Media Watch – Now that’s Rich: Frank Rich comes to white America’s defense

When does a Jewish, liberal New York Times columnist come to the defense of white America?  Only when he thinks it’s not as “racist” as portrayed by his media brethren.

In other words, only when whites wrest themselves from their natural instincts (and logical objections) against a black candidate for office and prostrate themselves before the Multiracial Messiah are they deserving of mercy.  Some defense.  This is rather like a foreign conquering sovereign who decides, after enough native nobles have knelt to kiss his ring, that the locals aren’t so bad, after all.

Of course, this is not “defense” of white Americans.  It’s another cruel and clever twist in the campaign against them.

An associate of mine, Edmund Connelly, likes to highlight the richly-textured anti-white bias of many modern movies.  In his analysis of Remember the Titans, he describes a scene where a white football player who’s favored by the coach — but is not as skilled as his black counterpart — voluntarily gives up his playing spot to the black player.

What I note from this analysis is the incredibly powerful (and dangerous) message it sends to young white men:  The measure of your goodness is your willingness to voluntarily step aside for the superior black man.  This is what makes for a white hero.  It’s not a matter of simply grudgingly stepping aside for affirmative action’s sake.  The truly great and decent white man acknowledges both internally and externally that he’s a weak wisp who’s only been propped up all these years by a racist white system. This pathetic weakling shows his Christ-like character by handing over his place.

These are the white Americans Frank Rich reserves his “defense” for.  Certainly not those who would rise to the defense of whites who seek to assert their white identity and their legitimate interests as white people.  Certainly not those who openly object to the powerful Jewish influence on American policy both home and abroad.  Only those who go along to get along — who have been psychologically broken by the system Rich’s co-ethnics and their cohorts have built.

And indeed, there are such whites.  Many are found among the ranks of so-called “conservatives,” whose first place of refuge against accusations of racism is to protest that not all whites are “racist.”  That this is the first place of refuge is a bad sign because it confirms who’s already won the argument:  the anti-white crowd.  I like to fantasize that more whites will respond, “So what?  All ‘racist’ means is that I stick up for whites just like blacks, Jews, and others stick up for their people”

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Yet I fear that the water cooler isn’t quite ready for that yet.

In the meantime, whites should be wary.  When Frank Rich claims to defend you, he’s probably not really trying to come up with the true defense of your people.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.