Two Recent Ventings against Whites: Bill Maher and Gregory Rodriguez

I have always disliked Bill Maher, partly because of his over-the-top smarminess and partly because this White-hating liberal had the audacity to call one of his shows “Politically Incorrect.” His recent column on the pathetic Bret Favre suddenly veers off into a celebration of the imminent eclipse of White males. “Brett Favre is like a lot of white males: he’s owned the world for so long, he’s going a little crazy now that he doesn’t.”

The unthinkable is happening. White penises (sic) are becoming the minority: 2010 was the first year in which more minority babies were born in the U.S. than white babies. This is what conservatives are really upset about — that the president is black, and the best golfer is black, and the Secretary of State is a woman, and suddenly this country is way off track and needs some serious ‘restoring.’

Right. We are really pissed off about it and we want our country back. Nothing wrong with that. I’d like Maher to name any other group of people who didn’t find their own eclipse a bit scary, especially when so many people like Maher seem absolutely ecstatic about it and especially when so many of the people displacing them have such hatred for Whites.

You have to read his column to see the scatological depths to which he descends, but let’s just say he has nothing but contempt for his subjects. Which brings up why he should have such contempt for White males since most people would classify him as a White male. Turns out his father is Irish and his mother Jewish, and that he self-identifies as half Jewish. Maybe that has something to do with it, since it’s well known that the organized Jewish community and the great majority of Jews strongly support the displacement of Whites via non-White immigration. A pity he can’t think like the Irishmen who resisted English colonization for centuries.

Then there’s LA Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez. At least we can be sure that his motivation is simply to get more people like himself into the US. From my point of view, the really hard thing is to explain why so many Whites acquiesce in their own eclipse. But for Rodriguez the puzzling question is why Whites are so prone to the psychopathology of xenophobia. His solution is a variant of psychoanalysis:

Swiss psychoanalyst Arno Gruen has argued that xenophobia and extreme nationalistic fervor in individuals is often compensation for “inner emptiness.” It’s an observation that seems to fit American unease all too well. To overcome it, to make ourselves feel better, we “need” enemies, the sense of rootedness and cohesion that crises, and even wars, can bring.

He acknowledges that other people have the same tendencies. But of course Rodriguez’s animus is directed not at (Mexican) flag-waving Mexican illegals or at La Raza (or, for that matter, at the Israel Lobby), but at White America’s resistance to colonization by non-Whites.

Psychoanalysis has been wonderfully plastic in its abilities to explain anything, and because it was a creation of the Jewish left and because Jews have always formed the backbone of the movement (Gruen is Jewish), it has mostly been used to pathologize White ethnocentrism and call into question Western sexual norms. Gruen‘s work certainly fits into that tradition.

It’s nice to see a current example of a would-be intellectual like Rodriguez plugging into this hopelessly unscientific and obviously politically motivated intellectual tradition. It’s yet another illustration of the intellectual bankruptcy of the elite media.

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