an infinitesimal part of her intelligence and thought. And, for that as well, I salute you.

This conceited, pretentious, and hypocritical anti-European and pro-Israeli garbage really is what Lévy says and writes, all the time. The “French” media regularly republish and give a platform to this sort of thing with a straight face. Obviously, if Drahi — though born in French North Africa — has chosen to perform his Aliyah and move from France to Israel — then he is not simply a “citizen of the world” as Lévy claims, but is presumably a patriotic, strongly-identified ethnic Jew. Lévy then makes the claim that Drahi is alien to all nations – but this is absurd for, as discussed below, the financier has an explicit Zionist commitment to Israel.

“B.-H. L.” has become synonymous in much of French-speaking public opinion for Jewish-Zionist tribal arrogance.

Drahi apparently married an Orthodox Christian from Syria, but he chose to do so religiously in a Geneva synagogue. He has four children who “are studying in the best schools in Bristol, Geneva, and Tel Aviv, and seem destined to one day take charge of things.” His “absolute dream” is for his children to work with him, emphasizing the powerful commitment to high-investment parenting and organized clannish networking in the Jewish community. His two daughters have undergone their benot-mitzvah and every Sabbath eve he “hops into a rental jet to go see them, assembled together in one of his properties.”

Drahi moved to Israel in 2009 and became an Israeli citizen as a prerequisite to taking over a major Israeli media holding company (Israel has patriotic and protectionist cultural legislation which requires any shareholder of more than 20 percent of a telecoms operator be a citizen). He has since renounced his French citizenship.

The media reports that Drahi has justified his promotion of international investment in Israel because he is a “Zionist.” Haaretz has reported that Drahi wanted to create “an Israeli version of al-Jazeera” (i24News) and that he is motivated by “a sincere and real Zionist motivation to help improve Israel’s image by presenting the vibrant, modern, young lifestyle of the Israelis who live here. In addition to the content broadcast from Israel, the channel will also document the life of Jewish communities abroad.”

Drahi is resident for tax purposes in the Swiss ski resort of Cologny, where he owns three massive properties of over 2,000 square meters each. Cologny provides for significant tax breaks for wealthy foreigners. In the French billionaire ranking, he is the sixth-richest, with an estimated 16 billion euros. His business holdings were one of the major beneficiaries of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s stimulus program during the financial crisis. (Sarkozy, who a is quarter-Jewish, has said that the security of Israel is “the fight of my life,” and that all goyim owe Jewry “an inexpiable debt” due to the Shoah.)

The OJIM has an infographic (in French) of Drahi’s complex career and media holdings. The latter include: Much of the French cable TV market, cable operators in the United States, Portugal, Belgium, East Africa, Overseas France, and Israel, Libération newspaper, and countless magazines via the Altice media group (most notably L’Express).

Libération has anyway shed almost half its staff over the last 10 years (down from 340 to 180 employees) and its sales are continuing to fall. Newspapers are basically inevitably loss-making operations solely kept alive by oligarchic and government subsidies for propaganda purposes. We can be quite hopeful that these kind of media will continue to steadily whither away in the coming years and that alternative counter-cultures like our own will grow ever-more vibrant. Probably the economic and readership collapse of much of the mainstream media, which is quite stressful for a gainfully-employed journalist, is behind the shrillness of a lot of recent media coverage.

Drahi received the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Scopus Prize this year. He said on the occasion: “Philanthropy means to prepare the future. [. . .] Philanthropy is to in a way be at the service of civilization and peace. It is, in reality, to act a good family father.” On his networking prowess: “When you come from nowhere, you have to surpass yourself, I knocked on all the doors, I knew all the bankers in the area, but I do not go to ‘circles,’ clubs, or socialites’ dinners.” Speaking before the French National Assembly (as the president of telecoms giant Altice): “the goal is not to reduce our debt but to create growth.”

Drahi has close ties with both leading French political parties and with the American and French Jewish communities.

Arnaud Montebourg, a maverick Socialist politician who claims to be “anti-globalization” and was recently minister for industry, demanded in that capacity that Drahi repatriate his fortune to France and pay taxes to the French state, rather than use all these elaborate tax evasion schemes via Israel, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc. Le Monde reports that: “This Moroccan-born Sephardic Jew has developed with Israel a particular bond. He loves Tel Aviv, where he owns an apartment in the luxurious Rothschild Tower.”

All this is highly informative. Our globalized, post-national, miscegenated world will not lead to the harmonious colorblind space communism of Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek. Rather, the world will be a hell hole of alienation, inequality and subdued-to-explosive ethnic tensions and White victimization, dominated by the nexus of plutocracy, financial scams, media control, and super-high-level ethnic mafias (talented Levantines in general, such as Lebanese and Armenians, really do seem to have a knack for this, but they have nothing on the Ashkenazim).

Israel, in this order, is not a normal nation-state, but a hub for Jewish ethnic networking. (Here is The Economist reporting on how Russia’s Jewish oligarchs all go to Israel to hang out together and presumably casually discuss what they are going to do about this Putin fellow.. Because of Israel, diaspora Jews and Israeli “citizens of the world” can make tax-deductible “donations” and flee back to the motherland if ever they run into trouble with goyishe law (whether individually as a murderer or crook, or collectively if ever the goyim get restless again; Israel is not a normal nation but an “insurance policy,” in their inimitably materialistic terms). Hence, Patrick Drahi. Sheldon Adelson, Michael Bloomberg, and their ilk will live and rule, while the kin of Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet are intimidated, marginalized and ultimately go extinct. Perhaps we should be presenting Darwin Awards to these non-Jewish oligarchs?

But while these non-Jewish oligarchs are going along with a system that would destroy their people, Jewish oligarchs are busy checking all the boxes. China is independent from the West and still has significant autonomy and massive power within the globalist system. Hence the importance of the Chan Zuckerberg Project.

Live and learn!

[1] In English in the original, like “Citizen Kane.”

[2] Referring to André Gide, a twentieth century homosexual and drug addict who was opposed by some Right-wingers for promoting decadent culture. It’s interesting that Gide was also promoted by the occupying German authorities in wartime Paris on the theory that this would weaken French society’s cohesion and ability to resist.

[3] Lévy’s term to disparage traditional French culture as inherently hateful, authoritarian, fascistic, and anti-Semitic — his shameless technique to delegitimize the very existence of the French nation itself as evil.

[4] i.e. of native French and other European opposition to the national suicide and globalism promoted by Lévy.

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