"Fearful suspensed animals trodding into rendering plants for destruction"

The following is from a correspondent. I suspect it reflects the attitudes of quite a few Whites observing their impending dispossession and feeling “empty, afraid and cynical.” It amazes me that such people do nothing but cower in fear aware of their impending doom but doing nothing to change things — terrified even to utter the phrase “White American.” Obviously we have to hope that a significant number of Whites are made of sturdier stuff.

Just finished your article  “The ADL: Managing White Rage“, in which you present the sinister influence and seemingly evident quandary that characterize the academia/political forces that represent the worst of “Zionist” intentions in the U.S.

I don’t think any attempt at scholarly discourse would serve any useful purpose, so I will wisely refrain from doing so.  But rather I would like to present another dimension aside from such.  That being the defeated underbelly of the collected,dispirited ethnic entity which is becoming America’s unrealized embarrassment — homogenized Whites.

Just speaking the words “White American” can cause such a range of unsettling emotions that elicit actions based on negative thoughts that totally surrender all logic and evolved pride of self. I find myself a reluctant observer to a devolvement and dissemination of once proud peoples who like fearful suspensed animals trodding into rendering plants for destruction — likewise unwaveringly plod towards unrepentant impotence.

I read with trepidity various social commentators such as yourself, exposing the beast among us — the judas priests of race if you will. I reflect, intone, and even commiserate your insights and spot-on commentary, but even after the feast of revelations and indictments, I still only feel empty, afraid and cynical for the state and future of affairs that will likely fulfill our destiny.  And I’m afraid the collective conscious that sits next to me in neat rows in deck chairs, oblivious to impending disasterous destiny on the USS Amerika, …maybe have only the dimmest of precognition of the great berg waiting in darkness at the edge of final resolution…..

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