Moving Video: "I am an Englishman"

Kevin MacDonald: There are a lot of good videos coming out. Just lately someone sent me a (now blocked on copyrighted content grounds) video with clips from Enoch Powell and one on how Muslims are taking over the streets of Paris with tacit collusion of the French government. (Relatedly, the LATimes has an op-ed on the looming threat that Muslims pose to free speech in America.)

But the video that really got to me was a dramatic video (has been removed titled “I am an Englishman.”

This is the statement of an English patriot who is angry that the England he loves is being taken away from him–“we who have inhabited this island fortress for an unbroken thousand years.” He asks the question about the immigrants put by his patron, Enoch Powell: “What can they know of England?” A good question given that immigrants, most notably Muslim immigrants, are bent on retaining their own culture and view traditional English culture with scorn.

If this does not move you, you are incapable of being moved. And of course the same points may be made about all Western countries, including the US.

This is the kind of media that strikes a chord with everyone. If the mainstream media broadcast this sort of thing widely and sympathetically, it would ignite a revolution.

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