Edmund Connelly: Pastor Baldwin Moving to the Northwest

Edmund Connelly: I was pleased today to read on VDARE the announcement from Pastor Chuck Baldwin revealing that he was leaving Pensacola, FL, and moving to western Montana. And he’s not going alone. In total, there will be seventeen people from his extended family, including children.

Pastor Baldwin called his announcement The Hardest Decision Of My Life—Joining The “Freedom Rush” To Montana. There are two things I noticed immediately. First, it struck me that this is an instance of the the implicit Whiteness Kevin MacDonald has discussed. Baldwin is a Christian and does not mention race in his column. Still, it is hard to escape the fact that he’s leaving a metropolitan area that is about 30% black and moving to an almost exclusively White part of the country.

More stunning to me is the fact that he’s moving to the American Northwest. I’ve become interested in the ideas and novels of Harold Covington since reading a wonderful introduction called The Birth of a Nation (See also this review By Michael O’Meara.) And Covington is interested in the Northwest.

In essence, Covington argues that in order to save the White race, racially conscious Whites must move to the Northwest, then fight for their freedom from what he calls “ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government.” Interestingly, the borders of this envisioned “homeland” include the very area to which Pastor Baldwin and his family are moving.

There is nothing in Baldwin’s column that even hints at espousal of Covington’s Northwest plan, but it sure seems ironic that such a patriotic preacher would be following Covington’s migration call to the letter. Perhaps it’s just that both men see similar merits in moving to such a region. More darkly, perhaps they both see similar threats in remaining outside a uniformly White region.

For those interested, here is Covington’s Northwest website. Information on his four Northwest novels can be found here.

Of the four novels, the 735-page “The Brigade” is by far the best. But because it’s so long, I’d recommend starting with either “A Mighty Fortress” or “A Distant Thunder.”

Keeping up with changing technologies, Covington also gives a weekly broadcast. I think it is useful to hear his voice as he strikes me as a genuine leader.

I wish Pastor Baldwin and his family all the luck in the world. And I hope he’ll keep us apprised of life in his new land.

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