Kevin MacDonald: The Violent Anti-White Left Puts On a Show

Kevin MacDonald: You really have to wonder what’s going on when a bunch of White guys from Detroit decide to hold a protest on the lawn of the LA City Hall carrying Nazi banners. The LA Times article mentions  “a bare-chested middle-aged man with Nazi insignias tattooed on his chest and back.” The counter-protesters beat the hell out of him:

Surrounded, the man mockingly bobbed his head to the rhythm of demonstrators chanting “Nazi scum.” About a dozen protesters suddenly began pelting the man with punches and kicks. He fell and was struck on the back with the wooden handle of a protester’s sign, which snapped in two. Police eventually reached the man and pulled him from the melee, as blood poured from the back of his neck.

Another man was rushed by a mob on Spring Street. He was punched in the face and kicked for about 20 seconds before police made it to the scene. After that beating was broken up, the man began running south on Spring Street, only to be chased down by a protester and slugged in the face. He collapsed and his face slammed to the curb as protesters began pummeling him again.

The bloodied man was then escorted away by police. Both victims were treated and released, police said.

His sign, unclear in its intended meaning, read “Christianity=Paganism=Heathen$” with an arrow pointing at a swastika.

The protest was carried out by the  National Socialist Movement, a group that has been credibly said to be controlled by the FBI. (“Prefabricated Fascists: The FBI’s Assembly-Line Provocateurs” by William Norman Grigg). As Grigg notes, “the FBI has no problem staging white supremacist rallies and protest marches that help ‘local’ police departments rack up overtime.” If these guys are FBI agents, I assume they are getting combat pay — addition to travel costs from Detroit. It strikes me as incredible that 50 working class White guys have enough excess money to fly out to LA for the weekend to complain about immigration. But if the FBI  is funding it, it makes a lot of sense and is exactly what the country needs:  At last, a federal  jobs program for working class White males.

Actually, the NSM is “all show, no go” – it’s more of a federally controlled traveling roadshow, sort of a Third Reich tribute band. Its cadres exude all of the raw menace of the hapless Illinois Nazis from The Blues Brothers, and possess all of the street-fighting chops of the bumbling Black Widow biker gang from Clinton Eastwood’s Philo Beddoe films.

The real point is that the anti-White left feels no compunctions about perpetrating violence against such people. (The counter-protesters, who outnumbered the NSM folks by at least 10 to 1,  are described as “a wide assortment of African American, Jewish, Latino, immigrants-rights and anarchist groups.”) Not only were the NSM people beaten up, “dozens of [the counter-protesters]  hurled rocks and glass bottles at the neo-Nazis and their police escorts.” Despite all of this very public violence directed at the NSM, the police arrested no one — further lending credibility that the whole thing was a stage show.

Being anti-White means there are no consequences for your illegal actions — another example of Sam Francis’s concept of anarcho-tyranny. The LAPD spokesman said “”We allowed both sides to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.” Apparently violence perpetrated against people who are at least performing as racially conscious Whites is a free speech right. You can bet that violence directed against non-Whites would lead to long prison sentences.

But this stage show has real world consequences. This type of demonstration is exactly how the media wants to portray opposition to immigration. It will definitely produce big bucks in donations for the $PLC and similar organizations. LA TImes readers (who have been treated to harrowing articles and editorials on the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law every day since it passed) will be predictably outraged. And it energizes the very large anti-White community of LA in advance of the coming battle on immigration amnesty. Indeed, on May 1 the counter-protesters will have their day: A rally to promote immigration, both legal and especially illegal. You can bet there will be no violent counter-demonstrations.

Presumably, the NSM will take their traveling road show to other cities to inflame public opinion there as well.

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