Deathways: Four Race-Ending Life Paths of Young Whites

Another family gathering has reminded me of the always-depressing shape of too many White family trees — a family of five children that begets two grandchildren, a family of three children that begets none, and so on.  We are a race that has been sapped of our very will to exist — concerned with the continuation of every living thing on earth but its own people.  Could the irony of this ever be pointed out to a childless, 40-something White couple who work for an environmental advocacy group?

Norman Rockwell: Freedom from Want, 1943

Within my own family, my wife’s and several in my immediate orbit, I’ve seen some patterns that likely have wider application throughout the ranks of Whites. In the hopes of steering away from them, I’ll list them.

1.  Careerism. These are the young Whites — smart, attractive and often accomplished — who have decided that the law firm, the non-profit organization or the university will command their lives.  Social messages have likely played a big part here.  The coolest life trajectories on television are career-based.  The absurd ones are family-based.  I fear women are particularly victimized by this one.  They are told that children are messy and uncool, but that making partner at the law firm is a true woman’s calling.  But I can pretty much guarantee you that these woman aren’t happy — childless and sucking down their Diet Cokes at 47.

Norman Rockwell: Going  and Coming, 1947

2.  Mental illness. Every other young White, it seems, complains of a mental illness or problem:  obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, autism or Asperger’s, you name it.  They have it, and it requires rafts of medication. Usually, it prevents relationships.  My own circle may skew my view of the true frequency of this problem, but I have a lot of anecdotal evidence.  What I believe to be the increased incidence of mental illness of Whites needs heavy study, but I am convinced that our racial dispossession plays an unspoken role.  A race that’s expanding, exploring and convinced of itself doesn’t have time to sit around cultivating bizarre and self-destructive mental illnesses.

3.  Homosexuality. I’m not here in this column to make moral judgments about homosexuality (I tend to believe it has some biological basis). But I would note that that young Whites frequently claim it as their orientation and that traditional families and children are blocked by it.  I do think that lessening the taboo surrounding it has encouraged young Whites who might be sexually ambiguous to choose it instead of heterosexuality, and this has had the effect of hurting our race.

4.  Non-White partnering. This does not happen as often as the media might gleefully declare, but it is a phenomenon. I just heard of one White family with three daughters, two of whom are in partnerships with black men.  Obviously, cultural influences from those hostile to Whites have had a huge impact here. The White male/Asian female coupling is by now legendary.

How to limit these “deathways”?  I think that a general re-awakening of Whites is one cure, but not the only one.  Most Whites aren’t going to get married and have many children because they’re concerned about the future of their race.  Most Whites do what their friends do, or what’s socially current.  The trick is to encourage change of these currents.

For instance.  In some circles, it’s been noted, having three children is becoming hip.  The “new two”, if you will.  A friend of a friend who is not, I am fairly certain, racially conscious, is now pregnant with her third child.  Her profile suggests otherwise:  graduate of a prestigious, liberal college, works for a large professional services firm, etc.  Obviously, this is a positive trend.  If some of her two-child girlfriends have a third, we’ll know who inspired it.  Are you in a position to set a trend in favor of White life?  Encourage someone else’s?

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Could the economy help?  The loss of so many jobs — hot-shot, big-firm lawyers are one group hit hard — might cause some stock-taking, and perhaps the decision to put family over career.  Who knows.

The truth is that there is much happiness, satisfaction and stability in traditional White family life.  Perhaps the most poisonous lie of our enemies that this life is backward, oppressive and uncool.  So, it’s now got two advantages:  its own virtues, and the annoyance it causes our enemies.  Having three — or five or eight — White children is probably the most “pro-White” thing a person can do — and the most resistant to any charge of “racism”.  How about that?

Christopher Donovan (email him) is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.

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