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Smells Like White Guilt: Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale

Christian Lander: Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews; New York: Random House, 2010

I saw Christian Lander in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 2nd, speaking to a tiny sweater-clad audience at a small independent bookstore in the Marina District. Lander told the story of the amazing success of his blog Stuff White People Like which in about six months grew from a private joke to a New York Times bestselling book (with a reported $300,000 advance). (See Christopher Donovan’s review of the Stuff White People Like book.)

In his talk, Lander made it very clear that he is not talking about all White people, but just “the right kind of White people,” as opposed to “the wrong kind of White people.”

The right kind of White people are urban, college-educated, and from upper-middle and upper-class backgrounds. And, most importantly, they are liberal. Read more

Christopher Donovan: The Media Eclipse That is Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is riding high these days.  The Jewish funnyman — born John Leibowitz — hosts the top-rated Daily Show, released the best-selling book Earth:  The Book and is set for a satirical rally designed to mock the conservative Whites who attended the Glenn Beck rally.  President Obama is scheduled to appear on his show.

He is of course celebrated by his co-ethnics in the media as a genius.

He isn’t, of course.  He’s a modestly funny, left-wing Jew straight from the tradition of the culture of critique.  America, to him, is a big place filled with dumb, doughy Whites whose foibles deserve merciless skewering.  He throws in the occasional mockery of others for an appearance of balance.

His own background is typically Jewish — and typically connected.  He’s from New Jersey, claims anti-Semitic bullying as a child, has a brother who’s chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange, and was once roommates with Anthony Weiner, the Jewish Congressman from New York City (to whom Stewart donates). Read more

Christopher Donovan: By Our Comments Ye Shall Know White Resistance

The media is as anti-White as ever these days.  I’ve dedicated hours of my life to showing how, on this blog and elsewhere.

But the comments — the Internet postings of the everday nobodies in reaction to stories and blog items — are heartening.

The trend is definitely “pro-White.”

Take the New York Times — whose pro-White comment-censoring I’ve blogged about before.  Here’s a recent item about President Obama’s Black journalists-only off-the-record meeting.

Then check out the comments, starting with No. 1 (“Did Bush have summits reserved for white journalists and bloggers?”).

Here’s a run-of-the-mill crime story out of Pennsylvania.

One commenter says:

EXACTLY!!!! This is just down right shameful on the part of Harrisburg leaders and the Patriot news! If this is a group of white kids that beat up a black couple the feds would be involved. But hey, whitey deserves it…right.

And then people here and in the real world wonder why it’s easy for people to become racist. Gee, I couldn’t imagine why.

There are more like it. Whites are getting restless.  And with the interactivity of the Internet, it’s getting harder and harder for anti-white — often Jewish — media to keep them out.

I am confident that the MSM will remain as brittle as ever in its resistance to whites.  Good.  Let it break.

Christopher Donovan: The USS LIberty: True Tales of the Jewish Memory Hole

The USS Liberty was an American ship attacked by Israel during the Six-Day War. The Israelis killed 34 Americans and wounded many more. The attack was either designed to hide Israel’s designs on the Golan Heights or some other territorial target (the Liberty was a spy ship) or draw the U.S. into the war by making it look like Egypt or another Arab country had attacked the ship. It was clearly not a “mistake”, as Israel has maintained, because American flags were visible. (And the “mistake” excuse is amusing in light of Israel-firsters’ usual gushing about the superiority of the Israeli military — they’re an undefeatable collection of geniuses, but they just happened to slip up this once?)

A newly released book, What I Saw That Day, is a fantastic first-hand account by survivor Phillip Tourney.  Tourney is not a White activist, but he’s clearly wise to the ways of Jewish message control. In the book, he speculates that beyond the defeaning silence surrounding the attack, someone’s gotten inside the group of survivors themselves and attempted to hush things up.

Tourney himself is having none of it. Hats off to him for continuing to publicize an episode that everyone should know about. If you get a chance to buy his book, I encourage you to do so. The attack on the Liberty and subsequent silence is an undeniable example of Jewish power — and Jews’ disregard for the White non-Jews who serve them.

Christopher Donovan on Melvyn Weiss: Being Jewish Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Jews amass great fortunes by unethical means, can depend on a network of high-powered figures to defend them, and continue their shamelessness even after having been convicted of a crime.  Released from prison, they sit around their Florida homes with deep tans and gold jewelry and want to wax serious about Israelis and Palestinians with a friendly reporter from the Jewish press.

Valid pattern revealed by sustained analysis, or a nasty stereotype?

Before answering, read through this recent story from The Jewish Week about Melvyn Weiss, the class-action fraudster.

The article is almost too juicy to quote any one part — read the whole thing, as Instapundit says.  Weiss comes off like a cartoon caricature of the oleaginous Jew:  vain, self-centered, ethnocentric, excuse-making, ruthlessly unethical, lauded by the Anti-Defamation League — and through it all, completely unapologetic.  His Holocaust legal efforts are a nice comedic touch.  His own prosecution is simply a sign of how the “government is taking our rights away,” though it’s easy to imagine Weiss taking the precise opposite stand on the Justice Department’s Nazi-hunting efforts, hate crimes, or sending federal troops to force school integration.

Should Whites adopt the same aggressive and shameless approach?  Could they, even if they wanted to?

Christopher Donovan: "We Pay $4,000 a Month to Live Here"

I lived in New York City for seven years.  It was quite a time:  I grinded through the hellfires of law school, watched as Plane No. 2 hit the World Trade Center, and came to racial and ethnic consciousness.
I do not miss living there.  It had its excitement, its restaurants and museums, its bright lights and maximum adventure.  But ultimately, it was not a place to call home.  I could have been hit and killed by a bus and it would not have been even a brief item in the newspaper.
As an “undifferentiated White”, or white man without clear Irish, Italian or other ethnic source, I certainly did not have an ethnic family to embrace.  I paid a handsome sum for rent for the privilege of living in an atmosphere of vague to explicit racial hatred toward straight White non-Jews with traditional yearnings.
I was never comfortable with the juxtaposition of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.  As a practical matter, if civil unrest got out of hand, New York’s wealthy would be sitting ducks for armies of poor Blacks and Hispanics:  unarmed, exposed, forced to use the same streets if not the same elevators.  Everyone’s on the same power and support grids.  How long could one survive in the Trump Tower with complete anarchy down below?  You didn’t have to go farther than an outer borough — even Staten Island — or above 125th Street — to feel unsafe as a white person.  And that was with Rudy Giuliani as mayor. 
In midtown and downtown, smartly-dressed White (and Jewish) law firm partners making seven figures would glide along fine carpeted hallways high above the honking, yelling and grit down below, munching on $15 sandwiches and $4 coffees while small-time drug deals unfolded below.  Tom Wolfe‘s written about this somewhere — was it Bonfire of the Vanities?  The whole affair just seem unnatural, untenable, unhealthy.
A recent story gives a clue. Residents of this buidling downtown pay $4,000 a month in rent — only to have drug-related execution-style killings right inside the building.  That’s your reward for billing 2200 hundred hours a year?  By what standard is that a good life?  By what standard is that a good society?
This differential is too much to sustain, which is why the middle class is leaving.
Some statistics show that the steady half-century of white flight from New York has slowed, and their numbers have even gone up slightly.
I don’t know what to make of that — the beginnings of a White ghetto in Manhattan?  If there’s a racially conscious White ingathering in Manhattan, by all means, join it if you will.
But I doubt it.  My advice to young Whites wrapping up their big city adventure is to aim for White community and the acquisition of real property where it will be safe in the event of meltdown.

Christopher Donovan: Mental Illness and White Resistance

Blogger Mark Nestmann expresses skepticism about the newly-minted psychiatric diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder“, noting that resisting authority isn’t necessarily a sign of mental illness.
Indeed, it’s not.  Opposing authority can be a sign of robust mental health.  Especially if that “authority,” as Whites find it today, is openly antagonistic to Whites’ group concerns and goals.
The expansion of such diagnoses is bad for Whites on several levels.  I have noticed, anecdotally, that those taking a White advocacy position are often dismissed as suffering from mental illness—a major project of the Frankfurt School and widely disseminated by the organized Jewish community.  Beyond the usual tactic of calling your political opponent nuts, the notion of “racism” as mental illness does have professional support. From the Washington Post story:

“They are delusional,” said Alvin F. Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who has long advocated such a diagnosis. “They imagine people are going to do all kinds of bad things and hurt them, and feel they have to do something to protect themselves.”

Of course, crime statistics tend to support a view that Blacks will commit crimes against Whites.  I don’t expect Poussaint, who is Black, to be happy about that, which is why he takes the tack he does.

But clearly, an effective way to dispatch your opponent is to simply label him “crazy”, and I am confident that as White advocacy grows stronger, those hostile to Whites will employ this tactic more often.  When racially conscious Whites seek elective office or other positions of power, note how they’re treated.

I also nuture a belief that young boys — often, White — are “diagnosed” as having attention deficit disorder or other mental problems, when the reality is that their behavior is pretty normal.  It just doesn’t fit the current politics, which dictate that boys should be calm, polite and obedient, like girls.  If they’re unruly, give them medication and calm them down.  Bigger picture:  if you want to neuter the fighting instincts of a people you seek to dominate, drug their males into submission. 

Much of the rest of the White race is drugged up with anti-depressants and other mood changers, and I am very skeptical that much of this is needed.  It may not be directly true that our racial enemies are pumping us full of these drugs to dispossess us, but a more appropriately paranoid race of people would at least be on the lookout for such things, and resist.