Edmund Connelly on Jewish Humor

Jewish humor confirms some very serious things about Jews. Edmund Connelly’s current TOO article (“Jews Mocking the Tribe?“) points to Jewish hostility toward Christianity and Jewish feelings of superiority toward non-Jews. It also shows the extreme sensitivity that Jews in the media have about airing anything Jewish. Precisely why is an important question, perhaps best answered by Al Franken: “People might not like it. … There’s a lot of us in this business, let’s not call attention to it, you know.” The elite doesn’t officially exit. It is the elite that cannot tell its name.

But the question is, what about media pieces that have an obvious anti-Jewish sub-text, at least to perceptive viewers? Jews control the media right? So why do we find clips like “Overcome stress by visualizing a greedy, hook-nosed race of creatures.” The Jewish sub-text is obvious to anyone with any knowledge of negative stereotypes of Jews.

Connelly doesn’t really know the answer, and I don’t either. That’s why we are asking for suggestions.  I am attracted to the idea that most people simply won’t grasp the Jewish sub-text. I remember an academic colleague being very surprised at my claim that Seinfeld was a very Jewish TV show. And I wonder how  many viewers of the  Saturday Night  Live skit on the  financial meltdown knew that George Soros, Barney Frank and  the Sandlers are Jewish.  Lots of people just don’t get it.

Connelly also suggests it’s a matter of Jewish comedy writers pushing their parents’ buttons. Maybe. But presumably this is done with the  belief that the  goyim won’t suddenly get all pogromy —either because of ignorance or because, even though they know full well what the stereotypes are,  they are incapable of believing that Jews actually embody those negative traits. The latter would represent the ultimate triumph of Jewish media influence.

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