Christopher Donovan: Secular Right on the AmRen Shutdown

Christopher Donovan:  Over at Secular Right, the blog for religion-averse conservatives, “Bradlaugh” has weighed in on the outrage that was the threat-driven shutdown of the American Renaissance conference.  “Bradlaugh” sings the praises of Jared Taylor but decries the “anti-semitism” of some conference attendees.  I guess even under a pen name, you’ve got to watch out for Big Jew.

It’s still a good post.  I haven’t scanned the 78 (when I checked last) comments, but if any TOO readers feel inclined to throw in, go right ahead.  Are we winning?

Though I drag my sorry sinner’s rear into random churches on the odd Sunday with my daughter in tow, I have the same sympathy for the Secular Right ethos as I did libertarianism back in college.  It’s got a nicely rational line-up of ideas and tends to attract whip-smart figures like Heather MacDonald, John Derbyshire and Walter Olson.  The secular right crowd shows a strength of mind that reminds me of, well, race realists and white advocates.

But like Christian conservatives, secular conservatives will never get anywhere near the society they envision because they ignore the fundamental issues of racial difference and ethnic competition.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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