New York Times Spins Black Murders Into Excuse to Ban Homeschooling

Homeschooling is widely feared by the multicultural establishment because it is seen as a way for “racist” whites to shield their children from liberal indoctrination.  But arguments against it are difficult to make.  With few exceptions, most Americans consider the right to raise children as one sees fit as inviolable.

Meanwhile, never-ending examples of black pathology and criminality are deemed by the same multicultural establishment as mere aberrations, not indicative of any racial pattern worth considering.  If anything, it is some failure of the white “system” to address “underlying needs” that is responsible.

In a recent act of dizzying spin, the New York Times has found a way to advance both these agendas in a single story.

In Washington, D.C., a black mother has been charged with the murder of her four children, whose bodies were found recently in a state of advanced decomposition.  A monstrous act that finds more frequent expression among America’s inner-city black populations?  No, guess again.

An excuse to ban homeschooling.

Nowhere in the story by reporter Jane Gross is there support for the contention that the mother was in fact homeschooling her children.  It remains to be seen how she came to this conclusion.  Did the mother fill out an application for withdrawal from the school system? Appear on homeschooling support lists?  Purchase homeschooling curricula?  Gross does not say.

But assuming even a trace level of credibility to the idea that the woman, Benita M. Jacks, was “homeschooling” her children, rather than simply withdrawing them (or letting them withdraw), the connection between this overwhelming white, suburban or rural practice and the grisly murders in Washington, D.C. is simply fantastic. Ms. Jacks reportedly said she killed her children because they were possessed by demons.

So why not a story about mental illness, then?  No, it’s homeschooling in reporter Gross’s sights.  She lines up an impressive array of “experts” to wax on that “officials” are all of a sudden unable to monitor children in the evil and shadowy practice of homeschooling.  It is rather like a story following the “Twinkie defense” to murder quoting nutritionist after nutritionist warning that unless we ban sugar, murder in America will run rampant.  The reporter’s agenda could not be clearer.

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As a cosmopolitan journalist for the New York Times (and presumably Jewish), Jane Gross has probably never met a homeschooled child or homeschooling family, imagining them all to be cross-burning white Kentuckians in desperate need of “surveillance” by liberal-minded “authorities” who will subject them to presentations on the Holocaust and posters of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez.

The natural result of this episode and its spin by the New York Times is that a practice of whites will become discredited, and the behavior of blacks excused.  It is yet another example of the way in which the dominant media not only ignores the legitimate interests of whites, it actively campaigns against them.