Christopher Donovan: Mental Illness and White Resistance

Blogger Mark Nestmann expresses skepticism about the newly-minted psychiatric diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder“, noting that resisting authority isn’t necessarily a sign of mental illness.
Indeed, it’s not.  Opposing authority can be a sign of robust mental health.  Especially if that “authority,” as Whites find it today, is openly antagonistic to Whites’ group concerns and goals.
The expansion of such diagnoses is bad for Whites on several levels.  I have noticed, anecdotally, that those taking a White advocacy position are often dismissed as suffering from mental illness—a major project of the Frankfurt School and widely disseminated by the organized Jewish community.  Beyond the usual tactic of calling your political opponent nuts, the notion of “racism” as mental illness does have professional support. From the Washington Post story:

“They are delusional,” said Alvin F. Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who has long advocated such a diagnosis. “They imagine people are going to do all kinds of bad things and hurt them, and feel they have to do something to protect themselves.”

Of course, crime statistics tend to support a view that Blacks will commit crimes against Whites.  I don’t expect Poussaint, who is Black, to be happy about that, which is why he takes the tack he does.

But clearly, an effective way to dispatch your opponent is to simply label him “crazy”, and I am confident that as White advocacy grows stronger, those hostile to Whites will employ this tactic more often.  When racially conscious Whites seek elective office or other positions of power, note how they’re treated.

I also nuture a belief that young boys — often, White — are “diagnosed” as having attention deficit disorder or other mental problems, when the reality is that their behavior is pretty normal.  It just doesn’t fit the current politics, which dictate that boys should be calm, polite and obedient, like girls.  If they’re unruly, give them medication and calm them down.  Bigger picture:  if you want to neuter the fighting instincts of a people you seek to dominate, drug their males into submission. 

Much of the rest of the White race is drugged up with anti-depressants and other mood changers, and I am very skeptical that much of this is needed.  It may not be directly true that our racial enemies are pumping us full of these drugs to dispossess us, but a more appropriately paranoid race of people would at least be on the lookout for such things, and resist.

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