N. C. Aizenman: The Washington Post’s Reigning Champion of Illegal Aliens

The treatment of illegal immigrants by the MSM has been a tiresome spectacle for years:  They’re lovely beings.  The American citizens, whites or other opponents of their continued presence here are awful trolls. We constantly hear of the illegals’ plight.  We never hear about the people hurt by them, namely white Americans (and to a large extent, black Americans, too).

But for unvarnished advocacy for these Hispanic invaders, the Washington Post’s N.C. Aizenman stands above the crowd.  “N. C.,” as she styles herself these days, is Nurith Celina Aizenman (“Nurith” is Hebrew), a former journalist for the New Republic who apparently decided that opining on events from a liberal perspective wasn’t direct enough:  Now she’ll just dose you with it straight, under the guise of a news column.

Her March 27, 2008 front-page story on the calamity befalling Virginia because of immigration crackdowns will make you want to scream (In N.Va, a Latino Community Unravels).

“A vibrant Latino subculture built in Prince William County over more than a decade is starting to come undone in a matter of months,” she begins.  Translation:  “The bland white world I detest is callously rejecting the wonderful injections of multicultural color it was lucky enough to get.”

We can be sure that Ms. Aizenman (seen here cavorting in the vibrant Afghani culture while on foreign assignment) has never described white culture as “vibrant.”  Or would never, if pressed.  We can be equally sure that she hates this country’s traditional white population, except the few in the media world enlightened enough to share her view that most of it needs to be scrapped in favor of a Peruvian-shawl-and-kente-cloth paradise.

In the story, Aizenman tells us of Hispanic business owners massaging stress-induced sore arms, “ghost town” strip malls, and empty churches (Christian worship is authentic when practiced by brown people, but hateful and small-minded when practiced by white people, you see).

She lobs in that hackneyed newspaper reference to the weather (“The sun gleamed over Manassas out of a cloudless sky”) before announcing the new friendlessness of an illegal Guatemalan woman named Silda.

“A police car drove by, and Silda quickly pulled [her 3-year-old daughter] Cynthia toward her body,” she writes, informing us that the illegal Guatemalans are Jews, and the Prince William County police are the Nazis.  Thanks, Nurith.

Nowhere are there whites or Americans quoted about how happy they are to see the illegals go.  The disgust over the third-world style storefronts, unsightly gatherings in the parking lots, and inability to find anyone who speaks English?  Not mentioned.  The incredible costs imposed on taxpayers, the police and the courts, and infrastructure?  Not mentioned.  The frustration of displacement?  Not a word of it.  When white America unravels, N.C. Aizenman won’t be there to tell you about it.

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In short, whether through N.C. Aizenman or the rest of the MSM, whites do not have a voice.  Their concerns, feelings and frustrations are not featured on the front page of the Washington Post.  As America’s demographics put whites in the minority, this will have to change.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.