A Window on the Warping of Whites: The Swarthmore College Alumni Magazine

As a lonely state-school grad in a family of smarties, I get to read alumni magazines from more prestigious places:  Stanford, Columbia, Northwestern, Swarthmore.  High-powered and hard-left is the typical formula, but the October 2009 edition of Swarthmore’s was such a jaw-dropper, I must share.

The cover, as you can see, is an artsy photographic depiction of a Jewish 2005 alum named Mark Hanis who, the magazine tells us, “stands up to genocide around the world.”  He’s motivated, of course, by the memory of the Holocaust, and finds himself compelled to make noise about the ethnic killings in Darfur and the crimes committed by Charles Taylor in the civil wars in Liberia. The article oozes with adulation for the brave and selfless Hanis, who has “I refuse to be a bystander to genocide” marked on his hands for some super-sexy Annie Liebowitz-style shots.  Tres chic!

Mark Hanis, Swarthmore ’05

Naturally, Hanis won’t be found addressing the genocide of the Palestinians, so “genocide around the world” isn’t quite accurate. But if that weren’t enough, Swarthmore grads are treated to a silly article in the back of the magazine by a Jewish professor named Malka Kramer Schaps about the joys of conversion to Orthodox Judaism, life in Israel and her wonderful Jewish self generally.  It includes still more mentions of the Holocaust, the virtuosity of the Jews, and her search for intellectual honesty.

The Palestinians?  Not a part of the search, apparently.

Elsewhere in the magazine:

* A white 2007 graduate named Katie Chamblee heads to Ecuador to, as with a million other upper-class white women before her, help the little brown people.  Or, as she puts it, “create a new fluidity and class mobility.”  Good luck with that, Katie.  It seemed to go well for Amy Biehl.

Katie Chamblee with her Ecuadorian charges

* A 1932 graduate named Bertram Schaffner is lauded for his homosexuality.

* Meet the Class of 2013:  A Definition of Diversity.  A graphic in the magazine tells us that 40% of the student body is a “person of color” and 7% are international students.  Whites are the only group that is underrepresented based on their percentage of the population.

* Sarah Posey, 2004, “wanted to teach in an urban school where kids needed her attention.”  Shouldn’t there be a limit of one of these per alumni magazine?

The altruistic Ms. Posey

* Evolution Evolves:  brief article on professor Scott Gilbert, who’s big into Darwin.  Wonder if Gilbert’s ever read Steve Sailer’s withering writing on this topic?  Probably not (a good liberal believes in evolution — but that it stopped cold 50,000 years ago.)

* Graduates Wilson Hall, 1995, and Krister Johnson, 1995, are celebrated for a comedy career that openly mocks Christianity (they dress in goofy colors, play the guitar and wear “Virginity Rocks” T-shirts).  Imagine friendly coverage of a comedy duo that mocked Jews.

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What’s so amazing to me about Swarthmore, as reflected in its alumni magazine, is the totality of intellectual takeover:  not an inch of idea territory is left unoccupied by its central tenets:  the superiority of the Jews, the absurdity of Christianity, the virtuosity of the Third World, the hipness of homosexuality, the irrelevance of whites.  Almost every single article is directed toward these explicitly political goals… I don’t even see where anyone’s working on plain old academic stuff like star distances.

Talk about totalitarianism.  Nobody can get a word in edgewise.

I’m left to wonder if some of the presumably intelligent people of Swarthmore get this?  Isn’t there a rebel streak somewhere?  Can it possibly be good for a purported haven for intellectuality to be so thoroughly cleansed of errant thoughts?  Is that even good strategy for the multiculturalists?

The bigger problem for Whites is the high levels of power concentrated at a place like Swarthmore, along with the other prestige colleges of America.  This is where the best and brightest go, and its graduates populate the power positions of our society.  They make the decisions that affect our lives.  So for a place like Swarthmore to be so manifestly anti-white is a big problem for us.

Whites are only valued, they’re taught at Swarthmore, as helpers of other racial groups — certainly never their own.  Katie Chamblee and Sarah Posey have absorbed their lessons well.  This is positively destructive of the white race.

We as whites need to recognize this problem and think of ways to address it or get around it.  Because right now, Swarthmore grads aren’t “standing up to genocide.”  They’re causing it.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.