Kind Words of ‘Conservatives’ for Obama

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post tracks what he describes as the “conservative” press singing the praises of Sen. Barack Obama, winner of the Iowa caucuses.

His first example?  A gushing quote from David Brooks, whom Kurtz calls the “conservative New York Times columnist.”  Yet Brooks, who like Kurtz is Jewish, is not, by the record of his writings, remotely conservative.  If anything, he counts as an occasionally thoughtful moderate, which tells you something about the ideological spectrum calibration of the New York Times.

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Meanwhile, the power of Kurtz to boost his co-ethnic Brooks, both of whom in turn boost Obama, illuminates the ability of the Jewish network to steer America’s political ship in its direction by defining the boundaries of “left” and “right”.  Surprise!  Both flanks are covered by Jews.

For additional nausea, scroll through the comments of the others selected by Kurtz, like Bill Bennett declaring that Obama “appeals to the better angels of all our natures.”  In other words, if you’re not getting goose bumps about Obama, you’re a racist.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.