Canada is a police state

Kathy Shaidle’s article on the Canadian thought police is an excellent summary of the horrifying regime of political correctness that reigns in Canada. One incident is particularly striking. Richard Warman, who has made a career of bringing complaints to the Canadian Human Human Rights Commission (CHRC), was accused of stifling free speech by Paul Fromm. For example, Fromm wrote that Warman was “the high priest of censorship” and “the mortal enemy of free speech and free thought.”

Warman then sued Fromm for defamation and won. The judge ruled that because Mr. Warman was acting legally in bringing complaints to the CHRC and because he had always been successful in these complaints, therefore he could not be reasonably accused of acting to stifle free speech.

There is an indisputable, thoroughly Orwellian logic to this. Canada has in fact outlawed certain types of speech. That’s what the CHRC is all about. Mr. Warman, in collaborating with the CHRC, could not possibly be guilty of stifling free speech because the types of speech Warman is complaining about are not in fact allowed. One is not free to say these things.

Get it? In the opinion of the court, Warman could presumably be reasonably described as stifling illegal speech, but to say that he is stifling free speech is simply incorrect. Ergo, what Fromm wrote was defamatory. Pay up.

Perhaps Fromm should have phrased his complaints a bit differently: Warman (and the CHRC) are acting to stifle certain thoughts when they are expressed publicly. Minimally, at least some of the thoughts frowned on by Warman and the CHRC are completely reasonable and should be allowed in any civilized society. And first among such thoughts should be that criticism of the behavior of groups should be tolerated. It should be possible to criticize, say, the behavior of the organized Jewish community (which strongly supports the CHRC). And people should be able to note that in general Muslim immigrants have not assimilated into Western societies, or that blacks have lower academic achievement even after controlling for socioeconomic factors.

But Canada is now a police state, so don’t even think about it. Literally.

First They Came For… Canadian “Hate Speech” Totalitarianism Is Not New

Kathy Shaidle

May 6, 2008 [article]